Update: April 2009

I am devastated to let everyone know that my grandmother, Viola, passed away this month. She passed suddenly of heart issues, and things are never going to be the same.

The Purpose of the Site

George P. Mikacevich, WWIIThe purpose of this site is to make accessible photos and documents which most family members don't get to see. As the years have gone by, family members have moved to different cities, states, and even continents.

On this page you will be able to look at pictures and documents of all the families listed on this page. Please select the family you wish to search, and follow the links to the information.

Information on this Site

Church in Kapela, Croatia.The information on this site has been gathered from numerous sources. It would be impossible to have collected all of the pictures, etc. without the help of many fantastic family members. I have done my best to acknowledge where others have contributed to this growing collection. If I have forgotten you, please let me know.



About the Author

My name is Michelle Mikacevich, and I have been working on my family tree for over ten years now. With the explosion of the Internet and the use of it, I have been able to 'find' family and make wonderful connections, more now that ever before. I hope to do continue doing this for a very long time. I have met some wonderful 'long lost' family along the way, and I hope that we can continue our journey back in time together.

One other main benefit, and motivation, for this site is also a cure for my homesickness. I live quite far away from my family at the moment. By working on this site, I feel connected to them, and know that they are close in my life regardless of how many miles separate us.

How To Use This Site

Just select the name or topic you wish to explore, and the link will (I hope) take you there.