Doonane & Mayo Parish Records

Baptisms 1843

This is the Doonane & Mayo Parish Records of Queens County transcribed by Michael Brennan c2010

Image No. Year Date Name Father Mother Sponsor1 Sponsor2 Location
MD002a 1847   James Patk Egan Mary Lalor Bridget Keena NL Mayo
MD003 1843 Jun 21 Michael Kenedy Bridget Brennan? Mick L/Ham..erd Ellen ?...
MD003 1843 Jun 24 Anne Mick King Judy Bryan Jas Graney? Mary Carrol Newton
MD003 1843 Jun 24 Mary Tom Tobin Cath Bayle? Jonh Leonard Anne Tobin Clono..?
MD003 1843 Jun 24 John Mathew ?tweed  Ellen Brennan …? …?  
MD004 1843 Jun 24 Jno Patt Hosey Eliza Purcel Pierce Hosey Eliza Buggy Bill…?
MD004 1843 Jun 25 James Jas Branan Judy Le….? Nick Cavanagh Mary Do Ballylihane
MD004 1843 Jun 29 Cath Henry Rutlidge Margt ?assell Thos Hassell? Margt Dunne ??
MD004 1843 Jun 29 Margt ?... McMo…? Mary ….? James & Winiford Brenan ??
MD004 1843 Jun 30 Beaty James Mullan Beaty Euess Hugh Mullan Mary Delany Crittyard
MD004 1843 Jul 5 Thos Thos Neil Margeret Thomson Mick Brenan Ellen N..? Turra
MD005 1843 Jul 14 Patrick Nicholas Dobhin? Betty Condron John Condron Bety Bergan? Garrendenny
MD005 1843 Jul 16 Patt Michk Murphy Ellen Conogan Wlm Lalor Betty Edwards Gortahile
MD005 1843 Jul 16 Patt Martin Kavanagh Cathr Lynne? Patt Quinne Margaret Lawlor Gortahile
MD005 1843 Jul 17 Patt Hugh Manney Mary Dowling Thos Mallin Cathr Purcel Crittyard
MD005 1843 Jul 17 Wlm Jas Murphy Bridget Lalor Denis Dugan Anne Donolly Newtown
MD005 1843 Jul 17 Jas Dan Lalor Margaret Brenan John Lalor Hariet Brenan Newtown
MD005 1843 Jul 23 Anne Wlm Dowling? Margaret? Brenan Andrew Doyle Murth ….? Gusth..?
MD005 1843 Jul 23 John Pat Condron Bridget Moore John Condron Margt Moore Newtown
MD005 1843 Jul 23 Margaret John Haughny Margaret Muldowney Jas Tobin Ellen Bryan Glanbr..?
MD005 1843 Jul 23 George Nick Donnor Mary Brenan John ?..aney Sally Tobin Colnbrook
MD005 1843 Jul 23 Mary Jas Tobin Mary Conran Jas Purcel Mary Condran Newtown
MD005 1843 Jul 28 Michael Murt King Dolly Quinn Mary Lalor John Tobin? J…?
MD005 1843 Jul 30 Margaret John Shone? Margaret Byrne John Moore Elizabeth Shone Mayo
MD005 1843 Jul 30 Catherine Tom Kelly illegible ….? Lalor …. ? Lalor Tolerton
MD005 1843 Jul 30 Jas Pat ?uny? Catherine …? Denis Hag….? Mary Heart  
MD006 1843 Aug 11 Mary Michael & Mary Holmes Mary…? …? Colliery
MD006 1843 Aug 13 Catherine Patrick Price Ellen Brenan Pat Pender Anne Tracey  
MD006 1843 Aug 15 Margt M. ?..dy Margt Keady Mo Lalor Margt Dunn? …?
MD006 1843 Aug 17 Mary Martin Roberts Mary Murphy Patt Connors Mary Brennan Doonane
MD006 1843 Aug 15 John Richard McDarby Mary Moore Martin King Mary Murphy Jurrow
MD006 1843 Aug 20 Anne Michl Galehan? ….? Ryan McGill? Mary Haughaney? Aughar…?
MD006 1843 Aug 20 Anne Mick Brennan Mary Maher Patt Nash Honey Keating Clonbrook
MD006 1843 Aug 21 John Brian Donelly Bridget Coogan Pat Donolly Cathn Coogan Farnens
MD006 1843 Aug 21 Thomas John Moran Margaret Neil John Cavanagh Anne Redmond Farnens
MD006 1843 Aug 22 Eugene Pat Brenan Mary B….? Wlm Dwyer Mrs Tobin or Barber Newtown
MD006 1843 Aug 27 Mary John Dowling Anne Cliar? Lawrence Hosey Anne Ly…? Ball….?
MD006 1843 Aug 28 Mary Jas Nash Eliza Wall Wlm ?Raney Mary Condron Newtown
MD006 1843 Sept 1 Dan..? ..? Abben Moore Mary Brian John Brian Adnn? Dowling? illegible
MD006 1843 Sept 3 Michael Pat Delany …? Brenan John Quin Ca…? ….? Paulstown
MD007 1843 Sept 9 Michael Jas Kealy Margaret Dowling Henary Shone Margaret Kealy Mayo
MD007 1843 Sept 9 Michael John ?raney Mary Brenan Lawrence Tearney Masia Doogan Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 10 Jane Michael Neil Mary Delany John Lalor Winiford Brenan Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 10 Richard Phil Nash Anty Whelan John Hareson? Ally Dormor Doonane
MD007 1843 Sept 12 Denis John Brenan Mary Comerford Jas Cantwell Margaret Cantwell Doonane
MD007 1843 Sept 17 Mary Thos Pike Bridget Purcel Wlm Franey? Ellen Sweeny Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 17 Mary Jas Condron Ellen Reily John Reily Cathrn Reily Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 17 John Pat Gee Cathrn Moore Mick Whelan Biddy Houghny Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 17 Patt Jas Brenan Cathrn Mease? Nicholas & Mary Brennan Aughatery
MD007 1843 Sept 25 Margaret Andrew ?Franey Eliza Bergan Pat Nash Eliza Franey? Newtown
MD007 1843 Sept 27 Michael Michael Slattery Mary Nowlan Wlm Daly Margaret Daly Crettyards
MD007 1843 Oct 1 Maria illegible Doyle illegible illegible illegible Farans
MD008 1843 Oct 4 Anne Jas Dowling Fanny Keating Ger Keating Beaty More? Ticna?
MD008 1843 Oct 14 Martin Mick Dowling Mary Mul…? Daniel Lalor Bridget Mulhall Brannagh
MD008 1843 Oct 15 Frances Mick Gargen Anne Dooawn? Brian D…..y? Judith Redmon Ballylihone
MD008 1843 Oct 19 Ellen John Goldrick Mary Roach Robert Daly Margaret Daly Crettyards
MD008 1843 Oct 21 Wlm Michael Lalor Biddy McDonald Ned Condron Margaret Baglan? Newtown
MD008 1843 Oct 23 Ellen Pat Murphy Margaret Ryan John Thompson Mary Ryan Jurrow?
MD008 1843 Oct 23 Beaty Michael & Mary ….? Anthony & Margaret Farrell? Doonane
MD008 1843 Oct 28 Mary Edward Keating Betty Mac..? Jeffay Brenan Margaret H…? Newtown
MD008 1843 Oct 31 Mary Robert Daly Mary Delany Wlm Daly Mary Lalor Crittyard
MD008 1843 Nov 1? Cathrn Moses  Day Heather Brenan Jno ….? …? Barnett illegible
MD008 1843 Nov 1? Bridget Richard Carrol? A…? Hughs Michael Cavanagh Mary …? Ballylihany
MD008 1843 Nov 15 Jas Dan Brenan Anne Delany John …? …? Brenan Doonane
MD008 1843 Nov 1? Edward …? Brenan illegible Jas ….? illegible illegible
MD008 1843 Nov 22 Richard Richard Leonard? Mary Hall? Edmond Melan? Bridget Hall illegible
MD009 1843 Nov 22 Jno Jas Allen Anne Moore …? Gefry? Ellen Brenan illegible
MD009 1843 Nov 26 Anne Patt Hacket Beaty Reely? Thos Harman? Mary Hacket Brannagh
MD009 1843 Nov 26 Bridget Patt Byrne Mary Camfor? Henry Shane Beaty Dowling Gurthehide
MD009 1843 Nov 26 Thos Mulhall & Mary Boyle John Boyle Maggy Condron Doonane
MD009 1843 Nov 26 Jerom Martin Dowling Cathrn Purcel Edwd Purcel Mary Condron Doonane
MD009 1843 Nov 26 Bridget Pat Nash Bridget Brenan Jas Condron Eliza Delany Newtown
MD009 1843 Dec 4 Thos Jno Golding Mary Brenan Jon Golding Cathrn Keating Dunsally?
MD009 1843 Dec 6 Ger Darley ..ane? Mary …? …? Brenan Mary Muney? Doonane
MD009 1843 Dec 8 Mary Jpseph Cammd? Biddy Dooan? John Farral Mary Farrel Ballylyhane
MD009 1843 Dec 10 Mary Wlm Desckmet? Mary Canson Thos Dexmoth? Mary Dexmoth? Doonane
MD009 1843 Dec 10 Cathrn Daniel Daughny Eliza Kealy John Campian Mary Campion Drymdalla
MD009 1843 Dec 13 Thos Patt Nash? Mary ….? Thos B..uan Beaty Shase? Aughar…?
MD009 1843 Dec 14 Thos Thos Moore Allice King illegible Bridget Walsh illegible
MD009 1843 Dec 17 Thos Martin Campian? Cath Brenan illegible Lora Brenan Kellory
MD009 1843 Dec 20 Jas …? Brenan Cath Nash …? Norton …? Ward Bally…?
MD010 1843 Dec 21 Thos Wlm Bambrick Margt Close Edwd Bambrick Mary Munay ?
MD010 1843 Dec 24 Thos Thos Coughlan Margaret Haughney Thos Haughney Mary Billan? ?
MD010 1843 Dec 24 Cath Owen Bayle Bridget Simmons? Patt Keating K…y Doyle Newtown
MD010 1843 Dec 24 Mary Francis Dillon Bridget Comerford Patt Byrn Mary Byrn Monaneen
MD010 1843 Dec 26 John Mick Lynan Mary Breean Thos Breean Julia Power Augharina
MD010 1843 Dec 26 John Mick Brenan Mary Dunne Mick Byran Mary Bry? Aughrine
MD010 1843 Dec 26 Stephen Jno …? Cath Alean? Michl Brenan Mary Alean? ?
MD010 1843 Dec 27 Elizabeth Jas Deegan Cathrn McCan Patt Brenan Mary Donolly Doonane


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