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Weimar-Saxony, Germany =1852=> Rock Island, ILL =1854=> Nichols, IA

Kirchner is 3,949th most popular surname in the US; frequency is 0.003%; Source CBN


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The Kirchners that I am researching came from (most likely Isserstedt) Weimar-Saxony, Germany in 1852. Bernard Kirchner came to America in 1852 where he spent 2 years in New York and Rock Island, Illinois. He was the son of Christian Kirchner and Dorothy Gepford who spent their entire lives in the fatherland. He had 2 brothers who came to the US with him. One brother was named August who Susie Martin Rott has been researching. She gives his birth spot as Isserstedt, Weimar-Saxony, Germany in 1843 which probably means that is the origin of the Kirchners. Other than August, Bernard had one other brother for which I do not have a name for. Both brothers were deceased by 1922.

In 1855, Bernard began his career as a farmer in Muscatine County by renting land. Subsequently, he purchased one hundred and sixty acres in Pike Township, which he cultivated unitl 1873, when he came to Nichols and opened a mercantile establishment. He was highly successful both as a farmer and as a merchant, but in 1894 he retired to enjoy a well earned rest, his sons taking charge of the business. In addition to being the owner of a valuable farm and of a good business house, he was a stockholder of the Lone Tree Savings Bank, and as a man of high financial standing his advice was much sought after in matters of business by persons who desired to be guided aright.

On December 23, 1863, Mr. Kirchner was united in marriage to Miss Charlotte Lenz, who was also a native of Germany, a daughter of Valentine and Barbara (GEIS/FUHR) Lenz. The Lenz family came to America in 1856, and settled upon a farm in Muscatine County, which Mr. Lenz cultivated until the death of his wife, which occurred in 1874. Valentine and his wife Barbara are buried in Lenz Cemetary in Nichols, Iowa.

For fifty years Bernard Kirchner was a citizen of Muscatine County, assisting in an important degree in the development of its agricultural interests. At the the time of his death, November 27, 1906, he was the owner of five hundred acres of well improved land, which he had acquired through perseverance and energy. He won his way to success by the sterling characteristics of courage thrift, and industry, which are so prominent in the Teutonic race, of which he was a representative.

Bernard Kirchner was a supporter of the candidates and principles of the democratic party. He was a sincere friend of education and served on the school board for many years. Religiously, he was identified with the Lutheran Church, while his widow was a member of the Evangelical church. He was greatly interested in the growth of Muscatine county and lived to see marvelous changes in this section, which now contains many of the most productive farms of the state. He was recognized as a man thoroughly trustworthy, who loved the country of his adoption, having here established a home where he enjoyed what he came to America to find--peace, happiness and prosperity.