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Louis Lessard

1895 MN, Mille Lacs, Greenbush- Louis states that he has lived in MN for 40 years <1855>
Louis Lessard 52

1900 MN, Mille Lacs, Greenbush
Louis Lesard 58
Matilda Lesard 40
Louis Lesard 16
Louise Lesard 13
Matilda Lesard 11
Orelia Lesard 2


Matilda Verboncoeur

Matilda & Anthony were twins

John Haydon

John was the first to acquire Cadhay Manor, from his of Lincoln's Inn in London...became sheriff and alderman of London.

"The fine new Tudor mansion built by John Haydon was apparently erected on the site of the former medieval hall. John Haydon built it about 1550."

Darwin Lawrence Parisien

PARISIAN, DARWIN L. (Grace) 6 ch (6 children),(occupation:) blacksmith, O (owns) 20a (20acres), 2h (2 horses), 2c (2 cattle), R3 (Rural Route 3), Lansing, Del 37 1/2a (Delhi Township Road 37-1/2a?)

Romuel Parisien

Raquette River.—A French word meaning a " snow shoe." It ia said to have been first so called, by a Frenchman named Parisein, long before settlements were begun in this quarter, and that the name was suggested by the shape of a marsh, near its mouth. The Iroquois name I Ni-ha-na-wa-tc, or " rapid river," is peculiarly applicable. It is said that Colonel Louis, the Indian chief, told Benjamin Raymond, when surveying, that its Indian name meant " noisy river," for which reason it bag been usually written Racket.
- A history of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties, New York, 1853
Is this the same Parisien family?

Census 1850
Brasher, St Lawrence, NY