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Thomas Murphy

History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata valleys, embraced in the counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
Edited by F. Ellis and A. N. Hungerford.
Published in Philadelphia by Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886
Pages 740-741

Thomas Murphy.
By A. L. Guss


Thomas Murphy is of Irish descent, his grandfather having emigrated from Ireland to America, and settled in Franklin County, Pa. To his wife, Hannah Work, were born children,-- Patrick, Alexander, Andrew, Hannah, (Mrs. John Akins) and Mrs. James McMullen. The birth of Andrew occurred in Franklin County, from whence he removed to Juniata County, where, having purchased a farm, he remained until his death, on the 17th of November, 1860. He married Mary, daughter of Thomas Wherry, of Tuscarora township, Juniata County, who was born August 12, 1792, and died November 14, 1883. Their children are Alexander B., born September 8, 1815, who died November 30 , 1882; John, born April 10, 1818, who died July 8, 1883; Andrew W., born August 7, 1820 who died July 22, 1851; James, born July 14, 1823, who died February 17, 1880; Mary, born December 25, 1826, wife of William Kinzer; Thomas, born May 21, 1830; Joseph I., born January 9, 1835, who died February 3, 1866. The birth of Thomas Murphy occurred on the homestead in Juniata County, located about three-quarters of a mile from his present home. Here until the age of eighteen his youth was spent in active labor or in the pursuit of his studies at the common schools. Deciding then upon acquiring a trade, he repaired to McCoysville and began work in the shop of a cabinet-maker and chair-maker, remaining four years thus employed; he then for two years followed the trade of a carpenter throughout the country, and spent the winter of 1854-55 in Indiana, where he was likewise industriously occupied. Returning home, he continued his vocation, and on the 18th of November, 1856, was married to Margaret P., daughter of James Lauther, of the same township, whose birth occurred August 6, 1832. Their children are Alexander W., born October 2, 1857; Sylvia Jane, wife of George Thompson, born September 26, 1860; James L., born September 26, 1863; Samuel C., born August 11, 1866, who died January 24, 1869; Anna Blanche, born July 13, 1870, and Mary W., born February 16, 1874. Mr. Murphy, one year after his marriage, purchased the farm on which he now resides, in Lack township, and has since been engaged in the employment of an agriculturist. His political sentiments are in accord with the principles of the Democracy. Though frequently pressed to accept office, he has declined all positions other than those connected with the township, his attention being chiefly devoted to matters connected with his farm. He is an elder in the Peru Presbyterian Church, of which his wife and the eldest children are also members.

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