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I am working to update the WorldConnect database with information provided by many contributors. As always, thanks to Meredith Thompson and her mother, Sandy Thompson, for all of their work transcribing Hendricks County records and posting numerous documents. Thanks also to Tony for all of Tony's hard work on the Irons family from which my wife descends. If you research the Irons family, see the thread!.

Sheila provided lots and lots of data regarding the Gard and Wiley families. Also big thanks to Karren and Edwina for the data on the Cosner, Phillips & Pursell families, Lynn for the data on the Thomas Adams & Hannah Kilgore family, Jan for the Bradshaw & Jordan data, Frank Newby for the Watkins data, Sherrie for the Smith data, Rose Richard for the Stevenson data, Ingrid for the West data, Sally Jane Moore and Judy for the Brown data, Dave and Sondra Kennedy for the Spencer & Kennedy data, Bill LaBach and Andrea Nowlin regarding the Demarest data, Donna Gaines regarding the Woodfill data, Ned Wilson regarding the Yount & Faught data, John and Rhonda Clark regarding the Clark data, and many others. I am currently trying to match all records in my database against Hendricks County marriage records and supplements and have a backlog of other data to review and responses to email. Please except my apologies for tardiness and oversight.

To learn why this web site exists, click here. The information contained here or in the associated WorldConnect database is NOT mine, but is maintained for the benefit of all genealogical researchers.

I also maintain a Rootsweb WorldConnect database that compiles data on various Hendricks County & Morgan County families from numerous contributors and sources. PLEASE NOTE: If I receive credible information, I post it online at Rootsweb. If you don't want it posted, don't send it to me.

In case you are interested, you can see my wife's family tree and a list of early American ancestors for each surname.

Pictures: Notes: Contacts for persons researching Hendricks County & Morgan County families.

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