A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family: Updates log

A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

Updates log

6 Apr 2019 One generation added at the head of the tree (Henry MICHELMORE born about 1600 in East Allington)
14 Sep 2015 Additional details of the original MUCHAMORES and many more modern cousins added.
28 Dec 2013 A more feasible explanation for the appearance of two MUCHAMORE families in Churchstow in 1774 identified, and subsequent changes made to Generations 1-4; many previously supposed members removed and others moved into the appropriate generation; for additional descendants, references provided to the M*CH*MORE One Name Study
15 Mar 2012 Many descendants of William Burner BROOKING and several other families added and many minor details updated
30 Nov 2011 Four generations added to the beginning of the tree and one to the end; links to second 19th century Churchstow family identified and added; entire contents checked and corrected
6 Aug 2010 A further member of Generation 5 (John (2) MICHELMORE) identified, many details added to the descendants of Mary Ann HAMBLING and of Edith Augusta MITCHELMORE, several photos and minor details added throughout
5 Dec 2009 Several updates to the second and third generation descendants of Mary Ann HAMBLING
20 Sep 2009 Site moved from Geocities to Rootsweb; some details on Elizabeth BESWICK and the children of William Henry (1) MITCHIMORE added; dates for William JOSLAND; and some minor additions
25 Apr 2008 Several descendants of Edith Augusta MITCHELMORE added, many minor additions and corrections
14 Aug 2007 Further descendants for Mary Ann HAMBLING, several additional details concerning William Charles John MITCHELMORE, an announcement of the death of Leonard Ernest MITCHELMORE, and a number of minor details added throughout.
12 Feb 2007 A second marriage for John (2) MITCHELMORE and a marriage and descendants for his daughter Mary; two marriages and descendants for William Arthur MITCHELMORE; detailed accounts of the naval careers of Augustus John, William Arthur, his son Enos, and Nathaniel MITCHELMORE; a child for Kate Eleanor MITCHELMORE; and several minor details added throughout.
6 May 2006
Some marriage dates added for Generations 3 and 4, and several minor details added throughout.
3 Feb 2006
Several details and photographs of Caroline MITCHELMORE and Eliza PROWSE added, together with minor details on Mabel Augusta ATHERTON, Augustus John MITCHELMORE, Lillian PESTER and Minnie BURNELL (Generations 4 and 5).
27 May 2005
Further details on the descendants of Elizabeth MITCHELMORE née MORRIS, Eliza MITCHELMORE and Annie Gertrude MITCHELMORE added, together with many miscellaneous details and some additional photos.
20 Sep 2004
Clippings on John (1) MITCHELMORE and William Henry (1) MITCHELMORE added, details on descendants of Charles Frederick MITCHELMORE and Nicola MITCHELMORE corrected and extended, children of Keith BOLLINGTON added, the death of Joyce Frances MITCHELMORE announced, and a few extra photos added.
29 Apr 2004
Transcription of Augustus John MITCHELMORE's obituary added.
8 Apr 2004
Transcription of John (1) MITCHELMORE's will and photograph of Frederick George (1) MITCHELMORE's family added.
9 Dec 2003
Transcription of bastardy order made against John (1) MICHELMORE added
28 Nov 2003
My transcriptions of newspaper clippings, wills, and a family bible added.
25 Nov 2003
Entries re-numbered within generations. Link from Lousia Katherine MITCHELMORE to SAUNDERS line added.
9 Nov 2003
Details on husband and children of Kate Mary MITCHELMORE added (Generation 4)
31 Oct 2003
Missing descendants of  Frederick George (1) MITCHELMORE added (Generations 5 to 7)
28 Oct 2003
Marriages of Harriett MITCHELMORE and William Charles John MITCHELMORE clarified. Husbands and children of most of the remaining granddaughters of John (1) MITCHELMORE identified (Generation 4)
17 Sep 2003
Miscellaneous details from 1891 and 1901 census added (mostly in Generation 4)
16 Aug 2003
Details of further 74 descendants of Caroline MITCHELMORE added
31 Jul 2003
Details of Caroline MITCHELMORE's children corrected and extended
25 Jun 2003
Death details of John (1) MITCHELMORE added
13 Jun 2003  
Details of Caroline MITCHELMORE's ancestry corrected
1 Jun 2003  
Details of descendants of Caroline MITCHELMORE added
3 May 2003 
Bibliography of Leonard Ernest MITCHELMORE added