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From L to R:  The 3 story Crescent Hotel, a variety store, Bonebrake Hardware Store, and the Bank of Minco.  The hardware and bank buildings were moved in 1892 to Minco from Union City when the railroad extended south across the South Canadian river to Minco.  The bank was located on the site of Minco's present City Hall.   The bank later built a large building across the street south from the current City Hall, and renamed itself The First National Bank.  The young man in the tall hat is C. B. Campbell,and the man in the derby hat is the bank president, W. G. "Caddo Bill" Williams.

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mincobank1892-6x10.jpg (59336 bytes)

(See below for portraits of the two men above.)


C B Campbell, left, is the founder of Minco.  CBC married one of the daughters of William G Williams, right.  WGW is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, and CBC is buried in Chickasha. CBC's home in Chickasha is now a B&B.  Photos on right courtesy of Sandi Carter , redfox5@sbcglobal.net , of California, whose gg grandmother was a sister of  W. G. Williams. CBCAMPBELL-ABT1884.jpg (113340 bytes)
C B Campbell abt 1884, Minco founder
WGWILLIAMS5x7.jpg (30509 bytes)
W G Williams, Pres, Bank of MInco in early 1890s. 
The Hopkins Hotel was located near the train depot, on the same corner where the welding shop is now. hopkinshotel4x10.jpg (54376 bytes)
Mr. R. S.  Hopkins, owner of the Hopkins Hotel, and his business card. mrhopkins5x7.jpg (24809 bytes)  hopkinshousebusinesscard-3x5.jpg (28819 bytes)
1910 approx;
Minco Grain Elevator, viewed from Main St about 100 feet west of railroad tracks.  To the far left is part of the old Hopkins Hotel which was moved from Main Street to the north end of the same block.
mincograinelevator8x10.jpg (51701 bytes)
About 1895:
The OK Wagon Yard, located, located across the street north of the Presbyterian Church.
OKwagonyard6X10.jpg (79603 bytes)
Campbell and Johnson Livery Stable in 1890s.  Probably 1 1/2 blocks south of city hall on east side of the street.  Campbell also owned a grocery and dry goods store. liverystablecampbell8x10.jpg (75134 bytes)
Grant Finch Yard in 1891.  Located where the Coffee Cup Cafe is now. grantsyard8x10.jpg (93418 bytes)
Cameron Lumber Co in about 1890.  Looking southwest from 2nd and Main (the stoplight).   Both buildings were part of the lumber yard, with the second floor of one serving as Minco's temporary opera house. cameronlumberco8x10.jpg (40808 bytes)
1900.  Looking southeast across the intersection of 2nd and Main (the stoplight).
The gazebo was Minco's band stand.  The tower is the 1st Nat'l Bank.  In the middle is Woodworth's.  The Minco Feed and Grain Store is where the Community Center is now.  On the right is a well with a bucket and pulley.  A few years later the pulley and bucket was replaced by a modern windmill.
mincomainandbandstand1900-3x10.jpg (46071 bytes)
Late 1890s.  The C B Campbell Dry Goods Store, and next door on the right is C B Campbell Grocery.  The grocery is now the recently remodeled mini-mall building across the street from city hall. campbelldrygoods8x10.jpg (93351 bytes)