1. Hugh Meaney

1. Hugh Meaney

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Hugh Meaney

My great-great-grandfather Hugh Meaney was born about 1835. He was married to Mary Jane Baird (or Beard) by Reverend John Irvin at Dromara Roman Catholic Church on 29th June 1852[1]. This was formerly the church of the Sacred Heart and is now called Saint Michaels situated in the townland of Finnis on the road between Rathriland and Dromara in the parish of Dromara[2] Co.Down. 


Hugh is recorded as living in the townland of Drin in the next-door-but-one townland to Finnis in the 1863-64 County Down 'Griffiths Valuation' [3] a survey of property ownership which was used to determine the rate of tax a person should pay towards poor relief in their area. 


To get an idea of the geography of the area the townland of Drin  covers some 1176 acres of which 578 is Sleive Croob mountain which peaks at 534 meters above sea level. Drin means 'humps or ridges' and Slieve Croob means 'claw foot or hoof mountain' [4].  Slieve Croob is the source of the river Lagan that runs for forty miles into Belfast Lough and also forms the border between County Down and County Antrim[5].


Griffiths valuation records several Meaneys in the town of Dromore about seven miles west of Dromara and two others in the Parish of Drumballyroney about thirteen miles away just N.E. of Rathfriland [6]. There is a real possibility that Hugh Meaney is related to these in some way.


Hugh and his wife Mary Jane are known to have had had at least seven children: John, Hugh, Lizzie, Mary Ann, James, Rose, and David.


Hugh died on 20th May 1877[7] at Drinn Dromara aged 42. His death was registered by his wife Mary Jane who was present at his death. The cause of death is given as 'Double Pneumonia'.


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