Middlebrook(s) Family DNA Project

DNA testing may help to determine our relationship to our long-dead ancestors within the Middlebrook(s) family tree. With the recent advances in DNA research, the use of DNA information is a very powerful genealogical tool.

Our objective is to have a 25+ marker Y-DNA test for each of the Connecticut, North Carolina and Virginia Middlebrook lines, validated with another DNA test from a person of the same line.

To trace the relationship of the various Middlebrook lines, we need male Middlebrook(s) to join others in this project, by taking a simple DNA test. Female Middlebrook(s) need to have a male Middlebrook relative take the Y-DNA test, since females do not have the Y-DNA that is needed for this research.

MFA gets a substantial group discount on the DNA tests. If you want to remain anonymous, we can order/process the Y-DNA test for you. (contact Administrator below)

See what we've done so far... Our results on the World Families DNA site and on the Family Tree DNA site

What is DNA and why is it important to genealogy research? or view our Middlebrooks DNA Presentation

Tell me more about the DNA test

I want to order a DNA test:

  • Order Y-DNA12 to compare the male tester's DNA with one of our previous tests.
  • Order Y-DNA25 or Y-DNA37 for more detailed male test results.
  • Order mtDNA test for male or female testers, to locate the origin (area of the world) of your motherís-motherís-mother (etc) line. (Not used to identify your Middlebrooks ancestors)

For questions contact Bob Middlebrooks, the Middlebrooks DNA Project Administrator.


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