Secrets and my Recollections of World War II - Madeleine Carroll

Secrets and my Recollections of World War II

Gardner L. Friedlander 1990, 2000

Madeleine Carroll


Green Sheet

Milwaukee, Wis.

Wednesday, May 9, 1945

Copyright 1945, by
The Journal Company

Madeleine Carroll Spells
Morale to Our Wounded

Hollywood Beauty Helped
Care for 25,000 Injured;
Immell Praises Her Work


Madeleine Carroll is shown here as she looked when she was a movie start and as she looks now, in the uniform of a Red Cross worker. She has just spent 15 months overseas working with severely wounded men. Just recently she was transferred to Paris to do laison work for the Red Cross. This transfer was made on the recommendation of Brig. Gen. Ralph M. Immell of Wisconsin, who is with the continental advance section of the United States army. Madeleine gave up her movie career when she was at the top to serve and has refused to do anything to get personal publicity out of her service.


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