Tributes To My Father's Family Members


Before you leave, be sure to visit my special tributes to my only daughter Melanie Grace and my son Chad Michael, sister and brother to Curtis and Kevin Edwards.  Just click on Melanie and Chad's names to read the tributes to both of them.







I wanted this web site for the present generation and future generations to know their roots, history and the great heritage that has been handed down to them from their ancestors.  I hope this web site might be inspirational to all who visit and that there may be something that will help you in your search for your family genealogy.  All of the information and pictures have been copyrighted and cannot be copied off this web site.  Please contact me if there is something you would like to have and I will be glad to e-mail you the information that you request.  I also hope if you have any information on any of the people that might be related that you would be willing to share this information.   It would be greatly appreciated.

My Fathers Side The Family

Include the Olin, Larson, Ellsaesser and Franklin families.

My Mother's Side Of The Family

Include the Hazelton, Harer, McClendon, Bolzau and Gatke families.

Family And Relatives Pictures

Of my father's family.

Family And Relatives Pictures

Of my mother's family.

Unidentified Pictures

I would appreciate any help in identifying the people in these photographs.

Special Tributes

To my father's family members.

Special Tributes

To my mother's family members.

Special Tributes For Those Who Fought And Gave Their Lives For The "USA"

For the freedom we have in this country.

Obituries For Family Members

My father's and my mother's.

My Family Researches

Different branches of all of my family trees.

Descendants Of Robert Hazelton

Taken From Genealogical Sketches Of Robert And John Hazelton.

Etteln And Lemgo, Lippe, Germany

Where My Great Grandfather's Family Originated.

Tempe Letters Written in 1873

Letters written by my great grandfather to his family in Lemgo, Germany.

The Tigard Letters

Letters written by members of the Tigard family of the disastrous trips of the families who journeyed from Arkansas to California.

Family Histories

Excerpts taken from Buckeye The First 100 Years, 1888 - 1988.

Last Will And Testament Of Richard Pierce Hazelton

My grandfather Charles Evan Hazelton's father.

Memories From My Grandmother Meta Hazelton's Scrapbook

And other sources.

Stories Of Family Members

Autobiographies and Biographies.


Written by, about and for family members.

Apache Land By Ross Santee

"Man Of Peace" David Asbury Harer.

Excerpt From The Rim Country History

Including the Harer-Hazelton, William McDonald, Samuel Conley, and William Burch families.

Excerpt From "Back When...Fort McDonald Was A Refuge

By Stan Brown.

Meadows Family Massacre

Sarah Jane Hazelton, sister of my grandfather Charles Evan Hazelton, was visiting at the Meadows home when the massacre took place.

Little War Of Our Own

Pleasant Valley feud revisited.

Kismet, Kansas

Taken from the Kismet, Kansas Centenial 1987

Kismet Cemetery Kismet, Kansas

Including pictures of the cemetery and family member's headstones.

History Of Grenola, Elk County, Kansas

Including pictures of of the cemetery and family member's headstones.

History of A. L. Moore & Sons Mortuary Phoenix, Arizona

Including pictures of the mortuary.

Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

Including pictures of the cemetery and family member's headstones.

Pioneer Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona

Including pictures of the cemetery and family member's headstones.

Double Butte Cemetery, Tempe, Arizona

Including the early history of Tempe in the 1870's and 1880's.

Liberty Cemetery, Liberty, Arizona

Including pictures and list of persons buried there.

Louis B. Hazelton Memorial Cemetery, Buckeye, Arizona

Including pictures of the cemetery and family member's headstones.

Family And Friends Web Sites

That are informative and inspirational.



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