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Pine Grove Cemetery
Waussau, WI

Gottlieb F. Bartelt

Gottlieb and Emma Bartelt

Rib Falls Methodist Church
Rib Falls, WI

Rib Falls
Methodist Church


Nichols Cemetery
Muscatine, IA

Fred Brighton Mapes

Fred Brighton Mapes

Kirchner Burials

Kirchner Burials

Bernard & Charlotte

Bernard and Charlotte Kirchner

Bernard & Charlotte


John Kirchner

Bernard A. Kirchner

Bernard A Kirchner
Nannie E. Black
Nannie Black
Alvina G Kirchner
Alvina Gertrude Kirchner
Elizabeth Kirchner Kolling
Gertrude Kirchner
Elizabeth and Gertrude Kirchner
Elsie Pearl Kirchner
Elsie Pearl Kirchner
Floyd & Edna
Floyd and Edna Kirchner

Henry & Emma

Henry and Emma Kirchner

Lone Tree Cemetery
Lone Tree, Ia

Kirchners In Lone Tree

Lucy, Gildra, Gwen, Anna, Fred H.

Gildra B Kirchner

Gildra Bernard Kirchner

Margaret Kirchner Carl
Dr. F. Carl

Frank and Margaret Kirchner Carl
St. Annes
Bloomsdale, MO

Marie Henri Lahay

Wife of Joseph B Carron

St. Philomena's / St. Agnes
Bloomsdale, MO

St. Philomena's Cemetery

st-philomena-cemetery.jpg (38898 bytes)

Clement DRURY

Frank and Margaret Kirchner Carl

Marie Cornelia CARRON

carron-marie-cornelia-tomb.jpg (75118 bytes)


calliott-melanie-tomb.jpg (91813 bytes)

Marie Olympe PLACET

placet-marie-o-tomb.jpg (85114 bytes)

St. Augustine's
Kelso,  MO

Charles Heisserer

Charles Heisserer
St. Lawrence
New Hamburg, MO

Anton Heisserer

heisserer-anton-1810-stone-2.jpg (18408 bytes)

Katherina Hahn

Katherina Hahn
Headford Church
Headford, York, Ont, CAN

Anna Stover

Stover-Anna-RIP.jpg (92073 bytes)


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