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Source: Pocket Directory and Business Guide of Coatesville, Pa - By Coatesville (Pa.). Board of Trade - Published in 1897

Higgins, Philip, carpet weaver, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Mrs. Margaret, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Anastasia, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Owen, laborer, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Eurie, seamstress, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Mary, 19 Second Ave.
Higgins, Jennie, 19 Second Ave.

census findings ;

1880; Census Place: Coatesville, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1115; Page: 127B; Enumeration District: 076; Image: 0038.
Name Age

Philip Higgins 28
Margt. E Higgins 19
Anna I. Higgins 10m

1900; Census Place: Coatesville, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1393; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 0111
Name Age

Margaret Higgins 39
Anna S Higgins 20
Eurie A Higgins 17
Owen C Higgins 16
Mary R Higgins 14
Jennie Higgins 12
Philip H Higgins 7/12

Higgins, Edward, junk dealer, 646 Coates St.
Higgins, Wm. , 646 Coates St.
Higgins, Ellen, 646 Coates St.
Higgins, Richard, machinist, 646 Coates St.

census findings ;

1880; Census Place: Coatesville, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1115; Page: 131A; Enumeration District: 076; Image: 0045.
Name Age

Edward Higgins 32
Kate Higgins 38
Michael W. Higgins 12
William Higgins 7
Ellen Higgins 5
Richard Higgins 1

1900; Census Place: Coatesville, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1393; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0109
Name Age

Edward Higgins 54
William Higgins 28
Ellie Higgins 25
Richard Higgins 21

Higgins, Martin, millhand. Rock Run.
Higgins, Ellie, Rock Run.
Higgins, Richard, laborer, Rock Run.
Higgins, John, laborer, Rock Run.
Higgins, Wm., laborer, Rock Run.
Higgins, Thomas, Rock Run.
Higgins, Mary, Rock Run.
Higgins, Margaret, Rock Run.


23 June 2012

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Source: Year book - By New York Numismatic Club - Published 1922

     (middle name is actually Carlos)
Journalist; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 7, 1867; s. Paul Lajas Higgins of Norfolk, Virginia, and Clara C. (Enos) Higgins; on maternal side nephew of the late Dr. Thomas W. Evans of Paris, who was concerned in the escape of Empress Eugenie, 1871; ed. Shattuck Military Academy, Minnesota, and Dr. Faeris' Academy, Philadelphia; m. St. George, Hanover Square, London, September 16, 1903, Mile. Marie Louis Jeanne, daughter M. Auguste Gillot, architect of Paris, and sister of M. Louis Eugene Gillot, Chevalier of The Legion of Honor, of the Paris Beaux Arts, etc.; children: Francis Lynch, b. 1905, Marie Pauline Lajus, b. 1907. Began newspaper work very young under George W. Childs of Philadelphia Public Ledger. After some service as N. Y. corr. of Western papers in N. Y., was sent to Paris in 1889 as special corr. of N. Y. Press and Boston Daily Globe. Remained in Europe about 18 years engaged in journalism; in 1896 became press representative for Non-Flammable Wood Co., Ltd. (immediate personal circle of H. M. King Edward, then Prince of Wales, in which the King had large financial interests) known in N. Y. as Electric Fireproofing Co.; was delegated in 1897 to promote German branch of same in service of H. R. H. The Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (Duke of Edinburgh). Member of the editorial staff, Dry Goods Economist, five years. Has resided in London, Dublin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Basle, Brussels, Paris, Vienna and Rome. Has written extensively on Numismatic subjects and published monographs on "Copper Coins of Modern Europe." Author: Numismatic History of the Royal German Houses of Wettin and Welf (published, Spink's Numismatic Circular, 1903-4). Recently undertaken work as amateur designer of medals and pattern coins, comprising nine different medals published in 1909-10, principal of which bear his initials in connection with well known modelers. Member Second International Numismatic Congress, held in Brussels 1910. Fellow, Royal Numismatic Society of G. B., Member of N. Y. Numismatic Club, (President, 2 years and one of the founders).
The family has been increased by Louis Eugene Higgins, born December 7, 1912, who on December 12th following, was the recipient of a silver cup suitably inscribed, from the New York Numismatic Club. The young man, now nearing ten years of age, already evinces a lively interest in antiques.
Mr. Higgins has long since ceased to be a collector of coins from the standpoint of mere series or varieties, becoming deeply interested in the study of ancient cabalistic science and the allied subject of comparative religion. He reduced his collection to one illustrating the astrological, philosophical and mythological symbols of the ancients, to which he has added one of amulets, cylinders, cones, seals and symbolic objects belonging to all the ancient civilizations including those of ancient America, a series which he has been successfully engaged in reducing to a common system and linking together. This study has enabled him to write much on the antiquities of Free Masonry on the subject of which he has produced several books and many newspaper and magazine articles.
In 1917, Mr. Higgins engaged in Wartime activities, acting for nearly a year as civilian Yardmaster at the United States Engineer Depot, Kearny, N. J., shipping railroad equipment to General Pershing and the A. E. F.
On account of his command of a number of foreign languages, he was selected for transfer to the United States Department of State, whose commission as a "Special Agent" he has carried for almost five years. It was his good fortune to be appointed to receive and care for the comfort of various bodies of foreign delegates to the recent Disarmament Conference, in recognition of which he has just been gazetted for decoration by the French Government.
He is Past Master of Ivanhoe Lodge 610, New York City, Royal Arch Mason and a 32° Scottish Rite Mason.

1850; Census Place: Norfolk, Norfolk (Independent City), Virginia; Roll: M432_964; Page: 33A; Image: 71
Name Age

F L Higgins 37
Pauline Higgins 26
Paul S Higgins 7
Kate Higgins 5
Frank Higgins 3
John A Higgins 2
Catherine Higgins 30

1860; Census Place: Philadelphia Ward 7, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: M653_1157; Page: 583; Image: 589
Pauline L Higgins 35
Kate Higgins 16
Paul Higgins 18
Francis Higgins 12
John Higgins 10
Mary Higgins 7

1870; Census Place: Philadelphia Ward 27 District 89, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: M593_1445; Page: 98A; Image: 199
Name Age

Paul Higgins 28
Clara Higgins 21
Frank Higgins 3

1880; Census Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1181; Page: 380D; Enumeration District: 447; Image: 0395
Name Age

Clara E. Higgins 35
Frank C. Higgins 13
Clara L. Higgins 9

1910; Census Place: Manhattan Ward 12, New York, New York; Roll: T624_1024; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0610; Image: 310
Name Age

Frank Higgins 43
Marie Higgins 30
Amelia Higgins 16
Francis Higgins 4
Marie Higgins 2

1915; Census Place: Election District 55, Assembly District 18, New York, Kings, 28.
Name Age (No image available)

Frank C Higgins 47
Marie L Higgins 34
Clara E Dowis 72
Louis E Higgins 2
Francis Higgins 7
Pauline L Higgins 5

1920; Census Place: Brooklyn Assembly District 21, Kings, New York; Roll: T625_1178; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 1358; Image: 890.
Name Age

Frank C Higgins 54
Mary L Higgins 40
Frank E Higgins 22
Francis T Higgins 14
Pauline T Higgins 12
Louis Higgins 7

According to an obituary in the January 1929 edition of THE NUMISMATIST, Frank Higgins died December 10, 1928 in New York City.

1930; Census Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York; Roll: 1538; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 869; Image: 420
Name Age (No image available)

Mary L Higgins 50
Francis Higgins 22
Pauline Higgins 19
Louis E Higgins 16

Book by Frank Carlos Higgins
An introduction to the copper coins of modern Europe - By Francis Carlos Higgins - Published 1892


5 May 2012

Source: Nelson's Biographical Dictionary and Historical Reference Book of Erie ...
By Benjamin Whitman - Published 1896

George H. Higgins, attorney, Erie, Pa., was born August 5, 1852, at Spartansburg, Crawford county, Pa. He is a son of the late Moses and Nancy (Fralick) Higgins, natives of New York, and descendants of early settlers of the eastern part of that State. George H. Higgins completed his education at Watertown (N. Y.) high school. Returning to Spartansburg he learned the trade of mason, and or five years followed it. For the following two years he was engaged in the lumber business in Rome township, near Titusville, with Mr. C. D. Scott, now of Corry, Pa. He then began the study of law under the receptorship of S. T. Allen, at Warren, Pa., and was a mitted to practice in 1880. While reading law he became interested in oil drilling, and devoted some time to this up to 1882, when he returned to Warren and formed a Law partnership with his late preceptor, S. T. Allen, which continued until the death of the latter in 1885. In 1883 Mr. Higgins was appointed district attorney of Warren county to fill the vacancy caused by the death of David Swanson. At the Republican primaries following the expiration of his term, he received the nomination to the district attorney-ship, and was elected by the large majority of 3,500. Upon the death of Mr. S. T. Allen, his brother, Mr. O. L. Allen, resigned the post-mastership of Warren to become his brother's successor in the law partnership with Mr. Higgins. In 1892 there was added to the firm W. H., son of O. C. Allen, the firm being known as Allen, Higgins & Allen. The partnership was dissolved in 1893, Mr. Higgins coming to Erie, Pa., to form the present co-partnership with Hon. S. M. Brainerd. Mr. Higgins has been twice married--in 1872 to Josephine C., daughter of C. D. Scott. She died August 4, 1890, leaving one son, Weld Higgins, a resident and business man of Erie. Mr. Higgins was married a second time October 10, 1893, to Nancy A., daughter of Moses Starbird, a resident of Corry, Pa. The family reside at 340 West Fifth street and attend the First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Higgins in 1890 received the Republican nomination for the office of president judge of Warren and Forest counties, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Senate of the National Union, a Pythian Knight and a member of the Royal Arcanum. He is rated with the leading attorneys of the Erie bar, and the firm of Brainerd & Higgins have a large and lucrative practice.

1860; Census Place: Sparta, Crawford, Pennsylvania; Roll: M653_1100; Page: 879; Image: 258
Name Age

Moses Higgins 44
Nancy Higgins 40
Martha Higgins 18
Hiram Higgins 14
George Higgins 7
Margaret Higgins 4

1870; Census Place: Spartansburg, Crawford, Pennsylvania; Roll: M593_1331; Page: 519A; Image: 146
Name Age

Moses Higgins 53
Jane Higgins 44
George Higgins 18

1880; Census Place: Spartansburg, Crawford, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1120; Page: 112B; Enumeration District: 115; Image: 0378.
Name Age

Moses Higgins 64
Jane Higgins 55

1880; Census Place: Glade, Warren, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1200; Page: 141B; Enumeration District: 270
Name Age

George Higgins 27
Josephine Higgins 28
Weld. Higgins 6

1900; Census Place: Erie Ward 4, Erie, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1408; Page: 21A; Enumeration District: 92
Name Age

Weld Higgins 26
Mary Higgins 25
George Higgins 4

1910; Census Place: Warren Ward 8, Warren, Pennsylvania; Roll: T624_1425; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 0183; Image: 294
Name Age

Weld H Heggins 36
Mary A Heggins 35
George E Heggins 13

Source: Genealogical and Personal History of Northern Pennsylvania, Volume 1
edited by John Woolf Jordan - Published 1913

The Higgins family is found in Rhode Island records at an early day. Owen Higgins was of Newport of that colony, married Seaborn Billings, a widow, daughter of Richard and Mary (Clarke) Tew. She was born June 4, 1640. Their son Richard married Elizabeth Hiscox and had four sons. From these sprang the Higgins family of Connecticut, prominent in town government and brave soldiers, many serving in the revolutionary army. From Connecticut the family spread to New Jersey, and later to western Pennsylvania, where the family herein recorded yet resides.
(I) This record begins with Moses Higgins, born in Connecticut, where he followed farming, married and reared a family. Children: Tilasse, Converse, Moses, Lindel, Harriet. With the children of Moses Higgins the history of the family in western Pennsylvania begins.
(II) Moses (2), son of Moses (1) Higgins, was born in Connecticut, 1815, died in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, in 1890. He was a mason by trade and a farmer. He lived in McKean county many years and later in life moved to Crawford county, where he died. He was a Democrat in politics and for many years held the office of justice of the peace. He was a Universalist in religious belief; a man of strong character and highly respected. He married Nancy Fralich, born in New York state, died in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, in 1865. Children, all born in Crawford county: 1. Martha, married Henry Miller, whom she survives, a resident of Spartansburg; children: Caroline, Maud, Bertha, Aletha, deceased. 2. Hiram Franklin, married Eveline Farley; child, Margaret; resides near Warren, Pennsylvania. 3. Lawrence, deceased. 4. Abraham, deceased. 5. George Henry, married Josephine Scott; child, Weld, died in 1909. 6. Margaret H., of further mention. Nancy
was a daughter of Abraham Fralich, who died in Crawford county, Pennsylvania. He married Dolly Dieffendorf, of Fort Plain, New York. They resided on their farm north of Spartansburg, where he died. Children: Kate, Nancy, of previous mention; Lucinda, James, John.
(III) Margaret H., daughter of Moses (2) Higgins, was born near Spartansburg, Crawford county, Pennsylvania, January 27, 1856. She was educated in the public school. She is a member of the Universalist church. She married, in New Jersey, July 18, 1883, George Millard- Haffey, born at Degolia, Pennsylvania, April 17, 1856. Mrs. Haffey survives her husband, residing in Bradford.
John Kernan Haffey, father of George M. Haffey, was born in county Armagh, Ireland, April 27, 1830. He remained in his native land until 1844, when in company with his parents he emigrated to Canada. He was a man of fine education, having attended the best schools in Ireland when a boy and continuing by subsequent study until fully equipped for his later professions, teaching and preaching. When a very young man he came to the United States and for a few years taught in the schools of New York state. He studied divinity and in 1851 was ordained a minister of the gospel and placed in charge of the Bradford Baptist Church. He soon resigned his pastorate to accept the agency for the American Bible Union, a position he held many years. In 1852 he married and took up his residence on a farm in Bradford township. He spent his time in surveying and kindred occupations until 1861, when he enlisted in Company I, Forty-second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers (Bucktails), Colonel Kane commanding. He attained the rank of sergeant, but after two years service he was honorably discharged on account of failing health. He was appointed major by Governor Hartranft, of Pennsylvania, and later aide-de-camp to the governor with the rank of colonel. He spent ten years in Philadelphia and New Jersey, following the close of the war, then returned to his home in McKean county, Pennsylvania, where he died November 7, 1881. He married Diantha E. De Golier, who survives him and resides on the old homestead in Bradford township. She is a daughter of Nathan De Golier, born near Saratoga, New York, March 25, 1801. He married Rhoda Ackley, born in Addison county, Vermont, January 8, 1801. They came to McKean county about 1831 and took up a tract of land in Bradford township. He was a millwright and erected the first saw mill at Degolia, a village named in his honor. He was the first postmaster of Degolia; a Republican and a prominent member of the Presbyterian church. He died December 2, 1871; his wife July 11, 1874. Their children: Hannah Maria, married Truman Sherman; Diantha E., married John Kernan Haffey; James Nelson, died February 14, 1878. Children of John Kernan Haffey; George Millard, aforementioned; John Nathan, a painter of Bradford; Zillah, a kindergarten teacher in Bradford.

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