Captain Rock

Here is the Captain Rock song. I wonder if they sang it in the pub in Ballickmoyler?

You true sons of Erin, come now raise your voice,
The day is our own - we have cause to rejoice -
For the Sassanagh tyrants will soon have a fall,
And peelers and proctors must go to the wall.
And its down with knavery,
And Saxons, and slavery,
Hurra, for the Whitefeet and bold Captain Rock.
Too long had the cold-hearted Saxons their way,
And the gay sun of Freedom in bigotry lay;
Too long has a stranger filled Tara’s gold throne;
But we’ll soon have a king and a crown of our own.
And its down, &c.
Oh! brave Captain Rock; he knows how very well
To make tyrants know their ‘Lord God from Tom Bell;’
And the parson and plunderer vengeance will feel,
For, by Jove, he won’t spare either bullet or steel,
And its down, &c.
Be his creed what it may - let what will be his hue,
Whether Papist or Bibleman, Quaker or Jew;
Each land-jobbing rascal and proctor must know,
That brave Captain Rock is the cock that must crow.
And its down, &c.
And the dead time of night when the task-masters sleep,
Their Sassanagh souls in their heart?s blood we’ll steep;
Their houses we’ll burn, their castles destroy,
For bold Captain Rock is no dove-hearted boy.
And its down, &c.

Source: Portlaoise local history library - Tom LaPorte Jan2007

Stephen Gibbons is the author a book: Captain Rock, Night Errant: The Threatening Letters of Pre-Famine Ireland, 1801-1845 : ISBN: 1851827536

I also found the following:  which comes from a website:  (there are no page links): 


Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county Edited by Pádraig G. Lane and William Nolan Gibbons, Stephen Randolph: (Chapter 17) Captain Rock in the Queen’s County, 487–512


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