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28 Feb 2013

Source: A History of California and an Extended History of Its Southern Coast Counties, Volume 2 By J. M Guinn - Published 1907

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BENJAMIN B. HIGGINS. For upwards of thirty years a resident of San Diego county, Benjamin B. Higgins, of Bonsall, is noted as one of its most valued citizens, resolute, energetic and enterprising, and one who has made his mark in the building up of the township in which he resides, both socially and financially. He is engaged in general agriculture, to which he devotes his whole attention, and is meeting with unbounded success in his undertakings. A native of Oregon, he was born in Polk county, August 27, 1856, a son of the late Hiram* Higgins.
Born in Illinois, Hiram* Higgins was brought up on a farm, and when old enough to start in life embarked in agricultural pursuits. He subsequently resided for a few years in Missouri, and while there traded extensively in Mexico. Crossing the plains with ox teams in 1849, he arrived in California after a long and dangerous trip, and for awhile tried mining. He subsequently went to Polk county, Ore., where he cleared a ranch from the wild land, upon which he made his home until locating once more in California. Having purchased land near Compton he located upon it in 1867 and continued in his chosen occupation. About 1875 he entered the land now included in the present home ranch of his son Benjamin, and established an apiary, which he managed successfully for some years. He married Malinda Derben, a native of Missouri, and of the eleven children, seven sons and four daughters, born of their union, ten are living. the oldest child being now sixty years of age. Both parents united with the Christian Church when young, and the mother, who resides in Compton, in one of its most faithful and consistent adherents.
When four years of age Benjamin B. Higgins came with the family to Southern California. and for about seven years lived in Los Angeles, where he laid the foundation for his future education. In 1867 the family removed to Compton, where he attended the graded schools, completing the full course of instruction. Coming with his father to Bonsall in 1875 he assisted him in starting an apiary, and for many years carried on an extensive business in bee farming, having on an average about one hundred and fifty colonies of bees, one season this number being increased to four hundred colonies. In 1889 Mr. Higgins bought from his father this ranch of one hundred and sixty acres, and has since devoted himself to general farming, including the raising of grain, beans, walnuts and peaches. He raises good crops, and as an agriculturist is exceedingly prosperous, fortune smiling on all of his ventures. He also has a French Percheron stallion. for breeding purposes.
In 1879 Mr. Higgins married Laura Combs, and they became the parents of six children, namely: Alfred A., of Bonsall; Frances, wife of Augustus Culp, of Oceanside; Lizzie, wife of Charles Trotter. of Oceanside: Elon, living at home; Benjamin, at home, and Mary, at home. In 1903 Mr. Higgins was again married, Sadie Kitching becoming his wife. Politically Mr. Higgins is identified with the Democratic party, and although not an aspirant for public ofiice has long served as school trustee, for fifteen years being clerk of the board. Fraternally he is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
* Census shows name to actually be Harmon Higgins

Source: An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County, California. Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company,1889 Pg. 759
HARMON HIGGINS, deceased, came to California in 1844. He was born in Illinois, February 19,
1812. His parents, Josiah and Margaret Higgins, of Tennessee, moved to Platt County, Missouri, when Harmon was one year old. There he was reared and educated, receiving both a common-school and a college education. He was married in Holt County, Missouri, December 25, 1842, to Miss Malinda Durbin, a native of Platt County, Missouri, and a daughter of Daniel and Thurza (Fuget) Durbin. They were natives of Missouri and Kentucky respectively. The father traces his genealogy back to the Irish and Welsh, and the mother to the French and Welsh. They reared a large family, seven girls and three boys. Two years after his marriage the subject of this sketch set out for California, coming overland in company with a train consisting of twenty-six families, with Niel Gillam as their Captain. They arrived in Portland, Oregon, about Christmas, where they remained until the spring of 1849, during which time Mr. Higgins was engaged in the management of a large sheep and cattle ranch. He then moved to San Francisco, and for six months was engaged in mining. He subsequently moved to the Napa Valley where he farmed for three years, and then returned to his ranch in Oregon, remaining there six months. In 1861 he moved to El Monte, where he rented land four years. In 1865 he bought eighty acres of land where the city of Compton now stands, and was one of the original settlers of the place. He subsequently purchased 160 acres of land in San Diego County, residing on it one
year, and then moving back to his Compton ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins have reared a large family, eleven children in all, ten of whom are yet living: James P., Dallas A., Josiah, Harmon, Buchanan, William R., Wallie, Mary E., wife of Madison Sutton; Augusta, wife of Jefferson Mago; Cassanda, wife of John Hollman; and Frances M., who died at the age of eleven years. Mr. Higgins led a useful life and was a highly respected citizen. His death occurred March 2, 1887, at his home in Compton. Mrs. Higgins has recently built a large and elegant residence on the old farm just inside the city limits of Compton, where, with her sons and two grandchildren, she is spending the evening of life in a manner which only those who have led a useful life can enjoy.

Missouri Marriage Records
Name: Mr Harmon Higgins
Marriage Date: 28 Feb 1843
Marriage County: Holt
Spouse Name: Miss Malinda Durbin

1860; Census Place: Township 2, Tulare, California; Roll: M653_71; Page: 18; Image: 18
Name Age

Harmon Higgins 48
Malinda Higgins 33
James Higgins 15
Dallas Higgins 12
Harmon Higgins 12
Sarah Higgins 10
Mary Higgins 7
Benjamin Higgins 4
Augusta Higgins 2

1880; Census Place: Wilmington, Los Angeles, California; Roll: 67; Page: 372D; Enumeration District: 032; Image: 0447. (No image available)
Name Age

Harmon Higgins 68
Melinda Higgins 53
St. J. Higgins 17
Cassandra Higgins 17
William R. Higgins 19
Solon Higgins 10
Melinda F. Higgins 7

1880; Census Place: Pala, San Diego, California; Roll: 72; Family History Film: 1254072; Page: 613D; Enumeration District: 073; Image: 0450.

Name Age
Benjamin Higgins 23
Laura Higgins 20
Alfred A. Higgins 5m

1900; Census Place: Pala, San Diego, California; Roll: 99; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 0175
Name Age

B B Higgins 41
Laura N Higgins 39
Alfred A Higgins 20
Fanny Higgins 18
Lizzie Higgins 15
Elmo Higgins 14
Benjamin Higgins 12
Linnie Higgins 10
Mary Higgins 8

1910; Census Place: Fallbrook, San Diego, California; Roll: T624_95; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 0133
Name Age

Laura M Higgins 44
Linnie Higgins 17
Mary Higgins 15
Lizzie Trotter 22
Velma Trotter 4

1920; Census Place: Compton, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T625_103; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 41; Image: 131
Name Age

Alfred Higgins 40
Mary Higgins 39
Glady Higgins 17
William Higgins 16
Charles Higgins 13
Catherine Higgins 12
Margaret Higgins 10
Pearl Higgins 6
Robert Higgins 4
Hazel Higgins 3
June Higgins 1 8/12

1930; Census Place: Hemet, Riverside, California; Roll: 183; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 15; Image: 454
Name Age (No image available)

Benjamin B Higgins 74
Sarah A Higgins 52

1930; Census Place: Compton, Los Angeles, California; Roll: 125; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 877; Image: 790 (No image available)
Name Age

Alfred A Higgins 50
Mary E Higgins 49
Robert W Higgins 14
Hazel Higgins 13
June Higgins 10
Dorothy Higgins 7

1940; Census Place: Compton, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T627_223; Page: 17B; Enumeration District: 19-75  (No image available)
Name Age

Alfred Higgins 60
Mary Higgins 59
Charles Higgins 34
Robert Higgins 24
Dorothy Higgins 16

California, Death Index
Name: Alfred A Higgins Gender: Male
Birth Date: 6 Jan 1880
Birth Place: California
Death Date: 30 Aug 1960
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Combs
Harmon Higgins, Sr
Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park
Compton Los Angeles County California, USA
Plot: 6-2, Lot 24

Other Higgins' can be found by searching Find-a-graves database for this cemetery


19 Feb 2013

Source: History of Solano and Napa Counties, California: With Biographical Sketches -
By Thomas Jefferson Gregory - Published 1912

Among those who have lifted themselves from small beginnings into prominence and success as general farmers and land-owners is William Higgins, whose farm of one hundred and seventy acres in Suisun township, Solano county, affords expression of his intelligent industry and progressiveness. Primarily he is interested in dairying on a large scale. but a portion of his land is devoted to fruit and grain raising.
Mr. Higgins was fifteen years old when he left County Limerick, Ireland, where he was born in 1835. For eight years he was variously employed in Massachusetts, principally as a boat hand. and in the fall of 1860 he came to California by way of Panama, bringing with him his wife, formerly Elizabeth Egan. whom he married August 19, 1860, and who also is a native of Ireland. The parents of Mrs. Higgins died in Ireland during the first years of the young couple’s residence in this state, while Mr. Higgins’ mother died several years previous to the passing of his father, Lawrence Higgins. in 1865, at the age of eighty-four years. William Higgins landed in San Francisco from Panama, and two months later came to Solano county. where he found employment on a farm. Later he engaged in contract work of various kinds. and at the end of fifteen years had saved enough to purchase his present farm in Suisun township. He is interestingly reminiscent of the early days of the locality and recalls having shot deer and other game at a time when the scarcity of his income made it essential for the maintenance of life.
In political affiliations Mr. Higgins is a Democrat, but his vote is influenced largely by the character and fitness of the candidate. As road overseer for many years he had much to do towards the present fine condition of the public highways of the township. and as school trustee he has lent practical assistance to the establishment of a high grade of instruction. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins became the parents of eight children. six of whom are living: Lawrence. born in 1862, a farmer of Green valley, this state; Minnie, born in 1864. wife of George Kenlock, a resident of Suisun; Kate F., born in 1866, wife of James Clayton, of Berkeley; Sarah, born in 1868. the wife of Daniel H. White. of Fairfield; William Higgins. Jr., born in 1871. and an employee of the Union Iron Works Company, of San Francisco; and Josephine, the wife of Philip Winkleman. a farmer of Shasta county. John Robert Higgins, the sixth oldest of the children. born in 1873, was killed by a railroad train in Berkeley in 1905. and Eugene Higgins died in infancy.
William Higgins
Burial: Saint Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery Fairfield, Solano County, California, USA

1910; Census Place: Green Valley, Solano, California; Roll: T624_108; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 0197
Name Age

William Higgins 74
Elizabeth Higgins 77

1900; Census Place: Green Valley, Solano, California; Roll: 113; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 0141
Name Age

William Higgins 65
Elizabeth Higgins 65

1880; Census Place: Green Valley, Solano, California; Roll: 83; Page: 393B; Enumeration District: 114; Image: 0512.
Name Age

William Higgins 43
Elizabeth Higgins 45
Lawrence Higgins 17
Mary E. Higgins 15
Kate Higgins 13
Sarah Higgins 12
William Higgins 8
John Higgins 7
Josephine Higgins 2
Eugene Higgins 2m

1870; Census Place: Green Valley, Solano, California; Roll: M593_90; Page: 37B; Image: 77
Name Age

William Higgins 45
Elizabeth Higgins 40
Lawrence Higgins 7
Mary E Higgins 6
Catharine Higgins 4
Sarah E Higgins 2



26 Dec 2011


My name is Diana and I'm in search of information about Andrew Jackson Higgins who lived in Calistoga, California around 1906/7. He had 3 daughters and one son who died in infancy. The daughters were: Adeline Viola (my mother), Marion, Andrea (still living and is 90) and a son Samuel. Andrew's wife was Lillian Schwartz whom he married on November 8,1913 in San Francisco, California. Andrew's mother was Rodie Owens and his father, Andrew Jackson Higgins. Andrew's father had an express business and contracts with the government and Wells Fargo to carry freight from the post office to the train.

 There is a picture of them in 2 books I have Memoirs & Anecdotes of Early Days in Calistoga by I. C. Adams. The picture appears on page 61. The second book Images of America Calistoga is by John Waters Jr. with the Sharpsteen Museum with the picture appearing on page 75.

I am interested in gathering information about the family's early history and their route to Calistoga. I'm looking for birth, marriage, and death records and any other information that will help me trace my heritage.

Thank you so very much
Diana McVicker     contact her at dmcv1 AT

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Name Age

Andrew J Higgins 27
Lilliam M Higgins 22
Adaline V Higgins 5
Marion J Higgins 1 5/12

1910; Census Place: Hot Springs, Napa, California; Roll: T624_90; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 0073; Image: 10
Name Age

Andrew J Higgins 48
Rhoda J Higgins 46
Emma Higgins 19
Andrew Higgins 17
Harry Higgins 15
Philip J Higgins 11
Wilbur H Higgins 9

1900; Census Place: Calistoga, Napa, California; Roll: T623_95; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 88
Name Age

Andrew Higgins 36
Rhoda Higgins 35
Viola Higgins 15
Fread H Higgins 13
Claude Higgins 11
Emaline Higgins 9
Andrew Higgins 8
Harry Higgins 5
Philip Higgins 1

1880; Census Place: Calistoga, Napa, California; Roll: 69: 1254069; Page: 419D; Enumeration District: 077; Image: 0841
Name Age

Hattie Higgins 37
Andrew Higgins 18
Samuel Higgins 16
Frederick Higgins 14
William Spires 28

1870; Census Place: Hot Springs, Napa, California; Roll: M593_75; Page: 16A; Image: 35
Name Age

Jeramiah Higgins 35
Harriett Higgins 27
Andrew Higgins 8
Samuel Higgins 6
Fredrick Higgins 4

1860; Census Place: Big Rock, Mendocino, California; Roll: M653_60; Page: 872; Image: 336
Name Age

Jeremiah H Higgins 28
Harriet A Higgins 19
Jno Higgins 3/12

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards
(see attached image)
Name: Andrew Jackson Higgins Birth Date:5 Jan 1893
Birth Place: Calistoga, California Residence: Napa, California Race: White

World War I Draft Registration Cards
(see attached image)
Name: Andrew J Higgins Birth Date:5 Jan 1893
Race: Caucasian (White) County: Napa State: California
Birthplace: California; United States of America


29 Sep 2010

Chester Clyde Higgins - South Idaho Press - (Jan/22/2010)

PALMDALE, California - Chester Clyde Higgins, 89, died Friday, Jan. 15, 2010, at his home with his family by his side.
He leaves behind his beautiful wife of 68 years, Margaret Pace Higgins; and three daughters, Kathie Haight of Palmdale, Calif., Lisa Hobson of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Heidi Porter (Brett) of Palmdale, Calif. Chuck also leaves behind 12 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Chuck was born Dec. 23, 1920, in Burley, Idaho, to Clarence Higgins and Easter Ahlm and was the youngest of six children. His growing up years were spent in Burley and Twin Falls, Idaho; he graduated from Twin Falls High School in 1939. Chuck joined the Navy in 1942 and was a gunner's mate assigned to the Armed Guard on a Liberty ship and honorably discharged in 1945.
Chuck and Margaret spent their early years in Ketchum, Idaho, and, in 1951, moved their small family to Southern California, where Chuck worked for Lockheed Aircraft. In 1953, he began his career with California Bank and spent the next 10 years in the banking business.
His love for Idaho and fishing brought him back home again in 1963, this time to Salmon, Idaho. Living in Salmon gave him many opportunities for camping, fishing and hunting.
In 1969, Chuck returned to banking, thus starting a 12-year career with Bank of Idaho/First Interstate Bank. He retired as vice president in 1981. After retirement from banking, he did consulting in Burley, Idaho, and Anchorage, Alaska; he retired a second time in 1986. Chuck was a member of the Elks, Lyons and American Legion. He enjoyed gardening and golf and was quite the handyman, and he could always tell a great story and a good joke. He will be greatly missed by his family.
At his request, no service will be held.

Published Friday, January 22, 2010 - Copyright © 2010, Lee Publications Inc.

Social Security Death Index
Name: Chester Clyde Higgins
Last Residence: 84780 Washington, Washington, Utah, U.S.A.
Born: 23 Dec 1920 Died: 15 Jan 2010
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951)

1930; Census Place: Burley, Cassia, Idaho; Roll 398; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 15; Image: 307
(No Image Available)
Name Age
Esther Higgins 43 b. Minnesota Parents b. Sweden
Bernice Higgins 17 b. Colorado Father N. Dakota Mother b. Minnseota
Thomas Higgins 16 b. Idaho
James Higgins 14 b. Idaho
Jack Higgins 12 b. Idaho
Lillian Higgins 11 b. Idaho
Chester Higgins 9 b. Idaho


24 Feb 2010

Source: Hunting for gold: reminisences [sic] of personal experience and research in ... By William Downie, Chris M. Waage - Published 1893

I cannot here pass by the memory of one who was dear to all who knew him—the late Frank J. Higgins, who died in San Francisco on the 3d of January, 1889, after a most active life, in which he used his best efforts and energies in the public service and for the benefit of the order of Native Sons.

Mr. Higgins was for many years a special revenue officer, stationed in San Diego, where his native affability secured him many friends. He lived there during the good days of Southern California, and accumulated quite a fortune through careful management and judicious investment, and his early death was a grief, not only to his fellow-members of the Order, but to all who had enjoyed business or friendly relations with him during his very active life.

Mr. Higgins was born in Tuolumne County and was educated in San Francisco. He was a life-long friend of Grand Secretary Lunstedt, a charter member of the Order, and one of its early Presidents. At his funeral was expressed, in many fitting ways, the great esteem in which .he was held, and the sorrow that his death brought to the hearts of all who knew him. But his memory is garlanded with the flowers that' never fade— the immortelles of love, and friendship, and respect.


04 Oct 2009

Fairhaven Memorial Park - Santa Ana, Orange County, California
Fairhaven Memorial Park & Mortuary - 1702 Fairhaven Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Higgins, Arthur P., b. 1912, d. 1970, Our beloved Brother, Lawn AJ,
Higgins, Christopher Camden, b. 06 Aug 2000, d. 09 Aug 2000, Beloved Son & Brother, Lawn AN,
Higgins, Clarence R., b. 17 Nov 1903, d. 22 Jul 1965, CA Pfc 646 Tech Sch SQ AAF WWII, Lawn South,
Higgins, Clarice M, b. 1926, d. 1988, In Memory, Lawn AG,
Higgins, Edward B., b. 1899, d. 1959, Loving Husband & Dad, Lawn AK, [JS]
Higgins, Juanita E., b. 1916, d. 1988, In loving memory, s/w Marvin B. Higgins, Lawn South,
Higgins, Mamie, b. 1878, d. 1944, Mother, Lawn AH,
Higgins, Marie E., b. 1903, d. 1985, Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother, Lawn AK,
Higgins, Marvin B., b. 1926, d. 1993, In loving memory, s/w Juanita E. Higgins, Lawn South,
Higgins, Sandra Johnston, b. 1941, d. 1963, Beloved Daughter & Sister, Lawn AK,
Higgins, Sardus M, b. 1881, d. 1946, Lawn AH,

1930; Census Place: Orange, Orange, California; Roll 181; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 56; Image: 983
Name Age
Clarence R Higgins 26 b. Colorado Service Station Operator
Hazel H M Higgins 21 b. Kansas
Norma L Taylor 4 1/12 b. California

California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Clarence R Higgins Sex: MALE
Birth Date: 17 Nov 1903 Birthplace: Colorado
Death Date: 22 Jul 1965 Death Place: Orange
Mother's Maiden Name: Tannehil

1930; Census Place: Orange, Orange, California; Roll 181; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 56; Image: 987
(No Image Available)
Name Age

Sardus M Higgins 49 b. Nebraska Owner & Manager of Furniture Store
Pearl E Higgins 44 b. Colorado
Frank O Higgins 24 b. Colorado

Name Age
Sardus M Higgins 37
Pearl E Higgins 33
Clarance R Higgins 16
O Frank Higgins 13

Source: World War I Draft Registration Cards
Name: Sardus Milo Higgins County: Fremont
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
State: Colorado Birth Date: 21 May 1881 Race: White
Nearest Contact: Pearl Edna Higgins
Medium Build, Medium Height,

Name Age
S M Higgins 28 b. Nebraska Merchant/ Furniture Store
Pearl Higgins 24 b. Colorado
Clarence Higgins 6 b. Colorado
Frank Higgins 4 b. Colorado

1 & 2
Name Age
William Higgins 31
Winifred Higgins 27
Belle Higgins 4
Hazel H Higgins 1
Sardus M Higgins 19

Social Security Death Index
Name: Juanita E. Higgins
Last Residence: 92703 Santa Ana, Orange, California, U.S.A.
Born: 18 Jul 1916 Died: Sep 1988
State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri (Before 1951)

Social Security Death Index
Name: Clarice M. Higgins
Last Residence: 92707 Santa Ana, Orange, California, USA
Born: 19 Jan 1926 Died: 14 Mar 1988
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (Before 1951

1930; Census Place: Orange, Orange, California; Roll 181; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 53; Image: 891
(No Image Available)
Name Age

William O Higgins 60
E L Winifred Higgins 56
Clyde Higgins 24
Levi Hailey 85

1 & 2
Name Age
William O Higgins 49
Winifred Higgins 46
Belle Higgins 23
Hazel Higgins 21
Estella Higgins 16
Clyde Higgins 12

California Death Index
Name: Clyde William Higgins Sex: MALE
Birth Date: 6 Feb 1907 Birthplace: Colorado
Death Date: 25 Sep 1997 Death Place: Orange
Mother's Maiden Name: Hailey

no known connection with above Higgins listings
Higgins, Everett
b. 1864 d. 1932 Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana Orange County California, USA
Note: Husband of Mary E. Green Higgins

Higgins, Mary E.
(nee Green)
b. Nov. 29, 1870 d. Aug. 28, 1946 Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana Orange County California
Note: Wife of Everett Higgins

1930; Census Place: Tustin, Orange, California; Roll 181; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 88; Image: 547
(No Image Available)

Name Age
Everett L Higgins 65 b. Massachusetts Farmer
Mary E Higgins 59 b. Wisconsin

Name Age
Everett Higgins 55
Mary Higgins 49
Edith Higgins 23

Name Age
Everett L Higgins 45
Mary E Higgins 38
Edith M Higgins 13

Name Age
Everett L Higgins 35 b. Dec 1864
Mary E Higgins 29
Edith M Higgins 4
Ida F Higgins 32 Sister
John R Green 17 Brother in Law

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Leonard G. HIGGINS Self M Male W 50 MA Carpenter MA MA
Jane HIGGINS Wife M Female W 42 MA Keeping House MA MA
Everett L. HIGGINS Son S Male W 15 MA At Home MA MA
Ida F. HIGGINS Dau S Female W 12 MA At Home MA MA
Source Information:
Census Place Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts
Family History Library Film 1254567
NA Film Number T9-0567 Page Number 19B

Leonard Higgins G., Grove Mills, h Nelson Place


22 Jun 2009

Source: Los Angeles from the Mountains to the Sea: With Selected Biography of Actors and Witnesses to the Period of Growth and Achievement - By John Steven McGroarty
Published by American Historical Society, 1921

Thomas Higgins. In several of the greatest mining districts 'of the Southwest Thomas Higgins was the pioneer operator. Mr. Higgins is a man of half a century of experience, has been through all the ups and downs of the profession, and some years ago he came to Los Angeles to invest his means, and is owner of some of the city's most conspicuous property.

Mr. Higgins was born at Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland, July 12, 1844, a son of Patrick Higgins. Up to the age of fourteen he attended national schools and then contented himself with the quiet routine of his father's farm until he came to America. After coming to this country he lived in Troy, New York, and was employed in iron works a short time. He then invaded the wilderness of the middle west and became a woodsman and lumberman at Mosinee, Wisconsin. Two years later he went south along the lower Mississippi, and for several years was foreman in the construction of river levees. Later he worked on construction for the Iron Mountain Railway.

The next change in scene and occupation took him to the far northwest, and through the territories of Washington and Oregon he prospected for gold until the Indians became so troublesome as to drive him out. Going to San Francisco he continued his journeys through the locality known as Tombstone, Arizona, and was probably one of the first white men to prospect in that mining district. Sometime later he went on to the Mule Pass Mountains, close to the Mexican line, where Bisbee is now located, and was also one of the pioneers in that locality. In these and other districts of Arizona Mr. Higgins continued his work as a miner and mine developer until long after his fortune had been assured. He still retains extensive interests at Bisbee, but since 1900 has been a resident of Los Angeles.

At Los Angeles and vicinity he has invested heavily in real estate and other properties. In 1910 he erected the ten story office building, 120x160 feet, at the corner of Second and Main streets, known as the Higgins Building. In 1914 he organized the Higgins Estate, and became its president. Mr. Higgins has never married, and has generously dispensed his means for various charitable causes and institutions. He is a member of the Catholic church and is a republican in politics.

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1880 - Census
Thomas HIGGINS Household Male
Other Information:
Birth Year <1843> Birthplace IRE Age 37
Occupation Laborer Marital Status S <Single> Race W <White>
Head of Household N. PALMER Relation Other
Father's Birthplace IRE Mother's Birthplace IRE
Source Information:
Census Place Miami, Pinal, Arizona
Family History Library Film 1254036
NA Film Number T9-0036 Page Number 387B

Name Age
Thomas Higgins 53
Lucca Micovitch 27
Andy Micovitch 30
Dave Micovitch 33
Christopher Medigovich 40

Name Age
Thomas Riggins 65
James O Sword 35
Theresa Sword 31
Maria Sword 6/12
Edwin Sword 22
Julius Johnson 28
Sally Bradford 46

Name Age
Thomas Higgins 76
James O Secord (or Sword) 40
Teressa Secord 39
Thomas H Secord 8
Lessa Secord 6
James Secord 4
Charles Smith 32
Frank Finsky 52
Anna Higgins 12
Patricia Higgins 9

Thomas Higgins Building

30 Mar 2009

Source: City of San Diego and San Diego County By Clarence Alan McGrew
Copyright 1922 - The American Historical Society

Shelley J. Higgins. The high standard of service which Mr. Higgins is giving as the incumbent of the office of city attorney of San Diego is in itself sufficient to mark him as one of the able and representative members of the bar of San Diego County. He was born in the City of Burlington, Iowa, on the 2d of June, 1886, and is a son of Willard J. and Martha D. (Hill) Higgins, both of whom remained at the old homestead in Burlington until the close of their lives, their marriage having been solemnized in that city, though both claimed Illinois as the place of their nativity, the father having been born in the City of Chicago and the mother near Galesburg, that state. Mrs. Higgins died at the age of fifty years, and her husband passed away at the age of sixty-four years, he having been for forty years in the express messenger service of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad and having been for many years a prominent and highly honored citizen of Burlington, Iowa. The genealogy of the Higgins family traces back to Scotch and Welsh stock, and representatives early settled in the State of New York. Mrs. Martha D. (Hill) Higgins was a member of a family that was founded in Virginia, prior to the War of the Revolution. The subject of this sketch is the only son in a family of five children, all of whom are living. The eldest sister, Lillian, is the wife of Joseph Allerdice, of Sheridan, Wyoming; Shelley J. was the next in order of birth; Gladys Lucy is the wife of Perry Richardson and they reside in the City of Chicago; Henrietta is the wife of Arthur A. Breuer, of Burlington, Iowa, and Miss Marjory May is, in 1921, a student in the University of California.

The excellent public schools of his native city afforded to Shelley J. Higgins his early educational advantages, and there he was graduated in the high school, as a member of the class of 1906. In the autumn of the same year he entered the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, where he pursued his studies in both the literary and law departments, in the latter of which he was graduated in 1910. His reception of the degree of Bachelor of Laws was virtually coincident with his admission to the Michigan bar, but immediately after his graduation he came to California and established his residence in San Diego, his admission to the California bar having been recorded in August, 1910. His ability and close application soon gained to him a due share of the law business in his chosen field of endeavor, and he had developed at San Diego a substantial general practice at the time when, in January, 1914, he was appointed deputy city attorney, under the regime of T.
B. Cosgrove. fie continued the incumbent of this position until December 1, 1919, when he was appointed city attorney, for a term of two years, this preferment indicating the high estimate placed upon his previous service in the legal department of the city government. In politics he is a vigorous and effective advocate of the cause of the republican party, and in a fraternal way he is affiliated with Blackmere Lodge No. 442, Free and Accepted Masons, of San Diego, and with the local organization, No. 508, of the Loyal Order of Moose, in which he has passed the various official chairs. He was presiding officer of the lodge of this order during the Panama-California Exposition in 1915, in the summer of which year the international convention of the order was held in San Diego. In the Masonic fraternity his affiliations likewise include membership in Ionic Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, and by reason of his service in connection with the great World war he is a member of San Diego Post of the American Legion.

The original military experience of Mr. Higgins was gained through three years active membership in the Iowa National Guard, in which he attained to the office of corporal. When the nation became involved in the World war he attended the first officers' training camp at the Presidio, in San Francisco, where he remained three months. He was commissioned a lieutenant in the Reserve Corps, but he was not called into active service until about ten days prior to the signing of the historic armistice, the result of which was that he did not proceed to Camp Pike, Arkansas, as he had anticipated.

At San Diego, on the 4th of August, 1910, was recorded the marriage of Mr. Higgins to Miss Minnie T. Drum, who was born and reared in Burlington, Iowa, a daughter of the late William Drum, a member of one of the oldest and best known families of Burlington, where his death occurred, his widow passing a portion of her time in that city and the remainder in California. Mrs. Higgins received her higher education in James Milliken University, at Decatur, Illinois, and her culture and gracious personality make her a popular factor in the representative social affairs of San Diego. She is a niece of John Held, who is a member of the City Council of San Diego. She. like her husband, holds membership in Ionic Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. They have one son, Lawrence W., who was born January 8, 1912.

1930; Census Place: San Diego, San Diego, California; Roll: 191; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 59; Image: 287
(No Image Available)
Name Age

Shelley J Higgins 42
Minnie T Higgins 40
Lawrence W Higgins 18

Name Age
Shelley J Higgins 33
Minnie S Higgins 31
Lawrence Higgins 8

World War I Draft Registration Card
Registered Sept. 12, 1918
Name Birth Date Race Birthplace Registration Place (City, County, State)
Shelley Judson Higgins 2 Jun 1886 White San Diego, San Diego, CA
Medium Height/Slender Build/Blue Eyes/Brown Hair Age:32
Occupation: Attorney for City of San Diego

Not Located in 1910 Census

1900; Census Place: Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa; Roll: T623_429 Page: 26A; Enumeration District: 17
(No Image Available)
Name Age
William* Higgins 44
Mattie Higgins 34
Lilian M Higgins 15
Shelley J Higgins 13
Gladys L Higgins 12
Henrietta B Higgins 9
Marjorie W Higgins 8/12
Henrietta A Hill 66
* Indexed as William not Willard


28 Apr 2008
Sacramento Evening Bee - November 14 1904
DIED -  HIGGINS - In this city, November 13, 1904, William Higgins, son of Patrick J. and Mary Higgins, brother of Thomas and Alice Higgins, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 18 years, 8 months and 7 days. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow (Tuesday) at 2 o'clock form the mortuary parlors of W.F. Gormley, 914 Eighth Street, thence to the Cathedral, where funeral services will be held, commencing at 2:30 o'clock. Interment City Cemetery.

Related Census Scan
Name               Age
Patrick J Higgins  38
Mary Higgins       38
Thomas F Higgins 14
William A Higgins  16
Alice Higgins        11
Samuel H Jungst  38

 26 Apr 2008

     Partnership of Thomas J. Higgins and George Howard Johnson.
     Gallery at 659 Clay Street, San Francisco
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04 Dec 2007
STOCKTON, Calif. - Randall R. Higgins, 80, died Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2003.
No services are scheduled. Arrangements are by P.L.Fry and Son Funeral Home.

Mr. Higgins was born to Daniel A. and Brightie P.
Higgins on Sept. 8, 1922. He passed peacefully after a
short illness at Dameron Hospital in Stockton with his
niece, Joan Risner by his side. Randall was an avid
sportsman, and loved to metal detect for pleasure.

He was a retired printer with the Fresno Bee, where he
worked for a number of years. He was a veteran of
World War II, and he served in the Air Force during
that time. He recently moved to the valley from Carson
City, Nev., to be near family.

He was preceded in death by his parents; two brothers,
Al Higgins and Charles Higgins of Amarillo, Texas; and
a sister, Mara Baldwin of Manteca.

Survivors include a daughter, Jane Rachford of
Sacramento; a son, Wallace Higgins of Tahoe; a
granddaughter of Sacramento; a brother, Dan Higgins
Jr. of Tulia, Texas; and a sister, Sally Boswell of

The family suggests memorials be to a favorite charity.

Amarillo Globe-News, Feb. 28, 2003

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U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records
Name: Randall R L Higgins
Birth Year: 1922 Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Texas
State: Texas County or City: Tom Green
Enlistment Date: 15 Oct 1942 Enlistment State: Texas
Enlistment City: San Antonio Branch: Air Corps

Social Security Death Index
Name: Randall R. Higgins
Last Residence: 89702 Carson City, Carson City,
Nevada, United States of America
Born: 8 Sep 1922 Died: 25 Feb 2003
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (Before 1951 )

Name Age
Daniel A Higgins 29
Britie P Higgins 26
Alfred S Higgins 10
Mary L Higgins 8
Sallie E Higgins 5
Daniel N Higgins 3 2/12

Name Age
Dan Higgins 20
Britie Higgins 17
Alfred Higgins 7/12

Name Age
J W Higgins 44
Mary Higgins 45
Albert Higgins 19
Eulah Higgins 16
Edgar Higgins 14
Daniel Higgins 11
May Higgins 6

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's

John W. HIGGINS Self M Male W 23 TN Laborer TN TN
Mary E. HIGGINS Wife M Female W 23 TN Keeping House
Charles HIGGINS Son S Male W 2 TX --- ---
Source Information:
Census Place Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255307
NA Film Number T9-1307 Page Number 382C

Mendocino County, California Biographies -1880

James Preston Higgins. Was born in Jackson county, Missouri, March 23, 1842. When quite young he, with parents, moved to Tennessee, and after residing there for a short time moved to Illinois and remained till the summer of 1849, when they settled in Madison county, Iowa, and in the spring of 1850 they started across the plains to California, and after a tedious journey of seven months they reached Sacramento. After a few weeks� residence in Sacramento they proceeded to the mines and began operations at Angel Camp, and continued for two years. In 1852 they returned East via Panama to New Orleans, and from there they traveled through the State of Texas, and finally brought up in Jackson county, Missouri, where they spent the winter of 1853-4. Again in the spring of 1854 they recrossed the plains to California, and settled at Mount Diablo, where they resided till the spring of 1855, when they moved to Sanel valley, Mendocino county, where his parents still reside. In 1877 the subject of this sketch moved to his present ranch of three hundred and twenty acres, and is now engaged in getting out logs and fencing. Married Clarissa D. Andrews, January 15, 1868, who was born at Guerneville, Sonoma county, California, October 6, 1854. Their children are as follows: Sarah J., born March 6, 1870; Mary L., born October 14, 1872; Estella, born January 7, 1875; Clara, born March 2, 1877; and Carl P., born March 28, 1879. 

SOURCE: History of Mendocino County, California - San Francisco, Cal. Alley, Bowen & Co., Publishers. 1880 Pp. 510 (Originally) Transcribed by Pat Howard

-Census Findings-
        J.P. & Clarissa Higgins living at this residence.)

Household 1880:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

James P. HIGGINS Self M Male W 38 MO Woodsman TN TN 
Clarissa HIGGINS Wife M Female W 26 CA Keeping House RI CA 
Sarah Jane HIGGINS Dau S Female W 11 CA At Home MO CA
Mary Lucinda HIGGINS Dau S Female W 9 CA At Home MO CA 
Estella HIGGINS Dau S Female W 6 CA At Home MO CA 
Clara HIGGINS Dau S Female W 4 CA MO CA 
Carl Preston HIGGINS Son S Male W 1 CA MO CA 

Source Information:
Census Place Ukiah, Mendocino, California Family History Library Film 1254068 
NA Film Number T9-0068 Page Number 205B 



Mendocino County Biographies

John Higgins. Born in Knox county, Tennessee, February, 8, 1830. When a mere child his parents moved to Illinois. In 1840 they took up their abode in Missouri. In 1845 they returned to Illinois, and there lived until 1849, when they took up their residence in Iowa. In 1850 they immigrated to California, crossing the plains with ox-teams, arriving in Hangtown (Placerville) in September. After mining for some time they returned East in 1852 via Panama. In 1854 they again crossed the plains to California and settled in Contra Costa county, and one year later were residents of San Joaquin county. In 1856 they came to this county and located about two and one-half miles below Hopland. In 1865 he left his father and settled on his present ranch, comprising eight hundred and sixteen acres, located about six miles from Hopland. He married, September 22, 1865, Rebecca W. Neece, a native of Missouri. Lee, George W., and Wiley are the names of their living children. 

SOURCE: History of Mendocino County, California - San Francisco, Cal. Alley, Bowen & Co., Publishers. 1880 Pp. 611, 612 (Originally) Transcribed by Pat Howard

Higgins, John 
  (appears on same census image as William Higgins noted above)

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

John HIGGINS Self M Male W 50 TN Farmer KY TN 
Rebecca HIGGINS Wife M Female W 29 MO Keeps House TN TN 
Lee HIGGINS Son S Male W 13 CA At School TN TN 
George E. HIGGINS Son S Male W 11 CA At School TN TN
Wiley HIGGINS Son S Male W 2 CA TN TN 

Source Information:
Census Place Sanel, Mendocino, California Family History Library Film 1254068 
NA Film Number T9-0068 Page Number 329D 

         a George Higgins(son?)is living next door

.... Higgins, William 
William Higgins. Was born in Illinois, May 4, 1833. He went to Missouri when quite young and spent five years. In the fall of 1845, he went to Nauvoo City, Hancock county, Illinois, and spent three years; thence to Iowa in the spring of 1849, and in the spring of 1850, crossed the plains with ox-teams, in company with his father�s family; remained two years in the mines and then returned to the Atlantic States, and spent the summer in Texas. Then went to Jackson county, Missouri, to spend the winter. In the spring of 1854, crossed the plains a second time, bringing a drove of cattle. He spent two years on the San Joaquin plains, and thence to Russian river, locating three miles south of Sanel, arriving there October 16, 1856. Here he remained ten years, and in 1866, moved six miles above Sanel, and 1872, to Ukiah valley, where he has since resided, engaged in farming. Mr. Higgins married, August 31, 1870, Miss Clarica Jane Brown, a native of Oregon. Their children are: Rosalie, Jane Adaline, Ida May and William.

SOURCE: History of Mendocino County, California - San Francisco, Cal. Alley, Bowen & Co., Publishers. 1880 Pp. 642 (Originally) Transcribed by Pat Howard


Household Census:1880
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Wm. HIGGINS Self M Male W 47 IL Farmer TN TN 
Clarissa Jane HIGGINS Wife M Female W 27 OR Keeping House KY IL 
Rozelly HIGGINS Dau S Female W 9 CA At Home IL OR 
Jane Adeline HIGGINS Dau S Female W 7 CA At Home IL OR 
Ida May HIGGINS Dau S Female W 4 CA At Home IL OR 
Eleanore HIGGINS Dau S Female W 2 CA At Home IL OR 
William HIGGINS Son S Male W 3M CA At Home IL OR 

Source Information:
Census Place Ukiah, Mendocino, California 
Family History Library Film 1254068 
NA Film Number T9-0068 
Page Number 184C 

  13 Jan 2007

Source: An Illustrated History of Southern California : embracing the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange, and the peninsula of lower California: Lew Publishing Company-1890

---Dr. William M. Higgins, Pharmacist, on Central Avenue, Anaheim, was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, June 18,1826. He was educated at Princeton College, at which he graduated in 1845,with the degree of A. B. He read medicine for a period of two years, and February 22,1849, headed for California on the bark St. Mary. He remained in Rio De Janiero ten months, then went aboard the ship William Brandt, bound for San Francisco, at which place he arrived July 1850,having been ships Doctor for the voyage. After his arrival in San Francisco he was appointed apothecary and bookkeeper in the City Hospital, after which he engaged in mining for a few years. In 1869 he moved to Anaheim and established the drug store on the corner of Center and Lemon Streets and has ever since given his attention to the drug business. In December 1870, he was appointed Postmaster, which office he filled with great acceptability for a continuous term of thirteen years. He has been connected with the educational interests of the city for a number of years, having been clerk of the district for six years, and now is chairman of the school board. He is charter member of the Masonic Lodge, which was organized in 1869. He is also a member of the I.O.O.F. fraternity, Anaheim lodge # 199. He is a charter member of the Abou Bem Adhem lodge in San Francisco, which lodge he had the honor of naming in 1863.
In 1858 he was married in San Francisco to Miss Alice Boyle, a native of Lowell, Massachusetts, the daughter of Michael Boyle, an Irishman and pioneer to this coast of '49. Miss Alice Boyle was the first graduate of the Cooper Medical College. She then practiced medicine four years, and subsequently took a course at Philadelphia at the Women's Medical College, and was elected an honorary member of the alumni. She was a woman of more than ordinary ability, and had made an enviable reputation as a Physician.
Four years ago she became paralyzed and has since been almost helpless. Dr and Mrs. Higgins have three children, two daughters at home, and a son, Charles C.; a graduate of the California College of Pharmacy, now a prominent druggist in San Francisco. 

University of California-Directory of Graduates
1864 - 1905-November, 1905 Published by UC Berkeley
   Higgins, Charles C. 2525 Fillmore st, S F 

Soon West Coast medical schools began accepting women as well. The University of California was the first, with Stanford's precursor just a few years behind. In 1873, UC acquired the Toland School in San Francisco and, as UC was already co-educational, Toland accepted Maria Field Wanzer that year as its first female medical student. Three years later, Wanzer became the first woman graduate of a West Coast medical school.
The same year, in 1876, Alice Boyle Higgins became the first woman to enter the Medical College of the Pacific, at age 40. Married since the age of 16 to William Morris Higgins, who was a registered pharmacist, Alice Higgins had three children. In 1877 she graduated from Medical College of the Pacific, and in 1881 and 1882 she went to the Women's Medical
College of Pennsylvania, where she took a postgraduate course and was made an honorary member of the College's alumnae association. Offered to chair the anatomy department, she declined and returned to her family and opened an office in California. 

Higgins became the pioneer woman doctor in Orange County, successful and with a large practice. Writing about Higgins in the Gazette after her death, a friend noted, "Impecunious patients were never refused medical advice; medicine was also supplied, and often the means to live until the patient was restored to health. Nor could the ingratitude of one or more of her patients harden her heart toward the next applicant for aid. She was too large-minded for that. For every fault she found an excuse, and thereby kept her sympathies always fresh and green." The writer further commented that "from early childhood she evinced a taste for the medical profession. As she grew into womanhood, she developed rare talents in that line." 

Higgins was soon followed by other female medical students at Stanford's precursors. In 1877, Anabel McGaughey Stuart was admitted to the Medical School of the Pacific; in 1878 she became its second woman graduate in 1878. In 1882, the school was renamed Cooper Medical College, and by 1884 four out of the 16 members of the graduating class were female. In the 1880s and 1890s, the percentage of women in the medical school class ranged between 5 and 25 percent, and by the turn of the century women had established a
lasting presence. The Cooper Medical College Class of 1899 boasted 10 women and 34 men in its graduating class (23 percent). 

San Francisco Medical College of the Pacific accepts its first female student, Alice Boyle Higgins, who graduates in 1877 and goes to Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania from 1881 to 1882 for postgraduate training before returning to practice in Orange County. Dr. Higgins wanted to be a physician since childhood but was married at 16 to a pharmacist. She was the mother of three children before she began her medical training at age 40.




Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
  Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

  William M. HIGGINS Self M Male W 53 NJ Druggist & Apothecary NJ NJ 
  Alice HIGGINS Wife M Female W 44 MA Physician IRE IRE
  Fannie E. HIGGINS Dau S Female W 17 CA Atn. School NJ MA 
  Charles HIGGINS Son S Male W 16 CA Atn. School NJ MA 
  Margaret HIGGINS Dau S Female W 10 CA Atn. School NJ MA 

  Source Information:
Census Place Anaheim, Los Angeles, California  Family History Library Film 1254067 
  NA Film Number T9-0067 Page Number 279D 


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