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John Higgins

Combined history of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash Counties, Illinois : with illustrations descriptive of their scenery and biographical sketches of some of their prominent men and pioneers. Philadelphia: J.L. McDonough & Co., 1883, 423 pgs. 


Or "Uncle John" as he is familiarly called, was born in Allegheney County, New York, January 14,1818. His father, John Higgins also by name, was a ship carpenter, from Connecticut. His Grandfather was a revolutionary soldier. The family were among the pioneers of Wabash County, having come hither in 1816. In those early days, subsistence was scanty. His father paid as high as 25 cents per pound for bacon. Upon being questioned as to why he would do so when the woods were full of game, he replied that he "wanted something greasy."
In the family were three sons, one of whom, William is dead, and George is living in Richland county.
John Higgins was married to Julia Keracher (a native of Berk's County, Pennsylvania, where she was born, December 29, 1816.) on January 31, 1833

To them were born twelve children:
Delia-    - January 9, 1834
Mary C.   - March 12, 1836
Betsey    - December 31, 1837 - Died January 14, 1839
Daniel     - September 23, 1839 -Died May 14, 1857
Sarah A. - March 9, 1842
Susannah- February 17, 1844
Judah-      April 7, 1846-Died December 13, 1870
George W.- April 5, 1849-Died August 12, 1850
Maria       -April 5, 1857*
Nancy      -September 9, 1857*
                (* see image)
Maria- (no other info given on her)

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Upon the breaking out of the Black Hawk War (more on war ), Mr. Higgins was anxious to go, but his father needed his services, being engaged at the time in the erection of the first brick building, perhaps erected in the county. During the late war he was almost alone on his avowal of Republican principles in his immediate vicinity, a faith to which he has constantly adhered. He is a most devoted member of the Christian church, in the success of which he takes great interest.

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Old Lancaster Cemetery Village of Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois  
HIGGINS, Barney, b.24-feb-1817, d.10-feb-1877, h/o Lucetta Higgins.
HIGGINS, Betsey, d.25-sep-1847, a.70-4-27.
HIGGINS, Betsey, d.14-???-????, d/o John & ? E H Higgins, 
    b.n., m.k. & (2) unmarked small stones nearby.
HIGGINS, Daniel W., b.23-sep-1839, d.14-may-1857, s/o John & Judah Higgins
HIGGINS, George W., d.12-aug-1859, a.0-4-7, s/o John & Judah Higgins
HIGGINS, George W., b.19-may-1840, d.9-jun-1840, s/o S W & M  Higgins.
HIGGINS, George W., d.25-may-1855, a.31-0-0, consort of Mary Higgins.
HIGGINS, James P., d.9-oct-1883, s/o J F & S H Higgins, 
     small unmarked stone located nearby
HIGGINS, Jane, d.19-mar-1865, a. 64-7-11, w. of William Higgins
HIGGINS, John,   d. 27-apr-1852, a. 73-6-4.
HIGGINS, John,   b. 14-jan-1813, d. 18-jan-1902.
HIGGINS, Judah, b. 29-dec-1816, d. 12-may-1891.
HIGGINS, Lucetta,    b. 16-feb-1819, d. 12-nov-1916, 
                        w. of Barney Higgins
HIGGINS, Naomi,      d.13-mar-1879, a. 0-2-1, d/o J F  & S R Higgins.
HIGGINS, Sophia A., d.19-oct-1843, a. 1-4-9, d/o G & P Higgins.
HIGGINS, Sophia E., b.15-dec-1853, d.30-aug-1854,
                        d/o. John & Judah Higgins.
HIGGINS, William, d. 29-mar-1864, a. 19-8-27, s/o s. & p. Higgins.
HIGGINS, William, d.12-jan-1864,   a. 63-0-13.


1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

John HIGGINS Self M Male     W 67 NY Farmer CT CT 
Juda HIGGINS Wife M Female W 64 PA PA PA 
Mary BAILEY   Dau W Female W 43 IL At Home NY PA 

Source Information:
Census Place Lancaster, Wabash, Illinois 
Family History Library Film 1254256 
NA Film Number T9-0256 Page Number 17C 

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