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Ads & Images of local traders in Co Laois

* Donated by William Muldowney
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1959. Daniel Graham of Tolerton, Crettyard in Co Laois.
Grocery receipt.
(Carlow was used as the postal address)
Patrick Kelly & Co. Iron Works, Maryboro. Co Laois c 1940*
1957. O'Kelly's of Ballickmoyler. Co Laois
Grocery receipt.
Compare the prices under the Inter-Party Government with the Fianna Fail prices up to this election.
1951 / 1954 *
The New Austin Seven
Lanz "Bulldog" Crude Oil Tractors c1940's
R. H. Meredith, Corbally, Ballylinan *
The Marksman camera was made in Canada in the early 1900's
Alo Donegan. Portlaoighise.
'His Master's Voice'
 All wave Radio Model. Dated 16 Nov 1940 *
The KODAK Brownie 127 rollfilm camera, c1953 made from Bakelite.  It took 8 frames on 127 rollfilm.
Weetabix advert c.1940.
W.D & H. O Wills Cigarette card.
Lava soap advert.
Source: Posted by Outeasy
Homemaker Issue No. 3 May 1959
Woman's Own magazine dated 27 Feb 1937. Only 2d!
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