A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

Sixth Generation

6.1 William (4) MUCHMOOR ( William (3) , John (5)Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 26 Dec 1784 in East Allington. He died of apoplexy on 12 Mar 1863 in West Alvington and was buried in Churchstow on 15 Mar 1863.

William seems to have lived in Churchstow for most of his life, at first with his parents and then as an agricultural labourer; it is not known why he was christened in East Allington. In 1841, he was living next door to his cousin John's remarried wife Elizabeth and her family, and in 1851 was living next door to his son William (1). William moved to live with his daughter Elizabeth and her husband in West Alvington after his wife died in 1857.

William married Mary HILL on 6 Oct 1814 in Churchstow. Mary was christened on 26 Aug 1787 in Churchstow, the daughter of William and Joan HILL. She died on 3 Jun 1857 of chronic gastritis. Maria Morris MITCHELMORE, stepdaughter of her husband's cousin John (3), was present at her death. William and Mary had the following children.

+ 7.1 F


Mary Ann MITCHELMORE was christened on 3 Jan 1815 in Churchstow.
+ 7.2 F


Jane (1) MITCHELMORE was christened on 11 Aug 1816 in Churchstow.



William (2) MITCHELMORE was christened in Churchstow on 5 Apr 1818 and buried there on 7 Apr 1818.
  7.4 F


Elizabeth (4) MITCHELMORE was christened on 11 Jul 1819 in Churchstow and died in 1898 in West Alvington.
        Elizabeth married agricultural labourer William FORD on 18 Apr 1839 in South Milton. William was born in 1816 in West Alvington and died there in 1883.
        Elizabeth and William lived for a time at South Downs, South Milton, but by 1851 had moved to Washbrook, West Alvington. Sometime before 1871 they moved to West Alvington village, where they lived until their deaths.
  7.5 F


Maria MITCHELMORE was christened on 30 Sep 1821 in Churchstow and died on 9 Aug 1884 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth.
        Maria moved to Stoke Damerel some time before 1851, when she was recorded as a domestic servant. She married Richard HANCOCK on 28 Jun 1851 in Stoke Damerel and continued to live there until her death.


William (1) MITCHELMORE was christened on 13 Jan 1825 in Churchstow. He purchased the 47 acre South Fursdon Farm, Holbeton, Devon, in the late 1850s and farmed it until shortly before his death. He died on 22 Jan 1874 in the Plympton district.
        William married Elizabeth BOND on 30 May 1850 in Churchstow. Elizabeth was christened on  12 Oct 1828 in Loddiswell. In 1857, she received a prize of 10s from the South Devon Agricultural Association for having served  for 18 yr as a female labourer with the same master (Richard LUSCOMBE of Elston, Churchstow). After her husband died, she moved back to Loddiswell and died there on 2 Feb 1891.
        William  and Elizabeth were buried alongside each other in Churchstow churchyard. For a photograph of their gravestone, click here.
+ 7.7


Ann MITCHELMORE was christened on 9 Sep 1827 in Churchstow.


Sarah (1) MITCHELMORE was christened on 17 Apr 1831 in Churchstow and was buried there on 7 Jun 1831.

6.3 John (3) MUCHAMORE ( John (4) , John (5)Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 23 Nov 1777 in Loddiswell, Devon. He died in 1855 in Plymstock, Devon, and was buried on 12 Jul 1855.

John was a labourer all his life. He lived in Churchstow, Devon, where his parents lived, until 1808. He then moved to Plymstock, Devon, where he died as a pauper.

John married (1) Elizabeth MORRIS, on 3 Jul 1796 in Churchstow. Elizabeth was christened on 18 May 1773 in East Allington, daughter of William and Elizabeth MORRIS, and was buried on 3 Sep 1848 in Churchstow. It appears that John deserted Elizabeth in 1808.

Elizabeth's parents had apparently moved with her to Churchstow in about 1780, where four further children were born.

Elizabeth had an illegitimate child Maria Morris MITCHELMORE, christened on 26 Nov 1809 in Churchstow. Maria was living in Churchstow with her mother and her second husband in 1841, and in 1851 was a servant in the household of Thomas CAMP, bailiff of Culverwell Farm, Churchstow. Maria married Joseph MASTERS in 1860. Joseph was christened on 8 Sep 1799 in Thurlestone, a son of Edward and Sarah MASTERS and a brother of the William MASTERS who married her half-sister Charlotte 35 years earlier (see below).

Elizabeth married George HAMBLING,  a farm labourer born about 1790 in Aveton Gifford, on 17 Feb 1815 in Churchstow. Their marriage was performed "with the consent of parents" because Elizabeth was technically still married. Her parents probably attested to the fact that her first husband had not been seen for 7 years, a condition that the church appears to have imposed in place of divorce, which was very difficult to get at the time.

Elizabeth and George had one child, Mary Ann HAMLIN, christened on 23 Jul 1815 in Churchstow. Her descendants are documented here.

John and Elizabeth had the following children.





Jenny MUCHAMORE was christened on 29 Nov 1796 in Churchstow.





Mary (1) MUCHAMORE was christened on 10 Feb 1799 in Churchstow.





William (3) MUCHMORE was born on 5 Nov 1801 and christened in Churchstow on 29 Dec 1801. He died on 19 Nov 1830 in Churchstow and was buried there on 22 Nov 1830. A photograph of his gravestone is available here.

  7.12 F iv Charlotte MUCHMORE was christened on 29 Jul 1804 in Churchstow.




 Charlotte married William MASTERS, a husbandman from the neighbouring parish of Thurlestone, on 3 Jul 1825 in Churchstow. William was christened on 8 Sep 1799 in Thurlestone, a son of Edward and Sarah MASTERS and a brother of the Joseph MASTERS who married Charlotte's half-sister Maria (see above) 35 years later. Charlotte's brother William was a witness at her marriage.





John (2) MICHELMORE was christened on 31 May 1807 in Churchstow.

John married (2) Mary ROWLEY on 13 Jun 1815 in Plymstock, Devon. Mary was born Mary WESTON and christened on 20 Mar 1774 in Exeter; she had married Thomas ROWLEY on 6 Oct 1802 in Plymstock. Mary died in Plymstock in 1850.

Like his first wife, Elizabeth, it appears that John had to wait 7 years after the marriage break-up before he could re-marry.

John and Mary appear to have had one child:





John (1) MICHELMORE was born about 1812. In 1832, he was reported to be a blacksmith aged 20 from Plymstock. He had deserted from the 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot, which was stationed in Jamaica at the time.

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