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December 2009

26 Dec 2009

Sketch of the Life of Judge David Higgins  with select census listings

17 Dec 2009

Delaware State Directory for 1874 - 1875

15 Dec 2009

Inquiry: Thomas Higgins of Dublin, Ireland, transported as a convict to New South Wales, Australia in 1833

14 Dec 2009

Biography & Select Census of Frederick A. Higgins, State Hospital Commissioner of New York.

09 Dec 2009

Biography and obituary of W. H. Higgins,  signal engineer of the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Died January I5, 1919

08 Dec 2009

An inquiry of Orient Higgins, son of Zaccheus and Martha of Hancock, Maine from Martha B. Higgins

05 Dec 2009

Lawrence Massachusetts City Directories for 1881 & 1883

November 2009

10 Nov  09

Many details added to Union Civil War listings.

A bibliography of Civil War related links to digitized books at GOOGLE books, including Regimental rosters and histories, as well as biographies of many of the General's and Officers of both sides.

October 2009

04 Oct 09

Higgins interments at Fairhaven Memorial Park - Santa Ana, Orange County, California with select census images.

Higgins interments at Riverside Cemetery - Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with select census data.

02 Oct 09

Higgins interments at Mount Zion Cemetery Fyffe, DeKalb County, Alabama with select census images.

01 Oct 09

An inquiry from the guestbook of Higgins' of Massachusetts from Judy Higgins Parker

September 2009

30 Sept 09

Short biography of Dr. J. M. Higgins of Wenona, Marshall County, Illinois with select census.

23 Sept 09

Higgins interments at Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, Suffolk County, NY with select obituaries

12 Sept 09

Higgins interments in Limestone County, Texas.

11 Sept 09

Obituary and select census of Vernon R. Higgins of Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County, Wisconsin

03 Sept 09

Higgins interments at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona - Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona

Higgins interment listings for Gardner Cemetery, at Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas.

August 2009

30 Aug 2009

A short genealogy if the Higgins family of Hancock, New Hampshire.

Obituary of Rear-Admiral William Alleyne Higgins (1928-2007) of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.

29 Aug 2009

Pension and other details added to many entries at the Higgins in Civil War - Union pages.

22 Aug 2009

Higgins burials at Valley City Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Including James Higgins, who served in the 9th Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War. 

21 Aug 2009

Biography & Select Census of Dr. Curran W. Higgins, (b. WI. 16 Sep 1849 - d. CA. 11 Nov 1926)

16 Aug 2009

Manchester New Hampshire City Directory 1879 & 1884 - Higgins listings with select census.

13 Aug 2009

Biography & Select Census of Cecilius R. Higgins , owner of the Higgins Artificial Ice Co of Fort Wayne, Indiana

09 Aug 2009

Obituary and Select Census of Raymond M. Higgins (1911-2009), originally of Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

07 Aug 2009

Biography & Select Census of Elvin Lydiard Higgins, Construction Engineer and descendant of Richard Higgins of Maine.

Biographies of Higgins' of the New England States from Who's Who of New England - 1916

Biography & Select Census of Fitch Allen Higgins and related families of Wisconsin.

05 Aug 2009

Biography & Select Census of Dr. William Harvey Higgins, of Providence, Rhode Island.

July 2009

31 July 2009

 A Compendium of Irish biography - Higgins

30 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Higgins Families of Chicopee, Hampden County, Massachusetts.

29 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Orin W. Higgins (b. Eastham, Ma. 1867) Member of Lifesaving crew. 

27 July 2009

A short biography of Edward Payson Higgins (March 10, 1841 - June 16, 1868) of Newark, New Jersey.

25 July 2009

U.S. Army Air Corp report on the death of Lt. Montell Charles Higgins of San Francisco, California. Includes Census and other information on his family.

Burial record & Select Census of James C. Higgins & Family of Andrew County, Missouri

24 July 2009

Higgins' buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery - Ft Worth, Tarrant County, Texas

22 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Calvin Higgins (01-13-1805 - 02-15-1876) & Amanda Higgins (nee Gere) (06-15-1802 - 03-20-1874) of Urbana, Champaign County Illinois.

21 July 2009

Burial Information of the Higgins Family of Benzie County, Michigan. Including John Higgins who served in Company "D" 122nd Ohio Infantry during the Civil War of 1861-1865.

20 July 2009

Biographies extracted from Directory of the Railway Officials of America 1893 & 1906 editions.

19 July 2009

Short story of the death on Apr 29,1877 of Thomas Higgins, of the Montreal Canada Fire Brigade

A short biography from 1825 of William Higgins Esq., graduate of Pembroke College, Oxford, England.

Biographies of Theophilus Higgins and Thomas Charles Higgins of Buckinghamshire, England

15 July 2009

Extract from History of the 805th Pioneer Infantry regiment of World War One. A story of Sergeant Billy Higgins, who having been a vaudeville performer, entertained the unit during their service in Europe.

13 July 2009

World War One service record of & Select Census of William Henry Higgins of Lockport, Niagara County, N. Y, Sergeant, Company "I", 309th Infantry, Seventy-eighth division.

11 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Honorable Thomas J. Higgins of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Merchant and Pennsylvania Assemblyman.

10 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of George Higgins of Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

09 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Seldon Higgins of Polk County, Oregon

Biography & Obituary of Dr. Francis Wesley Higgins (02/07/1857 - 12/18/1903) of New York State

08 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Patrick C. Higgins of Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.

07 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of Milton Prince Higgins, son of Lewis & Susan (Whitney) Higgins.

Biography & Select Census of Percy Elmer Higgins, of Maine. Son of Andrew Jackson & Addie C. Higgins.

05 July 2009

U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880 - Higgins surname & it's variant spellings

Biography & Select Census of Richard Higgins (1816-1894) of London England. Proprietor of Higgins, Eagle, & Co, Lace & Embroidered Muslin Manufacturers.

Higgins entries from R. L. Polk's 1889-90 City Directory for Toledo Ohio.

Biography & Select Census of John Chandler Higgins of Industry, Franklin County, Maine.

02 July 2009

World War One Naval Deaths - Higgins

Biography & Select Census of Michael Higgins, of Racine, Wisconsin & treasurer of Higgins Spring & Axle Company.

01 July 2009

Biography & Select Census of James Montgomery Higgins of Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois.

June  2009

29 Jun 2009

Biography of Dr. Samuel George Higgins of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Biography & Select Census of Charles Edson Higgins of Polk County, Missouri

25 Jun 2009

UPDATE  Submission of Clare Higgins and her ancestors of New York State.

22 Jun 2009

Biography & Select Census of Thomas Higgins of Los Angeles, California

20 Jun 2009

Biography & Select Census of John William Higgins of Spokane County, Washington State.

18 Jun 2009

Biography & Select Census of Martin M. Higgins of Talbot County, Maryland.

17 Jun 2009

Biography & Select Census of Jabin S. Higgins of Otsego, Allegan County, Michigan.

16 Jun 2009

An Inquiry from the guestbook: Family of Benjamin & Ellen (Brink) Higgins of Pettis,   Platte County, Missouri

15 Jun 2009

Updated : Census data and family information of Patrick and Perfecta Higgins of New Mexico and associated families.

12 Jun 2009

Biography & Select Census of Owen S. Higgins of Warren County, Ohio. Includes a record of his Civil War service.

Many additions made to Higgins in Civil War pages, as well as the Higgins in Military page.

May   2009 

21 May 2009

Obituary & Select census of Byron Spencer "Lokie" Higgins, 90, of Frederick County, Va. Includes family information of his Warren County Family

11 May 2009

City Directory entries for the following , New Haven, Connecticut , Bay City, Michigan ,Plattsburgh, N.Y. , St. Paul, Minnesota , Madison City, Wisconsin .

   April  2009   

30 April 2009

A history of Higgins families that migrated from Virginia to Kentucky in the late 1700's

Inquiry: Prue Greene is looking for looking for any descendents of  Michael and Catherine Higgins of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland.

29 April 2009

Biography & Select Census of George Higgins, proprietor of the Sanford House at Sanford, Michigan.

26 April 2009

Biography & Select Census of James C. Higgins, M. D., of Schuylkill County & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

19 April 2009

Commercial Advertiser Directory for the City of Buffalo, New York - 1860, with select census images

15 April 2009

A short history of the R. H. Higgins Company of Worcester County. Massachusetts, (Stearn's Motor Company agents) and the proprietors, Ralph H. Higgins and Willard E. Higgins.

Higgins listings from 1920 Boyd's Atlantic City (N.J.) City Directory, with select census images

12 April 2009

Biography & Select Census of Van Hollis Higgins (02/20/1821-04/17/1893), A Judge from Cook County, Illinois.

11 April 2009

Lineage of Higgins Family of Pettis. Platte County, Missouri 

6 April 2009

Inquiry: Joanna Higgins who married Reuben Martin abt 1775 and lived in South Carolima.

4 April 2009

A guest book inquiry from John Michael Higgins about the Robert Russell Higgins information already posted onsite.

3 April 2009

Biography & Select Census of William P. Higgins, proprietor of livery, feed and sale stable in Nobles County, Minnesota


  March  2009   

30 March 2009

Biographies & Select Census of Higgins Entries from "Book of St. Louisans", 1906 & 1912 Editions

Biography & Select Census for Shelley Judson Higgins 1886-1956, City Attorney for San Diego, California.

Inquiry: Shane Higgins is seeking his ancestors.

29 March 2009

Biography & Select Census for James B. Higgins, Newspaper Editor and Publisher and also Clerk in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

22 March 2009

Found TreasuresA group of photographs of the family of Henry Taylor Higgins and his wife, Lucinda Ritchie Higgins. The lady who rescued them, Marge Rice, is seeking descendants of this family to return the images to.

Biography & Select census of Edward F. Higgins, coach, livery and sale stables, at Rochester, N.Y.

19 March 2009

Biography & Select census of Alexander Jerome Higgins, a lawyer from New Jersey

15 March 2009

Assorted biographies of Higgins' of New York

15 March 2009

Biography & Select census of Barton B. Higgins, Druggist  &  Henry O. Higgins, proprietor of Dixon Gas Works, Illinois .

Biography of Higgins Family of Rawdon, Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 March 2009 

Biography & Select Census of Richard Hutchings Higgins  b. Ky. Oct. 13, 1869 - Died N.Y. Mar 7, 1937 - Banker

7 March 2009

Inquiry: Adam Wanderer is seeking information on John Higgins, born May 1889, who served in the Army of the United Kingdom during World War One

4 March 2009

Inquiry: Belinda Higgins-Scott is seeking her Grandfather , Logan Higgins' ancestors.

2 March 2009

Biography of Francis M. Higgins, Newspaper editor & Publisher of Walworth County, Wisconsin                         

  February 2009

28 Feb 2009

Many new entries, some including images of the soldier, have been added to the Higgins in Civil War  pages.

26 Feb 2009

Obituary & Selected Census Information - Captain Patrick L. Higgins (Retired) of Thompsonville Fire Dept, Connecticut.

22 Feb 2009

Inquiry: Seeking ancestors of Gordon Higgins prior to 1800: Yancey County, North Carolina

22 Feb 2009

Inquiry: The Ancestors and Descendants of Hosea Higgins of Yancey County N.C. - Vincent Lafayette Higgins, Curtis Alexander Higgins & William Thomas Higgins

 12 Feb 2009

McNeil & Higgins Company : A history of the company with biographies

08 Feb 2009

Inquiry: Looking for ancestors of Oscar Higgins of Michigan

02 Feb 2009

Interment Listing  Higgins -  Missoula Cemetery -Missoula Montana


  January 2009

28 Jan 2009  
Alabama Higgins Biographies

                    Biography of Richard T. Higgins of Connecticut with selected census

27 Jan 2009  
Biography of Andrew Higgins of Buchanan County, Iowa

26 Jan 2009 
Biography of John Higgins: New York to Indiana

Pettis County, Missouri  addition   

25 Jan 2009  Biographies of Charles R. Higgins and James Edward Higgins
                with selected census

Frank P. Higgins - Railroad Engineer

22 Jan 2009
From Missouri to Oregon: A Biography of James W. Higgins
               Biography of John Martin Higgins of Kentucky
                   with Census Records of his Ancestors

18 Jan 2009 
Biography of LeRoy Higgins of Pennsylvania

Biography of George Higgins of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

Biography of James Higgins - Illinois to Iowa, selected census

Biography of Joseph P Higgins, MO

17 Jan 2009 
Obituary Merrill W. "Bud" Higgins, 88. d June 15, 2008, Selected Census

09 Jan 2008  
Obituary Peter Patrick Higgins NY

                THOMAS W HIGGINS OBITUARY - July 13, 1931 - March 17, 2005

08 Jan 2008  Obituary Floyd J. Higgins Jackson, Madison County TN
                Inquiry Earl Louis Higgins (b.1910, WV),
                          father of Joseph Richard Higgins (b. 1938, OH)

07 Jan 2009  Inquiry John Higgins - from New York to Minnesota

03 Jan 2009  Inquiry Victor James Higgins, born 1923 UK, immigrated Australia

02 Jan 2009  An  Obituary Dean W. Higgins, OH

               Edward C. Higgins Jr., April 19, 1933 - Sept 27, 2008, Pharmacist

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