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Juniata County Families

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This database is an experiment in progress. It has been an intriguing adventure for me to research my own family line in what is now Juniata Co PA. I've noticed many family names that appeared repetitively in each succeeding generation. My studies of the early history of the area reveal the names of families that still have descendants residing in the areas where their forefathers settled. Juniata folks seem to inherently realize a good thing when they have it. Although many have left the county for greener pastures, many have ďstayed putĒ, or returned to the area after spending time in far off places.

Iíve often thought about a central database of Juniata County PA families, where people could post their information and see how they connect with other families who call Juniata County their home. The intertwining generations descended from the pioneer settlers is intricate and reveal many interesting relationships between the neighboring families of yesteryear. Many current residents of Juniata Co PA can tap into a rich heritage of ancestors who fought the Indians, cleared the lands, and built the communities and government that we enjoy today.

I started by going through the 1886 Ellis & Hungerford historical sketches of some of the early settlers of Juniata County, transcribing them as best as I could into interconnected families. I added data from genealogies of some of the early area families, which were compiled by researchers who concentrated on their own specific family. Recently, Iíve been adding information from the biographical sketches in the Juniata Co section of the 1897 Runk book, which has been incredibly useful in linking some of the disparate names and families to their pioneer ancestors. I continue to add to this database from published genealogies, and information contributed by people who stumble onto this site and consider it a worthwhile endeavor.

Names and dates of living individuals are suppressed from view on the Internet out of respect for people's privacy, but I think it will be interesting to see how this all develops over time into a resource where people can look for their Juniata County connections. If you find a relative in this database, and find any incorrect information, or wish to provide additional connections or family information, please write me: mikeamilliken@gmail.com.

This is not intended to be a source of family information, but instead a source of clues for researching family histories. There are duplications, contradictions and outright errors in some of the published works of days gone by, but with the help of knowledgeable contributors, I hope to fix what's broke, iron out some of the wrinkles and put some of the pieces in the right place.

I include e-mail addresses of researchers who are pursuing a particular family line, by making a note that will be displayed in the appropriate family. It could develop into quite a collection of families that intermarried within central Pennsylvania.

Juniata Co Families

Updates can be submitted to: mikeamilliken@gmail.com


EWING family - David P. Ewing: dewing@huntel.net

FLOOD/FLOTT family - Teresa J. (Brewer) Delikat: flott_genealogy@yahoo.com

KEPNER family - Nancy Jackson: nancy3194@comcast.net

MILLIKEN family - Michael Milliken: mikeamilliken@gmail.com

NOSS family - Ann D Tuohy, Snohomish WA

PARSONS family - Teresa J. (Brewer) Delikat: flott_genealogy@yahoo.com

SHOOP family - Teresa J. (Brewer) Delikat: flott_genealogy@yahoo.com


1.) "History of the early settlement of the Juniata Valley : embracing an account of the early pioneers, and the trials and privations incident to the settlement of the valley, predatory incursions, massacres, and abductions by the Indians during the French and Indian wars, and the war of the Revolution, &c." by U.J. Jones. Published by H. B. Ashmead, 1856, Philadelphia PA

2.) "History of that part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys, embraced in the counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" edited by F. Ellis and A. N. Hungerford. Published in 1886 by Everts, Peck and Richards, Philadelphia

3.) "Commemorative biographical encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley, comprising the counties of Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, and Perry, Pennsylvania: containing sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settlers." Published in 1897 by J.M. Runk & Co., Chambersburg, Pa.

4.) "The Descendants of Robert Hoge or Hogg of Tuscarora Valley, Pennsylvania" Including the families of Lytle, McCullough, McKee, Sturgeon, Dunbar, Graham, Stitt, Harnish, Vance, Robinson, Potts, McBride. Prepared by Dr Egle about 1900 and updated in 1921 by Leonard Lytle of Detroit MI

5.) "A genealogy of the Robinson family of Juniata County, Pennsylvania, 1732-1938." by Robert Paul Thompson, San Diego CA 1938

6.) "Here Comes Tomorrow" by Mary Beale Hitchens, ca. 1960

7.) "Francis Innis : pioneer of the Tuscarora Valley, Juniata County, Pennsylvania, and his descendants, being principally a genealogy of the family which arose from James Innis, son of Francis. From research papers of the late Iona Geraldine Innis Austin, and of the compiler and others" compiled and published by James Robert Innis, Jr., 1982, Clifton Graphics, Cincinnati OH

8.) "James McConnell (ca. 1715-1764) of Sherman's Valley, Tyrone Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania" compiled and written by Colleen McConnell Eagan, 1994

9.) "The Flott - Flood Family History 1812 - 2002 190 Years of Family in America Compiled by the Flott - Flood Family Edited by Teresa Brewer Delikat

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