Lack Township, Juniata Co PA - Part I
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Lack Township

History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata valleys, embraced in the counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
Edited by F. Ellis and A. N. Hungerford.
Published in Philadelphia by Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886
Pages 727-733

By A. L. Guss

The Juniata Valley region was purchased from the Indians July 6, 1754. Settlers had been intruding on this land before this date, and were driven away, but they returned. At length, in 1750, the justices of Cumberland County, with the undersheriff passed through Sherman's, Path and Tuscarora Valleys and the Cove in Fulton County and dispossessed the intruders. It was at last determined to purchase this region as the only sure method of averting serious trouble. This was effected on Albany, at the date above given. A great many men in the Cumberland Valley and farther eastward were ready, at the signal, to locate upon the more desirable places. The Land-Office for the sale of warrants did not open until February 3, 1755; but the number of settlers who had already "squatted" in the new purchase may be inferred by the fact that in three months after the purchase, at the request of said inhabitants, four townships were formed out of the new territory, of which the following is an exact copy of the official record:

"The Court's erection and nomination of new Townships tother side the N Mountain.
"At a meeting of the majestrates in conjunction with the Commissioners & Assessors of Cumberland County at Carlyle the 23d day of October, 1754, it was concluded that WHEREAS there has been an addition made to the County aforesaid by a late purchase from the Indians: to erect the habitable parts added to the said County into separate Townships and to appoint Constables in the same for the better regulation thereof.
"Therefore, at the request of the Inhabitants, we do erect the settlements called the Great Cove, the Little Cove & Cannaloes into one township, and nominate the same the Township of Ear and we appoint John McMeans to act as Constable therein for the remaining part of this current year.
"And farther, we erect the settlements called the Path Valley into a separate Township and nominate the same the Township of Fanet, and we appoint John Bard to act as Constable therein for the remaining part of the current year - and we do further erect the settlement called Tuskerora Valey into a sepparate Township and nominate the same the Township of Lac, and we appoint John Johnston to act therein as Constable for the remaining part of the current year - and we do further erect the settlements called Sherman's Valley and Bufolo's creek into a separate Township and nominate the same the Township of Tyrone, and we appoint John Scott X. Linton to act as Constable therein for the remaining part of the current year.
"In testimony whereof we have hereunto subscribed our hands the day & year first written.
"Sam'l Smith.
"Will. Maxwell.
"John Finly."

By the above, Tyrone township included all the present Perry County; Fannet embraced Path Valley, in Franklin County; "Ear" was named after Ayr, in Scotland, and comprehended the present Warren township in Franklin County, all of Fulton County, and with general indefinite limits westward, embracing Bedford County; Lac comprehended all the Tuscarora Valley and included part of Huntingdon County. It will be observed there are no lines mentioned. It is only stated that certain settlements shall constitute the townships named.

On the 9th of July, 1755, Braddock was defeated, and the French and Indian War ensued, and no records are found relating to the new townships. In 1761 there are constables' returns, of "Aire" by William Lynn, and of Fannet by James Elder. Lack is named in the list of townships, but the space for the constable's name is left blank, which shows that few or no people had returned to that settlement.

On March 25, 1762, the court made the following appointments: Fannet, Francis McConnell constable; "Aair,""William Haynes constable; Lack, Ralph Starret constable, William Andersona and John McMehan supervisors; Fermanagh, William White constable. Anderson and White were killed by the Indians the next year, on the 10th of July.

On March 25, 1763, the court made the following appointments: Lack, John McClelland constable, Robert Campbell and Robert Houston supervisors, William Graham and John Erwin overseers, James Williams collector.

All other persons appointed for Lack resided in what afterwards became Milford township. In 1768 Lack was divided, and the lower half was called Milford. In 1825 Lack was again divided, and the lower half called Tuscarora. It is bounded northward by the Black Log Mountain, southward by the Tuscarora Mountain, and eastward by Tuscarora, westward by Tell township, in Huntingdon County. Shade Mountain separates Black Log Valley, drained by Black Log Creek into the Aughwick, from the rest of the township. The rest of the township is drained by the Tuscarora Creek and its inflowing streams, the principal ones being Willow Run (formerly Little Tuscarora), Wood's Run and George's Creek. The township is traversed by ridges running parallel to the mountains. The Shade Valley side and the creek side are more thickly peopled than the intervening ridges.

The first assessment was taken in 1763 by William Anderson, who was killed by the Indians in that year. In the following lists the reader must bear in mind that prior to 1769 Lack covers the half of the county west of the river. These lists must be taken as part of the history of all the townships formed out of Lack.

LACK TOWNSHIP ASSESSMENT OF 1763 - Abbreviations. - In the following list, taken from the records at Carlisle, "a" stands for acres, "w" for warranted, "p" for patented, "ac" for acres cleared, "h" for horses, "c" for cows, "s" for sheep, "uns" for unseated. The townships in which the lands of the person taxed are now situated are marked "L" for Lack, "M" for Milford, "T" for Tuscarora, "Tt" for Turbett, "B" for Beale, "SH" for Spruce Hill. The tax in the 1763 list is in pounds and shillings, the latter denoted by "sh."

Arbuckle, William, 100aw, 150a, 4sh. (At Thomas Arbuckle's in T.)
Armstrong, William, Captain, 200aw, 7sh. (At heirs of Jacob Koons in Tt.)
Armstrong, James, 50a, 1sh. (At Groninger's in M.)
Armstrong, John, 100aw, 2sh. (In the Half Moon opposite Spruce Hill.)
Anderson, William, 100a, uns, 5sh. (At John T. Nourse's in SH)
Bales, John, free, 200aw. (Beale-at Enoch Beales in SH)
Bretherton, William, 1sh.
Bell, David, 150aw, 1, 10sh. (At John Robinson's heirs in M.)
Bush, Samuel, 100a, uns. 1 sh.
Bready, John, 100a, uns, 1 sh.
Chambers, Thomas, 200a, 6sh. (Killed by Indians at Great Island in 1763.)
Calhoon, James, free, 150aw. (At Jacob Aughey's in M.)
Campbell, Robert, 400aw, 200a, 18sh. (At the mouth of Licking Creek in M.)
Campbell, Dougal, 100a, 1sh. (Adjoining the Bealetown tract in T.)
Cunningham, William, 50a, 2sh. (At the Partner place in M.)
Crunkelton, Robert, 200a, 3sh. (Coungleton, a squatter at Sterrett's in M.)
Cristy, Widow, 200a, 3sh. (At William Wharton's in SH.)
Colins, John, 100a, 2sh. (At Joseph Williams' in T.)
Cain, Charles, 100a, 1sh.
Deywitt, Dowell, 50a, 1sh.
Dey, Joseph, 100a, 2sh. (Squatter at John P. Kelly's in B.)
Deen, James, 1sh.
Deleeth, Thomas, 100a, uns, 1sh.
Grahams, William, 150a, 3sh. (At David Esh's in SH.)
Glen, John, free, 100aw. (In right of George Woods-tract covers the mouth of Woods Run in L.)
Grey, James, 100a, 3sh. (At John Bennet's in SH.)
Grey, Widow, 100aw, uns, 1sh. (At James Okeson's in SH.)
Green, Samuel, 50a, 1sh. (Squatter, at James P. Johnson's in Tt.)
Hambleton, Jean, 160a, uns, 1sh. (At John Beshoar's in M.)
Hardy, John, 100a, uns, 1sh. (This year near Hogg's in SH.)
Hunter, Charles, 100a, 4sh. (At Judge John Koon's in Tt.)
Huston, Robert, 200aw, 3sh. (At J. R. Jenkins' in M.)
Hodge, Robert, 200a, 2sh. (Hogg, at John L. Patterson in SH.)
Irwin, William, 50a, 2sh. (At Elder Gilliford's in M.)
Irwin, James, 150a, 3sh. (At David Allen's, in B.)
Irwin, John, 15a, 3, 10sh. (At Abraham G. Partner's in B.)
Inis, Francis, 100, uns, 1sh. (At Robert Innis' at B.)
Kenny, James, 400aw, uns, 4sh. (At Mrs. Stewart Turbett's in Tt.)
Kenny, Charles, free, 200aw. (At Dr. G. M. Graham's farm in Tt.)
Kennedy, James, free, 200aw. (At Jonathan Okeson's land in B.)
Litle, John, 200aw, uns, 2sh. (At Matthew Clark's in L.)
McGachy, William, 50a, L1, 10sh. (Probably in Liberty Valley, now Perry County)
McMachan, John, 200a, 4sh. (At Samuel B. Pannebaker's in B.)
McClellan, John, 200a, L1, 10sh. (At Patterson borough.)
McConnell, George, 150a, 4sh. (At Rev. J. A. Ross' in L.)
McKnight, John, Esq., 400aw, uns, 4sh. (At John Randolph's in T.)
McKee, Thomas, 200aw, uns, 2sh.
Morrison, John, poor. (At N. McCoy Stewart's in T.)
Morris, William, free, 200aw. (At the first farm above J. Shower's in T.)
Moor, Robert, free. (At David Coyle's farm in Tt.)
Paton, John, 100a, uns, 1sh. (At the Patton farm in SH.)
Patterson, William, 200aw, 2sh. (Opposite Mexico in Tt.)
Patterson, James, 200aw, 2sh. (At George Boyer's et. al. Tt.)
Pate, Jacob, 150a, 8sh. (Pyatt-Probably on heads of Tuscarora in Huntingdon County)
Quigley, Hugh, 100a, 3sh. (At John F. G. Long's in SH.)
Ramsey, William, 150aw, 3sh.
Robinson, Alexander, 100a, uns, 1sh. (This year near Hogg's in SH.)
Robinson, Robert, 100a, uns, 1sh. (Squatter right on the Doty farm in M.)
Robinson, Patrick, 100a, uns, 1sh.
Raniston, William, 150aw, 3sh. (At Thomas Stewart's in SH.)
Starrit, Ralph, 100a, 2sh. (At William Milliken's in B.)
Swan, Widow, 200a, uns, 2sh. (At Hervey Neely's in T.)
Shaley, Joseph, 2sh.
Scott, James, 150a, 2sh. (At Samuel Imes', late McDonald, in B.)
Scot, John, 150a, 1sh. (At Ralph Dobb's and Abraham Noss' in T.)
Scott, William, 100a, uns, 1sh. (At William Hart's in T.)
Williams, James, 100a, 3sh. (At David Imes' in B.)
Williams, John, 150aw, 2sh. (Near Waterloo in L.)
Williams, John, hunter, 50a, 1sh. (At Nevin Pomeroy's land in SH.)
Wallas, John, 100a, 3sh.
Wallas, David, 200aw, 4sh. (at "Wallacetown," Waterloo, in L.)
Wilson, John, 50a, 2sh. (At James McKnight's heirs in M.)
Wilson, James, 100a, uns, 1sh.
Wilson, Thomas, 200a, uns, 2sh. (At Port Royal borough.)
West, Francis, 150a, uns, L1, 10sh. (At J. & A. Reed's (Fort Bingham) in T.)
West, John (crossed out).
Young, James (crossed out) 200a.

In 1766 the court appointed for Lack: Constable, George McConnell; Supervisors, Hugh Quigley, James Armstrong. In 1767: Constable, James Christy; Collector, Robert Campbell; for Fermanagh, James Purdy. In 1768: Constable Jacob Pyate; Supervisors, William Kirk, Robert Little; Overseers, William Bell, James Stone; Collector, William Arbuckle. The following lists for 1767 and additions for 1768 comprehend the whole west end of the county; the additions after that, running up to the Revolution, include the present Lack and Tuscarora townships. LACK TOWNSHIP ASSESSMENT OF 1767. - (Those already located in list of 1763 are marked *),-- William Arbuckle,* William Armstrong,* John Armstrong,* James Armstrong,* Thomas Armstrong, John Bayle,* Thomas Boal, Andrew Bogs, William Bell, John Blackburn, Samuel Brice, William Brice (the town of Waterloo is on this tract), Robert Campbell,* William Campbell, Dougal Campbell,* Thomas Carr, James Calhoon,* James Chambers, James Cristy, Dennis Cristy, John Collins,* John Crozier, Widow Cunningham, Joseph Days,* Abraham Dewitt, Paul Dewitt, James Gray,* William Graham,* Henry Graham, John Glenn,* John Hardy, Thomas Hardy, John Hamilton, Robert Hogg,* Clement Horrell, Charles Hunter,* Robert Hustion,* Francis Innis,* James Irwin,* William Irwin,* James Kennedy,* Charles Kenny,* James Kenny,* William Kirk, John Little,* Robert Little, John Lyon, John McClellan,* John McDowel, George McConnel,* Thomas McGuire, John McIntire, John McKnight, Esq., James McMahon, John Mateere, Robert Moore,* William Morris,* Milright's Place, William Patterson,* John Patton,* Charles Pollock, Jacob Pyatt,* Hugh Quigley,* Alexander Robinson (at the Doty farm in M.), Patrick Robinson, William Rennison,* James Scott,* Joseph Scott, William Scott,* John Scott,* John Shaw, William Speddy (at B. Lauver's place in M.), James Stone (at Harvey Wallace's in L.), John Steel, merchant (at heirs of Rev. Thomas Smith, in SH.); Abraham Stamford, grist-mill, (in charge of the Thomas Beale mill in B.); Robert Taylor (at John Robinson, Jr.'s in M.), James Williams,* John Williams,* hunter, John Williams,* William Wilson, John Wilson,* Thomas Wood, Francis West,* James Wallace.

ADDITIONAL NAMES IN 1768. Adams, Thomas.
Anderson, Thomas.
Arbuckle, John. (Adjoining William Arbuckle in T.)
Buchanan, John. (At Joseph Sheesley's in M.)
Cochran, John. (At Irwin Stewart's, McCoysville in T.)
Coleman, Michael.
Delief, Thomas.
Erwin, John.
Finlay, Samuel. (At Harrison Reed's in B.)
Glenn, Hugh. (At the mouth of George's Creek in L.)
Glenn, James, free. (List of 1774 says, "adj. Trough Spring." Later near Behel's saw-mill.)
Gammill, John. (The Peru Mills property in L.)
Hays, Adam. (Across the creek from Waterford in T.)
Jacobs, Joseph. (Now occupied, below Hough's in M.)
Jeffry, Thomas.
Kearsley, Jonathan. (At Calvin Barton's in L.)
Kilgore, Joseph.
Linn, James.
Lukens, John, surveyor-general. (At the Anderson fulling-mill in T.)
McNear, David. (At Capt. J. J. Patterson's in B.)
McDonald, Duncan. (At Thomas Stewart's in M.)
Magaw, David, on George's Creek.
Morris, John.
Porter, Stephen, attorney. (At Stephen Porter Harlan's in T.)
Potts, John, adjoining Bigham's Gap in 1769. (At J. W. Milliken's in T.)
Redman, James. (At the David Cunningham place in M.)
Sando, Jacob.
Shell, John.
Stuart, Charles. (At Pleasant View in SH.)
Weights, John.
Williams, Enoch. (Married the widow of John Gray.)

Single Freemen.-William Barnes, Samuel Henderson, Robert Thompson, John Wilcock, Robert Cochran, William Smith, Joseph Wilson.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1769.-William Beal, Wharton and Morgan Baynton, Captain Copeland, Daniel Campbell, John Cook, Rev. George Duffield, at head of Tuscarora, Ezekiel Dunning, Thomas Dobbs, David Elder, adj. head of George's Creek, James How, Henderson Harvey, Robert Livers, of Philadelphia, John Martin, Robert Porter, William Reany, Ralph Starret, John Thomas, Samuel Taylor, James Thompson, David Wilson, William Wallace.

Single Freemen.-William Barnes, James Curran, James Glenn, William Morris, James Spencer, William Spencer, Simon Tuffry, William Tuffry, Andrew Watts.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1770.-Thomas Bale, adj. John Gammel, James Corran, John Crawford, Widow Douglass, Christly Erwin (Christopher Irwin), John Glenn, Benjamin Jolly, Thomas Jeffries, John Kearsley, Thomas Lennox, William Morris, saw-mill, John Morrison, Henry Thompson, Joseph Tull.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1771.-Widow Armstrong, poor, John Brumfield, Alexander Blaine, Benjamin Gailey (Gally), John Harvey, William McConnell, Samuel Scott, adj. Bigham's Gap, Hannah Steen, William Williams, Benjamin Wallace.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1772.-Charles Adams, David Bail, John Bail, William Bree, Thomas Blair, unsettled (it was uncertain whether Blair lived in Lack township or not), William Harvey, Neal McCoy, Richard Murrey, John Rollins, Arsbell White, William Wisley.

Single Freemen.-Thomas Dyes, William Morris, Nathan Burney, William and James Spencer, William and John Harvey.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1773.-Barnabas Barnes, Joseph Gordon, James Hervey, Mary Killough, John Mahan, William Neely, Joseph McFarland, John Stuart, William Smith, Andrew Watts.

Single Freemen.-David Beals, Thomas Johnston, Neal McCoy, William Morris, Edward Githins, William Jones, John McMahon, at George McConnell's, Barnabas Nahan, Jonathan Hotten, Michael McCollum.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1774.-John Fleming, Andrew Ferrier, James Glenn, adj. Trough Spring, William Gustin, Nathaniel Innis, Picket Jones, Robert Magaw on Wood's Run, Joseph Wilford, Thomas White.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1775.-John Anderson, Sr., John Anderson, Jr., Robert Arthur, Samuel Bell, William Black, James Black, William Campbell, Jr., Henry Carson, John Calvert, Robert Croan, James Fulton, William Giffin, George Goosehorn, Amos Hoops, Ezra Hoops, John McConnell, James McCutcheon, James McGlaughlin, Thomas Martin, John Mansfield, Jesse Mersey, James Miller, John Mortland, John Morgan, John Murray, Thomas Patton, James Reed, Samuel Shannon, John Smiley, William Walker, Robert Walker, Jeremiah Warder, Alexander Wilson.

ADDITIONAL NAMES, 1776.-John Agnew, Esq., Andrew Ervin, Robert Grey, John Gill, John Harris, Dennis Hannigan, Andrew Isinminger, John Kelley, John Knox, James Larrimore, Daniel Loughrey, Dominic McNeil, Amos Miser, Samuel Martin, John Potter, Jonathan Robinson, Moses Starr, James Stackpole, William Stewart, George Woods.

Single Freemen.-Brice Collins, Daniel Campbell, William Harvey, John Morgan, Abel Morgan, John McMahan, Jr., James McFetter, Michael Patterson, John Smiley, Archibald Smiley, Robert Swaine, James Wilson.

COUNTY AND TOWNSHIP LINES.-It will be remembered that Lack at its formation had no specified limits. It was the settlement called "Tuscarora." The mountains at each side gave it shape on the south and north. The formation of Milford limited it on the east. The west end was undefined and long uncertain. It is very probable that the limits between Lack and Ayr were on the dividing waters running into the Tuscarora and Aughwick. The formation of Dublin township, in 1767, is so imperfectly defined as to the eastern limits that nothing can be determined by it. It was to bound "Ayr and Fannet townships on the one side," but Lack is not mentioned, and there are no dividing lines as to Ayr or Lack. The first Dublin assessment, in 1768, shows no transfer of names from Lack. The only thing that places any part of Dublin east of the Shade mountain is that it was to join on Fannet, which lay on the other side of the Tuscarora Mountain. It is probable that the Tell township waters draining into the Tuscarora Creek were still regarded as part of Lack. One of these streams is called Trough Spring.

That Lack extended, for many years, much farther up the valley than the present limits of the township and county is very apparent from the tax-lists and records of the Land-Office and the county surveyor's office.

The original idea that Lack was to take in the whole Tuscarora settlement was not interfered with by anything on the west prior to the formation of Bedford County, in 1771, and as this line was never run, it is probable that most of the few scattered settlers in this region still regarded themselves as in Lack. After the act of April 1, 1791, defining the "north line," more began to fall into their proper townships; but it was not until the line was surveyed under the act of March 29, 1792, that all knew in which county and township they actually lived. By the division of Dublin, forming Tell, in 1810, the ancient seats of these pioneers, so long undefined, fell into the latter township. So it may be truly said, that although Huntingdon is recorded as all taken from Bedford County, yet it did take a slice of what was locally regarded as still a part of "old mother Cumberland."

TAXABLE INDUSTRIES.-The tax lists of Lack from 1763 to 1831 show assessments on the following in addition to lands and stock. Those that fell into Tuscarora in 1826 are marked "T."

Anderson, Enoch, 1805.
Anderson, James, T., 1787-1800.
Arbuckle, John, 1787.
Beale, David, T., 1775-1828.
Beale, Joshua and Jesse, T., 1829-31.
Fahnestock, John, T., 1829-31.
Ferrier, Andrew, 1779-82.
Ferrier, John, 1790-1803.
Kelly, William, 1820-22 (Waterloo).
Laughlin, Thomas, 1796-1800.
Lyon, James, 1820-22.
Magaw, Robert, 1783-87.
Morris, William, 1771-73.
Morrow, Thomas, 1783.
McConnell, Thomas, 1810.
McCoy, Neal, Jr., T., 1830-31.
McCulloch, Samuel, T., 1809-31.
Patterson, John, 1811-13 (Peru).
Patterson & Lyon, 1815-16.
Patterson & Co, 1817-19.
Patterson, John, 1823-25.
Patterson & Morrow, 1826-28.
Patterson, Robert & James, 1830-31.
Patterson, John, 1823-25 (Waterloo).
Patterson, William H., 1826-31.
Shaver, Peter, 1795.
Shnell, John, Sr., 1795-97.
Walker, Robert, 1776-78.
Wallick, Samuel, T., 1809-28.
Wharry, Thomas, Sr., 1799-1815.

Anderson, James, T., 1817-31.
Anderson, Thomas, 1783-95.
Cook, Christian, 1811-25.
Cook, Elias, 1826-31.
Kirk, James, Sr., 1823-31.
McConnell, Thomas, Sr., 1809-15.
Reed, John, T., 1814-24, and 1827-31 (now Cook, 1831).
Reed, John and Jacob Seibert, T., 1825-26.

Anderson, Enoch, 1806.
Fahnestock, John, T., 1828-29.
Kelly, William, 1818-19.
Lyon, James, 1816-20, & Co., 1819.
McCulloch, George, T., 1811-14, 1823-24.
McCulloch, Samuel, T., 1803, '06, '16, '22-'28.
McCulloch, S. & Joseph Laird, T., 1829-31.
Okeson, William, T., 1828.
Patterson, William H., 1825-31.
Thompson, James, 1819.
Wallace, Benjamin, 1795, '97, '98.
Wallick, Samuel, T., 1816-18.
Wonderlich, John, T., 1830.

Anderson, Enoch, 1805.
Anderson, James, T., 1817-31.
Anderson, Thomas, 1783-1800.
Beale, David, T., 1778-1831.
Biaron, John & D. W. Hulings, 1831.
Fahnestock, John T., 1829-31.
Ferrier, Andrew, 1779-80.
Kelly, William, 1819-22.
Laughlin, Thomas, 1799.
Lyon, James, 1820-22.
Magaw, Robert, 1783.
Morris, William, 1770-73.
McConnell, Thomas, Sr., 1810-15.
McCoy, Neal, Jr., T., 1829-31.
McCulloch, Samuel, T., 1809-31.
McKee, John, 1826-29.
Okeson, William, T., 1829-31.
Patterson & Co., 1817-19 (Peru).
Patterson, John, 1823-25.
Patterson & Morrow, 1826-28.
Patterson, Robert & James, 1830-31.
Patterson, John, 1823-25 (Waterloo).
Patterson, William H., 1826-31.
Reed, John, 1811-16.
Rhine, George, 1817-31.
Shnell, John, Sr., 1795-1801.
Stewart, Thomas, 1805.
Vance, William, Jr., 1820-25.
Walker, Robert, 1776-78.
Wallick, Samuel, T., 1809-28.
Wharry, Thomas, Sr., 1801-5.
Wilson, William, 1809-10.

Anderson, James, 1820-27.
Cook, Christian, 1820-25.
Cook, Elias, 1826-27.
Kirk, James, Sr., 1826-29.
McCulloch, Samuel, 1820-25.

Beale, Joshua & Jesse, T., 1829-31.

Anderson, Enoch, T., 1817-31.
Anderson, Enoch, Jr., T., 1818-29.
Anderson, John, T., 1806-31.
Cook, Christian, 1816-25.
Cook, Peter, 1823-31.
Doty, Amos, 1800.
Hart, Hugh, Jr., T., 1819-31.
Innis, Joseph, 1816-31.
Isinminger, Andrew, 1780.
Laughlin, Matthew, T., 1821-31.
Magill, William, 1811-25.
McVitty, Thomas, 1811-15.
Oyster, Peter, 1800-4.
Wright, William, 1815-17.

Beale, David, 1786.
Black, Robert, T., 1810.
Boggs, John, Sr., 1796.
Boggs, Joseph, 1813.
Brice, William, 1789, '94, '97.
Brown, William, 1782-83.
Carson, Henry, 1794-95.
Diviney, John, 1819-20.
Dobbs, John, T., 1829-31.
Douglass, James, 1827.
Douglass, William, 1810-13.
Ferrier, Andrew, 1782.
Ferrier, James, 1796-97.
Ferrier, John, 1794-1804.
Forbes, James, 1812.
Frederick, Nicholas, 1805-10.
Hart, William, 1794-95.
Headdon, Noah (2), 1811-22.
Isinminger, Andrew, 1797-98.
Jacobs, Benjamin, 1824.
Kirk, William, Sr. (2), 1812-13.
Knox, John, 1790-98.
Lyon, James, 1820-22.
Magill, Robert, 1817-22.
Martin, John, 1816-18.
Moore, John, 1805.
McClure, John, 1817.
McCulloch, Samuel, T., 1797-1831.
McDonald, Samuel, 1794.
McElroy, Thomas, 1789-90.
McKee, Robert, 1831.
Nevill, James, 1792.
Owens, Daniel, 1826-29.
Owens, Daniel & Nancy, 1825.
Patterson, John, 1823-25.
Patterson, William H., 1825-31.
Ross, John, 1779-80.
Shaver, John, 1794-98.
Shnell, John, Sr., 1792-97.
Snow, Jacob, 1796-98.
Thompson, John (2), 1810-15.
Van Swearingen, Evan, T. (2) 1805-19 (1), 1829-31.
Van Swearingen, Thomas, 1794-96.
Wallace, Benjamin, 1798.
Wallick, Samuel, T. (2), 1809-28.
Weldon, Patrick, 1805-19.
Wharry, Thomas, Sr., 1792-1803.
Williams, William, 1783-89.
Woods, William (Irish), 1792.

Barkley, Cornelius, 1828.
Conn, George, T., 1831.
Douglass, William & Bartley, C., T., 1826-28.
Fahnestock, John, T., 1831.
Gardner, James, 1810.
Goeshorn, Robert, 1818.
Laird, William, T., 1823-28.
Mettlen, Samuel, 1820.
McCoy, Thomas, T., 1831.
Patton, Joseph, 1820.
Rice, Peter, 1818.
Shnell, John, Sr., 1800.
Wallace, Benjamin, 1796.
Wilson, John, 1820.
Wilson, John & Fagan, 1818.

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