Twig, Tree and Treasure; A Genealogical Sojourn Genealogy Dedication


Twig, Tree, and Treasure.....

Twig ... starting a tree of generations

To those in each family who are called to find the ancestors.
To the young in spirit, who find excitement in the pursuit of truth
To the unsure who are seldom quite positive when they have found it
To the perplexed, who wonder what to do with it afterwards

Tree ... the growth and bloom of families

To the ancestors, breathing life into all who have gone before
To have a deep pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish. 
To be able to respect their struggles, hardships, and losses, 
To know that in finding them, we have found ourselves

Treasure ... rich in a wealth of family and friends

To all those people whose niceness is apparent without documentary proof
To the colorful, the flamboyant, the serious, and the ordinary
To the friends we have gathered beneath our family tree
To all of these, this genealogical sojourn is warm heartedly dedicated

Linda and Mike Bianchi

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