A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

Second Generation

2.1 Peter (2) MICHELMORE ( Henry ) was baptised on 23 Dec 1634 in East Allington and buried on 6 Apr 1696 in Stokenham.

 Peter spent his early life in East Allington, but he moved to Stokenham on his marriage and became a tailor. In 1672, he rented Cutland's Tenement in Chillington (near Stokenham) on a 99 year lease.

Peter married Elizabeth LUSCUMB in Dec 1655 in Stokenham. Elizabeth was buried on 5 Dec 1682 in Stokenham.

Peter and Elizabeth had the following children.

  3.1 M i Matthew MUCHCHAMORE was christened on 30 Oct 1659 in Stokenham.





Peter (1) MUCHAMORE was christened on 2 Mar 1662 in Stokenham.

+ 3.3 M iii Nicholas (1) MUCHAMOR was christened on 21 Jan 1666 in Stokenham.
  3.4 F iv Katherine MUTCHMORE was born around the same time. We only know about Katherine from the lease her father signed in 1672.

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