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John Patterson

History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata valleys, embraced in the counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
Edited by F. Ellis and A. N. Hungerford.
Published in Philadelphia by Everts, Peck & Richards, 1886
Pages 738-740

John Patterson.
By A. L. Guss


John Patterson is of Irish extraction. His paternal great-grandfather emigrated from Ireland to America about the year 1740, and settled in Bucks County, Pa. With him came six sons, each of whom was given a farm on the banks of the Delaware, this land being part of the original tract purchased by him. Mr. Patterson spent the remainder of his life in Bucks County, which was also the home of his son John, who was united in marriage to Sarah Wilson. Their children were John, Andrew, James, and two daughters, Mary (Mrs. John Means) and Ann (Mrs. Jamison). John, of this number, was born in October, 1763, in Bucks County, and removing to Juniata County in 1790, settled as a merchant at Academia, in Beale township, where he pursued until his death, in October 1836, a successful business career. John Patterson and his business partner were the pioneers in the use of arks for the transportation of merchandise and produce down the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. He married Isabella Lyon, whose grandfather, John Lyon, emigrated from Ireland about the year 1760, and settled in the present Juniata County. His son James married a Miss Martin and engaged in farming pursuits in Mifflin County. Among their children was Isabella, before mentioned, wife of John Patterson, whose son, John, the subject of this sketch, was born on the 26th of March, 1809, at Academia, Juniata County, where the early years of his life were passed. After ordinary opportunities at the public school a year was spent at the academy at Mifflintown, and an additional year at the New London Cross-Roads Academy, in Chester County, Pa. On the completion of his studies he engaged as manager for his father in his mercantile enterprises, the latter being at that time much absorbed in his various landed interests and the erection of buildings upon his farms. He remained thus employed until 1836, and the embarked in buisness as proprietor. In 1842 he began a brief career as a farmer. In 1846 he superintended the construction of a tannery at Peru Mills, Lack township, which enterprise he afterward managed under the firm-name of Wiliam H. Patterson & Co. Subsequently, having spent two years in Milwaukee, Wis., he returned in 1851 to Juniata County, and with his brother resumed the business of a tanner. In 1858 his brother-in-law, William Van Dyck, became his partner, and continued so until the beginning of the late war. In 1874, having abandoned the tannery, he continued farming and milling, in which he is still engaged. John Patterson was, on the 6th of October, 1836, married to Ellen, daughter of William Van Dyck, of Mercersburg, Pa. Their children are Isabella, born July 4, 1837, and married to David D. Stone; James J., born June 22, 1838, married to Elizabeth Jack; Ellen, born November 27, 1837, wife of James Patton, who died August 20, 1873; Mary L., born January 27, 1841, who died June 3, 1867; William Henry, born August 12, 1842, who died November 4, 1847; Robert H., born March 12, 1844; Charles W., born July 25, 1845, married to Blanche Stone, of Norfolk, Va.; Adelia Forrest, born October 25, 1846; Clara, born August 25, 1848, wife of William A. McDowell; Lillie, born August 2, 1851, wife of Thomas P. Carson; Annie D., born July 21, 1855, who died September 29, 1874. Mrs. Patterson's death occurred October 13, 1865. Mr. Patterson has been either a Whig or Republican in politics, but beside holding the office of justice of the peace, in which he is now serving his third term, has not been especially interested in matters of a political nature. His religious associations are with the Peru Presbyterian Church, of which he is a member and was a former trustee.

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