11 Oct 1843-Will Book H, P. 140-Mecklenburg County NC

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JOHN M. FULLWOOD, 11 October 1843, Probated October 1843 Court, being in a low state of health, I will to my wife ELIZABETH B., during her widowhood, the plantation on which I live with its improvements as well as the liberty to sell said plantation at any time, with the consent of my Executors, for the purpose of buying another property.  I also give to my wife, for the same period, all my horses and livestock for the support of my family as well as the household and kitchen furniture, beds and bedding, my bureau and cupboard, my wagon, gears, and all farming tools.  From these items she is to give each child [not named] his or her share as they come of age or marry.  At the death of my wife my personal property is to be divided among surviving children.  For the support of my wife and family for the year following my demise I leave to my wife all provisions on hand and the present crop.  I further give to my wife during her widowhood, the Negro JACOB, who, at her death or marriage, is to be sold and his price divided equally among my children.

My just debts are to be paid out of the monies due me, and from my interest in the store now kept by AMOS STEVENS on Twelve Mile Creek in accordance with an agreement with JACKSON HOUSE, my land on GOOSE CREEK, on which the said HOUSE lives, is to remain in his hand for four years from 1 Jan 1844, in return for his improvements to said land.  At the end of four years, my Executors may dispose of said land as they judge most advantageous for my children.  Executors WM HOWARD and AMOS STEVENS.  Witnesses: S. WILLIAMSON and MORTIMER D. JOHNSTON.