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A Submission from:  Robert Burnham
Editor-in-Chief The Napoleon Series
Date: August 2001

(A Member of the English Army During The Napoleonic Wars)

   Lt. Thomas Higgins

 and an image of his Royal Commission

Lieutenant Higgins was in the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Foot (Link to page about this regiment and hence missed much of the 1st Battalion's overseas service. His letters mentions the 1st Battalion taking part in the expedition to Buenos Aires in 1806 and the Walcheran Expedition in 1809. 
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Genealogical Notes

      His sister's name is Catherine
      One of the letters mentions the birth of his son...
      It is announcing the birth of his first son named 
      Thomas Walker Higgins after himself. 
      Thomas (Junior) joined the 2nd Royal North British Dragoons
      (Scots Greys) in 1831, served to the rank of Sergeant and
      purchased his discharge in 1839 from Newbury Barracks
      in Dublin. He married Jane Watson, then sailed to
      South Australia. He purchased land near Currency
      Creek and Goolwa, raised cattle, became lieutenant
      colonel of the South Australian Volunteer Cavalry from
      1861 to 1869 and died in Adelaide in 1899

Lt Colonel Thomas Walker HIGGINS 1868

"This photograph is of Thomas Walker HIGGINS, in uniform of Lt Colonel, of South Australian Volunteer Military Forces

Photograph taken 1868, uniform is a blue cap with white horse plume, garibaldi jacket and blue pants with yellow stripe, very cavalry of the time. 
Lieut Thomas William Higgins in cavalry uniform, (son of Thomas Walker Higgins) taken 1868.

A 'coloured' photograph showing the uniform colour of the time. "


The Letters of Sarah Higgins (wife of Lt. Thomas Higgins-English Army) Sarah Higgins was born in 1790 and had the maiden name of Simpson. In 1808, at Beverley Yorkshire, she married Thomas Higgins, who was 23 years old, married. When Thomas went to Spain, Sarah and her two boys returned to Beverley to live. Her husband was severely wounded on 21 June 1813 at the battle of Vittoria and died on 15 July 1813. Sarah and the boys moved to Doncaster Yorkshire, where she died in 1822. Both boys probably went to Dublin to live with their aunts, until 1831 they joined army units. The oldest son, Thomas Walker Higgins Jr. joined the Scots Greys and served with them until 1839. The youngest son, William George Higgins, joined the Madras European Volunteer Artillery Company and served with it until the 1860s.


Text of British Army Commission of Lt.Thomas Higgins
George the Third by the Grace of God, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. King, Defender of the Faith, etc. To Our: Trusty and Well Loved Thomas Higgins Gent. Greeting. We do by these Presents, Constitute and Appoint you to be Ensign in that company where of (name is indecipherable) ESQ. is Captain in our Fifth (or Northumberland) Regiment of Foot commanded by our Trusty Well loved Lieutenant General Richard England You are therefore carefully and diligently to Discharge the Duty of Ensign by Exercising and Well disciplining both the inferior Officers and Soldiers of that Company and We do, hereby, Command them to Obey you as their Ensign to observe and follow such Orders and Directions from Time to Time you receive from your Colonel or any other your Superior according to the Rules and Discipline of War in pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in You. Given at our Court at Saint James the Twenty Ninth day of December 1804 in the Forty fifth Year or Our Reign.

Entered with the Secretary of War Entered with the Commanding general of Musters By His Majesty Lord Hawkesbury Tho. Butts (Probably a clerk)

Signature Undecipherable 

Thos. Higgins Gent Ensign in the 5th (or Northhumberland) Regt of Foot


Links to Letters from and to Lt. Thomas Higgins

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See Also:  Higgins Family of Currency Creek, Australia
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