2. Hugh Meaney

2. Hugh Meaney

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Hugh Meaney (c.1863-?).


It has not been established when Hugh Meaney was born but it is thought to have been c.1863 but could well be earlier.


He married Martha Rogan on 31st March 1883[2] in Dromara Roman Catholic Chapel. Both are registered as living in Dree townland a few miles S.East of Dromara at the time of their marriage.


Hugh and Martha had seven children: William(1), John, James, Hugh, Mary Jane, William(2) and Patrick.


Hugh was present when Martha aged 37 died of pneumonia on 3rd July 1899[3] in Drinn townland Dromara.


The 1901 census shows the effect of Martha’s death on this family. On 31st March 1901[4] Hugh, a widowed 38-year-old farm servant, was living with sons James aged 12 and Hugh aged 7 in Dree townland in a house described as a 3rd class private dwelling. With walls of stone, brick or concrete; a roof of thatch, wood or other perishable material; the house had no outbuildings, two windows at the front and consisted of two rooms containing one distinct family of three people.


Three other members of the family: Mary Jane aged 9, William(2) aged 5 and Patrick aged 3 are recorded as living at Nazereth House Orphanage, Ormeau Road, Belfast at this time[5].


In 1901[6] Hugh and Martha’s second eldest son John Meaney aged 14 could possibly be the one recorded as living at a house in the Square in the village of Kilkeel working as a servant to James McGovern a sixty-four year old widowed Tinsmith.


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