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Hi, my name is Michael Brennan. I am the G/G/G/Grandson of William Brennan who's family lived and worked in and around the area of Ballickmoyler, Woodland and Arles in the County of Laois during the 1760's.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my mother Elizabeth (Lily) Kelly (nee Brennan), R.I.P.  She was born in Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois on the 26th October 1922 and died on the 30th June 1996  in Portlaoise Hospital, Co. Laois. This website contains information about my BRENNAN, MORAN, BORAN, LALOR, CARTER & KELLY ancestors and about the villages of Ballickmoyler, Arles, Killabban, Ashfield, Ballynagall and Cooper Hill in Queens County (Co. Laois/Co. Leix).

I was born in London, England in 1946 and was brought up in both London, England and Cooper Hill, Co Laois and went to school in London and Arles.

Me aged 2 in London 1948

I had my first real job after leaving school in Arles in The Royal Hotel in Carlow and then I went to work in the Crofton Hotel, Carlow.

I am endeavouring to research the history of my Brennan / Moran family who all come from around Ballickmoyler and Arles.  This is proving very difficult because of the number of Brennan families that lived in and around the area during the mid 1800's and even more difficult is the lack of accessible records available to amateur researchers like myself.

I am always hopeful that one day someone will come forward with some information, however small, about my ancestors.

My Army Service

I would like at this point to say Thank You to all the people who have helped me with my research to date, because without their kind help I would not have found to information I have on my family which can be seen at the following location:


 My G/G/G/Grandson of William Brennan would have been alive during the reign of George III of England.

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I have also provided some basic information to help you in your own search for your family ancestors in Ireland. So I hope you enjoy your tour of the site and hopefully you will find something that is of interest to you among the pages.

This site also includes Historical & Genealogical information about the South East of County of Laois in Ireland


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1. # WILLIAM BRENNAN was born c.1810, Woodland and died 24th December 1862 aged 52 years in Woodland, Co Laois. He married MARIE ANNE WALSH, on 2nd May 1839 in Ballickmoyler. *.  She was born c.1820., and died 28th October 1894, aged 74 years.

(Source: # Photo of gravestone (above) in Arles Graveyard).


i. MARK BRENNAN, b. 1841, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 21st Mar 1902, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois. ** (Married Catherine (Katie) Lalor on 30th Jan 1872 at Arles)., b, 1859 and d, 13th Jan 1893.

ii. EDWARD BRENNAN, b. 4th Apr 1844, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois.   Lived in Ballickmoyler and probably worked in Rossmore *

iii.  CHARLOTT BRENNAN, b. 14th Jan 1849, Woodland, Co Laois.  *

vi. JOHANA BRENNAN, b. 25th Mar 1847, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois.   Married James Delany 29 Jan 1862 in Arles *

* JOHANA BRENNAN, married James Delany 29th Jan 1862 in Arles and lived at Skenhanagh. Co Laois

Children: of Johana Brennan & James Delany

* William Delany b,5th Dec 1862 and lived at Skenhanagh. Co Laois
Pat Joseph Delany 8th Apr 1864 and lived at Skenhanagh. Co Laois

* William Delany married Maria Angus Conway in Cork on 4th Oct 1910.

v. LUCY BRENNAN, b. 19 Feb 1851, Woodland, Co Laois.  *

vi. WILLIAM BRENNAN, b. 29th Jun 1852, Woodland, Co Laois. * Died 11th September 1898, aged 39 years of age; (According to his headstone inscription he was born in 1859).

vii. MARGARET BRENNAN, b. 19th Jan 1856, Woodland, Co Laois.  *

viii. ANNE BRENNAN, b 23rd Aug 1857, Woodland, Co Laois.  *

ix. DENIS BRENNAN, b? Woodland,  Died 16 October 1918 (Appears in 1901 Census as Head of Household)

* = Source: Arles Parish Baptism Records

** = Source: 1901 Census & Reg of B.M.D. Dublin found by Rita Murphy (Moran) 1999

Generation No. 2

2. MARK BRENNAN (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 1836 in Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois, and died 21 Mar 1902 in Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois. He married CATHERINE (KATIE) LALOR 30 Jan 1872 in Sacred Heart Church, Arles, Co Laois, daughter of JOHN LALOR and WIFE???. She was born 1859 in Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois, and died 13 Jan 1893 in Ballynagall, Co, Laois.

  • Notes on Mark Brennan:

He is listed in the 1901 Census for Ireland as been as been aged 65 years of age which means he was born in the year of 1836. His Death certificate lists him as been aged 61 years old when he died which means he was born in 1841. This was quite common to advance ones years at this time so he could claim a pension. He was also listed as been unable to Read. His trade is listed as been that of a Slater & Plaster. It is reputed that he was involved in slating the roof of Arles National School. He would have been about 20 years of age at the time. The Arles National School was built c1856 and the Sacred Heart Church, Arles which is next to the school was built in 1866. He is buried along with his wife CATHERINE (KATIE) LALOR in Arles Graveyard. Co. Laois.


i. EDWARD (NED) BRENNAN, b. 1873, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 1911, Mountmellick, Co. Laois.

ii. WILLIAM BRENNAN, b. 15 Apr 1873, Arles, Co Laois; d. 07 Aug 1895, Ballynakill..

iii. HANNAH BRENNAN, b. 25 Oct 1874, Coopers House, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 29 Feb 1940, Loreto Convent, Lucknow, India.

iv. THOMAS (TOM) BRENNAN, b. 09 Jul 1876, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 26 Nov 1957, Portlaoise Hospital, Co Laois.

v. CHRISTINA BRENNAN, b. 15 Dec 1878, Coopers House, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. Unknown, Dublin.

vi. MARK BRENNAN, b. 29 May 1881, Ballynagall, Co. Laois; d. 05 Apr 1966, Mountmellick Hospital, Co Laois.

vii. MICHAEL BRENNAN, b. 05 Aug 1883, Coopers House, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 24 May 1964, Ballynagall, Co Laois.

viii. MARTIN BRENNAN, b. 29 Nov 1888, Coopers House, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. 1963, 1 Adela St, Antrim Rd, Belfast 15. NI.

ix. MISS ANNIE BRENNAN, b. 1891, Coopers House Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois; d. Unknown, Dublin.

x. JOHN BRENNAN, b. 17 Aug 1892, Ballynagall, Co, Laois; d. France WW1 He was killed in action on 14 October 1918

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My interests are British Stamps, Postal History of England and old postcards especially of London, and Yorkshire, England.

I am also a great fan of the 1950's & 1960's era.

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