Canadian Methodist Ministers 1800-1925

Canadian Methodist Ministers 1800-1925

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SALLOWS, Edward was received on trial in 1841 at Brock, Wesleyan Methodist, 1842 Barrie, 1843 Woodstock/Stratford, 1844 Whitechurch, ordained in 1845-1846 at Amherstburg, 1847 Chatham, 1848 Sydenham, 1849-1850 Mosa/Wardsville (Middlesex Co.), 1850 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1851 Newash/Osnaruck (Stormont), 1852 Bruce Mines, 1853-1854 Collingwood/Nottawsaga (Simcoe Co.), 1854-1855 Collingwood Harbour, 1855-1857 Penetanguishene, 1858-1860 Teeswater, 1860 Kinloss (Bruce Co.), 1861-1863 Garden River, 1864-1866 Cape Croker/Colpoys Bay (Bruce Co.), 1867-1881 Collingwood (retired),

SALT, Allan was born in 1817 in Belleville Ontario and was received in 1853. He was an Ojibway Indian, who served his people as a minister of the Gospel for 58 years, 1853 received on trial, 1854 Lac La Pluie N.W.T Indian Mission, 1867 Muncey Town (Simcoe Co.), 1867-1868 St. Clair, 1868 Kettle Pt. (Simcoe Co.), 1871 Sarnia Twp. (Lampton Co.), 1874 Caradoc (Middlesex Co.)

SAMPSON, Joseph was received on trial in 1805 in Hartford U.S. Methodist Episcopal, 1806 Prince George, 1807 ordained in Frederick U.S., 1808 Severn U.S., 1809-1810 Three Rivers, 1811 Presiding Elder Lower Canada, 1812 moved to USA

SANDER, W.J. 1892 Emily (Victoria Co.)

SANDERS, H.F. 1923 Mazenod Saskatchewan (Christian Guardian) Births - Alice Margaret and Ruth Mary Sanders were born on Sep 15 1923 in Mazenod SK daughters of Rev. H.F. and Mrs. Sanders

SANDERS, John was received on trial in 1866, 1869 Student Victoria College,

SANDERS, Joseph L. was born in 1832 in Cornwall England arrived in Canada in the fall of 1854, and was received on trial in 1855, and died in 1871. 1854 London, 1855 Yonge St circuit, 1857 Belleville, 1858-1859 Three Rivers, 1860 Bradford, 1861 Lloydtown, 1862 Weston, 1864 Brampton/Streetsville (Peel Co.), 1866 Whitby, 1868 Oshawa, 1869-1871 Rama (Ontario Co.), 1872 Baltimore, 1871 South Mountain

Rev. George R. Sanderson SANDERSON, George Rivers D.D. was born in 1816 in Kingston, Ontario and was received on trial in 1837 and was ordained in 1841. 1837 Florence/Thames, 1838 Newmarket, 1839 Grimsby, 1840 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1841 Stamford, 1843-1844 Thorold, 1845 St. Catharines, 1849-1854 Editor of the Christian Guardian, 1850 Yorkville, 1851 Cobourg Chairman of Cobourg District, 1852-1853 Conference Secretary, 1854 Conference Book Steward, 1855-1858 Cobourg, 1959-1862 London Superintendent, 1862 Port Hope, 1865 Picton, 1867-1871 Chairman Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1871 Kingston, December 17, 1871 he officiated at the opening of a new church building in Lindsay, 1874 St. Catharines, 1877 Wellington Street London,, 1880 Dundas St East London, 1883 Strathroy, 1886 Sarnia, 1891 London,

SANDERSON, John Wesley was born in 1828 in England was received on trial in 1836 and died in 1924 in the Bruce County Hospital in Ontario, 1834 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1841-1842 Lindsay, 1842-1849 Colbourne District, 1849-1851 Lindsay, 1852-1853 Cartwright/Mud Lake, 1854-1855 Mud Lake, 1862-1869 Peterborough(retired), 1871 Caistor (Monck). He was a gentle soul known throughout the countryside as "Little Peculiarities," because of his constant reproof to critics of the neighbours: "You know we all have our little peculiarities"

SANDERSON, John was received on trial in 1858, Wesleyan Methodist, 1857 Devonshire/McGillivray, 1858 visiting England, 1859 Milton, 1860 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1861 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1862-1864 Elma, 1865-1867 Fenlon Falls, 1868-1869 Warsaw (Peterborough Co.), 1870-1871 Caistorville, 1872-1873 Cayuga, 1874-1875 no station, 1876-1877 Luther (Wellington Co.), 1878-1879 no station, 1880 St. Thomas (retired)

SANDERSON, Joseph E. M.A. was born in 1830 in Ontario and was received in 1852, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Brampton, 1867-1871 Perth (Lanark Co.), 1871 Whitby, 1874 Governor of the Ladies College at Whitby

SANDERSON, Robert was born in 1829 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Whitby (Ontario Co.)

SANDERSON, Thomas C. was born on Mar 12 1851 in Sheffield, Addington Co. and died Easter Sunday 1924 at his home in Dresden Ontario. He was buried in Dresden Cemetery. He married Janet Paul of Newburgh, Addington Co., 1915 moved to Dresden Ontario (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Thomas C. Sanderson - an appreciation - He was born Mar 12 1851 Sheffield, Addington Co, Ontario, married Miss Janet Paul of Newburgh, Addington Co, Ontario, died Easter Sunday 1924 at his home in Dresden Ontario, buried at Dresden Cemetery, nine years prior moved to Dresden Ontario His funeral was held on Apr 22 1924 and he was survived by his wife and 2 daughters: Mrs G.M. Fisher of London Ontario and Mrs G.W. Godfrey of Sudbury Ontario

SANDERSON, William was born in 1827 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1855, 1869-1871 Alice (Renfrew),

SARGENT, William 1870 Kaye Street Halifax,

SAUNDERS, Jabez B. was received on trial in 1868, 1869 Merrickville,

SAUNDERS, Nelson was received on trial in 1866, 1869 Mitchell (Perth Co.),

SAUNDERSON, John was born in 1794 in Ireland, 1871 Ashburnham (Peterborugh Co.)

SAUL, Richard 1860's Middlesex Co.

SAVAGE, David was born in 1826 in England, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1850-1851 at Welland Canal, 1852 Toronto, 1853-1854 London, 1855 Toronto, 1856-1857 Hamilton, 1858 Toronto, 1859-1860 Cavan, 1861-1863 Aurora, 1864-1866 Nassagaweya/Ellis Church Puslinch (Welllington Co.), 1867-1869 London, 1870-1871 St. John's Toronto, 1872-1875 London, 1880 Toronto, President of Conference 1862 and 1874, Chairman of District 1868-1869. Editor of "Evangelical Witness"

Savage, Rev. Dr. M Domestic S 7 May 1818 -82 England 1854 English Meth Minister SAVAGE, John Wesley was born in 1829 in England and was received on trial in 1854. He was the son of Rev. William Savage (England), arrived in Canada in 1854, 1854-1855 Warwick (London District), 1863 Albion (Peel Co.), 1866 Bolton (Peel Co.), 1867 Goderich, 1869 Glanford, 1869-1871 Binbrook, 1871 Caledonia (Haldimand), 1878-1880 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

SAVAGE, William D.D. was born in May 7, 1818 in England and arrived in 1854. He was received on trial in 1854-1856 at Belmont, Wesleyan Methodist, 1854 Zion/Moorefield Maryborough Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1855 Belmont, ordained in 1857-1858 at Mr. Brydges, 1859-1861 Florence/Sydenham/Wardsville, 1862-1863 Peel, 1864-1865 Ellis Church Puslinch (Welllington Co.), 1864-1865 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1866 Brewer's Mills, 1867-1868 Elgin, 1869-1871 Cayuga, 1871 Seneca (Haldimand Co.), 1872-1874 Smithville, 1875-1877 Port Dover, 1878-1881 Clifford (Wellington Co.), 1883-1886 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1901 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1904-1906 Trustee Norfolk St. Guelph

SAWYER, D. 1851 Southampton Saugeen Twp. (Bruce Co.)

SAWYER, Joseph Methodist Episcopal, died in 1851 He was received on trial in 1797 at Saratoga N.Y., 1798 Pittsfield N.Y, 1799 ordained at Vergennes, 1800-1801 Niagara, 1802 Bay of Quinte and Home District, 1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1804 Croton N.Y., 1805 New Rochelle, 1807 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1810 joined Welseyan Conference, 1810 Bowman Log Chapel Ancaster (Wentworth Co.) where the story is told of a meeting where the members solemnly agreed that they would not leave the meeting until everyone "got happy" by prayer. Rev Sawyer, a circuit rider, was there to preach, but could not make himself heard over the loud praying of the members, so he rode on to his next appointment. When the same thing happended on another occasion, he told them plainly that he had come to preach and he intended to be heard. They could do their praying when they were alone. They listened to him.

SAWYER, Thomas Edwin 1905-1907 Florence

SCALES, William was born on February 13, 1818 in Epworth, Lincolnshire England and died on November 21, 1896, 1854 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 St. Andrew's (Ottawa), 1867 Bolton Quebec, 1869 Frelighsburg, 1873-1875 Stirling (Hastings Co.), (Christian Guardian) The late R.K. Scales was born 57 years ago at Bolton PQ, son of late Rev. William Scales (died Nov 21 1896), married Miss Annie Wilcox at Verdun Manitoba, died Dec 24 1923 Salmon Arm BC. From Bolton PQ moved to Oshawa Ontario, Verdun, Manitoba, 1907 Salmon Arm BC, 1922 Vernon BC, survived by widow, 1 son Harold W. of Penticton BC, 1 daughter Mrs William Robertson of Revelstoke BC, 2 sisters: Mrs W.P. Rich and Miss Annie Scales of Salmon Arm BC, and 2 brothers: E.J. of Verdun Manitoba and E.W. of Salmon Arm BC

SCANLON, John was born in Canada and was received on trial in 1865, 1869 Kingston, 1877-1879 Chesterville Winchester Twp. (Dundas Co.), 1882-1884 North Gower, 1885 Carsonby

SCARRITT, Josiah A. Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1816 in New England, 1817 Stanstead, 1818 Danville, 1824 joined Wesleyan Conference

SCHESSAR, Elmira J. was received on trial in 1866, 1867-1869 Heildelburg German Mission,

SCHOFIELD, J.W. 1923 Brantford Ontario (Christian Guardian) Mrs. J.W. Schofield, wife of Rev J.W. Schofield of Brantford ON, died when the auto she was riding in overturned on the Hamilton - Dundas Hwy. Mrs. Schofield was killed and the Rev. was trapped with his foot caught under the brake and he was taken to hospital but no serious injury. She was survived by her husband, son Harper of Kitchener Ontario and 3 daughters Mrs. Ross Peart of Aldershot, Mrs. J. McLellan of Brantford Ontario, and Miss May at home

SCHOFIELD, William H. M.A. was received on trial in 1860, 1867-1869 Lakefield,

SCHRAM, George Ashwell was born in Canada and was received on trial in 1870 at Glanford/Ainleyville, Wesleyan Methodist, 1869 Binbrook, 1871 Wingham, 1872 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1873-1874 student Montreal Theo Coll, 1875 Vienna, 1876-1877 Bismark/West Lorne Aldborough Twp. (Elgin Co.), 1877-1878 Ravenswood,

SCHUSTER, Anselin was received on trial in 1866, 1869 Vernacher German Mission,

Rev. C.T. Scott SCOTT, Charles Taggart was born on June 22, 1860 In Stouffville in York Co. and was received in 1881 and was ordained in 1887. He was married on September 6, 1887 to Minnie May White, third daughter of Stephen White of Chatham, Ontario. 1887 Enniskillen, 1891 West Lorne



SCOTT, David R. 1870 Baie-de-Verte N.B.

SCOTT, E.E. 1887 Harwich (Kent Co.)

SCOTT, John was received on trial in 1857, 1869 Cavignal,

Rev. J.G. ScottSCOTT, John G. B.A. M.A. was born in 1848 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1866, Wesleyan Methodist, 1867 Victoria Coolege Cobourg, 1868 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1869 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1870 Elora ((Wellington Co.), ordained in 1871-1873 at Listowel, 1872 Maryborough Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1873 Brampton (Peel Co.), 1874 Lowville, 1874-1875 Arthur/Harriston (Welllington Co.), 1875 Washington, 1876-1877 Berlin/Minto Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1877 Principal, Wesleyan College, Dundas, 1878-1881 Carlisle, 1882-1884 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1887 London, 1888 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1889 went to Japan as a missionary, 1896-1898 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1906 Superintendent Ingersoll. He was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery - Block E, Guelph, (Wellington Co.), Mrs. Scott died October 16, 1900 at Ingersoll, Received his degree of M.A. in course from Victoria University, May 1877


SCOTT, Jonathon was born in 1803 in England and was received on trial in 1834, 1846 Cobourg, 1850 Perth, 1851 Cooksville, 1853 Toronto Twp., 1854-1855 Cooksville superannuated, 1869-1871 Brampton (retired)

SCOTT, Thomas G. was born in 1839 in Ontario, Primitive, 1869 Bracebridge, 1871 Plympton (Lambton Co.)

SCOTT, William was born in 1813 in England and was received on trial in 1836, 1847-1848 Sarnia/St. Clair, 1851 Melbourne, 1854-1855 Montreal East, 1862 North Gower, 1867-1871 Napanee (Lennox Co.), News from the Oshawa Vindicator Oct 18, 1871 - Deaths -Slight-In the city of Oswego, NY, on Sunday 24th inst., Mrs. Elijah Slight, widow of the late Rev. Benjamin Slight, Wesleyan Missionary and sister-in-law of Rev. Wm. Scott, of Oshawa, age 85 years. (Christian Guardian) The late Charles Stinson Scott - an appreciation...born Dec 22 1842 Sarnia Ontario, son of late Rev. William Scott, married in 1870 Miss Margaret McAgy (died May 1922), died Oct 22 1923 Ottawa Ontario and survived by 2 sons and 3 daughters

SCOTT, William L was received on trial in 1855, 1867-1869 Three Rivers,

SCRATCH, Alexander was born in 1827 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Essex Mersea, 1880 Sweaborg/London, 1881 Vienna/London, 1882 Embro,

SCRATCH, Egerton 1872-1873 Merlin (London)

SCULL, Joseph Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1805 in Somersett U.S., ordained in 1807 in Ontario U.S., 1809-1810 Montreal, 1811 Quebec, 1812 moved to USA

SCURR, W. Methodist Episcopal, 1881 Walshingham,

SEABORN, John was born in 1825 and died on Dec 19 1900. He married Ann Seaborn who was born in 1820 and died on Jan 5 1907. She wass buried in Salem Pioneer Cemetery, Wollaston Twp. (Hastings Co.)

SEAGER, Aurora was born in 1795 and died on Dec. 21 1819 Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1818 at Clarence U.S., 1819 Montreal,

SEELEY, Thomas G. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev T.G. Seeley - an appreciation. He died on Mar 22 1924 at the General Hospital in Winnipeg, MB and was buried Elmwood Cemetery. A native of Newfoundland, he worked at Maidstone SK and spent 22 months at the sanitorium in Ninette MB after a serious operation. He then moved to Winnipeg MB around 1922. His brother, Rev. W.R. Seeley of Sidney Mines and uncle Rev. W.R. Mercer of SK were with him at time of death. His cousin Rev. W. Seeley Mercer died in a blizzard on Feb 4 1924 in Newfoundland (Christian Guardian) Rev W.S. Mercer - memorial. He grew up in Bay Roberts and died in a blizzard in Fogo NFLD. He was survived by parents, wife and young son

SEELEY, W.R. 1924 Sidney Mines, 1924 Sask.

SELBY, G. Episcopal 1839 Smith's Creek Circuit

SELLER, Joseph M.A. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1866, 1870 Maryville N.B.

SELLERY, Samuel B.A. B.D. 1894-1897 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

SELLEY, John M.D. was received in 1836, 1867-1869 Montreal (retired)

SEMPLE, J 1924 Palmerston (Christian Guardian) Births - Margaret Eleanor Semple was born on Feb 8 1924 in Palmerston Hospital a daughter for Rev. and Mrs J. Semple

SERVICE, William was born in 1840 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Sheffield (Addington Co.), 1881 Thamsford (retired),

SEYMOUR, Edgar O. In 1916 he married Evelyn Elmina Scantlebury who died in Nov 22 1924 at the residence of her father Mr. C.B. Scantlebury of Belleville. She was buried in the Belleville Cemetery, 1825 Havelock (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs. Evelyn Elmina Seymour born Belleville Ontario, was married 8 years prior to death to Rev. Edgar O. Seymour, pastor of Havelock Church. She died Nov 22 1924 at residence of father Mr. C.B. Scantlebury of Belleville Ontario buried Belleville Cemetery. She was survived by her husband, young daughter Marion, parents, grandmother, brother Harry, sisters Mrs. I.B. Morrison of Mimico, Miss Helen and Miss Marjorie at home

SEYMOUR, James was born in 1800 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1871 Bayham (Elgin Co.), 1880 Markham (York Co.)

SEYMOUR, James Cooke was born on Apr 20, 1839 in Ulster, Ireland and was the son of Rev. Jame Seymour. He came to Canada in 1857 and was received on trial June 1857. He was married three time, first in March 1863 to Emma the daughter of John Williams of Durham, Ontario; second in June 1885 to Eliza, widow of the Rev. A.P. Lyons; and third to the daughter of Samuel T. Rowe of Paisley, Ontario.

SEXSMITH, George was born in 1836 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1860, 1869 Lucan and Ailsa Craig, 1871 Biddulph (Middlesex Co.)

SHALER, Henry "Daddy" was born in 1790 and died in Kemptville in 1890. Methodist Episcopal, and was received on trial in 1828 on the Toronto Circuit, 1829 Albion, 1830 Toronto Circuit, 1831-1832 Waterloo, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Matilda (Augusta), 1837 Prescott, 1851 Osgoode, 1854-1869 Kemptville superannuated (retired)

SHARMON, William 1856 Kicardine (Huron Co.)

SHANNON, William was born in 1821 in Lough Point, in the Sligo Circuit, Ireland and was received on trial in 1851, He knew scores of Irish Wesleyan ministers, who preached and lodged in his father's house; joined class at fourteen, converted at eighteen, and made a leader at once; ten years a Hibernian school teacher; came to Canada with his friends in 1850; settled in the woods of Artemesia in March 1853; eighteen month after, went in to the work. 1855 Osprey, 1857 Brant, 1858-1859 Richmond, 1859 Tyendinaga/Tudor (Hastings Co.), 1860 Peel Co., 1867-1869 Maberly, 1871 Sherbrooke (Lanark Co.)

SHAW, Edward A. 1888-1891 Mt Pleasant (Ponsonby - Wellington Co.)

SHAW, Calvin was born in 1835 in England, New Connexion, 1865 Owen Sound (Grey Co.), 1871 Ingersoll (Oxford Co.), 1883 officiated at the opening of a new church building in Bailyboro

SHAW, D.M. Episcopal, 1851 Markham,

SHAW, Edward A. 1888-1890 Mt. Pleasant Nichol Twp. (Wellington Co.)

SHAW, James was born in 1820 in England, New Connexion, 1851 York, 1871 Barton (Wentworth Co.), 1868 Goderich (Huron Co.), 1873 Brampton

SHAW, John was born in 1831 in Trois Rivieres Quebec, family moved to Goderich, 1851 on trial, 1851 Strathroy, 1852 on trial, 1854-1855 Cobourg student at Victoria College, 1867-1869 Whitchurch (York Co.), 1869-1871 Weston/York West, 1880 President Toronto Conference

SHAW, W.H. Episcopal, 1880 Walshingham/London,

SHAW, William was received on trial in 1864, 1869 Napanee,

SHAW, William I. B.A. LL.B. was born in 1828 in Ireland and was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1864, 1865 Meaford (Grey Co.), 1869 Hemmingford, 1871 Brampton (Peel Co.)

SHEARER, John G. D.D. was born in 1859 in Bright Ontario and died on Apr 1925 in Toronto. He was survived by his wife, formerly Miss Johnston of Burford Ontario

SHENTON, Job 1870 Yarmouth South N.S., 1885 Charlottetown PEI

SHENSTONE, W.R. 1870 Brigus Nfld (retired)

SHEPHERD, Edmund Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1831 at Cobourg, 1832 Belleville, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1836 Hamilton, 1837 Blenheim (Oxford Co.), 1838 Burford (Oxford Co.), 1838-1839 Newmarket, 1841 Thorold, 1845 Beverley (Wentworth Co.), 1847 Bytown, 1848-1849 North Edinburgh Dalhousie, 1851 Woodstock (Oxford Co.), 1854-1855 Chairmam of Chatham District. Early in 1855 a charge of immorality was brought home to him, and the judiciary of the Church, jealous for its honor, expelled him.

SHEPHERD, Gideon Episcopal Methodist, 1840 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1846-1849 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. and Presiding Elder Bay of Quinte District, 1851 Catharine Street Hamilton

SHEPHERD, William W. was born in 1839 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1862, 1866-1869 Listowel, 1871 Blenheim (Oxford Co.)

SHEPHERDSON, Daniel Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1816-1817 in New York Conference, 1818 Westminster, 1819 Niagara, 1820 Lyon's Creek/ Scarborough, 1821Ancaster, 1822 Yonge St., 1823-1824 Long Point, 1825 moved to USA

SHEPLEY, Joseph A. was born in Chatham Ontario and was received on trial in 1841, 1846 Moulton (Niagara), 1847 Galt, 1849 Ingersoll (Oxford Co.), 1849 Woodstock, 1851 living Ingersoll, 1851-1854 Blenheim (Oxford Co.), 1853-1855 Paris/Burford (Brant Co.), 1857-1859 Norwich, 1859-1861 Ingersoll (Oxford Co), 1866 Aurora (York Co.), 1867-1868 Berlin/Woolwich (Waterloo Co.), 1868-1869 Fingal, 1869 Binbrook, 1872 Harwich (Kent Co.), 1876 Ingersoll/Oxford West (Oxford Co.)

SHEPPERSON, A.W. 1906 Orton (Wellington Co)

SHERIDAN, William was born in 1835 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1858, 1863 Minden (Haliburton Co.), 1869 Bobcaygeon, 1870 Augusta (Grenville Co.), 1871 Edwardsburg (Grenville Co.)

SHERLOCK, Benjamin was born in 1832 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1859 at Cookstown, Wesleyan Methodist, 1858 Nottawasaga, 1860 Winchester, 1861 Lyn, ordained in 1862 at Sandwich/Windsor, 1863-1865 Orangeville, 1866-1868 Albion (Peel Co.), 1869-1870 Tyrconnell/Aldboro (Elgin Co.), 1871 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1872-1873 Chinguacousy/Bolton (Peel Co.), 1874-1876 London South, 1877 Lucan, 1878 Aylmer (retired), 1879 Oneida, 1880 Alvinston

SHILTON, John New Connexion 1837 Mosa/London, 1839-1843 Erin Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1851 Drummond,

SHOFIELD, W.H. 1860-1869 Smith (Peterborough Co.)

SHOREY, Edmund Sidney was born in 1836 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1858, 1869-1871 Amherstburg, 1871 Wardsville/Newbury, 1873-1874 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1874 Ernestown & Bath, 1875 Millhaven, 1875 Fredericksburg, 1878 Ernestown/Bath (Lennox & Addington)

SHOREY, S.J. D.D. President Bay of Quinte Conference, Sherbourne St. Toronto, 1894 & 1911 Cambridge St. Lindsay, 1897 Peterborough

SHORT, J.W. 1871-1877 Westwood Asphodel Twp. (Peterborough Co.)

SHORT, William was born in 1829 in Devonshire England and was received on trial in 1855, 1860 Leeds, 1863 Ernestown, 1865 Snowdon (Haliburton), 1867-1869 Fenella, 1869 Asphodel (Peterborough Co.), 1871 Haldimand (Northumberland Co.), 1877 Westmeath (Renfrew Co.)

SHORTS, Augustus 1876 Lansdowne/Killenbeck/Marble Rock

SHOURLEY, Edmond was born in 1836 in Ontario, 1871 Amherstburg (Essex Co.)

SICKLES, Abraham was an Oneida Indian and was born in 1810 in the United States and was received on trial in 1832. In 1847 he was received at Toronto Conference. 1854-1855 Mt. Elgin/Muncey (London District), 1871 Delaware (Middlesex Co.)

SILLS, John W. was born in 1829 in Ontario, Episcopal, Augusta (Grenville Co.), 1847 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.(Hastings Co.), 1851 Sidney, 1851 Stormont,

SILLS, S. Episcopal 1874 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)

SILLS, William A was born in 1830 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1852 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Percy (Northumberland Co.)

SILVESTER, Charles was born in 1812 in England and was received on trial in 1847 at Stratford/Peel, Wesleyan Methodist, daughter was Anna E. Silvester, buried in Canton United Church Cemetery, Hope Twp., (Northumberland Co.), 1846 St Armand, 1848 London Circuit, 1849 Devonshire, ordained in 1850-1852 at Sydenham/Wardsville Mosa Twp. (Middlesex Co.), 1851-1852 Mosa (Middlesex/Kent Co.), 1853 Tuckersmith (Huron Co.), 1853-1854 Goderich/Wawanosh (Huron Co.), 1855-1857 Elora/Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1856-1858 Garafraxa/Pilkington/Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1858-1859 Bradford, 1860 W.Gwilliambury (Simcoe Co.), 1861 Mulmer (Dufferin Co.), 1860-1861 Collingwood, 1862-1864 Prince Albert, 1863 Scugog, 1865-1867 Canton, 1865 Reach (Ontario Co.), 1867 Pilkington (Wellington Co.), 1868-1870 Baltimore, 1871 Hamilton Twp. (Northumberland Co.), 1871-1872 Grimsby, 1873-1876 Niagara, 1884 Cannington (York Co.), 1877-1887 Toronto (retired),

SIMS, Markham 1855 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

SIMMS, T. 1873 Brampton

SIMMONS, John was born in 1850 in England, 1871 Sandwich East (Essex Co),

SIMONS, Titus Episcopal, 1841 Binbrook,

SIMPSON, David was born in 1836 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Collingwood (Grey Co.)

SIMPSON, E.K. 1923 missionary China, (Christian Guardian) Births - Wilda Pauline Simpson was born on Aug 8 1923 in Fowchow China, a daughter for Rev. and Mrs E.K. Simpson

SIMPSON, J. Primitive, 1851 Talbot,

SIMPSON, J. New Connexion, 1851 Elizabethtown,

SIMPSON, James M. was born in 1834 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Colborne (Northumberland Co.), 1877-1879 Metcalfe Osgoode Twp. (Carleton Co.)

SINCLAIR, W.A. 1906 South River - Toronto Conference

SING, Samuel was born in 1841 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Brighton, 1871 Hamilton Twp. (Northumberland Co.), 1874-1875 Madoc (Hasings Co.), 1876-1878 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1879-1880 Bloomfield (Prince Edward Co.)

SIPPRELL, W.J. 1891 Thorold

SLACKFORD, Elias was born in PEI and was ordained in 1861, 1870 Kingston N.B.

SLATER, Rev Episcopal BME 1916 Essex St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

SLATER, James C. was born in 1824 in England and was received on trial in 1846, In 1847 he was received on his first year probation at Toronto Conference. 1847-1848 Peterborough, 1851 Bowmanville, 1853 Asphodel (Newcastle), 1854-1856 Picton/Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1858-1860 Darlington (Durham), 1860 Chairman Bowmanville Circuit,, 1860-1863 Barrie, 1863-1865 Cavan (Durham Co.), 1869 Alice (Renfrew Co.), 1869-1871 Chairman Pembrooke (Renfrew Co.), 1874 Wolford (Grenville Co.)

SLATER, William, Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1788 and died on Jan 17, 1829. He was received on trial in 1822 in Thames, 1820 Scarborough, 1823 Yonge St., 1824 ordained Bay of Quinte, 1825 Ottawa, 1826-1827 Cobourg, 1828 Methodist Episcopal Conference representative in Pittsburg, 1828 Ancaster/Binbrook,

SLIGHT, Benjamin A.M. was born in 1799 and died on January 16, 1858. Wesleyan Methodist received on trial in 1834-1835 at Amherstburg. In 1835 he was ordained for "Missionary work" at Conference in Hamilton, 1836-1839 Credit, 1839-1840 Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1840 Nichol/Eramosa/Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1841 Three Rivers, 1842-1843 St. John, 1844-1845 Three Rivers, 1846-1847 Crompton/Hatley 1848-1850 Melbourne (Quebec), 1851-1855 Sherbrooke (Quebec), 1856-1857 Chairman Napanee, (from the Oshawa Vindicator) Oct 18 1871 - Deaths -Slight-In the city of Oswego, NY, on Sunday 24th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Slight, widow of the late Rev. Benjamin Slight, Wesleyan Missionary and sister-in-law of Rev. William Scott, of Oshawa, age 85 years.

SLOAN, James W. was born in 1837 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1859, 1869 Hall's Bridge, 1871 Cavan (Durham Co.)

SLOOT, Abraham 1831 Westminster London

SMALE, a. 1916-1918 Florence

SMALLWOOD, Frederick 1850 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Windsor N.S. (retired), 1873-1885 Prince St Charlottetown

SMILER, Robert was born in 1849 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1871 Manvers (Durham Co.)

SMILEY, John B.A. M.A. Wesleyan Methodist was received on trial in 1865 at Cooksville, 1866 Washington, 1867 Preston/Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1868 Elora (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1869 at St. Thomas, 1870 Lucan, 1871 Ailsa Craig (London), 1871-1872 McGillvray (Bruce Co.), 1872-1874 Mono, 1875 Alton, 1876-1877 Kleinburg, 1878-1880 Bobcaygeon, Graduate of University College, Toronto M.A 1868

SMITH Andrew A. was received on trial in 1850 and was ordained in 1853, 1849 Millbrook, 1850 Norwood (Peterborough Co.), 1851 Bradford, 1852 Binbrook/Glandford, 1853 Kincardine, 1854-1855 Berlin/Blenheim (Waterloo Co.), 1856-1857 Mitchell, 1858-1859 Aylmer C.W., 1860-1862 Vienna, 1863-1865 Sarnia,1866-1868 Brighton, 1869-1871 Newmarket, 1872 Selby, 1873-1875 Newburg, 1876-1878 Cataraqui, 1879-1880 Matilda

SMITH, Bela Methodist Episcopal, was born in and died on July 2, 1848. He was received on trial in 1808 in Plattsburg N.Y., ordained in 1810 at Cornwall, 1811 moved to USA

SMITH, Benson Methodist Episcopal, 1834 London, 1844 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (hastings Co.), 1851 Elizabethtown,

Rev. Daniel E. SmithSMITH, Daniel Evert was born in 1823 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Haldimand (Northumberland Co.), 1874-1879 retired West Winchester (Dundas Co.)




SMITH, David was born in 1841 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1871 St. Mary's (Perth Co.)

SMITH, Ephraim Methodist Episcopal, 1831 London

SMITH, Finlay Malcolm was born in 1831 in Ontario, 1871 Flamborough East (Wentworth Co.), 1871 Eramosa (Wellington Co.),1883-1886 Carmel Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1884-1887 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1889-1892 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

SMITH, Frederick was born in 1838 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Mersea (Essex Co.)

SMITH, George Benson was born in 1795 in Ireland, Episcopal, 1848 Owen Sound, 1871 St. Vincent (Grey Co.),

SMITH, George 1854 Mariposa Twp., 1858 Crowland, 1859 Arthur (Wellington Co.)

SMITH, Isaac B. Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1807 at Oswegotchie, 1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1808 Niagara, 1809 ordained in Albany N.Y., 1811 Niagara, 1812 Bay of Quinte, 1813-1814 USA, 1815 Smith's Creek, 1816 Yonge St., 1817 Ancaster, 1818-1819 Niagara, 1820 Westminster, 1821 Long Point, 1822-1823 Ancaster and York, 1824 Lyon's Creek, 1851 Dumfries,

SMITH, J.E. 1868 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

SMITH, James V. was born in 1834 in England, Primitive, 1866 Bolton (Peel Co.), 1869 Claremont (Ontario Co.), 1871 Markham (York Co.), 1877-1881 Galt North Dumfries Twp. (Waterloo Co.)

SMITH, John C. was born in 1848 in the United States (colored), Methodist Episcopal, 1862 Stone Church Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1877-1881 Windsor East Sandwich Twp. (Essex Co.)

SMITH, John B. was born in 1824 and died in 1899 and was buried at Hubble Hill Pioneer Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), Episcopal, 1861 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

SMITH, Kenneth McKendree Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1819 at Ottawa, 1820 Ancaster, ordained in 1821-1822 at York and New Settlements, 1823-1826 Ottawa. In 1821 the Rev. Fitch Reed, of the Genesee Conference, was appointed to York, (now Toronto,) in Upper Canada, with Rev. Kenneth M. Smith as his helper. Their mission extended into the settlements in the neighborhood of Toronto, which, at that time, were new, poor, and destitute of the gospel. Some idea may be formed of the difficulties with which they had to contend in traveling through particular parts of the country, from the fact that brother Smith, who devoted himself chiefly to the back settlements, was in the habit of carrying an ax with him, so that when he came to a stream of water that he could not ford, (which was frequently the case,) he felled a tree across it, on which he passed over. In some instances, it is stated, where the trees stood opposite to each other on the banks of the creek, and formed a junction at the top, he would climb one tree and descend another, and thus pass on to his appointments among this scattered population. Their labors were blessed, and a foundation was laid for the establishment of societies which have subsequently much prospered.

SMITH, Lewis Methodist Episcopal, 1842 Binbrook,

SMITH, Nathaniel was born in 1841 in England and was received on trial in 1866, 1869 Kincardine (Huron Co.), 1871 Elma (Perth Co.)

SMITH, Philander Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1820 at Smith's Creek, 1821 Cornwall, ordained in 1822 at Kingston, 1823 Hallowell, 1824 Augusta, 1825 Bay of Quinte and Kingston, 1826-1829 Bay of Quinte, 1830 Prescott, 1833 joined Welseyan Conference, 1840 Oswegatchie District,

SMITH, Phillip Episcopal, 1859 Binbrook, 1862 Parry Sound, 1869 Brooklin (Ontario Co.)

SMITH, Richard 1870 Mill Town N.B.

SMITH, Robert H. was received on trial in 1857, 1867-1869 Leeds,

SMITH, Roscoe H. 1921-1923 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)

SMITH, S.D. Episcopal 1917 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

SMITH, Thomas 1870 Truro N.S.(retired)

SMITH, Watson 1870 River Philip N.S.

SMITH, William 1839 Charlottetown PEI

SMITH, William S. was born in 1846 in Monifieth, Scotland and died in Middleville, Ont. on May 16 1902 and was buried at Gilead Cemetery, Thurlow Twp. (Hastings Co.)

SMITH, W.J. B.A. 1885-1888 Florence, 1905 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.)(Christian Guardian) Mrs. Howard H. Hall was married on Jun 1923 to Mr. Hall (a lawyer) and died in 1925 in Toronto Ontario, at the age of 26. She was the elder daughter of Rev. W.J. and Mrs. Smith of Toronto. On Jan 11, 1925 she gave birth to a son who died three days later and her condition was critical since this date.

SMITH, William was received on trial in 1828 at Grape Island, 1829 Binbrook/Ancaster, ordained in 1830 at York, 1831-1832 Kingston, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Malahide London, 1846 St. George (Dumfries)

SMITH, Wray R. was received on trial in 1876 at St. George, Wesleyan Methodist, 1875 -1876 St. George, 1877 Oxford Centre/Port Dover, 1878 Windham, 1879 Ponsonby/Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1880 Jarvis, 1904-1907 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

SMITHERMAN, Rev. 1917 Rockwood (Wellington Co.)

SNELL, James Albert In 1897 married Caroline Webber, daughter of Rev. George Webber (ceremony performed by bride's father) at Dutton Ontario. He was the son of Rev. G.G. Webber of Claresholm Alberta, 1924 Dutton Ontario (Christian Guardian) Snell - Little marriage on June 24 1924 at home of Mrs Bessie Little of Toronto Ontario, her daughter Marguerite Little married Dr. Jerrold W. Snell of Lawrence Stn., eldest son of Rev. J.A. and Mrs Snell of Dutton and grandson of late Rev George Webber of Toronto Ontario. Miss Dorothy Little (sister) and Mr Donald Snell of Toronto ON (brother) were in the wedding party. The couple will reside at Lawrence Stn. near St. Thomas. (Christian Guardian) Silver Wedding - Rev. James ALbert and Mrs Snell celebrated 25 anniversary at home in Dulton Ontario. They were married in 1897. The bride was Caroline Webber, daughter of Rev George Webber (ceremony performed by bride's father). Rev. G.G. Webber of Claresholm AB is a brother of Mrs Snell

Rev. D.W. Snider SNIDER, D.W. was born in 1858 and died in 1924 in Toronto Ontario. 1902 Berlin (Waterloo Co.),




SNIDER, Solomon 1835 Matilda (Augusta), 1837-1838 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1848 left the church as he had become dissatisified with the Church in its renewed relation to the British Conference. He became a Congregational minister.

SNOW, William 1820 Oswegatchie District,

SNOWBALL, J. 1870 Sackville N.B. (retired)

SNOWDEN, Thomas J. Episcopal, 1896 Blanshard (Perth), 1909 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

SNYDER, A.I. died on Dec 10 1923 in Brantford Ontario (Christian Guardian) Late Rev A.I. Snyder - an appreciation. He died on Dec 10 1923 in Brantford Ontario and was survived by his widow, two daughters: Mrs Neil MacMillan and Mrs Frank W. Binkley of Winnipeg Manitoba, and one son Dr. R.G. Snyder of New York

SORNBORGER George Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1824 at Long Point, 1825-1826 ordained at Toronto Twp., 1827 Dumfries, 1828 Westminster,

SORRICK, Richard 1848-1850 BME church Oro Twp.,

SOVEREIGN, George 1827 (Wellington Co.)

SPARLING, Joseph W. was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Student at Victoria College, 1889 President Montreal Conference

SPARLING, W.W. 1895 Caledonia, 1899 Conn Luther Twp. (Wellington Co.)

SPARROW, J.P. Episcopal, 1859-1860 & 1868-1870 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

SPEER, E. 1883 Asphodel Twp.,

SPENCE, Hamilton S. B.A., B.D. died on Feb 23 1924 in Peterboro and was buried at Little Lake Cemetery located in Peterboro. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Hamilton S. Spence, BA, BD died Feb 23 1924 Peterboro Ontario buried Little Lake Cemetery. Moved to Peterboro in 1923 and bought a home. He was living with his sister at time of death.

SPENCER, James Jr. M.A. was born in 1812 and died on October 9, 1863, Wesleyan Methodist, was received on trial in 1838 at Grimsby, 1839 Newmarket, 1840 Whitby/St. Catharines, 1841 Brantford, 1842 Tuto Victoria College, 1842 Rock Chapel Thorold, 1843-1844 Dundas/Woolwich, 1845 Chinguacousy (Peel Co.), 1846-1848 Nelson/Oakville (Halton Co.), 1849-1850 Eramosa/Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1851-1859 Editor Christian Guardian and at Toronto Conference Editorial Office, 1860-1862 Brampton, 1862 Springhill (Peel Co.), 1863 Paris (Brant Co.), Representative to English Wesleyan Conference 1860, Secretary of Conference 1863. The honourary degree of M.A. was confered upon him by the University of Victoria College, May 1863.

SPENCER, John 1862 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1863 Erin (Wellington Co.)

SPORE, David C., Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1820 at Bay of Quinte, 1819 Thames, 1821 Ottawa, 1822 moved to USA

SPRAGUE, Howard A.M. 1864 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Portland St. John N.B.

SPRAGUE, S.W. 1870 Petite Riviere N.S.

SPRINGER, R. 1917-1921 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

SPONAGLE, John L. 1870 Wilmot N.S.

SPROULE, Frederick Henry B.A. was born in Kingston Ontario and died on Jan 7 1924 in Montreal Quebec. He was buried in the family plot at Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston Ontario. He married Dorothy M. Corrigan (Christian Guardian) Late Rev H.F. Sproule born Kingston Ontario died Jan 7 1924 Montreal PQ buried in family plot, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston Ontario, survived by widow, Dorothy M. Corrigan, 2 sons: Frederick A. Sproule of Ottawa Ontario and Huburt D. Sproule of Montreal PQ, 1 brother James, and 1 sister Elizabeth of Westbrook Ontario

SQUIRE, George H. B.A. was born in 1808 in Northumerland Ontario and was received on trial in 1865, 1852 Brampton (Peel Co.), 1869 Lachine, 1880 Brantford (Brant Co.)

SQUIRE, William 1846 Montreal Wesleyan Church, Great St. James Street, 1847-1848 Kingston, 1851 Montreal living on College St. Chairman of Montreal District

STAFFORD, Charles E. was born in 1842 in England, Primitive Methodist, was received on trial in 1864, 1871 Yorkville (York Co.), Joined Wesleyan Methodist Conference in 1871, 1871-1872 Rockwood/Eramosa/Nassagaweya (Wellington Co.), 1872 Eden Mills (Wellington Co.), 1873-1874 Holmesville, 1875-1877 Brussels/McKillop (Huron Co.), 1878-1881 Teeswater, 1916 Carmel/Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), buried at Elora Municipal Cemetery - Sections C,D, Nichol Twp., (Wellington Co.)

Rev. E.A. Stafford STAFFORD, Ezra A. was born in 1840 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1860, 1866-1868 Wardsville/Newbury, 1869 Kingsville, 1871 Gosfield (Essex Co.), 1886 Metropolitan Toronto



STAFFORD, George 1900-1904 and 1911-1915 Johnstown,

STAFFORD, William Edward was born in 1870 and died in 1956. He was married to Iva E. Edmunds who was born in 1874 and died in 1966, both buried at Elora Municipal Cemetery.

STARR, J. Herbert was received on trial in 1851, 1858 Adolphustown, 1858-1860 Amherst Island & Bath, 1860 Chairman Bath circuit, 1860-1863 Ernesttown & Fredericksburg (Lennox Co.), 1863 Kingston, 1866-1868 Thorold (Niagara), 1869 St. Thomas, 1873 Streetsville (Peel Co.), 1873 Toronto Twp.

Rev. John E. Starr STARR, John E. was born in 1855 in Halifax, was received on trial in 1877 and was ordained in 1881, 1877 Richmond Hill, 1878-1879 Winnipeg, 1880-1881 Peterborough, 1882 Scarborough, 1883-1886 Berkeley St. Toronto



STEEL, George 1877 Upper Prince St. PEI, 1905 Sackville New Brunswick

STEEL, Thomas P. 1878 Greenwood/Brougham, 1898-1901 Baileyboro,

STEELE, George A. 1924 Gadsby Alberta

STEER, William was born in 1799 in England Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1834 at Kingston, 1835 Gananoque, 1836 Grimsby, ordained 1837-1838 at Murray, 1839-1840 London, 1841-1842 Barrie, 1843 Rice Lake, 1844 Kingston, 1845-1846 Chinguacousy, 1847-1848 Scugog, 1849 Brock, 1850-1851 Rama, 1852 Erin/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1853-1855 Mono superannuated, 1855 Three Rivers, 1856-1872 Cobourg/Baltimore (retired), 1871 Haldimand Tp. (Northumberland Co.), 1873-1883 Grafton (retired)

STEERS, R. 1838 Barrie, 1851 Orillia,

STEINHAUR, Henry was received on trial in 1851, 1859-1869 White Fish Lake,

STENNING, George was received on trial in 1858, 1867-1869 Knowlton,

STEPHEN, E. 1844 London

STEPHENSON, (Christian Guardian) Births - Stephenson Twin daughters were born on Jan 11 1923 to Rev and Mrs Stephenson of Stirton

STEPHENSON, G.W. 1895 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1896 Washington (York Co.)

STEPHENSON, William was born in 1833 in England and was received on trial in 1850, 1866-1869 Toronto East living on Queen St W. at Peter St., 1871 Ottawa

STEVENS, H.J. 1863 Bible Christian Methodist Pickering (York Co.),

Rev. E.B. StevensonSTEVENSON, Ephraim Brock B.A. member of Norfolk Street Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.), entered ministry and was received on trial in 1875 at Berlin, Wesleyan Methodist, 1874 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1875 Berlin, 1876 Salford, 1877-1879 student at Victoria College, Cobourg, 1880-1881 Ponsonby/Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1886-1889 Binbrook (first minister of the new Binbrook Circuit), 1904-1906 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1906 Ponsonby (Wellington Co.), 1922 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.) - buried at Bethesda United Church Cemetery, Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), a graduate of Victoria University B.A. 1879 1881 living Guelph one of the oldest native born Guelphites, and in his younger days a member of the famous Maple Leaf baseball team of Guelph 1919-1924 member In 1933 he was living at 270 Grange St. Guelph and was invited to attend Hamilton Conference by John W. Frid (Secretary of the Billeting Committee)



STEVENSON, James H. B.D. was born in 1860 in Peterborough Co. He entered the ministry in 1883 and was subsequently stationed at Thessalon, Algoma, and at Fort Wiliam Ontario. In 1890 he graduated from the Wesleyan Theological College in Montreal being with the Rev. W. Howitt, the first to receive the degree of B.D. from that institution. In 1891 he married Evelyn, daughter of Rev. Dr. Sutherland of Toronto. 1890-1893 Toronto,

STEVENSON, R.W. 1907 Prince Edward Island

STEWART, C. D.D. 1870 Sackville N.B. Educational Institution, Theological Professor.

STEWART, G.F. 1835 Nelson (Halton Co.)

STEWART, John was received on trial in 1876 at Erin (Wellington Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, 1877 Hespler, 1878 Ponsonby (Wellington Co.), 1879-1880 student at Victoria College Cobourg,

STEWART, John was received on trial in 1862, 1869 Dudswell, 1878 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1882-1883 South Mountain

STEWART, John H. was received on trial in 1864, 1867-1869 Thorne,

STEWART, Schuyler Episcopal, 1848 Malahide, 1851 Dorchester,

STILLWELL, R.J. 1861 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

STINSON, D.M. 1922 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

STINSON, Joseph H. was born in 1801 in Leicestershire and was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1838. After working as a local preacher, he was sent as a missionary to Canada in 1823. He returned to England in 1828 but after just one year in home circuit work, was appointed to Gibraltar. Stinson went back to Canada in 1833 as General Superintendent of the Missions. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1838. Stinson again came back to England in 1840 after the separation of the English and Canadian Churches. He worked in home circuits and at the same time did much to promote the reunion of the English and Canadian Conferences which took place in 1847. Stinson returned to Canada in 1857 as President of Conference, an office that he held until 1861 and he died in 1862. 1833 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1835 Kingston General Superintendent Missions, 1840 President of the Canada Conference and attended the Methodist Episcopal Conference in Baltimore, 1858 Guelph (Wellington Co.). 1860 Lindsay,

STOBBS, Thomas was born in 1822 in England, Wesleyan Methodist, 1849 Victoria College, was received on trial in 1850 and ordained in 1854, 1849-1850 Chatham, 1850 Amherstburg, 1851-1852 Dundas, 1853 Student Victoria College Cobourg, 1854 London/Bytown, 1855-1856 Innisfil, 1857-1859 Colbourne, 1860-1862 Millbrook, 1863-1864 Canton, 1865-1867 Prince Albert, 1868-1870 Pickering, 1869 Canington (Ontario Co.), 1870 Greenwood/Brougham, 1871-1872 Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.)/Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1873-1874 Drummondville, 1875-1876 Smithville, 1877-1879 Mount Pleasant, 1880 Caledonia

STONE, Samuel G. was born in 1836 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Ottawa

STONEY, Edmund was born in 1790 and died on august 8, 1862, Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1824-1825 in London, 1823 Dumfries, ordained in 1826 at Thames, 1827-1828 Amherstburg, 1829-1830 Niagara, 1831-1832 Stamford, 1832 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1832 Beaverdams Thorold, 1833-1834 Yonge Street/Scarborough, 1835-1836 Toronto Circuit, 1837-1838 London, 1839-1840 Dumfries, 1841 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1841 Eramosa/Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1842-1862 London Circuit (retired)

STORER, John was born in 1811 in England, 1871 Glanford (Wentworth Co.)

STOTESBURY, I.G. 1924 Meaford, (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Beatrice Alice Matilda (nee Dobson) McCulloch was born in 1861 in Reach Twp, Ontario Co., the youngest child of Robert and Martha Dobson. She married Alexander McCulloch who died in 1917. She died on Jan 17 1924, at 63 years old and was survived by 3 daughters and 1 son: Mrs Rev I.G. Stotesbury of Meaford Ontario, Mrs H.A. Volker and Miss Mildred of Toronto Ontario, and Dr. C.D. of Wellington Ontario

STRACHAN, R. 1876 Brooke (Lambton Co.), 1877 Keppel (Grey Co.)

STRANGWAY, B.R. BA BD wife Annie was daughter of Rev. Amos Campbell

STRATTON, Frederick B. was born in 1838 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Sophiasburgh (Prince Edward Co.), 1882-1883 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.),

STREETER, Elisha Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1809 in Stanstead, 1810 moved to USA

STRIKE, A.J.Harvey died in 1924 in Perth Ontario, 1900 East Ward Lindsay,

STRINGFELLOW, Charles was born in 1832 in England and was received on trial in 1855, 1867-1869 Nissouri, 1871 Blanchard (Perth Co.)

STROTHARD, J. 1906 Chatham (Kent Co.)

STRONG, John B. was born in PEI, 1817 and 1843 Charlottetown PEI

STRONGMAN, W.A. 1880 Greenwood/Brougham,

STUART, G.O. 1814 Kingston Wesleyan Chapel

SUMMERSIDES, William, Primitive, was sent as a missionary to the United States by the Primitive Methodist Conference in England in 1829. In 1831 he came from Philadelphia to York. In 1833 he went to Niagara to establish a Primitive Methodist congregation there, but in 1837 returned to Toronto (residence Bay St.)

Rev. John SundaySUNDAY, John Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1832, 1825 Belleville class leader, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 ordained for "Missionary work" at Conference in Hamilton, 1854-1855 Mt. Elgin/Muncey (London District), 1857-1869 Alnwick (retired)


SUTCLIFFE, Ingham 1833 York, 1857 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Miramichi N.B.

Rev. A. Sutherland SUTHERLAND, Alexander D.D. was born in 1834 in Guelph Twp. Ontario and died on 30 June 1910 in Toronto. He was received on trial in 1856 at Galt/Berlin, Wesleyan Methodist, 1855 Clinton, 1857 Berlin and Blenheim (Waterloo Co.), 1858 student at Victoria College Cobourg, ordained in 1859-1860 at Niagara, 1861-1862 Thorold, 1863 Drummondville, 1864-1866 Hamilton, 1867-1869 Yorkville, 1870-1872 Toronto, 1873 Montreal, 1875-1881 Missionary Secretary and Treasurer, On August 14, 1905 he laid the cornerstone at Trinity Methodist in Berlin, Secretary of Conference in 1870 and 1871, Delegate to the First General Conference Toronto 1874, The honourary degree of Doctor in Divinity was conferred upon him by the University of Victoria College, May 1879,

SUTHERLAND, Donald George M.A. LL.B. B.D. was born on Apr 12, 1839 in Toronto son of Captain James Sutherland who was born in Hoy, Orkney Island and died in 1857, and Margaret Robinson Sutherland born in Lincolnshire, England who died in 1878. He graduated in in Law in 1859 from Victoria College and was received on trial in 1864 and was ordained in 1868 at the hand of Rev. Morley Punshion D.D. In 1872 he married Helena, eldest daughter of the Hon. J.C. Aikins, then senator and later lieutenant-governor of Manitoba and they had four children. One daughter, Evelyn, married, in 1891, Rev. James H. Stevenson in Toronto. 1867-1869 Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Dundas, Brampton, Kingston, Gananoque, Galt, Simcoe, Clinton, St. Thomas, 1883-1884 secretary London conference

Dr. A. SutherlandSUTHERLAND, J.D. D.D. Episcopal died in 1895 in Toronto Ontario He married Helena Aikins who died on Sept 14 1924 in Toronto Ontario




SUTTON, William was born in 1815 in Ontario and died on May 26th, 1879. He was received on trial in 1855-1856 at Cainsville, Wesleyan Methodist, 1851 Prince Albert, 1857-1858 Orangeville/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1859 St. Vincent, 1860 Teeswater, 1861 Oakwood, 1864-1866 Denbeigh, 1867-1869 Maynooth, 1870-1872 Coboconk/Somerville (Victoria Co.), 1873-1874 Manitoulin Island, 1875 Little Current, 187601879 Toronto (retired)

SWANN, Francis was received on trial in 1874 at Drayton (Wellington Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, 1875 Howick, 1876 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1877 student at Victoria College, ordained in 1878-1879 at Merriton/Grantham Twp. (Lincoln Co.), 1880 Preston, 1882-1885 Mt. Pleasant Nichol/Fergus/Peel/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1890 Colbborne Twp., (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs Francis Swann was born Caroline Elizabeth Crowe in 1854 in Guelph Ontario and was married on Oct 1 1879 to Rev. Francis Swann. She died on Oct 19 1923 in Vancouver BC, 69 years old. She was survived by her husband and children: Rev. Harold Swann of Chunking West China, Mrs Joseph White of Franklin MB, and Mrs W.E. Guest at home in Vancouver BC.

SWANN, Harold Francis Caroline missionary of Chunking West China

SWANN, Matthew was born in 1822 in York Ontario Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial and ordained in 1852-1853 at Norwich. He was the son of Governor Maitland's steward and grew up in the old Adelaide Street Church. His daughter Anne Mailey Swann was born on November 2, 1870 and was baptised on April 9, 1871 at Peel by her father 1850-1851 Peel/Nichol/Garafraxa (Queen's Bush Settlement) (Wellington Co.), 1852 on trial, 1852-1853 Norwich (Oxford Co.), 1853 Dereham/Burford (Oxford Co.), ordained 1854, 1854-1855 Walsingham (Brantford), 1856-1857 Fingal/Southwold (London), 1858-1860 Nichol/Garafraxa/Maryorough/Elora/Pilkington/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1861-1862 Lloydtown/King/Tecumseth (Simcoe), 1863 Tosorontio (Simcoe Co.), 1863-1865 Cookstown/Essa (Simcoe Co.), 1866 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1866-1868 Cookstown retired, 1869-1871 Drayton, 1869-1872 Huston & Rothsay Maryborough/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1872-1873 Georgetown, 1874 Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1875-1876 Listowell, 1877-1879 Drummondville, 1880 St. George, 1885-1887 Mitchell (Perth Co.), 1901 Census living in Fergus, Chairman of District 1875-1876, Delegate to General Conference Montreal 1878

SWASS, Jabe 1884 Wesley/Underwood,

SWEAZY, Caleb Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1817 at Westminster, 1818 moved to USA, 1851 Niagara (retired)

SWEET, Edmund E. was received on trial in 1855, 1867-1869 Eaton,

SWEET, Jared was born in 1791 in the United States Episcopal, 1871 Haldimand (Northumberland Co.), 1871-1872 Binbrook,

SWEET, John was born in 1845 in England, 1871 Chatham Twp. (Kent Co.)

SWITZER, Martin R. was born in 1805 in Ernestown, 1849 local preacher

SYKES, C.A. 1916 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)

SYKES, Oliver Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1758 and died on Oct 17, 1850. He was received on trial in 1806 at Redding N.Y., 1807 Middletown N.Y., ordained in 1808 at Dunham, 1809 returned to USA

TAGGART, Charles was born in 1817 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1843. In 1847 he was received at Toronto Conference. 1849-1852 Ernestown & Camden East, 1851 Storrington/Waterloo, 1852 Kingston, 1852-1853 Ernestown, 1854-1855 Consecon (Prince Edward Co.), 1859 Whitchurch, 1860-1861 Camden East, 1861 Richmond, 1866-1869 North Gower, 1869 Marlboro (Carleton), 1870-1872 Stirling (Hastings Co.)

TALLMAN, Isaac B. was born in 1828 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1857, 1857 Binbrook, 1869 Hullsville, 1871 Walpole (Haldimand), 1872 Stanley (Huron Co.)

TAPP, John Brown was born in 1805 in Kingsbridge, Devon. Raised in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, he entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1829 and joined the mission to Canada in 1844. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1855 and died in 1876.

TARRANT, William J. was born in 1843 in England, Primitive, 1871 Reach (Ontario Co.)

TAYLOR, Charles 1891 Rama

TAYLOR, D. 1902-1906 Binbrook,

Rev. David H. Taylor TAYLOR, David H. was born in 1847 in Oldham, England and came to Canada in 1880. He was married to Miss Wild of Oldham, England in 1869. Primitive, 1880 London, 1882 Charing Cross, 1884 Courtland, 1887 Drumbo, 1888-1891 Port Colborne, 1892 Fonthill,



TAYLOR, Edward H. was born in 1845 in England, was received on trial in 1868 and died in 1924 in Toronto Ontario in his 80th year and was buried at Park Lawn Cemetery Toronto. He was married to Miss Vandertip of Cainsville Ontario with 7 daughters and 3 sons. 1869 Kirkton, 1871 Nelson (Halton Co.),

TAYLOR, H.D. (Christian Guardian) Births - Isabel Ruth Taylor was born on Oct 3 1922 in Tzeliutsing, Sze Chuan, China to Rev. and Mrs H.D. Taylor

TAYLOR, Hugh 1925 North Arthur Methodist (Wellington Co.)

TAYLOR, James was born in Ireland in 1826 and died in 1854, Wesleyan Methodist was received on trial in 1852 at London, 1851 Chatham, 1853 Erin, 1853 Bradford, 1854 Cobourg student at Victoria College,

TAYLOR, Lachlin D.D. received considerable fame as a traveller and lecturer on Oriental subjects. He was received on trial in 1839, 1843 Binbrook, 1847 Thorold, 1848 St. Catharines, 1851 Cobourg (retired), 1852-1864 Agent of the Upper Canada Bible Society, 1854 Toronto Circuit, 1860 Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1864-1869 Missionary Secretary Toronto. (Christian Guardian) Mrs. A.L. Langford born Elizabeth Stobbs, eldest child of late Rev. Thomas Stobbs. Her mother was sister of Rev. Dr. Lachlin Taylor and aunt of Chancellor Nathaniel Burwash, was maried in 1891 Professor A.L. Langford died Aug 27 1922 St. John's Hospital, Toronto Ontario, survived by husband and only son Arthur Leopold

TAYLOR, Richard E.S. (Dick) died in 1919 in China (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. R.E.S. (Dick) Taylor died on Christmas Day 1919 of Asiatic Cholera on a table by the roadside in West China

TAYLOR, Robert H. 1870 North East Harbor N.S.

TAYLOR, William H. was born in 1832 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1862, 1869 Wyoming, 1871 Plympton (Lambton Co.), 1908-1909 Merlin (London)

TEASDALE, John J. 1870 Liverpool N.S.

TEED, Stephen 1870 St. John's Nfld

Rev. William M. Teeple TEEPLE, William M. was born on November 8, 1854 in Jerseyville, Ontario son of W.H. Teeple (U.E.L.) Episcopal. He married on July 28, 1880 Miss Ida Lynes, daughter of the late Thomas Lynes, of Norwich. He was received on trial at the Conference held in St. Thomas in 1877, 1877 Binbrook, Tapleytown, Beverly, Norwich, Malahide, and was ordained in 1879, 1880 Tillsonburg, Blenheim, Seaforth, Canboro, Cayuga, 1891 Troy



TEESON, Samuel was received on trial in 1858, 1865 Ramsay (Lanark Co.), 1869 North Wakefield, 1874-1877 South Mountain

TEMPLE, R.A. 1870 Dorchester N.B.

TEMPLE, William 1828 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 St. John N.B. (retired)

TENNANT, Elisha was born in 1842 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1863, 1869 Saugeen, 1871 Amabel (Bruce Co.)

Rev. A.J. TerrillTERRILL, A.J. 1908-1912 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1913-1916 Stirling (Hastings Cty.),




TERRY Alvin 1822 Davisville Grand River Mission

TERRY, W.A. 1907-1908 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)

TERWILLIGAR, Simon was born in 1822 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1848 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. and was to receive 50 British Pounds for the year but only received 20, 1867 Norwich, 1871 Lobo (Middlesex Co.)

TESKEY, Ebenezer was born in 1838 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1861, 1869 Napier, 1871 Metcalfe (Middlesex Co.), 1884 Linwood (Waterloo Co.)

THACKER, P. Iveson 1906 Carlevale Alberta

THERNELY, William was born in 1840 in England, Primitive, Walsingham (Norfolk Co.)

THIBADEAU, Alexander was born in 1848 in Ontario, 1871 Sarawak (Grey Co.), 1876-1879 Wesley/Underwood, 1925 Toronto

THOMAS, H.E. 1905-1906 Wesley Memorial Moncton N.B.

THOMAS, Wallace B. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1877, 1870 River Philip N.S.

THOMPSON, C.L. 1894-1895 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

THOMPSON, C.M. was born in 1853 in Addington Co. Ontario, Episcopal, 1877-1880 Forest Warwick Twp. (Lambton Co.), 1880 St. Thomas, 1881 St. Mary's (Perth Co.), 1882-1883 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1892 Emily (Victoria Co.)

THOMPSON, Daniel W. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Howick (Dufferin Co.),

THOMPSON, Fred W. was born on 15 Feb 1869 in Ontario, 1896-1898 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1901 Census living in Arthur (Wellington Co.) Lodger widdower Irish Clergyman 12 mos income $650

THOMPSON, George S. was born in 1842 and died on Oct 2 1868. He married Charlotte Fraleigh who was born in 1846. He was buried at Whites Cemetery, Sidney Twp. (Hastings Co.)

THOMPSON, James was born on Sept 24, 1829 in Switzerville on the Newburgh Circuit, converted to God on Nov 16, 1840 and was received on trial in 1854. In 1854 he was sent to the Battersea mission and then to 1855-1856 Bradford, 1857-1859 Napanee, 1859-1861 Brewer's Mills, 1861-1863 Oil Springs, 1863-1865 Milford, 1866-1869 Rednersville/Ameliasburg (Prince Edward Co.) superannuated, Napanee 1866-1869,

THOMPSON, R. was born in England, Primitive, 1864 Tiny Twp. (Simcoe Co.), 1876-1880 Wyoming Plympton Twp. (Lambton Co.)

THOMPSON, S.M. Episcopal, 1866 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

THOMSON, A.E.M. 1903-1906 Merlin (London)

THOMSON, D.D. Thomson 1923 Woodham Ontario (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Albert Roy Thomson was born in 1901 with a delicate constitution, and was the second son of Rev. and Mrs. D.D. Thomson of Woodham Ontario. He died on Sep 3 1923 in the Victoria Hospital, London Ontario with his funeral on Sep 8 1923 at the Woodham Church

THOMSON, George was born in 1850 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Vaughan (York Co.)

THORNLEY, William Primitive 1858 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1866 Bracebridge,

THORNTON, James 1859-1861 Wardsville

THRASHER, Joseph was born in 1848 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Richmond Township (Lennox Co.)

THURLOW, J.E. 1870 Manchester N.S.

THURSTON, A.L. Episcopal 1868 Garafraxa Carmel (Wellington Co.)

TILLY, Samuel L. was born in 1819 in New Brunswick, Episcopal, 1871 Ottawa

TINDALL, Robert was born in 1826 in England, Episcopal, 1865 Carmel Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1871 Bentinck (Grey Co.)

TINDALL, William was born in 1834 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1867 Howick (Wellington Co.), 1871 Milton (Halton Co.)

TINK, E.W. 1912-1914 Greenwood,

TIPPETT, William 1880 Upper Prince St. PEI,

TODD, J.E. B.A. 1921-1923 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

TODD, Thomas R. Primitive, 1903-1904 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

TOLTEN, J.W. 1866 Wesleyan missionary

TOMBLIN, William was born in England and was recevied on trial in 1853, 1845 Woolwich (Wellinton Co.), 1851 Nanticoke, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Port Hope, 1857 March (Carleton), 1857-1860 Richmond, 1867 Ross (Renfrew), 1869-1871 Pakenham and Arnprior, 1883 Ameliasburg (Prince Edward Co.), 1895 Haldimand Twp. (Northumberland Co.),

TOMKINS, John was received on trial in 1827, 1827 Oswegatchie District, 1846 Odeltown, 1848 Dunham, 1851 Stanstead, 1869 Beebe Plain (retired) (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Tomkins, James Albert born 1846 Odelltown, was the son of Rev. John Tomkins,a pioneer of work east of Montreal PQ

TOMPKINS, Nehemiah W., Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1802 at Oswegotchie and Ottawa, 1803 moved to USA

TONGE, Abraham Walton was born in 1851 in Cheshire England and died in Oct 1922 at the home of his daughter, Mrs A. Stuart of Merlin Ontario. He moved to Canada at the age of 21 in 1872. Wesleyan Methodist, 1884 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1892 Alma Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1893-1896 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.) (Christian Guardian) Rev. Abram Walton Tonge - an appreciation. He was born Cheshire England and died in 1922 in Amherstburg, moved to Canada age 21, survived by daughters and only son

TONKIN, E.A. 1903-1905 Greenwood,

TORRENCE, William (Christian Guardian) - Death - Gertrude Torrance Cloke died April 8 1924 in Hamilton Ont and was the wife of Fred Cloke and daughter of the late Rev. William. Torrance

TORRY, Alvin Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1817 at Scipio N.Y., 1816 Cayuga N.Y., 1818 Long Point, orading in 1819 at Westminster, 1820 Ancaster, 1821 Lyon's Creek, 1822-1827 Grand River, 1828 moved to USA

TOSSELL, J. 1877 Toronto

TOTTEN, John W. was born in 1845 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1865, 1869-1871 Edwardsburgh (Grenville Co.), 1871-1873 Innisfil (Simcoe Co.), 1876 Torsorontio (Simcoe Co.), 1894 East Ward Lindsay, 1898 Warkworth (Northumberland Co.), 1901-1905 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1915-1918 Greenwood, (Christian Guardian) - Golden Wedding - Francis John Bunt and Rebecca Totten were married on Dec 25 1873 in Pine Grove, Ontario. They celebrated 50 years of marriage at their residence in Collingwood Ontario. Manford Bunt, brother of groom, and Jean Totten, sister of bride, stood up for them at wedding (both now deceased), 1901 moved to Collingwood Ontario, 8 children - 4 died in early childhood, surviving children: Mrs A.I. Hutchinson of Collingwood Ontario, Rev W.P. Bunt of Kaslo BC, Dr. M.H. Bunt of Everett Ontario, and Rev. F.A. Bunt of Foleyet Ontario. Mr Bunt's father built first Methodist Church at Bloomsbury Ontario and Mrs Bunt is cousin of Rev. J.W. Totten.

TOVELL, Amos spoke on Children's Aid Work to the Epworth League meeting at Norfolk Street Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) Monday, October 23, 1911

Rev. I. Tovell TOVELL, Isaac was born in Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co. on November 8, 1845 to Jonathon and Maria and attended the Rockwood Academy and Victoria College in Cobourg getting a teaching certificate in 1866 and taught for two years. He was received on trial in 1868. He was married May 20, 1874 to Miss Emma Watkins, of Hamilton, a graduate of the Wesleyan Ladies' College. 1868 Millbank, 1869 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1870 Georgetown, 1871-1872 Victoria College Cobourg and was ordained in 1873 at Sherbourne Street Toronto, 1876 Wesley Toronto, 1879 Richmond Street Toronto, 1882 Berkley Street Toronto, 1885 George Street Peterborough, 1887 Charlotte Street Peterborough, 1889 First St. Catharines, 1891 Gore Street Hamilton, 1906 Toronto


TOWLER, John was born in 1812 in England, Primitive, 1848-1851 Paisley St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1871 Brantford (Brant Co.)

TOWNLEY, Adam 1835 received on trial at Conference in Hamilton, 1835 Brantford (Brant Co.),

TOWNSEND Rev. Episcopal 1887 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

TOYER, Walter was born in 1802 in Maryland, United States, 1877-1881 Raleigh Twp. (Kent Co.) owned 50 acres on Con. X, Lot 9 TOZELAND, John was born in 1846 in England and was received on trial in 1868, 1869 March Twp., 1871 Goulbourn (Carleton)

TRELEAVEN, Walter born August 15, 1865 Ontario 1901 clergyman living Nichol Twp (Wellington Co.) $600 married Margaret with one daughter Mildred born November 1, 1899, 1912 Conn Luther Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1925 Carmel Garafraxa Twp. (Wellington Co.)

TRICKEY, Henry was received on trial in 1847. He was personable, genteel, well connected, and apparently pious; but neither piety not two years' training at Victoria College could supply the lack of what God had left our - an aptitude for preaching. If the published minutes of the 1847 Toronto Conference are any guide in the inquiry, he was never more than a student at Cobourg, under the direction of the Conference.

TRIPP, F. 1898-1901 South Mountain

TRUAX, Judson E. 1894-1896 Mt. Pleasant Nichol Twp. (Wellington Co.)

TRUSCOTT, W.H.- married Mrs Truscott who was born in 1879 in England and died Feb 28 1924, 1924 Napanee Ontario, (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs W.H. Truscott - an appreciation. She was born in England and was married in England, died Feb 28 1924 Napanee ON, age 45 years, buried Napanee Cemetery and survived by her husband Rev. W.H. Truscott, 1 son and 2 daughters

TUCKER, Richard Lyle was born in 1827 in England and died on May 23, 1875, Wesleyan Methodist. He was received on trial in 1856-1857 at Strathroy. He was a son-in-law of Rev. William Lyle Tucker. 1858-1860 Georgetown/Acton/Esquesing (Halton Co.), 1860-1863 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1861 Woolwich (Wellington Co.), 1861-1863 Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1862 Camp Meeting, Elora, 1862-1863 Pilkington/Woolwich/Wellesley (Wellington Co.), 1864 Glen Allan Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.) , 1864-1865 Hollin Maryborough Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1867 Fergus/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1867-1868 Orangeville (Dufferin Co.), 1869 Adolphustown, 1869-1870 Bath and Amherst Island, 1870 Fredericksburg (Addington), 1871-1873 Port Albino/Bath (Lennox Co.), 1874 Port Rowan

TUCKER, Samuel T. was born in 1831 in England and was received on trial in 1855, 1863 Dorchester (Oxford Co.), 1868-1869 Stayner/Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.), 1869 Robinson/Sunnidale, 1871-1872 Parry Sound, 1908-1911 Greenwood,

Rev. W. Bowman Tucker TUCKER, W. Bowman M.A. Ph.D. 1908 author of "The Camden Colony" or the Seed of the Righteous - a story of the United Empire Loyalists, 1925 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,



TUCKER, William was born in 1834 in England and was received on trial in 1861, 1867 Port Elgin (Bruce Co.), 1867-1868 Trowbridge, 1868-1870 Elma (Perth Co.), 1871 Osprey (Grey Co.)

TUFFORD, John Episcopal, 1851 Oakland (Oxford Co.),

TUKE, John Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1818 at Hallowell, 1817 Brome N.Y., 1819 Belleville, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1848 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.) and was to receive 50 British Pounds for the year but only received 20, 1851 Huntingdon,

TUPPER, Reuben E. was received on trial in 1839, 1842 Thorold, 1844 Burford (Oxford Co.), 1851 Bradford, 1853-1855 Brampton (Peel Co.), 1865-1866 Binbrook, 1866-1869 Mount Elgin Industrial School, 1871 London

TURK, G.R. 1888-1890 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1888 assisted at wedding of Rev. Gorham Gifford in Stratford

TURNER, Alfred W. 1870 Halifax South (retired)

TURNER, Charles was born in 1818 in England and was received on trial in 1841. In 1847 he was received on three year probation at Toronto Conference. 1854-1855 Gananoque, 1869 Percy, 1871 York West

TURNER, D.A. BME Church 1851 London,

TURNER, George Episcopal, 1830 London, 1851 Niagara (retired)

TURNER, James was born in 1845 in Ireland, 1871 Blanchard (Perth Co.), 1874 Binbrook,

TURNER, T. 1875 Christie/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

TURNER, William Thomas was born in 1843 in England and was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Wingham, 1871 Kincardine (Bruce Co.), 1874 Tilbury E. (Essex Co.)

TURVER, Charles 1855 Gananoque

TUTTLE, Alexander S. 1870 Nappan N.B.

TUTTLE, G.W. 1870 St. George's Bermuda

TWEEDLE, R. 1870 Margate PEI

TWEEDY, James 1870 River John N.S.

TWEEDY, William 1870 River Philip N.S.

TYRE, William was born in 1831 in Ontario, 1871 East Dumfries (Wentwoth Co.)

TYLER, H.D. 1999-1902 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

VAL TILTON, E. 1918 Cambridge St. Lindsay,

VANCE, W.R. 1912-1916 Merlin (London)

VANDUSEN, Conrad was born in 1751 in New York, Methodist Episcopal, wwas received on trial in 1829-1830 at Whitby, 1829 Adolphustown, 1831-1832 Lindsay/Cavan, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 Wellington (Prince Edward Co.), 1835 Westminster (London), 1836 St. Thomas, 1838 Fredericksburg, 1846 Brockville, 1851 Bytown Chairman of Bytown District, 1854-1855 Newash/Colpoy's Bay - Chairman Owen Sound District, 1865 Wardsville/Euphemia, 1867-1869 Whitby (retired)

VAN NEST, Peter Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1758 and died on Oct. 17, 1850 He was received on trial in 1796 at New Jersey, 1797 Connecticut, 1798-1799 ordained at Vermont, 1800-1801 Essex, 1802 Bay of Quinte and Home District, 1803 Oswegotchie, 1804 moved to USA

VAN NORMAN, E. New Conexion 1844-1845 Flamboro West (Wentworth Co.)

VAN WYCK, Rev. was born in 1847 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Humberstone (Welland)

VEALE, John 1906 Kirton - London Conference

VENOSE, William 1879 Huntley (Carelton)

VIPOND, Thomas 1850 Nichol/Wellesley (Queen's Bush Settlement) (Wellington Co.)

VIRGIN, Charles Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1787 and died on Apr 1, 1853. He was received on trial in 1807 at Grantham U.S, 1808 Stanstead, 1809 moved to USA

Rev. T. Voaden VOADEN, Thomas B.A. was born on December 29, 1857 in St. Thomas and was received on trial in 1876 and was ordained in 1884. 1876 South Cayuga, 1878 Springfield, 1881 Bismark, 1884-1886 Sheffield, 1891 Cathcart, 1911-1912 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)


VOLLICK, C.W. Episcopal 1880 Brussels

VOLLICK, W.A. Episcopal, 1880 Westminster,

The Role of Women Within Methodism

Methodism originated in the 1730s as part of the great evangelical revival which changed the face of popular religion in Britain and North America. Its first leaders were the Anglican clergymen John and Charles Wesley, assisted by itinerant preachers. With the separation of Methodism from the Church of England by 1800, the itinerant preachers were ordained as ministers and were assisted by local preachers recruited from the laity. Since 1744 the policy-making body of Methodism has been the annual Conference. The early Conferences consisted of itinerant preachers, to which were added lay representatives in the nineteenth century.

Susanna Wesley In common with most denominations, the status of Methodist women was, until recently, subordinate to that of men. From the earliest years, however, women have performed or shared in several important functions relating to worship and other areas of Church life.

From as early as 1742 female class leaders were appointed at the Foundery Chapel in London. Both sexes were encouraged to speak of their spiritual life in public, worship, and exhort fellow Methodists to faith and repentance. Some women, like Ann Cutler (1759-94) and Hester Ann Roe-Rogers (1756-94), enjoyed such a reputation for holiness that their lives were made the subject of devotional works. Other areas of early Methodist life in which women played a leading role included education (with particular regard to the Sunday School movement), and visiting the sick. The wives of itinerant preachers were also held in high regard and by the end of the eighteenth century were considered to have a vital supporting role in their husbands' ministries.

One of the most important and controversial developments in early - Methodism was the decision to allow female preaching. By the 1760s, Sarah Crosby (1729-1804) and Mary Bosanquet-Fletcher (1739-1815) had, with John Wesley's reluctant approval, made the transition from `exhorting' to preaching the gospel. It is not known how many women preachers there were in eighteenth-century Methodism but contemporary sources indicate that their number was not insignificant. It was an example that the Church of England was not to follow until after the Second World War.

After John Wesley's death in 1791, the attitude of the Wesleyan Methodists towards the concept of a female preaching ministry changed from reluctant acceptance to positive discouragement. From 1803, women were effectively restricted to addressing their own sex and then only under strict conditions. Inevitably, some women ignored the obstacles placed in their way and continued to preach wherever they saw a need. The most famous was Mary Barritt-Taft (1772-1851), who was responsible for the conversion of a number of later well-known Wesleyan ministers.

In the first half of the nineteenth century Methodism split into several bodies and it was the breakaway churches which made the most use of their female membership. The Primitive Methodists and Bible Christians (established in 1811 and 1815 respectively) in particular made extensive use of the novelty value of female evangelists in expanding into new areas. Even after the practice of employing female itinerants in the non-Wesleyan churches died out in the closing decades of the nineteenth century, women continued to act as local preachers in all the major Methodist denominations and in overseas missions.

Kate Savin Miss Kate Savin Bible Christian Missionary in China c.1896-1919

The status of women began to improve towards the end of the nineteenth century. In 1890 the Wesley Deaconess Order was established to fill the need for outreach among the female poor and was used extensively in the large inner-city missions. Deaconesses were also employed in overseas work from 1894. The Primitive Methodist and United Methodist Free Churches established similar orders by the end of the century.

In 1910, the Wesleyans officially lifted the ban on women preaching to mixed congregations and in 1918 officially granted them the same rights and conditions as male local preachers.

Evangelical Witness

This was the organ of the late New Connexion Methodist Conference. The first periodical publication of this branch of Canadian Methodism was the Christian Messenger, begun in 1844 as a monthly, and in 1847 issued as a weekly, under the editorial management of the Rev. Thomas T. Howard, who continued to occupy that position until 1850 when it was discontinued from lack of support.

In 1854 the Rev. Joseph H. Robinson began the publication of the Evangelical Witness, which by special resolution of the Conference of that year, was recognized as the "organ of the Connexion."

For the first three years, or until 1857, this paper was issued monthly, but the Conference of 1857 ordered that henceforth it should be published semi-monthly. At the Conference of 1858, it was ordered that, commencing with the 1st. Jan. 1859, it should be published weekly.

In 1874, on the consummation of the Union, The Evangelical Witness was merged with the Christian Guardian under the double name of The Christian Guardian and Evangelical Witness.

The following have been its editors from 1854 to 1874

Joseph Hiram Robinson 1854 to 1871
William Cocker, D.D., 1871 to 1872
David Savage, 1872 to 1874

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