Brennan Family Photos



Brennan Family Photos

Thomas Brennan (standing on the left) & Mary Anne Moran (seated) and their children Mary (Molly), Christina (Chrissie), Mark, My Mum Elizabeth (Lily) and Katherine (Katty). This picture was taken outside "The Cottage", in Cooper Hill, Ballickmoyler in the County of Laois. Ireland c1926.

The four BRENNAN sisters
Molly (McDonald), Chrissie (Kavanagh), Lily (Kelly) & Katty (Dooley).

Mum & Me in London c.1948
My Army Photo Aldershot 1966
Thomas (Tom) Brennan c.1950's
Martin & Mum. Cooper Hill c.1950's
Hannah Brennan  bridesmaid to her sister Christine who married Joe Bolger in Dublin c.1904
Martin Brennan Cooper Hill c.1950's
Mark Brennan
John Brennan c.1918
Mary Anne Brennan (nee Moran) c.1959
Thomas Brennan c.1927
The wedding of Joe Bolger and Elizabeth Traynor c1936. Couple at the back on the left is Joe's father Joe Bolger and his wife Christine Brennan.
Michael Brennan and his daughter Christina Brennan
Children: Michael Boran & Eileen Boran c.1950's
Thomas Dooley from Ardnehue
Died 21st November 1950 aged 76 years.
Elizabeth Dooley (wife of Thomas) from Ardnehue. Died 27th November 1961 aged 84 years
James Dooley (son of Thomas & Elizabeth) from Pollerton Road, Carlow. Died 2nd June 1957 aged 58 years.

Dinny Lawlor in Cooper Hill c.1950

Tommy Lawlor in his FCA uniform c,1950's

Christina Boran (nee Brennan) and Michael Boran

John Moran dressed  in the uniform of the 3 Dragoon Guards
Mary Anne Moran
Mary Anne Moran c1906

My Army Service

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