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Chauncy & Emily Higgins Family

The Downers Grove Park District Museum is seeking information about the family of Chauncy & Emily (nee Root) Higgins, and would especially like to get in touch with living descendents.

Known information:

Emily Root Higgins: born c. 1813 in Benson, Rutland Co. VT
 (daughter of Martin & Abigail Root); married
Chauncy Higgins in DuPage Co., IL on 10.23.1844 by
Rev. J.G. Porter; died c.1871-1882.
--Children of Emily & Chauncy Higgins:
 Frances (born c.1846),
 James (born c.1848),
 Daniel (born c.1850),
 Almy (born c. 1852),
 Charles (born c.1855), and
 Horace (born c.1857).

Anyone with additional information is encouraged to directly contact:
The Downers Grove Park District Museum
831 Maple Avenue
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
Attn: Mark Harmon
630.963.1309      630.963.0496 fax
Email: mharmon@xnet.com



-Looking for roots in Ireland of a Martin Joseph Higgins born Ireland,
  who immigrated to Australia-

I have been at a brick wall looking for a Martin Joseph Higgins Family: born Aclere County Sligo Ireland about 1858.
Father Patrick Francis Higgins:
Mother Catherine nee Hart.
Martin Joseph Higgins moved to New South Wales (N.S.W.)Australia but looking for his family line in Ireland.

Thanks Los  Email: lorray AT isage.net.au

10 Jan 2008

Higgins of Australia from Ireland
I am second generation Irish-American with my family emigrating to California from Co. Longford, Ireland, and Co. Roscommon, Ireland before that. My great-grandfather was Thomas Patrick Higgins of Melview House, Longford, Co. Longford. His father was John Sylvester Higgins of Longford, but born in Boyle, Co. Roscommon. He had many siblings, most notably Thomas Patrick and Bartholomew or "Batty" Higgins. Thomas Patrick Higgins emigrated to the United States shortly after the Great Hunger and ended up in Los Angeles after becoming a successful copper miner in Bisbee, Arizona. His brother Batty emigrated to Australia and was high up in the Melbourne or Sydney (I believe Syndey) police departments early in the 1900's. I know from family photos taken in Los Angeles circa 1910-1916 that Batty, then an older man, traveled there with some of his children to visit. At that time, he was apparently a business man in Australia.
Given the number of children he had I assume that there must be descendant cousins still there.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Kevin Higgins higgins-k@hotmail.com

28 Oct 2007

My name is Vincent Mc Kenna, living in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

My great grandfather was William Higgins born 1841 in Cliffoney,Sligo,Ireland. He was a farmer. He had a brother called Thomas James Higgins who emigrated to Victoria ,Australia, where he had a farm of ~300 acres with cattle and oats ---- he suffered badly in a bush fire in ~ 1883- 1884 and rendered poor. He had to work in a gold mine near by for 7 shillings a day. He later moved to Cobar, NSW where he wrote a letter to his brother in Sligo in 1899 which I have!

He had a wife ,Perhaps called Catherine and had 3Children:
     James b. ~1867,
     Catherine b. 1869 and
     Tom b. ~1870.
Catherine married Samuel J. Englefield .( b.1867 in Hampshire, England ), in 1888 in Mooroopna, Victoria and had 10 children born in Watchem, nearby.
James went off to work somewhere in Victoria.
Tom did marry and went off to western Australia where he had a share in a goldmine, but I know nothing more.

A website http://trees.ancestry.com.au gave me the following details:

1) Catherine Englefield died in 1939 in Red Cliffs, Victoria and her husband Samuel J. Englefield died in1924 in Ouyen, Victoria.

2) Catherine Higgins married Samuel J. Englefield (b. 1867 Hampshire, England ) in 1888 in Mooroopna Victoria and had 10 named children, apparently only one of which had a child.

My questions are:
a) Does anybody know more about the wife of Thomas James Higgins?

b) Does anybody know more about Tom and James Higgins?

c) Does anybody know who wrote the information for the website ?
    Another knowledgeable Higgins descendent must be alive about now

Kind Regards,
Vincent Mc Kenna E-mail:


26 Jun 2007

I am doing a search for a Captain Higgins who was in partnership with Leslie Speechley. They had a circus zoo in India, and they had 35 artists, 9 lions, 14 Bears, Elephants, tigers and Leopards. I think the Circus Zoo was called Deval's.
Captain Higgins was an Australian big game hunter in 1925. Do you have any information on this subject.
Kind Regards Lesley Brown ljb2@iprimus.com.au

16 Oct 2006

-See above link for more information on them and their connected lines-

Higgins families of Ireland & Australia
   -A submission from Betty Moyle* -
Betty can be reached through an email link on her web site)

James Higgins was born around 1804 at Portarlington, Kings County, Ireland. Son of James Higgins and Hannah Fletcher, who were farmers.

On 3 March 1829 he was married in Dublin, Ireland, to Margaret Conran daughter of Dennis Conran and Fanny Frances Conran and was born about 1812 Ireland

Their eldest son was
Thomas Fletcher Higgins born on 3 March 1831 in Dublin, Ireland, and had arrived in Melbourne before his parents 9 June 1857 on �Red Jacket�. He was married to Elizabeth Anne Colquhoun. Elizabeth was born on 7 November 1841 at Dumbarton in Scotland, the daughter of Robert Colquhoun & Margaret Gibson. After his wife had died Thomas went to Auckland, N.Z. and and died on 5 August 1884, aged 53 years.

Thomas and Elizabeth Higgins had four children:
1) Margaret Anne Higgins born 11 December 1864 in Ballarat, Victoria, and was married on April 1890 at Free C of E, Fitzroy, Victoria to Thomas Cooper Ingram who was born on 24 March 1853 at Manchester.

2) Robert Colquhoun Higgins was born in 1867 Ballarat, Victoria, and was married on 30 December 1889 at Moor St., Fitzroy to Elizabeth Harwood. Elizabeth was born 7 June 1870 at Great Eversden, Cambridge. Elizabeth emigrated on her own and arrived in Melbourne on 13 January 1884 on "SS Orient" to join her married sister after her parents had died.

Robert died on 4 September 1939 at East Perth, WA and Elizabeth died on 8 February 1959 aged 88 years at Perth, WA. They are both buried Karrakatta Cemetery.

3) Sarah Dunning Higgins (my grandmother) was born on 1 December 1869 at Grenville St, Ballarat. She was married on 21 July 1887 Richmond, Victoria. to James Allen, born on 21 July 1863 at Majorca, Victoria

4) Ernest Walter Haig Higgins was born on 29 September 1878 at the Carlton Hospital. He did not marry, and died on 30 August 1963 aged 84 years in Melbourne. He as buried with his mother at the Melbourne General Cemetery, Pres. L 904

Other children of James & Margaret Higgins

Samuel Wilson Higgins

 was born to James & Margaret Higgins on 4 April 1835 in Dublin, Ireland and about 1856 was married to Sarah who was born c1837 at Caergeiliog, Anglesey, Wales.

James Stewart Higgins 

James Stewart Higgins was born on 14 November 1841 at Lyons Street, Chester, Cheshire married Elizabeth Robinson on the 16 January 1865 at Emerald Hill, South Melbourne. Elizabeth was born on 4 June 1837 at Coseley Sedgley, Staffordshire, the daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Hancox. and arrived with her mother and four sisters on the vessel "Melbourne". James and Elizabeth had 10 children.

James Higgins died on 3 August 1881, aged 39 and is buried at Melbourne General Cemetery, C of E, W 493.

Elizabeth Higgins remarried after the death of husband

Margaret Ann Higgins

 Margaret Ann Higgins was born on 27 March 1846 at Lyons Street, Chester, and arrived In Australia with her parents in 1860. In 1877 she married George Ernest Barnes who was born Suffolk, England.

They had a son George Frederick Barnes born in 1878 at Collingwood, Victoria.

Margaret is buried with her parents Melbourne General Cemetery, C of E, G 113

Hannah Higgins 

Hannah Higgins was born on 9 December 1849 at Bangor, Wales. In 1866 she married John Payne, son of Edward and Sarah Oliver born c1819 Kent, England. Hannah & John had a family of eleven children.

Hannah died on 12 July 1893 aged 74 years at Kensington Hill, Victoria, and is buried at Melbourne General Cemetery, C of E, M 183.

Mary "Marion" Jane Higgins was born on 23 October 1853 at Chester, Cheshire, and became the second wife of the widowed Dr Louis Laurence Smith on 15 May 1883 in Victoria

........... 29 Oct 2005  
Looking for Family

My name is Lynette Hampson from Australia looking for my mother's family from  Roscommon. My mother was Mary Higgins she left Ireland around the 1930 to  come to Australia her parents were Paddy and Hannah nee Barrett Higgins. Mum had about 8 or so brothers and sisters Patrick Kathleen Bridget Shaun Michael. I did have more information but I lost it. Hannah died when mum was a teenager and Paddy remarried.
I just want to meet someone from my family
Lynne Hampson  Contact Information

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Interested in discovering about Higgins from Tasmania Australia

These are my Higgins roots.  Wanting to find descendants of John Higgins born in County Caven  Ireland  around 1818. Transported for life to Tasmania. He was 23 when he arrived on the  Waverly in 1841. He was married to Mary Develin 1859. Their first born son was Edward James Higgins born 1860 my great great grandfather.
Regards Donna Kohinga
 Contact Information  
- - - - - - - - -

Jan 24 2005

 Hi just seeking any info that can be found about
 Daniel Higgins born County Cork approx 1848. He
 married in New Zealand 1879. We have been unable to
 trace back any further. Any assistance would be

. . . . . . . .

Feb 03  2002

   b. 29 SEP 1905,
Her parents may be the following

I don't have any more information on the following would love some help.

Lindsay & Elizabeth



09 Dec 2007
 My family is currently located in Sudbury Ontario, We came here from Newfoundland about 40 years ago I haven’t been able to trace back very far my family, knows little about our heritage and the only person left alive is my Grandfather on the Higgins side and he tells me he doesn’t remember anything.
What I have so far is his information and siblings my great grandfather and the name of my great great grandfather with no dates. I am not sure if you can tell me more my entire family in Newfoundland is located in the conception bay area, and have always lived near Spaniard's bay and bay Roberts. I’m just looking to trace back to at least where we came over from I am trying to get my tartan ordered but I can’t find it.
At least if I know what region in Ireland I can purchase a regional tartan.

The Lineage starting with myself is

Tabitha Higgins – Sudbury Ontario Canada

William James Higgins 28/12/1957 – Belle Island, Newfoundland Canada
Three siblings Rosemary, Catherine, Michael

William Henry Higgins 17/09/1930 - Goddenville,
Newfoundland, Canada Married to Catherine Violet
Gushue 30/12/1924 – 6/03/1986, Children, William,
Rosemary, Catherine, Michael

Arthur Higgins 1907-1972 – Newfoundland Canada,
Married to Gertrude Snow, Children(all born in Goddenville), William, Albert, John, Julie, Dorris,
Frieda, Livia (referred to her as livie)

John Higgins

Arthur and John is where it starts to run blank. I have no siblings for Arthur and no information other than his fathers name was John Higgins. Arthur was also married again but no one will discuss the second wife or give me information on their children together

Thanks for all of your Help
Tabitha Higgins

-Webmaster's findings are subject to inquirers confirmation-

Newfoundland 1921 Census - Goddenville,(Harbour Grace District)
PAGE 156
Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status
Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
4 4 HIGGINS John M Head Married Nov. 1872 49 Bishop's
HIGGINS Alfrida F Wife Married Feb.1872 49
Bishop's Cove
HIGGINS Arthur M Son Single Jul.1905 16
HIGGINS Thos M Son Single Nov. 1913 7 Goddenville
5 5 HIGGINS Ruben M Head Married Oct. 1870 50 Bishop's
HIGGINS Kate F Wife Married Sep. 1881 39 Bishop's
HIGGINS Duncan M Son Single Jul. 1902 19
HIGGINS Ruben M Single Single Aug. 1904 17
6 HIGGINS John Jr. M Head Married Mar. 1897 24
HIGGINS Mary F Wife Married Jan. 1899 22 Broad
Cove, Bay de Verde
Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Grace-Reel M-8059,Page 176-177
Community of Goddenville
SURNAME Given Name Sex Relationship Status Age
HIGGINS Arthur m head m 30
HIGGINS Gertrude f wife m 25
HIGGINS John m son s 7
HIGGINS Doris f daughter s 6
HIGGINS William m son s 5
HIGGINS Albert m son s 3
HIGGINS Julia f daughter s 1
HIGGINS Mary f daughter s 17 days
HIGGINS Thomas m brother s 21

HIGGINS Ruben m head m 65
HIGGINS Catherin f Wife m 56
HIGGINS Ruben m son s 30
HIGGINS Annie f daughter-in-law m 30
HIGGINS Walice m grandson s 7
HIGGINS Sarah f grand daughter s 5
HIGGINS Jermimma f grand daughter s 3
HIGGINS Enid f grand Daughter s 1
1945 Newfoundland Population Census
Harbour Grace District -GODDENVILLE
Page 50
Dwelling Family Surname Given Name Relationship Sex
MS Age Birthplace 1935 Residence
335 336 HIGGINS Arthur? Head M W 40 Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace
HIGGINS John Son M S 18 Harbour Grace Harbour
HIGGINS Doris Daughter F S 17 Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace
HIGGINS William Son M S 16 Harbour Grace Harbour
HIGGINS Albert Son M S 14 Harbour Grace Harbour
HIGGINS Julia Daughter F S 11 Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace
HIGGINS Alfreda Daughter F S 8 Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace
HIGGINS Thomas Brother M S 31 Harbour Grace
Harbour Grace
After a courageous battle with cancer, with grace and
dignity, mom passed away peacefully at her home
surrounded by her loving family on November 29th,
2007. Sarah was born in Goddenville, Newfoundland to
her parents Annie and Reuben Higgins. She will be
remembered for her caring and thoughtful manner, her
sense of humour and passion for life, but most of all
for her love of her soul mate Larry and her total
devotion to her family. Sarah met and married the love
of her life Larry and moved to Four Wing Germany where
they honeymooned all over Europe while starting their
family. They moved back to Canada where they made a
few stops before settling their roots in Nova Scotia
to raise their four kids. They would spend more than
fifty-one happy years together. During that time, she
worked many years in the K-Mart Pharmacy and made many
friends, both young and old. She was a loving wife,
mother and grandmother and words cannot express how
deeply she will be missed. Sarah is survived by her
loving and devoted husband Larry, her daughters
Colleen Clendenning (Dana), Fredericton NB; Donna
Young (Ben), Hammonds Plains; her sons Derrick Hearn
(Dianne), Hammonds Plains and Shawn Hearn (Joanne),
Fredericton NB. As well, she has several grandchildren
who miss her deeply: Erin, Patrick, Breanna, Chelsea,
Mitchell, Ryan and Jason. Sarah and her family would
also like to thank all of her close friends and
acquaintances for their love and support throughout
this difficult time. She is predeceased by her
parents, her brother Wallace and sister Mina. Special
thanks to the Oncology Unit and Palliative Care team
at the QE II with appreciation to Dr. Virik and nurses
Jill, Monica and Stephanie for your kindness.
Visitation will take place from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm on
Sunday, December 2nd, at the Atlantic Funeral Home,
125 Sackville Drive. Funeral Service will take place
at 10 am on Monday, December 3rd, at the St. John
Vianney Church in Lower Sackville. In lieu of flowers,
donations can be made to the QE II Palliative Home
Care Service, the Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) or
the Colon-rectal Cancer Society. Online condolences:

The Guardian - Bay Roberts -1937

Saturday, April 3, 1937

Died at Country Rd. March 28th, Edward SNOW, aged 25
years, son of Edward and Emma Snow. Left to mourn
their sad loss are father, mother, four brothers,
Albert at Toronto, Can., Raymond, William and Arthur
at home; and three sisters, Gertie (Mrs. Arthur
Higgins), of Goddenville; Winnie and Marcie at home.
Funeral took place March 30th, to the U.C. church and
cemetery, Coley’s Point.
Saturday, April 3, 1937
Died at Country Rd. March 28th, Edward SNOW, aged 25
years, son of Edward and Emma Snow. Left to mourn
their sad loss are father, mother, four brothers,
Albert at Toronto, Can., Raymond, William and Arthur
at home; and three sisters, Gertie (Mrs. Arthur
Higgins), of Goddenville; Winnie and Marcie at home.
Funeral took place March 30th, to the U.C. church and
cemetery, Coley’s Point.
Line 1: Page Number.Line Number, Marriage Date,
Marriage Place, District
Line 2: Groom's name, age, marital status, occupation,
denomination, abode
Line 3: Bride's name, age, marital status, occupation,
denomination, abode
Line 4: Who performed the marriage
Line 5: Witnesses
143.8 20 Dec 1917 Goddenville Harbor Grace
William Barrett 28 B Fishing Ch Engld
Spaniards Bay
Elfrida Pike 18 S Domestic Ch Engld
E Clench
Reuben Higgins, Jane Smith
The Guardian - Bay Roberts - 1928
Friday, March 30, 1928
The sudden passing away of Mrs. Pearl HIGGINS, at
Country Road, March 25th, was a very heavy blow to her
husband and parents. Mrs. Higgins, aged 23 years,
leaves to mourn a husband, mother and father, one
sister, Mrs. Thomas Batten, Bareneed, two brothers,
William and Allan, at home.
Bay Roberts Guardian - 1929
Died September 29th, at Hodge’s Cove, Random, JACOB
HIGGINS, aged 88 years and 8 months. He was born at
Bishop’s Cove, January 27th, 1841, and has been
residing at Hodge’s Cove for 56 years. Left to mourn
are three sons, one daughter, seven grandchildren and
ten great grandchildren.
27 Nov 1830 John Shepherd bachelor of Harbour Grace
Elizabeth Higgins spinster of Harbour Grace George
Shepherd, John Higgins, both of Harbour Grace
Jack Higgins: Newfoundlander Through and Through
>From the files of The Gazette July 9, 1998.

It is indeed an ironic twist of fate that Senator John
G. Higgins died on Canada Day, July 1, 1963. As a
veteran of the First World War, he would have said he
died on Memorial Day, the day Newfoundlanders
commemorate the massacre of the Newfoundland Regiment
at Beaumont Hamel. It was just as ironic that Jack
Higgins was even a member of the Canadian Senate; he
had fought long and hard to keep Newfoundland out of
Canadian Confederation in the late 1940s. But such
ironies were an integral part of the life of this
unheralded Newfoundlander.

John Gilbert Higgins was born in St. John's on May 7,
1891, the son of John Joseph Higgins and Hannah
O'Grady. His father died when he was a small child,
and his mother supported him and his older sister,
May, through her dressmaking business. His mother and
her housekeeper, Mamie Hyde, were very stable and
caring influences in Jack's early life.

Higgins began school at the age of five at St.
Bonaventure's College, where he excelled in academic,
athletic and extra-curricular endeavors, winning many
scholarships. Shortly after his graduation he was
selected as the 1909 Rhodes Scholar for Newfoundland
and spent the next three years at Merton College,
Oxford, where he read law, and captained the
seven-member Oxford-Canadian Ice Hockey Team, which
also included Newfoundland 1910 Rhodes Scholar, Robert
Tait. This team, which toured Europe, was undefeated
in the 17 matches it played, outscoring the opposition
204 goals to 17.

In 1913 Higgins was called to the Bar of England and
the Bar of Newfoundland, and set up law practice in
St. John's. He took a leave from his practice in 1916
when he joined the St. Francis Xavier Hospital Unit of
the Canadian Army, serving in England and France
during the remainder of the war.

Once back in Newfoundland in 1919, Higgins entered
into a law partnership with Harry Winter, which lasted
until Winter was appointed as Commissioner for Home
Affairs and Education in 1941. He then joined the firm
of Fox, Higgins, Knight, Phelan and Hawkins, but left
that partnership in the early 1950s to practice law
with his cousin, James D. Higgins, under the name
Higgins & Higgins.

Higgins built a solid reputation as a hardworking and
diligent lawyer, who enjoyed the trust and respect of
his clients. During the Second World War he
represented the British Admiralty and the Canadian
Department of National Defense, negotiating claims
arising out of land requisitioned for defense

Despite his connections with Canada in both world
wars, Higgins lined up on the opposite side when the
National Convention began debating Joseph R.
Smallwood's resolution that confederation with Canada
be a ballot choice for Newfoundlanders in a proposed
referendum on the future forms of government to
replace the Commission.

Higgins became one of the leading members of the
Responsible Government League, firm in his belief that
Newfoundland should return to self-government before
any negotiations should be begun with Canada. He
participated in both referenda campaigns, contributing
his speaking and writing talents and financial
support. Never one to take defeat lightly, on March
31, 1949, he hung black crepe, a symbol of mourning,
over the door of his house.

There had been no elected House of Assembly in
Newfoundland during the 15 years of the Commission of
Government. An election was scheduled to elect a new
House on May 27, 1949. Higgins, never before a
candidate for elected office, was returned by the
voters of St. John's East as a member of the
Progressive Conservative Party. As party leader H. G.
R. Mews had been defeated in the election, Higgins
became the leader of the opposition, the first in
post-confederate Newfoundland. His term in the house
was short-lived, however, as he was not a candidate in
the next election in 1951, preferring the logic of the
law courts to the fractious debate of the House of

His political career was not over. On January 15,
1959, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker appointed
Higgins as the first Progressive Conservative Senator
from Newfoundland.

The record of Higgins's contribution to Newfoundland
society would fill volumes. He was a life-long member
of the Knights of Columbus, rising through the ranks
to become State Deputy and Grand Knight. He was a
founding member of the Fish and Game Protection
Association, serving for many years as its president.
He helped organize and served as secretary of the
South Coast Disaster Fund, established to assist
victims of the 1929 tidal wave in rebuilding their
lives. For 25 years he was secretary of the Rhodes
Scholarship Selection Committee. He was president of
the Great War Veterans' Association, Treasurer of the
Newfoundland Law Society, Vice-president for
Newfoundland of the Canadian Bar Association, served
on the Playground and Recreation Association of St.
John's and the Newfoundland Adult Education
Association. Many other organizations benefited from
his talents, energy and financial resources.

Higgins married Alice Casey of Harbour Grace on August
13, 1925. They had three children, Gilbert, Mary
Margaret and John. He was made King's Counsel in 1932.
He was also a fine poet, who published in local
magazines such as the Newfoundland Quarterly on a
regular basis. Much of his poetry remains unpublished.

Jack Higgins was an ardent Newfoundlander. He was a
lover of books from childhood and began collecting
Newfoundland books at an early age. He purchased many
rare and valuable documents, mainly from England,
concerning Newfoundland.

After his death, Memorial University Library acquired
many of his books, and his papers. The papers include
extensive correspondence with family, friends and
colleagues, records of his involvement with the many
organizations in which he served, documents relating
to his practice of law and his political involvement.
There are photographs, scrapbooks, and other
memorabilia documenting the many facets of his life.
It is a very comprehensive body of material from a man
who threw away nothing that might have some potential
Descendants of William(Bill) FRENCH
Has many references to the Higgins families of


26 May 2007
Wondering if anyone had info. on George Wm. Higgins, b. May 1891 in Leeds, England. He had a sister Edith, and brother Mark. He emigrated to Canada and lived in Toronto, Ontario and also served in the 1st world war. As his next of kin he had listed Mark Higgins, 58 Quarry St., Woodhouse, Leeds, England. Don't know if this is his brother or perhaps his father. Am interested in finding his parents names, births, deaths, etc. He was my grandfather and married Adelaid Mills in Toronto. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
Lenore mckean@amtelecom.net

. .. . . . . . . 

  28 Apr 2007
I'm looking for information on Thomas Higgins (b. @ 1820, County Cork, Ireland) who came to Saint John NB Canada in 1876. Thomas was married to Hannah O'Keefe (b. @ 1831) and had at least three children born prior to their arrival in Canada: Edward J. (b. @ 1859); William (b. @ 1864) and Ellen Hannah (b. @ 1871). When Thomas died in 1890, the obit requested 'Boston Papers please copy" thus I believe there may have been immediate Higgins relatives in that area as well. I have not yet been successful in tracing this family prior to their arrival in Canada. Any information which might lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!

M. Harvey mdharvey@rogers.com

webmaster adds

Household:1881 Canadian Census
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Thomas HIGGINS M Male Irish 64 Ireland Lab...Roman Catholic
Hannah HIGGINS M Female Irish 50 Ireland Roman Catholic
William HIGGINS Male Irish 17 Ireland Roman Catholic
Ellen Hannah HIGGINS Female Irish 10 Ireland Roman Catholic

Source Information:
Census Place Prince Ward, Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick
Family History Library Film 1375814 NA Film Number C-13178
District 24 Sub-district A Division 1 Page Number 88 Household Number 438

. . . . . . . . . 
03 Dec 2006
My name is Kerry Evelyn Higgins. My father was Brian Patrick Higgins. I know very little about my father's side of the family, but what I do know is quite interesting.

Some where down the road of our family history there was an O'Higgins from Ireland. Apparently he killed a man, I believe it was a political issue, and then fled Ireland and went to England. From there he met his wife, and they together moved to Canada. I believe to Victoria BC. Which is where I am from. Two years ago my father died, and with him he took my family history. Conversations that should have taken place, never did. I suppose my search is in part about discovering more about a man I barely knew.

Thank you for any consideration that you may give tomy request.

Kerry E Higgins

03 Sep 2006
Eugene Dumas

I have been checking into your web site for a few years and have not found anything about my gg grandmother, Frances Higgins. She had Jennie June Higgins (g grandmother) b. 1/11/1878 in St. John NB, CA. The NB archives states that the father was George Pierce. He apparently was not the biological father.  Our family believes the father was a captain lost at sea. In 1899 the family immigrated to Bath ME.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gene Dumas

Webmaster findings

Household:1881 Canadian Census
-Subject to inquirer confirmation-
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion

George PEIRCE M Male Scottish 22 New Brunswick Fisherman
Frances PEIRCE M Female Scottish 22 New Brunswick

Source Information:
Census Place Guy Ward, Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick
Family History Library Film 1375814 NA Film Number C-13178
District 24 Sub-district I Page Number 63 Household Number 342

Jennie Higgins is not listed in above census

02 Sep 2006
Marshall Butcher thora-marshall@shaw.ca
My grandmother Nancy Jane Higgins b. 1863 Higginsville, Nova Scotia d. 1942 Newton Mills, Nova Scotia was the third daughter of George Higgins and Abigail McCabe. She married John Adams Butcher April 18, 1881 in Middle Musquodoboit, Halifax Co. Nova Scotia. I have a photo of my grandmother, but no photos of other family members. Should any exist I would appreciate hearing about them. I have this family back to Samuel Higgins and his wife Mary Grant m. July 17, 1749 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. Their son John Higgins and his wife Hester Carmichael where the Higgins family who settled in what is now known as Higginsville, Halifax, Co. Nova Scotia.

Webmaster adds...

-Subject to confirmation from inquirer-

Household:1880 Canadian Census

Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age
Birthplace Occupation Religion
George Q. HIGGINS M Male English 60 Nova Scotia Presbyterian
Abigal HIGGINS M Female English 58 Nova Scotia Presbyterian
Jonathan HIGGINS Male English 28 Nova Scotia Farmer Presbyterian
Nancy HIGGINS Female English 19 Nova Scotia Presbyterian
Samuel HIGGINS Male English 17 Nova Scotia Presbyterian
Abbica HIGGINS Male English 10 Nova Scotia School Presbyterian

Source Information:
Census Place Middle, Musquodoboit, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Family History Library Film 1375805 NA Film Number C-13169
District 10 Sub-district BB Page Number 16 Household Number 60

A very information packed site referring to Higgins families of Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
Musquodoboit Pioneers:
A Record of Seventy Families, Their Homesteads and Genealogies 1780 - 1980

26 July 2004
Northern Island
Looking for information on the Family of Francis O'Brien who was married to Catherine Lae, they had a daughter Margaret that Married Michael Higgins, He was born in Quebec 1827, their son David Higgins married Minerva Card on 22 of April at Scugog Island.
If any one has any other information please share.
Debbie (Higgins) Thompson applet@sympatico.ca

24 June 2004  

Hi I am trying to piece together my family's past and have run into a few road blocks, I am currently looking for a John Higgins. I do not have very much information on this gentleman but here is what I have. I believe John would have been born around 1920 give or take a few years. Any information that helps to put some of the pieces together would be a big help. Thank You Rodney McInnis
E-mail Rodney.McInnis@ec.gc.ca

. . . . . . . . . . ..

12 Jun 2004   
 Hi there, I was just looking for information on my family history.
My father was Denzil Samuel Higgins, b. roughly in the 1880's (in Canada, Gatineau, Brennins Hill), and his father was Samuel George Higgins from Ireland. I am hoping to gain more info. on this, if  you could help please contact me. Thank You
 Merle Johnston  merlej@trytel.com

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

10 Jun 2004   
 Looking for Nova Scotia relatives

 Here is the information I have:
 Grandmother - Catherine Higgins
    (married Edward Paczos in Michigan) Died 1995.
 Her siblings: Rose, Mike, Jim

     Father: Hugh Higgins
     Mother: Mary or Margaret
 Children: Patricia, Catherine, Jeanette, Edward
 They were from Nova Scotia (I'm not sure what part), my grandmother was a Canadian citizen until the 1970's. Her parents/grandparents arrived in Nova Scotia from New Kirkland Scotland, I don't know what year.
The family moved to the Detroit area, I am not sure when.
 I am planning a trip to Scotland and would like to know more about my  family's history and to locate any living relatives in Nova Scotia.

Kim Crawford kimmac@earthlink.net

  Awaiting Verification

Name: Catherine Paczos
Birth Date: 10 March 1921
Death Date: 24 April 1995
Gender: Female
Residence: Farmington Hills, Oakland, Michigan

Name: Edward J PACZOS
Birth Date: 20 November 18
Death Date: 04 February 78
Gender: Male
Residence: Farmington Hills, Oakland, Michigan

Name: Sophie PACZOS
Birth Date: 01 March 93
Death Date: 21 October 71
Gender: Female
Residence: Roseville, Macomb, Michigan

Name: Max PACZOS
Birth Date: 01 March 94
Death Date: 13 October 72
Gender: Male
Residence: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan 

May 07, 2003
My Higgins Family

My Name is Shanyn and I am seeking information on Michael Higgins born in 1887 in MaryHill, Scotland. He married a lady named Donaldina MacLeod also of Scotland in 1910 in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. Any help or connections would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks so Much, Shanyn kcoolen@pacificcoast.net

Mar 14, 2003   
Subject: higgins, higgins, higgins!!
Hi there fellow Higgins! I have hit the proverbial brick wall! here are my findings thus far:
My great great grand father was Patrick Higgins, married to Catherine (nee) Kelly. they came over to Canada in 1852 with their four children:
Patrick, Jr, Catherine, Julie, Francis (my line)

i know that Patrick, Catherine and Julie spread out over Montreal and the states, but don't know who went where. the youngest, Francis, was raised by a local parish priest due to the fact that his parents died shortly after arrival. he was raised in St Chrysostome in Quebec city. I have very limited information, but I do have Francis' wife's name and dates of marriages and all their children's names, etc. I will send further information but wanted to see if any of this sounded familiar to anyone! thanks
Jo Price jedaiah2000@yahoo.com


Feb 27, 2002
BIG BRICK WALL!!       Quebec

I am searching for a Patrick Higgins who married Catherine Kelly. They had 4 children, Patrick, jr. Francis, Catherine and Julie. They left Ireland and came to Canada in 1850-1852? The father, Patrick, died en route on the ship and was buried at Grosse-Ile Quebec Canada. The children went on to Quebec and all but Francis went to Montreal and USA. Francis was raised in Quebec. he married Adeline Lambert and they had 14 children. this is the line i am most interested in but would like information on the parents and where they came from in Ireland.

Please contact me at jedaiah2000@yahoo.com   Joanne


Jul 31, 2002    
Higgins family of Nova Scotia

In 1778-1783 era John Higgins was granted land in Shelburn .He found it
not suitable for farming so moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia ,with his wife Miss Carmichael in 1883. From there they settled in what is now known as Higginsville, Nova Scotia.
If you have any info where he came from and on what ship, I would be
very appreciative. Thanks
Marianne Feetham

Off-Site Links
Higginsville Cemetery - Partial Transcriptions

Obituaries - Higginsville, Nova Scotia



5 Oct 2006
I am trying to trace the parents & occupation of Robert Higgins born about 1708 at Bredon Worcestershire, England. I believe he was married to a Mary Skinner 1730.

Regards, Bunny Clarke

18 May 2006
I am trying to trace my family history. My grandfather was a Michael Higgins from  Carrigallen Co Leitim born 1890 - 1900.
Married a Floss Proctor or procter born 1896 and lived in England.
Floss died in 1944 and buried in St Helens Lancs. Michael was drowned in Barkshire and  buried there. I would be grateful if you could find out anything at all . Yours fathfully
Martin Higgins. higginsmartinp@hotmail.com

. . . . . . .
10 Apr 2006 
My name is Alan Higgins, I am looking for info about a Thomas Higgins born Ireland abt 1837,and wife Eliza also born Ireland abt 1837. They lived in Helmington Row, Durham England in 1861


Subject to Verification:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace
Occupation Disability
Thomas HIGGINS Head M Male 44 Ireland Coal Miner
Eliza HIGGINS Wife M Female 44 Ireland
Thomas HIGGINS Son U Male 16 Bishop Auckland, Durham, England Coal Miner
Abraham HIGGINS Son U Male 15 Easington, Durham, England Coal Miner
Isaac HIGGINS Son Male 10 Ryhope, Durham, England Scholar
Jacob HIGGINS Son Male 7 Seaham, Durham, England Scholar
Daniel HIGGINS Son Male 3 Shincliffe, Durham, England

Source Information:
Dwelling 128 Havanna
Census Place Tanfield, Durham, England Family History Library Film 1342188
Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 4941 / 18 Page Number 33

. . . . . .

  Mary Josephine Higgins
1 Feb 2006
 I am trying to trace the ancestry of my grandmother, Mary Josephine Higgins. I know she married John  Savage in Bradford, England around about 1915. Her mother remarried at sometime and she was known as grandma Grist so I don't know if this was her maiden name before having Mary or if is her married name  after Higgins. Mary died in Blackpool or St Anne's  Lancashire around 1963. She did work as a nurses' aide during world war I. That is all I know of her.  I hope you can help me as I would dearly love to  trace her line.
 Marcia Spitzkowsky Contact Marcia

. . .  . .

05 July 2005

Father Joseph Higgins, b 1907 died 1992
married Ivy Pready (Preedy?)
 One son Derek Higgins. born Birmingham UK about 1934,
                                   died about 1943.
      These dates uncertain, though the decade is right.
  married my mother, Nellie Pratt, from Liverpool.
 His father James Mervyn (poss. Murvyn)
                born Ireland 1863 or 1864
                died 1950�s.  I believe.
   married Lucy Rutter
                born 1874 +/- 2 years.
                Lucy died 1948, Birmingham UK.
 If anything rings a bell to you, please contact
Paul Higgins  smiling.carcass@virgin.net

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
23 Nov 2003

I live in Argentina and my English is not very poor, but I will try to speak to you. If you see my last name is Higgins. My grand-father was born in Liverpool (about 1900, I suppose) and he married in Argentina. He was called Arthur Higgins and he had five sons: Dorys, Muriell, Alfred, Arthur and Williams Higgins.

William Higgins was born in 1930 in Argentina and he had two children: Silvia and me (Guillermo).
I need to know about to Higgins genealogy. Can you help?
I appreciate any information that you give me.
Sincerely yours,
Guillermo Higgins

. . . . . . . .

Please help if you can
Higgins in England
This is all I have on the Higgins family connected to me.

Thomas Higgins b abt 1888 Rotherham Yorkshire.
m. Daisy Salter 1919.
Leonard Higgins father of Thomas
  b.1867 Greasborough Yorkshire.
  m. Annie?
William Higgins father of Leonard
    b.1832 Limerick Ireland.
    m. Sarah?
Looking for any siblings etc of
William Higgins b. Limerick Ireland about  1832.
This William emigrated to Rotherham England
where he married Sara -? & raised a family.
Any connections to any other Higgins b. Limerick Ireland?

These "Higgins" were all living at Baretree Rd, Rawmarsh, Yorkshire
 on the 1881 & 1891 English census.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Sylvia and Mike White

15 January 2003

Actual 1881 census information

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

William HIGGINS Head M Male    49 Ireland
                                                  Coal Miner
Sarah HIGGINS    Wife M  Female 40 Lincoln, England
Leonard HIGGINS Son U  Male    13 York, England
                                                   Coal Miner

Source Information:
Dwelling 102 Bare Tree Rd
Census Place Rawmarsh, York, England
Family History Library Film 1342132
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4679 / 40  Page Number 34

May 2007

1871 England Census

Name: William Higgins Age: 38 Estimated birth year: abt 1833
Relation: Head Spouse's name: Sarah
Gender: Male Where born: Rotheool Linerick, Ireland
Civil parish: Greasbrough Ecclesiastical parish: Greasbrough St Mary
Town: Greasborough County/Island: Yorkshire
Country: England
Address Rockingham Wood Cottages
Name Age
William Higgins 38
Sarah Higgins 41
Lawrence Higgins 14
John Higgins 12
Lewis Higgins 8
George Higgins 6
Lenward Higgins 3 

1901 England Census 

Address 100 Bear Tree Rd
Name Age
Leonard Higgins 34 head , Coal Heaver
Where born: Greasborough, Yorkshire, England
Annie Higgins 34
Children born Parkgate Yorkshire
Lewis Higgins 15
Tom Higgins 13
Annie Higgins 1
Sarah Higgins 70
Cyril Higgins 5
Florence Higgins 4
Lily Higgins 3
Doris Higgins 4 months 



24 Feb 2008
Ireland to England
George William Higgins believed to have been born in Rathfarnham Dublin Ireland.
Father possibly also named William Higgins.
Emigrated to England and settled in Cheltenham Gloucestershire.
Served in WW1 for the Devonshire regiment and WW2 as a Home guard in Cheltenham.
Married Daisy Archer/Orchard in 1917..

I know very little about my grandfather and have been trying for several years to trace my ancestry. Marriage and death certificate reveal very little.

linda lewis

13 Feb 2008

James Higgins came to UK from Mayo with brother Charles around 1875 approximately. Their father was Patrick Higgins of Mayo, who was married to Ellen Coleman . Sister Margaret married Edward Prendergast in Claremorris. They had three daughters in Claremorris, called 'Sis', Babs and Elizabeth.
We are trying to find James history.
Thanks Maureen Harris nee Higgins  maureenharris AT webandmail.co.uk

 23 Mar 2007 

My name is William Frederick Higgins born November 23,1946. I'm the son of William Montague (Monty) Higgins and Alma Harrison. I live in Dublin, Ireland. My uncle was F.R. Higgins, the poet and director of the Abbey Theatre. I have some of of the Higgins family history which was drawn up by my aunt Alice (Higgins) and was wondering how I could go about filling in the blanks.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

More on Frederick Robert Higgins


Frederick Robert Higgins (24 April 1896 - 6 January 1941) was an Irish poet and theatre director. He was born in Foxford in County Mayo, grew up mainly in Ballivor in County Meath, and spent the largest part of his adult life in Dublin.

Higgins was a friend of William Butler Yeats and served on the board of the Abbey Theatre from 1935 until his death. His best-known book of poetry is The Gap of Brightness (1940).
See Also


a short bio & some of his poetry.
F.R. Higgins was born in Foxford in 1896 and he grew up in County Meath.

28 Feb 2007

Hi, my name is William Higgins, born in Scotland, living in Canada. I have traced my ancestors back as far as 1817, using the official records etc. and have copies of all certificates, but I am stuck as to where in Ireland, Terence Higgins and wife Catherine Gallagher came from. They had a son John, born in Ireland abt.1817,married Mary Bell, also from Ireland, he died in Scotland in 1892. I found the parents names from the death certificate of son John.
An inquiry from William Higgins

07 May 2006
I would like to submit a query to your website looking for either descendants or ancestors of Peter HIGGINS and his wife Mary ENGLISH. The information I have is as follows:

Peter HIGGINS aka Peter Patrick HIGGINS was born about1858 in King's County, Ireland the son of Martin HIGGINS and Bridget DOLAN.

On 9 April 1883 he married Mary E ENGLISH at St Joseph's Church, Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand. She was the daughter of John ENGLISH and Mary MURPHY and was born about 1862 at Mitchelstown, County Limerick, Ireland.

They had at least five children (all likely to be have been born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
   Margaret HIGGINS born 17 Sep 1886
   Martin Edward HIGGINS born 27 Jan 1888
   John Patrick HIGGINS born 23 Sep 1889
   Edward Peter HIGGINS born 08 Apr 1891
   Mary Agnes HIGGINS born 06 Nov 1894

Margaret HIGGINS married William Bertram COCKS on 11 Jul 1907 at St. Michaels, Christchurch, New Zealand. She died at Christchurch, New Zealand on 14 Sep 1962.

I am interested in finding out any information about HIGGINS or ENGLISH ancestors in Ireland or what happened to the rest of Peter & Mary's children. I
have tried looking for them in Christchurch but have not managed to find out whether they died young or married and had children so any help would be
appreciated. (HIGGINS is not quite as bad as looking for SMITH but sometimes it seems so :->)


Leith Friend Hamilton New Zealand leith@slingshot.co.nz  
. . . . . .

Lori & Phil Carlton  loriphil@ptd.net
20 Mar 2006
I am planning a trip to visit our family roots in Ireland this summer and are looking for some additional resources.
I know my grandfather, Patrick Higgins, was born in 1904 and emigrated to the US, entering via Ellis Island in 1923 to stay with his brother Peter. I know his parents were Frank & Catherine Higgins and he had siblings, Mary, Kate, and Sarah who emigrated to the US as well. They were from Castlerea and I believe the Frank and Catherine listed in the 1901 census are my great grandparents. Any way to find out is any of their descendant might still be in the area now? We are also not sure if Frank may have had a wife before Catharine with additional children who would have emigrated ahead of Patrick. We would like to try and find this out as well.
Any suggested on line resources are greatly appreciated.
Phil Carlton (my mother was a Higgins, and Patrick's 2nd daughter).
. . . .  . .
10 Mar 2006
John Higgins
in Galway Ireland

I am looking for information on John Higgins. I believe he was born around 1810 in County Galway, Ireland. He had a son, William Higgins, born in 1830 who joined the army in 1847. John is my gr-gr-gr grandfather. I am not sure what year he died. Any help is appreciated. I know it's a long-shot, but you have to keep hoping...

Wayne Higgins  Contact Wayne 
. . . .  . . .
11 Feb 2006
Our Irish Ancestors
My wife's GR GR Grandmother was Margaret Higgins db 1838, in Drumagrove, Dunaghy, Antrim. Her parents were Michael & Margaret. It appears that my wife's Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandfather was Michael Higgins db 1787, he died 1850 in Drumgrove. Hoping to located more evidence to firm up and continue our research. Look forward to connecting with any other Higgins.

Donald & Virginia Atkinson    Contact Family
. . . . .
23 Nov 2005  
Bridget(sic) Higgins formerly Clarke born Tullamore, Kin`s County now Offaly and baptised in Tullamore R. C. Church on 2/6/1850 and emigrated from Ireland to USA.
She ws a seamstress and her husband was from Rahan near Tullamore or from Ballycumber in County Offaly.
Grateful for any info.
Brendan Clarke

. . . . . .

09 Dec 2004
Subject: John Higgins & Catherine Edge of Preston, England m. 1867

I am trying to research the Higgins / Edge family and their ancestors. Catherine & John are my Great grandparents. It is highly suspected that John Higgins, born around 1841, came to Preston from Ireland. John may have had a sister named Mary (married a Devanney??) who also came with him (and others??). John married Catherine Edge circa 1867.
There are vast numbers of descendants from this lovely couple, many of whom are located throughout Canada and England. I understand that most of their children still remain in England although I have no direct knowledge of any of them. Their children were: Thomas (my grandfather, b. 1882), Mary b.1868, James b.1869, Margaret b.1872, Ann Jane b.1875, Luke b. 1880, John b.1881 and Elizabeth b.1885.
Thomas married Elizabeth Richmond also of Preston England in 1904. They had 8 children: Mary b.?, John b. 1906, Catherine b.1909 ("Kay"), Luke b.?, Thomas b.1915, Francis b.1925, Elizabeth b.1904, and my father James b.1912.
Around 1910, they emigrated to Montreal, Quebec - just missing the ill fated Titanic voyage.
One of my family's biggest mysteries is where exactly did John Higgins come from in Ireland. If anyone has any knowledge of this family, please help in solving our mystery!!
A mention of this family is at
-confirmed by inquirer-

Same family in 1881 British Census

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

John HIGGINS         Head M Male    39 Ireland Brewer
Catherine HIGGINS  Wife  M Female 31 Preston, Lancashire, England
Mary HIGGINS        Daur Female     13 Preston, Lancashire, England
                           Cotton Weaver
James HIGGINS      Son  Male         12 Preston, Lancashire, England
Margaret E. HIGGINS Daur Female 9 Preston, Lancashire, England Scholar
Ann Jane HIGGINS    Daur Female 6 Preston, Lancashire, England Scholar
Luke HIGGINS          Son Male 3 Preston, Lancashire, England
John HIGGINS          Son Male 8m Preston, Lancashire, England

Source Information: Dwelling 27 Victoria Street
Census Place Preston, Lancashire, England
Family History Library Film 1342013
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4233 / 109 Page Number 15

. . . . . . . .

09 Dec 2004
Higgins Family Co. Kerry
I came across your website regarding the Higgins family of Ireland. I have been doing research on my family, Tydings, which came from Co. Kerry. I have been trying to find more information on a Maurice Tydings who resided in Ballynoneen area of Co. Kerry. He married a Mary Higgins who was born approx. 1844 in Co. Kerry. They are both buried in Killahenny Burial Grounds, Ballybunion Townland., Co. Kerry. I believe Maurice is my Great Great Grandfather's Brother, so I would be very interested in any information you have on this line of Higgins Family, if any.
 Thank you very much for your time.
 Regards, James Tydings  veganboy@rochester.rr.com
. . . . . . ..

Thomas Hartledge Higgins
27 Oct 2003
Heather Collins  Earlybirds@tinyworld.co.uk
Does anyone have any information on the Higgins family from Foxford, Co. Mayo please?
Thomas Hartledge Higgins (Higgans), born c.1815 in Foxford, was my great-great grandfather, and had moved to the Haslingden area in Lancashire by 1871 where he worked in the cotton mills. His daughter Jane, born in Foxford 1849, was my grandmother, and she married John Southwell in Haslingden in 1871.
Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.
Heather Collins

From 1881 U.K. Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

William SOUTHWELL        Head M Male 33 Todmorden,
                                  Lancashire, England Slater
Jane SOUTHWELL           Wife M Female 32 Foxford,
                                  Ireland Housekeeper
Amos SOUTHWELL          Son U Male 6 Stacksteads,
                                  Lancashire, England Scholar
William Thos SOUTHWELL Son U Male 5 Stacksteads,
                                  Lancashire, England Scholar
Mary Ellen SOUTHWELL    Daughter U Female 3 Stacksteads,
                                   Lancashire, England
John Richard SOUTHWELL Son U Male 2 Stacksteads,
                                   Lancashire, England
Albert Ed. SOUTHWELL     Son U Male 3 m Stacksteads,
                                   Lancashire, England
Thos. Hartledge HIGGANS Father In Law W Male 65 Foxford,
                                   Ireland Mill Operative
Source Information:
Dwelling Back Ormerod St
Census Place Lower Booths, Lancashire, England
Family History Library Film 1341989
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4133 / 84 Page Number 23

. . . . . . . . . . . .

24 August 2003

Higgins of Madras INDIA

William HIGGINS born 1812 at Fermoy Co Cork, (Father Lt Thomas Walker HIGGINS of 72 Camden St DUBLIN) sailed to Madras India in 1832, joined Madras European Volunteer Company until 1868, died in 1891 and Buried in Mardas India.
William married twice,
1st to Mary Ann CRISP,
 children: George, Thomas Walker (died 1911 Madras) and Susan,
2nd marriage to Hellen LOWE,
 children Jemima (married Edward FORD, sailed to Melbourne Australia 1891 with 5 children) Jemima died 1899 Melbourne Australia
Any information? Contact  Brian Forth

. . . . . . . .

24 August 2003
HIGGINS from 72 Camden St Dublin IRELAND

Joseph and Sarah HIGGINS with children Thomas Walker Higgins, Eliza and Catherine live from 1780 to 1820 when mother Sarah died aged 78 yrs. Thomas Walker became Lt in 5th Regiment Foot, died in Battle of Vittoria 21st June 1813.
Anyone have connection please contact:  Brian Forth

. . . . . .
24 August 2003
Higginsbrook House near Trim In Co Meath, IRELAND

and Joseph HIGGINS built 'Higginsbrook' a home 3 miles east from Trim in Co Meath IRELAND. Any person has a Higgins connection to Higgins from 'Higginsbrook' or anywhere in Co Meath
Please Contact. Brian Forth

Read Brian's Submission

. . . . . . .  . .

07 July 2003
I am trying to locate any connection to the Higgins
family of Limerick Ireland.
My gr gr grandfather William Higgins was born Limerick abt 1832.
Sometime in the years after that he left for England settling in the Yorkshire area & working in the coal mines.
Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the names of his parents or siblings. However I do have the names of his descendants.
Perhaps someone searching the family Higgins tree in Ireland can shed light on this family?
Sylvia White  s_mwhite@dowco.com or via The Webmaster

I did a search at
using Ireland as birthplace and birth year as 1832 only William Higgins in York County (or Shire) in 1881 British Census.

William HIGGINS Household
Other Information:
Birth Year <1832
Birthplace Ireland
Age 49
Occupation Coal Miner
Marital Status M <Married
Head of Household William HIGGINS
Relation Head
Disability -
Source Information:
Dwelling 102 Bare Tree Rd
Census Place Rawmarsh, York, England
Family History Library Film 1342132
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4679 / 40 Page Number 34

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
William HIGGINS   Head M Male    49 Ireland Coal Miner
Sarah HIGGINS    Wife  M Female 40 Lincoln, England
Leonard HIGGINS Son   U Male     13 York, England Coal Miner

Source Information:
Dwelling 102 Bare Tree Rd
Census Place Rawmarsh, York, England
Family History Library Film 1342132
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 4679 / 40 Page Number 34

09 March 2003  

Hope a listing can further the researches which are many from a distance of Irish relatives for my son

Basically Julia Walsh bn 15/3/1894 in Rock Cottage Mallow.
Married a Thomas Byrne (or may be O'Byrne) who was bn abt 1892 in Scotland.
They married and had a daughter Margaret Byrne who was born 7/9/1926 in Borris, Ossory, She later married an Owens and thus one of
her children into the name Taylor

Julia's Parents were a Joseph Walsh and a Hannah Higgins,
This is the only info on the Higgins side and so far I have drawn a Blank.
Even with a trips to Mallow. Joseph was an Army Pensioner and Labourer
on Julia Birth Cert in 1894
Many thanks to any one who can help
"Barry" barry.taylor@ntlworld.com

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Mar 07, 2002
James Higgins and Jane Duffin

I am looking for any info on James Higgins and Jane Duffin from Glenravel, Skerry, Ireland. There were at least 3 children Catherine, Esther and Jane.

My connection is Francis Duffin also from Glenravel, Skerry, Ireland who migrated to Scotland about 1860's and then to Missouri, USA about 1872. I think Jane may be his sister or at least a relative.

Linda Kaden lindakaden@blueyonder.co.uk

. . . . . .

Looking for information on g-grandfather
 James Higgins (no middle name) 
     born April 15, 1884 in Kentucky.
 Married Freida Bell Tupman from  Kentucky.
 Children, Lucille,
            and others who died at birth.
 Looking for links to Ireland.

Tanya Higgins  thiggins5@juno.com

. . . . . . . . .

20 January 2001

My great-grandfather, John Higgins, was born in Castlegal, Co. Sligo
@1860. He emigrated to the U.S. by way of Canada @1875. His father's
name was Timothy; John was called John O'Tadg. We think Timothy died
when John was young and his mother remarried a man with the last name of Gilmartin. We know he had a sister Catherine. She emigrated to Canada and married and settled in the Montreal area. We think John must have at least had one older brother, since he probably wouldn't have left if
he was going to inherit. I would like to find out if there were more
siblings and about his mother and father and their families, if

This is a great web page!

Molly Murnane

. . . . . .

Hi! my name is Cathey (Higgins) Schonhoff, my father was James Patrick Higgins b.1-18-1907 d.7-12-1952 His father was Michael Higgins b. in County Mayo, Ireland d. in Nebraska His mother was Ellen (Gallagher) Higgins b.i n County Knock, Ireland d. in Ill. Michael Higgins parents were Michael Higgins b.& d. in Kilvine, County Mayo and Peggy Ratigan b.& d. in Kilvine, County Mayo any information would be appreciated. You may e-mail me at Higgins@sheltonbbs.com

. . . . . . .

30 June 2003
Margaret Higgins\ Benoit from
North Adams Mass.\ Co. Waterford Ireland

My great grand mother Margaret Higgins b. Oct. 27 1875
Parish of Kill in CO. Waterford parents Edmund and
Ellen Broderick. Siblings were Brigid b. in Parish of
Kill Aug. 1858, John & Matthew b. in Knockmahon 1860,
Ellen b. in Parish of Kill 1867, Patrick b. in Parish
of Kill 1869, Edmund b. in Ballynasissila 1872, and
Michael b in Mountairay.1877. Edmund was a miner at
Knockmahon. Any information about any of these
relatives would be a great help. Thanks Kathy

. . . . . . . . . . .


26 June 2004
 Higgins in Scotland
 I am looking for any info available regarding Patrick Higgins from 9 Holmscroft street in Greenoch, Scotland. He would have lived there in 1971 and probably prior to that...I believe his wife passed away in the early to mid 1980's and I believe he had passed away prior to that...he would have had a daughter Phyllis Higgins and I believe there were a few other  children also.
 Pat Mc Nair mrlbro616@msn.com

. . . . . . . . . .

30 January, 2003  
Sandra Haley  smhaley@ns.sympatico.ca
This is a wonderful source for HIGGINS ancestors. I am having difficulty with my research. Perhaps someone can help?
My great-great-grandfather was Terrence Higgins. He was born about 1841 in Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Catherine O'Hara in County Lanark. He died in 1907 in Saltcoats.
 I can't find any more about him except that his parents were John Higgins and Rose Brannan. If anyone has any info about any of these individuals, please contact me

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

South Africa

31 Mar 2008
I’m trying to trace my Grand Father Arthur James Higgins born in South Africa and I think was married to Catherine Edina Higgins Miss SA and an Miss. Universe Finalist in 1952. My Grandmother (born Johnson) divorced Higgins and my father Michael Stewart Higgins and his brother James Higgins were adopted by her new husband Leppan and we are now known as Leppan.

I think that my Grandfather Arthur James Higgins is related to William Higgins born 1812 England who was amongst the 1820 settlers to South Africa between 1857 and 1867. I have found the aided immigration number from Britain to South Africa – “Higgins 1083-296”. I would appreciate your assistance in tracing my “roots”. I also thought you may find it interesting to trace some of the Higgins Family in SA.

Regards, Stephen Leppan stephen.leppan AT liblink.co.za

02 Sep 2005 
I'm based in South Africa. My father was born Michael Steward Higgins, his brother James Higgins born in South Africa. My Grandmother divorced Higgins and they went to live in Northern Rhodesia. They were then adopted and changed their surnames to Leppan.

I will be interested in searching up the tree.

Regards, Stephen  Contact Stephen

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20 Feb 2005
I am Lydia Higgins, My father is Japie (Jasper Petrus) Higgins, married to Rika Van Der Westhuizen, my sister is Rialette Higgins. I would like to get information on my family, as the Higgins family is rather huge. I know my Grandfather was Joseph Frances Higgins and one of his brothers was John Higgins (writer), their grandfather came to South Africa from Ireland with the British Settlers. 
Anyone with information on this Higgins Family
 please contact me at  lhiggins@shaftsinkers.co.za 
 or tangtriss@yahoo.co.uk

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07 Dec 2004
 I am Wayne Higgins son of Harold James Higgins, married to Yvonne  Elizabeth Ann Jansen.
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 I was born in Johannesburg and went to school at Bryanston High in  Sandton. Now I live in Durban South Africa.

 I don't really know what else to add.
 Wayne Higgins  wayne@sikhona.net 

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