Tschantz Cemetery, West Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

Tschantz Cemetery
West Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

Tschantz Cemetery
West Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

               The following information and transciption is from the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society.                I visited the cemetery in April, and again on June 12, 2003. My own transcriptions are marked with an *. The photos are my own, taken at that time. I read these without comparison to the previous transcription so as not to be influenced. As you can see, the stones continue to deteriorate and much more information has been lost in the last 27 years.
               Most of the people buried in this cemetery were in unmarked graves, as was the tradition. Just because a name does not appear here, does not mean that they were not buried here.

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               This cemetery, recorded in in 1976, is located about one mile south of Lampeter on the road to Lime Valley. It was named for the pioneer Mennonite bishop Hans Tschantz, who is believed to be buried here in an unmarked grave. Because Wendel Bowman was also one of the early pioneers in Lancaster County and lived less than a mile from this graveyard, we may assume that he is also buried here in an unmarked grave. He died in April 1735. Barbara Mylin quoted her father, Senator Amos Mylin, as stating that the elder Martin Mylin, sometimes designated as the gunsmith, is buried here. Because his wife and child are buried here, I assume this to be correct.
               A number of plain field stones erected as tombstones bear no inscription. How unfortunate that they leave no historical data! Translations for this cemetery are by Ernest Waelder, a Hechingen, Germany, native who now lives in Lancaster.

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