Oath of Allegiance

Whilst carrying out research at Portlaoise local history library in August 2006 I came across a set of folk stories from The Rushes area near Ballickmoyler:

Whitefoot oath version given by an informer to H. B. Wray,
Queen's County Police, Jan 1832.7

Whitefoot Oath of Allegiance

1st. I solmly sware to be loyall and true to the New Ribbon Act.
2nd. I sware, I will to the best of my power, Cut Down Kings, Queens and Princes, Duks, Earls, Lords, and all such with Land Jobin and herrisy.
3rd. I sware that I will never Pity the moans or groans of the Dying, from the Cradell to the Crutch, and that I will wade knee Deep in Orange Blood.
4th. I sware I am to Bear My right arm to be Cut of and trow over the left shoulder and nailed to the traples Door of Armagh before I will way lay or betray or go in to any Court to Prosecute a Brother, known him to be such.
5th. I sware I will go 10 miles on foot and 15 Miles on horse back in five minutes warning.
6th. I sware I will give Money to Purchase and repair fire arms ammunition and the Like, and every other weapon that may Be wanting.
7th. I sware I never will tell the man's name nor the man's name that stood By making me a Ribbonman or Whitefoot to any one under the Cannopy of heaven, not even to Priest, Bishop, or any in the Church.
8th. I sware I will not stand to hear hell or confusion Drank to a whitefoot or Ribbonman without resisting the same or quitting the Company.
9th. I sware I never will Keep a robber's company Nor harbour him, except for fire Arms
10th. I sware I will not make foul freedom with a Brother's wife or Sister Known them to be as Such.
11th. I sware I will not Keep the second Coat or the Second Shilling and a Brother to Be in want or relief, Known him to be as Such.
12th. I sware I will not Be present at the Making of a ribbonman or White foot without Proper orders from our Captain.
In pursuance of this Spirituall Oblagation so Healp mee God.

Ribbonmen:  a member of a Roman Catholic secret society founded in Ireland in 1808 in opposition to the landlord class.

Also see website on John Sharp c1811-1863

Source: Portlaoise local history library - Tom LaPorte Jan2007


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