Meyer & Sargent

Meyer and Sargent Family Photographs

Photographs of the Meyer, Sargent, Logan, Myers, and Fain Family

This photo is of my great-grandfather, Rudolf Wilhelm Meyer, his wife Elise, and their children Rudolph, Anna, and Mollie. It was taken in 1885, right about the time they traveled from Germany to America.

  • Rudolf Wilhelm Meyer & Family - 1885

  • The next photo is of Hermann Meyer, Jr, his wife Caroline and their children. Judging from the ages of the children, this photo was taken around 1893.

  • Hermann Meyer, Jr, and Family - 1893

  • My great-grandmother Louise Caroline Kreft, and her brothers. It was taken around 1878, in Nashville, Illinois. I believe the seated brother is August Kreft, and the one on the far left is William Kreft.

  • Louise Kreft and her brothers, Nashville, Illinois - 1878

  • This is a terrific photo of the Rudolph Bohnenkamp farm in Friestatt, Missouri. Rupolph is in the middle of the shot, his son Fred is by the barn, and if you look closely, you can see his wife Elise (Meyer) Bohnenkamp on the front porch. Notice the mules hitched to the turnstile, and the belt running up into the barn....probably to turn a millstone of some sort. Elsie Meyer Bohnenkamp passed away in 1898, so this photo was taken prior to that time. I was lucky enough to visit this farm in April, 2001. Although the house is no longer there, the old barn on the left is still being used.

  • Bohnenkamp Farm - 1890's

  • This is a composite of two photographs of my ggg-grandfather, William Hollen Fain, taken prior to his death in 1887.

  • William Hollen Fain - before 1887

  • My gg-grandparents, Richard Calhoun Fain and Mary (Puryear) Fain Family, about 1898.

  • Richard Calhoun Fain & Family - about 1898

  • This is a shot of the cotton patch on the Fain family farm in the Indian Territory in 1904, about three years before Oklahoma became a State. My great-great-grandfather, Richard Calhoun Fain, is the tall gentleman in the center of the picture.

  • Fain Family Farm - 1904 Indian Territory

  • Richard Calhoun Fain in his new Model T in Oklahoma around 1915. Wife Mary and daughter Madge are in the back seat.

  • Richard Calhoun Fain in Model T

  • My gg-grandfather, Amaziah and his brother Sylvester Myers with their wives, Emily and Eunice Reeder. Photo was taken around 1875 in Chicago.

  • Amaziah and Sylvester Myers

  • George William Sylvester Myers and Arnola Drucilla Fain Wedding Picture - 1908.

  • George W. & Arnola Fain Myers Wedding Picture - 1908

  • George William Sylvester Myers and his big mules. This was taken around 1920 in Roswell, New Mexico.

  • George W. Myers & Mules

  • My great-grandfather and great-grandmother, George Cornelius Sargent and wife Emma Lee (Hays) Sargent.

  • George and Emma Lee Sargent

  • My great-grandparents, Thomas F. Logan (with his dog) and Martha Jane (Nash) Logan, out in West Texas.

  • Thomas F. Logan and Martha Jane (Nash) Logan

  • My Grandmother and Grandfather, Frankie Jane Logan and Clyde Hilton Sargent, around 1920 in Merkel, Texas.

  • Frankie and Clyde in Carriage - 1920

  • This is my Great-Uncle Loyd Myers on "Open Box" in 1931. He left Oklahoma in the 1930s looking for work and wound up in Billings, Montana. He said the Rodeo paid him $15 to ride this saddle bronc, and $2.50 for each bull he rode. He managed to collect $25....a small fortune in the Depression. He sent $15 home to his parents, and my grandmother Dessie (his little sister) remembers them using some of the money to buy her a pair of shoes.

  • Loyd Myers on Saddle Bronc in Montana - 1931