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08 Apr 2013

Source: History of Wyoming County, N.Y. With Illustrations, Biographical Sketches, and Portraits of Some Pioneers and Prominent Residents- Published 1880

Niles D. Higgins, son of Dr. Otis and Hannah Higgins, was born in 1823 in Perry, and was married to Miss Sarah J. Wygant, daughter of Daniel Wygant, of Perry; they have three children. Mr. Hlggins is a farmer, and has a village residence.

Census Findings, etc;

1900; Census Place: Castile, Wyoming, New York; Roll: 1178; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 0118
Name Age

N Delano Higgins 72
Sarah J Higgins 68
Mercy A Higgins 72

1880; Census Place: Castile, Wyoming, New York; Roll: 948; Page: 95B; Enumeration District: 200; Image: 0193
Name Age

Delano Higgins 57
Sarah Higgins 48
Florance Higgins 20
Walter Higgins 9

1870; Census Place: Perry, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M593_1119; Page: 253A; Image: 514
Name Age

Delano Higgins 47
Sarah J Higgins 39
Mary E Higgins 14
Florence Higgins 10
Daniel Wygant 82

1860; Census Place: Perry, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M653_883; Page: 664; Image: 208
Name Age

Niles D Higgins 38
Sarah Higgins 28
Mary Higgins 4
Florence Higgins 6/12

1850; Census Place: Perry, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M432_617; Page: 285A; Image: 209
Name Age

Hannah Higgins 54
Delano N Higgins 27

Source: Richard Higgins: A Resident and Pioneer Settler at Plymouth and Eastham ...
By Mrs. Katharine Elizabeth Chapin Higgins

7, Ebenezer3, Cornelius6, Ebenezer*, Ichabod3, Benjamin2, Richard1), born April 3,1823; died Dec. 24,1905, at Castile, N. Y.; married Sept. 13,1854, Sarah Jane Wygant, born July 2,1831, at Marlboro, Ulster County, N. Y.
He resided at Perry and Castile, N. Y.; was a farmer. He united with the Presbyterian Church in early manhood and at the time of his death was the oldest member. His farm was part of an original Indian reservation.
i. Mary Eliza, b. Oct. 13, 1855; married Dec. 29, 1875, John W. Tyler, a lawyer at Cleveland, Ohio.
ii. Florence, b. Dec. 26, 1859; married March 25, 1885, Lyman D. Root, a farmer at Dansville, N. Y.
iii. Otis Wygant, b. Dec. 25, 1860; d. at Perry, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1861.
iv. Walter Lee, b. Nov. 11, 1870; married Ada Sharpsteele.
Niles Delano Higgins
Henry Knowles Higgins

other Higgins' in Hope Cemetery

Census Findings, etc;

Sanford A. (Armstrong) Higgins, son of Henry K. and Esther A. Higgins, was born in 1849 in Perry, and in 1872 he was married to Miss Emma A. Karrigar, daughter of Henrv and Alvira Karrigar, of Castile. He has three children. He came to Castile in 1869 from Perry, and is a farmer.

1900; Census Place: York, Sandusky, Ohio; Roll: 1318; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 0092
Name Age

Sanford A Higgins 43
Emma A Higgins 34
Mabel G Colvin 13
Florence P Colvin 10
William H Colvin 6

1880; Census Place: Castile, Wyoming, New York; Roll: 948; Page: 97A; Enumeration District: 200; Image: 0196.
Name Age

S. A. Higgins 30
Emma Higgins 25
Minnie Higgins 7
Jason Higgins 2
Wheelden Higgins 1

1860; Census Place: Castile, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M653_884; Page: 350; Image: 351
Name Age

Henry K. Higgins 65
Esther Higgins 47
Jason L (Latrop) Higgins 22
Romane O Higgins 20
Frank A Higgins 18
James E Higgins 13
Sanford A Higgins 11
Loyd S Higgins 9

1850; Census Place: Perry, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M432_617; Page: 289B; Image: 218
Name Age

Henry K. Higgins 56
Esther Higgins 37
David Higgins 14
Jason Higgins 12
Ramore Higgins 10
Frank Higgins 8
James Higgins 3
Sanford Higgins 1

Source: Richard Higgins: A Resident and Pioneer Settler at Plymouth and Eastham ...
By Mrs. Katharine Elizabeth Chapin Higgins

7, Ebenezer6, Cornelius3, Ebenezer*, Ichabod3, Benjamin2, Richard1),
born May 23, 1849; died ;married April 7, 1872, at Castile, N. Y., Emma Kerriger, born Oct. 17, 1854.
He resided in Bellevue, Ohio; was a farmer.
i. Minnie Esther, b. May 20, 1873; married Aug. 10, 1891, Ernest A. Austin, b. March 27, 1870.
ii. Jason H., b. Sept. 10, 1877; d. July 17, 1906.
iii. Wheeldon K., b. Dec. 25, 1878; married June, 1904, Anna Baldwin. He served four years in the army. At West Point in 1906.
iv. Edward Roy, b. Aug. 13, 1883.
v. Lloyd S., b. April 3, 1887.
vi. Ruth A., b. May 15, 1890.
vii. Henry P., b. March 20, 1892; d. Feb. 20, 1904.
viii. Hattie M., b. Jan 22, 1895.


14 July 2012

Source: HISTORY OF WYOMING CO., NY - BY: F. W. BEERS, 1880 (Page 292)
SMITH HIGGINS, son of Dwight and Rebecca Higgins, residents of Genesee county, NY, was born in Middlebury, NY, May 7th, 1824, and except during five years lived with his parents until his marriage, April 26th, 1849, to Sarah Bump, who died Feb. 18th, 1854. Feb. 7th, 1858, he married Adell E., daughter of Sidney S. and Harriet Monroe, of Middlebury, NY. He has one child by his first marriage and two by his second. He worked at his trade, that of carpenter and joiner, until 1868. He built and managed the Monroe House, near the depot, five years. In 1874 he moved to the village of Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY, and was connected with N. Ottinger in the clothing business over two years. He owns a farm of eighty acres and two village lots, and is identified with the general produce trade.


1850; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M432_617; Page: 323A; Image: 285
Name Age

Smith Higgins 26
Sarah Higgins 23

1860; Census Place: Middlebury, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M653_883; Page: 555; Image: 99
Name Age

Smith Higgins 36
Adell Higgins 24
Floid Higgins 11/12

1870; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: M593_1119; Page: 330A; Image: 668
Name Age

Smith Higgins 44 Hotel Keeper
Ellen A Higgins 37
Floyd Higgins 10
William Higgins 8

1880; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: 948; Page: 300C; Enumeration District: 212; Image: 0604.
Name Age

Smith Higgins 56 Dealer in coal
Adell Higgins 45
Floyd M. Higgins 20
Clellan S. Higgins 19

1900; Census Place: Kearney Ward 3, Buffalo, Nebraska; Roll: 917; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 34
Name Age

F M Higgins 40
Lillian M Higgins 48
Eliza S Higgins 15
Adella Higgins 13
Smith Higgins 12
Floyd Higgins 9

1910; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: T624_1087; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 0195; Image: 492
Name Age

Floyd M Higgins 50
Lillian M Higgins 47
Eliza E Higgins 25
Charlotte A Higgins 22
Smith Higgins 21
Floyd M Higgins 19

1920; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: T625_1274; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 216; Image: 1074.
Name Age

Floyd M Higgins 60
Adell Higgins 84

1930; Census Place: Warsaw, Wyoming, New York; Roll: 1670; Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 30; Image: 623
Name Age (No image available)

Floyd M Higgins 70
Name: Floyd M Higgins
Birth Date: 26 Jul 1859
Age at Death: 75 Death Date: 1 Feb 1935
Burial Place: Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York, USA


14 July 2012

Source: Early history of the town of Springwater, Livingston County, N. Y.
By Orson Walbridge, Dennis Byron Waite - Published 1887

A family by the name of Higgins settled on the hill east of the Christian church. I have forgotten the old gent's name, but will mention some of the sons: Dyer, Stephen, Abihugh, Edmond C., Jerry, others not now called to mind. They all left town in a short time except Stephen and Edmond C. Stephen remained here until his death long since. I will mention his sons: Stephen L. Higgins, Julius, Philo, and two daughters, Mrs. Myron Wheeler, who died here last summer, and Mrs. Sylvester Capron, who died a number of years since. E. C. Higgins kept the old hotel on the corners previous to its being burned in 1854. He went to Wellsville, Allegany Co., and died there long since. One of his daughters, Mrs. Harvey T. Grover, is still living here.

Burial: Ford Cemetery, Springwater, Livingston County, New York, USA
Stephen Higgins

Burial: Ashley Cemetery Springwater, Livingston County, New York, USA, Plot: 21
Philo Higgins

see also
Ashley Road (off Route 15) - Springwater, Livingston County, NY 14560
[4235' 34" N, 7735' 15" W]
Higgins, Lillie J. May 28 1851 Mar 3 1872 (nee. Higgins), wife of J. C. Walker
Higgins, Linda Sep 16 1826 Mar 21 1896 wife of Philo Higgins
Higgins, Philo Aug 1 1824 Jan 1891 21

1850; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: M432_525; Page: 251A; Image: 207
Name Age

Julius Higgins 28
Fanny Higgins 26
Geo Higgins 2

1850; Census Place: Wayland, Steuben, New York; Roll: M432_600; Page: 151B; Image: 68
Name Age

Philo S Higgins 26
Lydia Higgins 24
Flora Higgins 1

1850; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: M432_525; Page: 252A; Image: 209.
Name Age

Stephen Higgins 55
Sally Higgins 65

1860; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: M653_779; Page: 760; Image: 255
Name Age

Philo Higgins 35
Lydia Higgins 36
Flora Higgins 11
Lilla Higgins 9

1870; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: M593_966; Page: 443A; Image: 423
Name Age

Philo Higgins 45
Lydia Higgins 44
Flora Higgins 21
Lillie Higgins 19

1870; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: M593_966; Page: 434A; Image: 405
Name Age

Julius Higgins 47
Fanny Higgins 46
George Higgins 21
Stephen Higgins 78

1880; Census Place: Springwater, Livingston, New York; Roll: 859; Family History Film: 1254859; Page: 402A; Enumeration District: 039; Image: 0527.
Name Age

Philo Higgins 55
Liddy Higgins 53
Jennie Carr 24


8 May 2012

Source: History of Chautauqua County, New York, and Its People, Volume 2 - edited by John Phillips Downs, Fenwick Y. Hedley - Published 1921

HENRY THOMAS HIGGINS As an architect Mr. Higgins has, for the last few years, taken an active part in the upbuilding of his home city of Dunkirk, much to the satisfaction of his fellow-citizens. He is never found lacking in public spirit, and is a well known figure in fraternal and social circles.
Henry Thomas Higgins was born Dec. 16, 1880, in Dunkirk, and is a son of Patrick J. and Mary (Quigley) Higgins. Mr. Higgins was one of the large contractors and builders of Dunkirk and, had he lived, would have been a very wealthy man. In 1903, however, together with two other members of the family, he was accidentally killed at a grade crossing.
The education of Henry Thomas Higgins was received in public schools and at St. Mary's High School, after which he entered Bryant & Stratton's Business College, Buffalo, and in due course graduated from that institution. He took an architectural course, American school, graduating in I913, and after serving a short time as draughtsman went into business for himself. In his chosen profession Mr. Higgins has been very successful. Despite the fact that, during the recent war, building to a great extent was suspended, he was employed to draw plans for many fine residences and has a considerable number now in course of preparation. His other work includes the following: Extensions and additions to the Niagara Silk Mills, owned by the Dunkirk Industrial and Building Company; the buildings at the Municipal Bathing Beach; the Drohen Avenue Theatre, a very fine structure of its kind, of the erection of which Mr. Higgins had complete supervision. The record of the early years of Mr. Higgins' professional career warrant the belief that his work, in the future, will make him widely known as an architect of talent and originality above the average. The political principles of Mr. Higgins are those of an independent Democrat. He affiliates with the Knights of Columbus, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and the New York State Association of Architects, and is a member of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.
Mr. Higgins married, June 6, 1910, Bertha, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Koch) Koch, of Buffalo, and they are the parents of two children, both of whom are now attending school: Agnes and Charlotte.

see the obituary of Mary I. Higgins from the Dunkirk (N. Y.) Observer - 15 July 1947.

1930; Census Place: Dunkirk, Chautauqua, New York; Roll: 1412; Page: 13B; Enumeration District: 22; Image: 747
Name Age (No Image available)

Henry T Higgins 49
Agnes Higgins 19
Charlotte Higgins 17

1920; Census Place: Dunkirk Ward 2, Chautauqua, New York; Roll: T625_1090; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 123; Image: 782
Name Age

Henry T Higgens 39
Bertha S Higgens 34
Agnes M Higgens 8
Charoltte F Higgens 7

1910; Census Place: Dunkirk Ward 2, Chautauqua, New York; Roll: T624_929; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 0120; Image: 413
Name Age

Mary I Higgins 54
Henry T Higgins 29

1900; Census Place: Dunkirk Ward 2, Chautauqua, New York; Roll: 1014; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 87
Name Age

Patrick Higgins 45
Mary I Higgins 44
Henry Higgins 19
Agnes A Higgins 17
Margret F Higgins 15
Robert Higgins 4

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