Wellington County Methodists 1825-1925

FAWCETT, Rev. Thomas

Rev. Thomas Fawcett son of James and Ann Fawcett was born in Scarboro, Yorkshire, England February 1808 and placed on the plan as a local preacher at age 18.

In 1831, he came to Canada, settling in Bayham Twp. He was ordained in 1837, and married Margaret Shaw the same year. She died on the Brantford Circuit in 1846 and subsequently he married Jane McLaren.

On March 18th. 1859, while serving on the Grand River Mission, Thomas had to travel by train to visit his brother, Rev. Michael Fawcett of Grimsby, who was dangerously ill. The train plunged into a chasm created by heavy rain washing out an embankment. Seven were killed and Rev. Fawcett was seriously injured and died subsequently. His body was sent to Brantford in company with his brother-in-law Mr. Crook, where on Monday he was laid beside his first wife. He is survied by his second wife and eight children, four by the first wife and four by the second.

Fawcett, Hutchinson Clark, youngest son of the late Rev. Thomas Fawcett died in Brantford on 15 September 1860 9 mos old.

1834 Newmarket, 1835 Whitby, 1841 Goderich became the first resident minister., 1841 Adelaide, 1842-1843 Norfolk St. Guelph, 1844 Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1848-1850 Sarnia, 1854-1855 St. George (Brant Co.), 1858 Onondaga (Brant Co.),

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