Bridge Street Kilkeel Town 1911 Census

Bridge St.  Kilkeel Town  1911 Census

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No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 John Rooney Head RC 50 Hotel Keeper /Spirit Merchant M 12 0   Down  
  Maggie Rooney Wife RC 38   M       Down  
  Jennie O'Neil Serv RC 40 Cook W       Down  
  Gertie McVeigh Serv RC 17   S       Down  
  Maggie Haifser Cook RC 30 Cook S       Scotland  
  Peter Fitzpatrick Serv RC 19 Asst. Shopman/Spirit S       Down  
  Winnie Doyle Rel RC 10   S       Down  
  Margaret Mary Doyle Rel RC 5   S       Down  
  James Heaney Visitor RC 30   S       England  
2 John McConnell Head Presby 42 Granite Merchange M 10 0   Down  
  Mary McConnell Wife Presby 42 Draper M       Down  
3 Mary Doran Head RC 84   S       Down  
  Susan Doran Sis RC 68   S       Down  
  Fanny Doran Sis RC 65   S       Down  
  Peter Quinn Rel RC 67 Labourer W       Down  
5 William Hanna Head Presby 70 Shoemaker M 27 8 8 Down  
  Sarah Jane Hanna Wife Presby 51   M       Down  
  John Hanna Son Presby 20 Blacksmith S       Down  
  Malliwell Hanna Son Presby 18 Postboy S       Down  
  Charlote Hanna Dau Presby 16   S       Down  
  Joseph Hanna Son Presby 14   S       Down  
  Mary Margaret Hanna Dau Presby 11 Scholar S       Down  
6 Hugh Beck Head Presby 35 Carpenter M <3 2 2 Down  
  Maria Beck Wife Presby 26   M       Down  
  Alicia Beck Dau Presby 2   S       Down  
  Frances Beck Dau Presby 9m   S       Down  
7 Annie Cunningham   RC 37 Dressmaker S       Down  
8 Thos George Randell Head C of I 37 Publician M 6m 0   Down  
  Fanny Randell Wife C of I 33   M       Down  
9 Lizzie Cunningham Dau RC 34 Seamstress S       Down  
10 Thomas Davenport Head Presby 25 Boatmaker M 2 1 0 Armagh  
  Jennie Davenport Wife Presby 21   M       Down  
11 James O'Hare Head RC 26 Boot Merchant S       Down  
  Frederick Kinney Serv RC 29 Book Maker S       Down  
12 Hugh Henna Head RC  47 Publican & Farmer S       Down  
  Thomas McKimbe? Serv RC  44 Labourer S       Down  
  James McVeigh Serv RC  36 Publician Assistant S       Down  
  Bernard Cunningham Serv RC  55 Labourer S       Down  
  Ellen Rooney Serv RC  49 Cook S       Down  
13 George Grills Head C of I 33 Shop Assistant S       Down  
  Jack Thorp Rel C of I 21 Shop Assistant S       Down  
14 Warehouse                      
15 Office                      
16 Andrew Hamilton Head Presby 38 Mason M 16 8 7 Down  
  Charlotte Marie Hamilton Wife Presby 37   M       Down  
  Aggness Hamilton Dau Presby 15   S       Down  
  William Hamilton Son Presby 13   S       Down  
  Margaretta Hamilton Dau Presby 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Hugh Hamilton Son Presby 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Laura Castleburgh Hamilton Dau Presby 9 Scholar S       Down  
  Elizabeth Jane Hamilton Dau Presby 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Rose Hamilton Dau Presby 1   S       Down  
17 George McCulls Head Presby 36 Blacksmith - Master M 10 6 6 Down  
  Lucy McCulls Wife Presby 34   M       Down  
  Wm James McCulls Son Presby 8 Scholar S       Down  
  George McCulls Son Presby 6 Scholar S       Down  
  Francis Emily McCulls Dau Presby 4 Scholar S       Down  
  Jennie Long McCulls Dau Presby 2   S       Down  
  Agnes Julie McCulls Dau Presby 9 m   S       Down  
18 James Kerr Head RC 60 Saylor M 30 12 7 Down  
  Margaret Kerr Wife RC 55   M       Down  
  James Kerr Son RC 26 Labourer S       Down  
  Annie Kerr Dau RC 24   S       Down  
  Katie Kerr Dau RC 21 Domestic Servant S       Down  
  Patrick Joseph Kerr Son RC 19 Shop boy S       Liverpool  
  Martha Kerr Dau RC 14 Scholar S       Down  
  Hugh Kerr Son RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Josephine Higgins Gd dau RC 5   S       Down  
19 Annie Collins Wife RC   Unable to read only half page         
  John Collins Son RC          
  Sarah Collins Dau RC          
  James Collins              
20 Uninhabited                      
21 Patrick Dundon Head RC 48  Ex Inland Revenue M 23 7 5 Limerick  
  Annie Dundon Wife RC 47 District Nurse M       England  
  Annie Dundon Dau RC 16 Scholar S       Dublin  
  Frances Dundon Dau RC 14 Scholar S       Dublin  
  William Dundon Son RC 12 Scholar S       Dublin  

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