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front george hall2.JPG (40372 bytes) back of george hall.jpg (613507 bytes) schoolhall.JPG (441387 bytes) mastershouse.JPG (429236 bytes)
Front view of George (Martell's) Hall Kindly submitted by Marie George   - new Rear view of George (Martell's) Hall Kindly submitted by Marie George   - new St Mary's Primary School - School New Hall School Master's House - Part Of The School Today
deadlane.JPG (427340 bytes) train.JPG (447493 bytes) notcutts.JPG (413059 bytes) villnew.JPG (454363 bytes)
 Part Of Dead Lane Where The Station Was  Nottcutts Village Hall
milla.JPG (421945 bytes) millia.JPG (426684 bytes) churchtower.JPG (418034 bytes) churchporch.JPG (439358 bytes)
   Millennium Green Millennium Green Sign St Mary the Virgin Tower St Mary the Virgin Porch
stationroadmjw.JPG (410405 bytes) cross3mjw.JPG (452658 bytes) crossmjw.JPG (434132 bytes) cross2mjw.JPG (407663 bytes)
Station Road (looking towards the church)  The Crossroads (The Street, left, Station Road, right) The Cross roads (church to right, station road to left)  The Cross roads (church is to right) 
chapelmjw.JPG (441838 bytes) schoolmjw.jpeg (119738 bytes) ChurchMJW.jpeg (141794 bytes) chgatemjw.jpeg (210800 bytes)
Methodist Chapel, Formerly known as the Wesleyan Chapel St Mary's Primary School - was known as The National School St Mary the Virgin The Church Lychgate
memorialmjw.jpeg (156525 bytes) memboardmjw.jpeg (308307 bytes) chhallmjw.jpeg (212042 bytes) vicaragemjw.JPG (247007 bytes)
The War Memorial Remembrance Board - First World War Church Hall - (Locally known as the Vicar's Rooms) The Rectory / Vicarage
vilhallmjw.jpg (146498 bytes) C764big.jpg (19321 bytes) Mill2mjw.jpeg (104807 bytes) Tavernmjw.JPG (240771 bytes)
Former Village Hall - Now converted into housing Former Village Hall - Now converted into housing Phoenix Mill (steam) The Railway Tavern
houndmjw.JPG (222154 bytes) fendermjw.JPG (217939 bytes) lionmjw.JPG (239448 bytes) kingsarmsmjw.jpeg (96808 bytes)
       Welshwood - Formerly The Fox and Hounds/ Dogs The Wooden Fender The (Red) Lion The Ancient House - Formerly known as the King's Head

ardleighsign2JPG.jpg (306422 bytes)

elmparkmjw.jpeg (117335 bytes)

millleftmjw.jpeg (96758 bytes)

millrightmjw.jpeg (167050 bytes)

Village Sign

Elm Park

Spring Valley Mill

Spring Valley Mill

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