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Transcribed Letter from Karl T. Clarkson to his Aunt Genevieve. 

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5305 Severin Drive,
La Mesa, Ca. 92041
November 23, 1976

Dear Aunt Jennie:

Enclosed is as complete a history of the DRURY's as there is.  I have spent many many hours and much money is the research.  It has been a fun hobby but as I have been doing it for a number of years, I am quitting.   So, I am sending you a copy of what I have found.

You told me at one time that all you to do was go to a library and ask for a book of the "HISTORY OF THE DRURY'S".  I don't know who told you that but they are as stupid as.  How are you going to find a HISTORY OF THE DRURY's when NO ONE HAS EVER WRITTEN ONE.  They have to write it before you can get it.  Actually Genealogy is professional business involving millions of dollars.   For example if I was a proffessional in order for you to get the information I am giving you., you would have to pay me an hourly wage and my expenses.  I talked to one woman and this wealthy family was sending her to England all expenses paid so she could research their family history. This has taken alot of work.

We are living very well but have had alot of sickness.   I was thru a test for cancer and my wife is being treated for a small facial cancer.  I have had arthritis so bad in my legs that I can hardly walk.  Three time a week to a chiropractor, he is loosing me up.

Hope you have happy holidays, pass this on to your family that are interested

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Drury Family of Southeast Missouri
Researched by
Karl T. Clarkson

John D. Drury was born in Drury Lane, a suburb of London, England.  His wife's name was Misseau.  John Drury served in the revolutionary war as a seargant and seargant major under General George Rogers Clark, who captured what is now Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and western Kentucky from the British.  They started from Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  His appointment was as of November 1776, and he was commissioned as a second lieutenant, August 9, 1777, and first lieutenant, November 16, 1777.  One of his duty stations was Vincennes, Indiana.  He immigrated to near Bloomsdale, Saint Genevieve County, Missouri as he appears in the 1830 Census of Missouri.  He was a member of the First Virginia Line Regiment and retired September 14, 1778.

His descendants are shown in the 1850 census of Missouri, Jackson Township, Saint Genevieve County, Missouri as;

Name Age Sex Land Personal Born In School
Clement 31 M Farmer $700- $700 Missouri
Marie 29 F


Jules 11 M (Grandpa)


Disilia 9 F


John S. 7 M


Cornelia 6 F
Charles 3
Cyons 1 F


Grandfather Jules C. Drury was born in Saint Genevieve, county, Missouri, July 14, 1847.  He married Mary Jane Hipes in 1869 and went to live in ILL(MO), MO.  The Hipes family is listed on the 1850 Census as; (I believe this to be incorrect, I believe it is actually the 1860 Census listing)
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Name Age Sex Land Personal Born In School
Bartter 33 M Farmer $1000-$300 Virginia
Mary 29 F Kentucky
Elizabeth 11 F Missouri L
Nancy 9 F L
John 6 M L
Jane 5 F (Grandmother) L
Louisa S. 2 F
Amanda 7/12 F


Jules and Mary Jane had nine children, Peter who died as an infant, Gussie, later married Aubrey Davis of Cape Giraurdeau.  Jenny married to Charley Fink a missouri Pacific railroad man, Mary E. who married Louis J. Dannenmueller, farmer and railroad employee, Landra married Dory Dannenmueller and lived at Ancell, Bertha married Frank T. Clarkson of Charleston, Mo. farmer, railroad man and Mississippi county clerk and recorder, Anna married Charles Hunter of Forfelt, railroad man, Moses B. married Mina in St. Louis, Mo.  Amos living in Benton, and Eugene of Poplar Bluff, Mo.  Corporal in the U. S. Army in World War, died May 1922.  His grave is in an abandonned grave yard just north of the old farm of Louis and Mary Dannenmueller.  It is marked by a stone given by the Veterans Administration.  It is about one mile north of the Catholic Church in Kelso, Mo.

One of the sons Amos Louis Drury was born November 19, 1871.   His father Jules C. Drury was a merchant * farmer, sent him to the common schools and later Jones Commercial College of St. Louis.  After graduating from this school, Mr. Drury went to Scott County and egaged in farming.  He continued to farm until 1906 when he moved to Kelso and ran a hotel and barber shop.  He also resumed farming in addition to his other businesses.  While residing in Kelso, he was mayor of the town serving five terms When elected to the office of County ...

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... treasurer in 1910 he moved to Benton.  He married Bertha E. Heisserer of Kelso, who was born in 1876.  They were married in October 29, 1896.  The names and dates of their children is as follows;
Benjamin, October 9, 1897
Stella, died as an infant
Lambert, born August 12, 1902
Sadie, January 23, 1904
Gregory, November 4, 1905
Enos, September 14, 1907
Lena, June 10, 1909
Emmett, April 10, 1911

At one time all the Drury's were Roman Catholics and Jules and Amos were of the Democratic Party.

Some of the Drury's buried at Catholic Cemetery, Kelso, Mo.
Ben C. Drury, Oct. 9, 1897-Mar. 13, 1971 wife Loretta E. Dec. 8, 1899
Landra J. Drury, July 12, 1877-Jan 30, 1940 - Dora K. June 7, 1883 - 19(3 or 5)7
Jules C. Drury, July 14, 1849-April 24, 1920 - Mary Jane, July 16, 1855 - Sept 30, 1933
Louis J. Dannenmueller 1874-1966 - Mary E.  1874-1955
Eugene Drury buried in Old Cemetery north of old Dannenmueller farm.

Some Drury Statistical Information

Name Born Died
Clement Drury April 12, 1829 October 24, 1909
Marie Carson (should be Carron) May 2, 1831 January 25, 1903
John Scott Drury October 18, 1852 October 8, 1938
Cyrus Drury January 18, 1859 Sept. 24, 1915
Chas. Drury
L. Toby Drury Sept 6, 1866 August 6, 1947
Dezelia Niv. 29, 1850 Dec. 8, 1909
Cornelia (Mrs. Alex Bayer) June 4, 1894
Josephine (Mrs. Louis Bayer) Oct.1, 1862 (should be born)
Flicien (Mrs. Frank Schweiss) 1896 1953
Amelia (Mrs. Morice La Rose) 1873