Peck, Donaldson, Stopienski, Stopinski, Rosike, Currie
Evan and Maria Peck's Family Tree

Hello to family and friends. This is a very basic first attempt at designing a webpage and most of the credit should go to Sierra, the creators of the genealogy package I use. The purpose of this webpage is to share our family history and photographs with each other. This is definitely a work in progress and I am sure that there are a lot of errors. Please let me know about any errors you see and I will change them. I do not include living individuals unless I am asked to add their name to this website.

There are two components to the webpage. The first is the family tree. You will see a page (called a family card) for each couple and unmarried person. Family cards for different generations are linked to one another in ways that describe the varying relationships among family members. Visually, think of each card as displaying information about one immediate family - a person and their spouse in the middle, their children at the bottom, and their parents at the top. To climb up and down the branches of your family tree, you simply click the parent or child buttons to move you either backward or forward in time. When you click a parent's button, you will immediately be shown that parent's family card. This will show the parent and their spouse in the middle of the screen, with their children listed below and their parents listed above.

As you scroll through the family cards, you will notice that some dates are highlighted. This will provide a link to an image of that particular certificate. For example, if "Born: 27 Sep 1861" is highlighted, clicking on that date will download an image of that birth certificate. The same holds true for marriage, death, baptismal, or burial certificates.

The second component is the listing of photographs. I have saved all the photographs in "jpeg" format which makes them much smaller in file size. Clicking on the photograph which first appears on your screen will download a much larger file which you can then save if you wish. The size of this larger file will be noted next to the photograph's ID number.

To start browsing, click on the word "CONTENTS".

Updated April 22, 2007