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Descendants of Drieu Drury of Normandy 1066

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Descendants of Drieu Drury, of Normandy

Generation No. 1

1. Drieu Drury , of St. Edmunds, Normandy.

Participated in the 1066 Roll of Bataile Abby

Notes for Drieu Drury , of Normandy:
Norman Conquest. Period in English history following the defeat (1066) of King HAROLD of England by William, duke of Normandy (see WILLIAM I). The conquest was formerly thought to have brought about broad changes in English life. More recently historians have stressed the continuity of English law, institutions, and customs, but the subject remains controversial. The initial military conquest was quick and brutal. By 1070 most of the Anglo-Saxon nobles were dead or had been deprived of their land, and a Norman aristocracy was superimposed on the English. William used the existing Anglo-Saxon administrative system, and the English church gained closer ties with Europe. Norman French was spoken at the court and had a great impact on the English language. NORMAN ARCHITECTURE was also introduced into England.

For almost 500 years from the middle to later 11th Century up to the 16th Century, the Drury Family lived in the vicinity of the Powerful Abbey of St. Edmund in the County of Suffolk.

The Original Norman Knight was a man of arms in a band or unit of Knights who fought under William Malet or his son Robert Malet (Drieu, a Man of Robert Malet Domesday Book) The original Drieu was one of 40 Norman Knights assigned by William I to the Abbey of St. Edmunds for Military Service. Later, the familys

Child of Drieu Drury , of Normandy is:
+ 2 i. Walter Drury of Livermere.

Generation No. 2

2. Walter Drury of Livermere.

Children of Walter Drury , of Livermere are:

+ 3 i. Drogo Drieu3 Drury, of St Edmund, born Abt. 1080 in Horningsheath.

+ 4 ii. Robert Drury.
+ 5 iii. Richard Drury.

Generation No. 3

3. Drogo Drieu Drury, of St Edmund was born Abt. 1080 in Horningsheath.

More About Drogo Drieu Drury, of St Edmund:
Event 1: A man of Robert Mallet
Property: seized land at St. Edmunds Bury

Children of Drogo Drieu Drury, are:

+ 6 i. Sir Richard Drury , fil. Drieu de St. Edmunds, died Bet. 1187 - 1276.

+ 7 ii. Humphrey fil. Drieu.
+ 8 iii. Drieu fil. Drieu.

Generation No. 4

6. Sir Richard Drury , fil. Drieu de St. Edmunds died Bet. 1187 - 1276.

More About Sir Richard Drury:
Occupation: 1186, Knight of Horningsheath

Children of Sir Richard Drury , fil. Drieu de St. Edmunds are:

+ 9 i. Robert Dreu Drury , De Thurston, born in Horningsheath, Suffolk, England; died Abt. 1203.

+ 10 ii. Geoffrey Drury.
+ 11 iii. William Drury.
+ 12 iv. Walter Drury , of Fornham, born Abt. 1214.
+ 13 v. Humphrey Drury , of Horninsheath, born Abt. 1208.

Generation No. 5

9. Robert Dreu Drury , De Thurston was born in Horningsheath, Suffolk, England, and died Abt. 1203. He married Matilda de Thurston, daughter of Anselum De Thurston.

Notes for Robert Dreu Drury , (De Thurston):
Was born with name of Robert Fil Richard Fil Druie De ST. EDWARDS. He became Robert De Thurston after his marriage to Mathilda De Thurston, daughter of Anselm De Thurston,

He was a knight of Noringsheath.

More About Robert Dreu Drury , De Thurston:
Event 1: 1186, Knight of Noringsheath

Children of Robert Drury and Matilda de Thurston are:

+ 14 i. John Drury , fil. Robert de Thurston, born Abt. 1180; died Abt. 1249.

+ 15 ii. Richard Drury , fil Robert de Thurston, died Bef. 1249.
+ 16 iii. Nicholas Drury , fil. Robert de Thurston.
+ 17 iv. Jordan Drury , de Thurston.

Generation No. 6

14. John Drury , fil. Robert de Thurston was born Abt. 1180, and died Abt. 1249.

Child of John Drury , fil. Robert de Thurston is:

+ 19 i. John Druri , fil. John de Thurston, born Abt. 1243 in Thurston, Suffolk, England;
.............died Bef. 1309.

Generation No. 7

19. John Druri , fil. John de Thurston was born Abt. 1243 in Thurston, Suffolk, England, and died Bef. 1309.

More About John Druri , fil. John de Thurston:
Occupation: 1251, attorney

Children of John Druri , fil. John de Thurston are:

+ 21 i. Henry Drury , fil. John Drury, de Thurston, born Bet. 1273 - 1309; died Bet. 1349 - 1395.

22 ii. John Drury , fil. John Drury, de Thurston.
23 iii. Roger Drury , of Groton.

Generation No. 8

21. Henry Drury , fil. John Drury, de Thurston was born Bet. 1273 - 1309, and died Bet. 1349 - 1395. He married (1) Cecily Reyner. He married (2) Havise De La Grene Abt. 1269 in Suffolk, England, daughter of Richard de la Grene , of Barkway.

Children of Henry Drury and Havise De La Grene are:

+ 24 i. John Drury , of Thurston, born in Thurston; died Bet. 1364 - 1436.

25 ii. Matilda Drury, born Bet. 1270 - 1290.
26 iii. Nigel Drury, born Bet. 1280 - 1290. (Occupation: 1307, Alderman and Sherriff of London )
27 iv. Roger Drury, born Abt. 1280.
28 v. Alice fil. Drury, born Bet. 1280 - 1300. She married Henry Le Lomb of Thurston

Generation No. 9

24. John Drury , of Thurston was born in Thurston, and died Bet. 1364 - 1436. He married Amabilia Newton Abt. 1364, daughter of Thomas Newton.

Notes for John Drury , of Thurston:
Also listed as ...John Fil Henry Druri DE THURSTON

Children of John Drury and Amabilia Newton are:

+ 29 i. Sir Nicholas Drury , Esquire, of Rougham & Thrstn,
.............. born Bet. 1339 - 1359 in Thurston, Suffolk, England; died 1393 in Rougham.

30 ii. Roger Drury. (Rector of Great Barton)

Generation No. 10

29. Sir Nicholas Drury , Esquire, of Rougham & Thurston was born Bet. 1339 - 1359 in Thurston, Suffolk, England, and died 1393 in Rougham. He married Agnes De Saxham, daughter of Simon De Saxham.

Notes for Sir Nicholas Drury , Esquire, of Rougham & Thurston:
Sir Nicholas Drury was the first Drury of the family to live in Rougham where the Drury's were to continue for 11 generations.

There was a pardon to Nicholas Drury of Thurston of his outlawry in the County of Suffolk for non-appearance before William de Notton and his fellows, justices of oyer and terminer in the said county, to answer touching an indictment taht he with John Straunge of Tymworth and others, conspired at Thurston, on Monday after Michaelmas ( i.e. Sept 7) 33 Edw III (1359), that John would act so that no execution of right by plaint or otherwise shold be done in the Abbot Of St. Edmund's hundred adjacent to the town of Tymworth and that Nicholas would, do the like in the eight towns of the hundred adjacent to Thurston.

More About Sir Nicholas Drury , Esquire, of Rougham & Thurston:
Comment: Sir Nicholas Drury of Thurston and Rougham
Comment 1: 1st Drury to live in Rougham and continued for 11 generations
Event 1: Knighted by Richard II at Coronation
Event 2: pardoned for outlawry
Occupation: May 27, 1384, Appointed Collector of a Subsidy for Suffolk County
Property: 1339, Purchased Land in Thurston

Children of Sir Nicholas Drury and Agnes De Saxham are:

+ 31 i. Sir Roger Drury , of Rougham, born Bet. 1379 - 1394 in Rougham; died 1420 in Rougham.

+ 32 ii. Nicholas Drury , of Thurston, born 1365. He married Joan Heath (Founded the Hawstead Line of Drury's)

More about Nicholas Drury
Went with John of Gaunt (4th Son of King Edward III) Duke of Lancaster into Spain and later on a pilgrimmage to the Holy Land. Upon return from the Holy Land, he added The Crusades Cross to his family coat of arms.

His line founds the Family Branches at:
-Halstead, Suffolk = Hugh Drury born 1616, left Suffolk came to Boston in 1640
-Beshthorpe, Norfolk
-Riddlesworth, Norfolk
-Leziate, Norfolk
-Hederley, Bucks

+ 33 iii. John Drury , of Wetherden. (Descends the branch of Drurys from Wethderden.)

Generation No. 11

31. Sir Roger Drury , of Rougham was born Bet. 1379 - 1394 in Rougham, and died bet 1405-1420 in Rougham. He married Margaret Naunton Bet. 1368 - 1404, daughter of Thomas Naunton , Knight of Chavents in Rougham.

Last Will of Sir Roger Drury:
In the name of God Amen. I Roger Drury, knight living at Rougham Thursday next after the feast of St. Michael the Archangel Oct 3, 1420 make my testament to the churches of Rougham, Thurston, Bacton, Tostock, Drinkstone, Hessett and Barton... four the souls of my parents...my executors to be William Clopton, James Andrews, Nicholas Drury, William Copinger, clerk, Thomas Pepye, Nicholas Webster clerk, and John Taylor clerk, Proved at Norwich Oct 24, 1420.
Manors of: Weston Market, Sudbury's in Rougham, Chavents in Rougham, Ickworth, Cowling

More About Sir Roger Drury , of Rougham:
Comment: Bet. 1391 - 1407, Knight of the Shire fro Suffolk, 1391, 1401, 1407
Event 1: July 14, 1402, Commissioned for the Defence of sea coast
Event 2: July 2, 1405, Commissioned for the Defence against the King's enemies of France
Occupation: Bef. 1381, Knighted
Property: Acquired Manor at Rougham
**There is a brass in Rougham church for Sir Roger Drury and his first wife (died 1405), and a window in Bardwell church has two effigies said to represent them, but in this case the female figure is more likely to be that of Joan, second wife of Sir Roger, possibly a Pakenham

More About Margaret Naunton:
Comment: Sole Heir of Sir Thomas Naunton, Knight etc

Children of Sir Drury and Margaret Naunton are:

+ 34 i. Sir William Drury , Esquire, of Rougham, born Bet. 1378 - 1405 in Rougham;
..............died 1450 in Rougham.

35 ii. Margaret Drury, born Aft. 1374. She married Sir William Clopton (Knight)
36 iii. Roger Drury, born Aft. 1374.
37 iv. Nicholas Drury, born Aft. 1374.
38 v. Margery Drury, born Aft. 1374.
39 vi. Thomas Drury , of Hessett Co., born Aft. 1374. He married Joan Hessett.
40 vii. Elizabeth Drury, born Aft. 1374.
41 viii. George Drury, born Aft. 1374.
42 ix. Joan Drury, born Aft. 1374.

Generation No. 12

34. Sir William Drury , Esquire, of Rougham was born Bet. 1378 - 1405 in Rougham, and died 1450 in Rougham. He married Katherine Swynford Bet. 1404 - 1411, daughter of Sir Hugh Swynford and Jane Croophill.

Notes for Sir William Drury , Esquire, of Rougham:
Manor of Cowling
tenaments called Lawneys in Rougham, Hessett, Backton, Bradfield, and Drinkston

More About Sir William Drury , Esquire, of Rougham:
Burial: Church of the Friars Minor of Babewell (as stated in Will)
Event 1: February 28, 1446/47, Witnessed Charter of Richard of York at Bury St. Edmunds
Event 2: May 19, 1426, Knight of the Bath at Leicester Whitsun
Occupation: July 8, 1427, Knight
Will: June 1450, Rougham

More About Katherine Swynford:
Burial: Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln
Comment: 1st Cousin of Henry V
Comment 1: Grand-Daughter of Katherine of Roet

Children of Sir William Drury and Katherine Swynford are:

+ 44 i.Sir Thomas Drury ,Esquire, of Rougham, born Abt. 1428;
.............died December 12, 1486 in Rougham.

45 ii. George Drury, born Abt. 1432.
46 iii. Mary Drury, died March 1469/70. She married Edward Grimston , of Rishangles Co., Suffolk.
47 iv. Roger Drury, born Abt. 1431.
48 v. Katherine Drury. (Nun)
49 vi. Ann Drury.(Nun)

Generation No. 13

44. Sir Thomas Drury, Esquire, of Rougham was born Abt. 1428, and died December 12, 1486 in Rougham. He married Katherine Whitewell Abt. 1455 in Rougham, Suffolk, England.

Notes for Thomas Drury:
Manor of Sudburyes (otherwise called Druryes)
Manor of Nether Place in Thurston,
Manor of Lawenes in Heggesett
More About Sir Thomas Drury,:
Comment: 2nd Cousin of Henry VI
Occupation: February 3, 1461/62, Commissioned to arrest any persons guilty of unlawful gatherings/ congregations

Children of Thomas Drury and Katherine Whitewell are:

+ 51 i. John Drury , Esquire, Rougham, born Bet. 1454 - 1456 in Rougham; died 1499 in Rougham.

52 ii. Catherine Drury, born Aft. 1456. She married Robert Rokewood , Euston.
53 iii. Dorothy Drury.
54 iv. Elizabeth Drury. She married Thomas Tracy.
55 v. Francis Drury.
56 vi. Clement Drury , of Sussex, born Abt. 1464. (Descended the Drurys of Sussex )
57 vii. Ann Drury. (Died Young)

Generation No. 14

51. John Drury , Esquire, Rougham was born Bet. 1454 - 1456 in Rougham, and died 1499 in Rougham. He married Margaret Felton, daughter of William Felton , Chapman of Sudbury.

More About John Drury , Esquire, Rougham:
Occupation: Schoolmaster

Children of John Drury and Margaret Felton are:

+ 59 i. John Drury , Esquire, born Abt. 1479 in Rougham; died 1556 in Rougham.

60 ii. Catherine Drury.
61 iii. Elizabeth Drury. She married Fullk Grey.
62 iv. Francis Drury. He married Elizabeth Davy.
+ 63 v. Dorothy Drury. She married (1) Edmund West. She married (2) Robert Downes.

Generation No. 15

59. John Drury , Esquire was born Abt. 1479 in Rougham, and died 1556 in Rougham. He married Elizabeth Goldingham Abt. 1519 in Rougham, Suffolk, England, daughter of John Goldingham , of Belstead Co..

Children of John Drury and Elizabeth Goldingham are:
+ 64 i. Robert Drury, died in Rougham

+ 65 ii. John Drury , of Godwick, Norfolk, born Abt. 1522; died January 17, 1624/25.

66 iii. William Drury , of Tendring, born Abt. 1526; died 1589. He married Mary Southwell.
67 iv. Ann Drury, born Abt. 1531. She married Francis Bacon.
68 v. Mary Drury, born Abt. 1532. She married Edward Page , of Framlingham. (Harbinger to Queen Elizabeth)

Generation No. 16

65. John Drury , of Godwick, Norfolk was born Abt. 1522, and died January 17, 1624/25. He married Ellinor Sidney Abt. 1545, daughter of Thomas Sidney , of Walsingham.

More About John Drury , of Godwick, Norfolk:
Comment: 2nd Son
Residence: Tittleshaw Parish

Children of John Drury and Ellinor Sidney are:

+ 71 i. Robert "Gentleman of Docking" Drury, born Bef. 1578 in Docking, Norfolk, England; died Abt. 1624 in Norwick, Norfolk, England.

72 ii. Thomas Drury.
73 iii. William Drury.
74 iv. Frances Drury. She married Fermour Pepys.

Generation No. 17

71. Robert "Gentleman of Docking" Drury was born Bef. 1578 in Docking, Norfolk, England, and died Abt. 1624 in Norwick, Norfolk, England. He married Mary Radcliffe, daughter of John Radcliffe , Esquire, of Sturmer Co..

Children of Robert Drury and Mary Radcliffe are:

+ 75 i. Robert Thomas William Drury, born Bet. 1603 - 1645 in Docking, Norfolk, England;
............died Abt. 1702 in Maryland.

76 ii. John Drury, died Abt. 1658. (Eldest Brother)
77 iii. Thomas Drury.
78 iv. Ann Drury.
79 v. Audrey Drury.
80 vi. Elizabeth Drury.
81 vii. Parnell Drury.
82 viii. Catherine Drury.
+ 83 ix. Jane Drury, born Abt. 1640.
84 x. Hevingham Drury.

Generation No. 18

75. Robert Thomas William Drury was born Bet. 1603 - 1645 in Docking, Norfolk, England, and died Abt. 1702 in Maryland.
More About Robert Thomas William Drury:
Comment: Owned Land in New Town Hundred called Dry Docking
Comment: Original Drury to come to America
Immigration: 1670, From England to Maryland

Child of Robert Thomas William Drury is:

+ 85 i. John Drury, born Abt. 1669 in England; died Abt. 1726 in Maryland.

Generation No. 19

85. John Drury was born Abt. 1669 in England, and died Abt. 1726 in Maryland. He married Mary Ford Abt. 1697, daughter of John Ford , Sr..

Children of John Drury and Mary Ford are:

+ 91 i. John Drury, born Bef. 1714 in St. Mary's County, MD. John married Susannah Hayden in 1734.

92 ii. Peter Drury.
93 iii. James Drury.
94 iv. Robert Drury.

Generation No. 20

91. John Drury was born Bef. 1714 in St. Mary's County, MD. He married Susannah Hayden December 10, 1734 in Newton, St. Mary's County Maryland, daughter of William Hayden and Elizabeth Thompson.

More About Susannah Hayden:
Susannah's Ancestry Descends to Early Scottish and English Royalty

Children of John Drury and Susannah Hayden are:
95 i. Francis Drury, born Abt. 1735 in St. Mary's County, MD; died Bet. 1802 - 1803 in Perry Co. , MO. She married Joseph Tucker Bef. 1769 in Md.

+ 96 ii. William Drury, born Abt. 1736 in Maryland; died July 1801 in Prairie du Rocher, IL.

97 iii. Monica Drury, born February 1750/51 in St. Mary's County, MD; died December 18, 1827 in Perry Co. , MO. She married Nicholas Moore Abt. 1779 in St. Mary's County, MD.
98 iv. Frances Drury, born Abt. 1752; died Abt. 1803 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
+ 99 v. Mary Drury, born Abt. 1739 in St. Mary's Co. MD; died Abt. 1817 in KY. She married Basil Knott before 1766 in St. Mary's County

Generation No. 21

96. William Drury was born Abt. 1736 in Maryland, and died July 1801 in Prairie du Rocher, IL. He married Mary Ann Wooton.

More About William Drury:
Came to Prairie Du Rocher about 1795

Children of William Drury and Mary Wooton are:

+ 100 i. Clement Drury , Sr., born Abt. 1759; died September 1814.

101 ii. Raphael Drury, born Abt. 1763 in Maryland; died January 25, 1835 in Prairie du Rocher, IL. He married Elizabeth McNabb.

Generation No. 22

100. Clement Drury , Sr. was born Abt. 1759, and died September 1814. He married Marie Josephte Provost. Marie was born abt 1769 to Jean Baptist Provost and Agnes Louisel. Marie died on July 4, 1833 in Prairie du Rocher, ILL

**He emigrated from Maryland to Cahokia, IL and eventually to Prairie Du Rocher (PDR), ILL where he opened a Horse Mill.

Children of Clement Drury and Marie Provost is:

+ 108 i. John Baptiste Clement Drury, born 1803; died in Ste. Genevieve, MO.

108 ii. Marie Drury died on Jan 1, 1842. She married Francois Tongue on Oct 11, 1808 in PDR,IL.
108 iii. Marie Suzanne Drury was born on Oct 11, 1787 in Cahokia, IL and
................died on March 13, 1813.She married Etienne Langlois Feb 1, 1804.
108 iv. Anne Jeanette Drury was born May 31, 1798. She married Antoine Barbeau.
108 v. Elizabeth Drury was born Oct 16, 1789. She marrried Pierre Goder and Pierre Pillet.
108 vi. Therese Drury born May 2, 1791. She married Charles Thibout June 5, 1810 in PDR, IL.
108 vii. William Drury born 1796 in St. Phillipe, IL. He married Jeanne Vasseur
108 viii. Lucille Drury born May 10, 1805 in PDR, IL died Apr 21, 1853.
................She married Michael Du Clos.
108 ix. Raphael Drury born July 6, 1808. He married Jeanne Blais and Marie Ann Du Clos.

Generation No. 23

108. John Baptiste Clement Drury was born 1803, and died in Ste. Genevieve, MO. He married Marie Olympe Placet February 11, 1820 in Ste. Genevieve, MO, daughter of Michel Placet and Marie Aubuchon.

More About John Baptiste Clement Drury:
Military service: Lieutenant in the Army, stationed at Vincennes

Children of John Drury and Marie Placet are:

+ 112 i. Clement Drury, born Apr 12, 1829 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.

113 ii. John Drury, born Bef. 1824 in Kaskaskia, ILL.
114 iii. Pelagie Zoe Drury, born January 10, 1825 in ste. Genevieve, MO.
115 iv. Clementine Drury, born June 13, 1826 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
116 v. Felix Drury, born February 13, 1827 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
117 vi. Sigroid Clement Drury, born April 12, 1829 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
118 vii. Michael Valent Drury, born July 27, 1832 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
119 viii. Marie Josette Drury, born April 6, 1834 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
................She married Gabriel Carron.
120 ix. Marie Louise Philomena Drury, born November 17, 1838 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.
121 x. Marie Louise Olive Drury, born January 23, 1841.
122 xi. William Clement Drury, born July 28, 1843.
123 xii. Eulalie Drury, born February 12, 1845.
124 xiii. Marie Olympe Drury, born November 22, 1847 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.

Generation No. 24

112. Clement Drury was born Abt. 1823 in Ste. Genevieve, MO. He married Marie Carron October 3, 1848 in Ste. Genevieve, MO.

More About Clement Drury:
Burial: St. Joseph's Cem. Prarie du Rocher, IL

Children of Clement Drury and Marie Carron are:

+ 125 i. Julian Clement "Jules" Drury, born July 14, 1849 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

126 ii. Marie Desiree Drury, born November 29, 1850.
127 iii. Joseph John Drury, born October 18, 1852.
................He married Clothilda Calliot April 20, 1874 in Bloomsdale, Ste. Genevieve, MO.
128 iv. Carl Henry Drury, born May 30, 1857.
+ 129 v. Siricius (Cyrus) Celeste Drury, born January 19, 1859.
130 vi. Mary Philomena Drury, born December 28, 1861.
131 vii. Mary Philomena Drury, born March 27, 1864.
132 viii. Mary Philomena Genevieve Drury, born August 7, 1864.
133 ix. P. Louis Tobias Drury, born September 6, 1866.
134 x. Mary Locadie Felicite Drury, born September 1, 1869.

Generation No. 25

125. Julian Clement "Jules" Drury was born July 14, 1849 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. He married Mariam J Hipes "Mary Jane" on August 2, 1870.

Child of Julian Drury and Mariam Hipes is:

+ 135 i. Amos L. Drury, born November 14, 1871 in St. Genevieve, MO; died August 17, 1950.

135 ii. Landry J. Drury born July 12, 1899 and died Jan 30, 1940. He married Dora Dannenmueller.
135 iii. Moses B Drury born Mar 25, 1880 and died Jan 10, 1935. He married Meaney Blattel.
135 iv. Bertha Drury born June 14, 1833. She married Frank Clarkson.
135 v. Pete Drury died as an infant.
135 vi. Mary E. Drury born Apr 19, 1874. She married Louis Dannenmueller.
135 vii. Eugene Drury born Feb 2, 1894 and died May 1922 of suicide during depression.
135 viii. Anna Drury married Charles Hunter
135 ix. Gussie Drury died July 8, 1964 in Hot Springs, ARK,
135 x. Genevieve "Jenny" Drury married Charles Fink

Generation No. 26

135. Amos L. Drury was born November 14, 1871 in St. Genevieve, MO, and died August 17, 1950. He married Bertha Emma Heisserer. They are both buried in Calvary Cemetary, St. Louis City. Bertha descends from a long line of Heisserers that orginiated in Schirrhein, Alsace, France.

Children of Amos Drury and Bertha Heisserer are:
+ 145 i. Benjamin Charles Drury, born Oct 9, 1897
146 ii. Estella Drury, born September 1, 1900; died March 5, 1902.
147 iii. Lambert Clemente Drury, born August 12, 1902; died April 2, 1977 in Cape Giraurdeau, MO. He married Lorraine Dokogne.
148 iv. Sadie Emma Drury, born January 25, 1904 died June 3, 1993. She married E. Breher.
149 v. Gregory Louis Drury, born November 9, 1905; died March 3, 1966.
150 vi. Enos Joseph Drury, born September 14, 1907; died March 15, 1944.
152 viii. Emmett Joseph Drury, born April 10, 1911 died Aug 9, 1949. . He married Delores Goetz 153 ix. Anna Mae "Toots" Drury

+ 154 x. Ellen Marie "El" Drury, born October 27, 1916 in Cape Giraurdeau, Mo; died August 12, 1999 in St. Louis, MO

+ 155 xi. Evonne Dorothy Drury, born September 16, 1918; died December 24, 1989


Generation No. 27

154. Ellen Marie Drury was born October 27, 1916 in Cape Giraurdeau, Mo, and died August 12, 1999 in St. Louis, MO. She married Albert Conrad Schroeder, son of Peter Schroeder and Augusta Viehman.
Burial: Calvary Cemetary, St. Louis City

1: Was asked to play for the Washington Senators, but mother would not let him play b/c baseball players did not make enough $$
Military service: World War 2
Occupation: Policeman
Personality/Interest: Baseball















1170..Thomas.Becket.Archbishop.of Canterbury.Murdered.









1264..Kublas.Khan.becomes.Supreme.Ruler.of Mongol.Empire





revolts agst English Rule










End of Middle Ages and Feudalism

Sir ROGER DRURY of Rougham

Brass in Rougham Church

1422-1453 Hundred Years War Final Phase
One of the first effective uses of Gunpowder

1431..Joan of Arc burned at the Stake

1453..Hundred Years War Ends
1453..War of the Roses (English) begins

1485..Richard III dies on Bosworth Field
1485..War of the Roses Ends

Various Works of
Leonardo DaVinci
& Michelangelo

1492..Lorenzo de Medici dies

1492..Columbus sails to West Indies

Henry VIII.(1509-1547)
Mary I.(1553-1558)
Elizabeth I (1558-1602)


Reformation: Lutheran, Calvin

Explosion of Knowlege:
Tycho Brane

The Elizabethan Age


The Spanish Armada



The Age of Discovery


James I.(1602-1625)
Charles I (1625-1649)
Cromwell (1649-1660)
Charles II (Resoration) (1660-1685)
James II (1685-1688)
William III and Mary II (1688-1694)
William III (1694-1701)


New World Settlement
New Amsterdam

The Decline of Spain

The Rise of France
Louis XIV
Louis XV

France Opens Canada

France Explores and Settles Louisiana