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A Submission from Virginia and James C Parker from California
Area: USA, Missouri, Texas 
Contact Virginia & Jim Parker New 29 Nov 2004

Some of these entries are very hard to decipher as they were transcribed from photocopies of original bible pages. Use primary sources to verify any information listed below.


James Higgins Parker and Elizabeth Ann Fields
were married March 22, 1860 AD in Collins Co(unty) Texas.
     [see census # 1 below Missouri]

Harry Field Parker and Martha Roberta Sousley 
     were married in Leoville (sp?) New York, 
     November 25, 1908. 
     Has notation: __?___ at 118 West Gay St, Warrensburg, Mo (Missouri)

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     View 1910 MO Census Harry F Parker 27 & Wife, Johnson,

(Col) Colonel James Higgins Parker took unto himself a second wife. 
        Susan M. Higgins  widow of Jno. (Jonathan) Higgins 
         of Pettis County, Mo. (Missouri) Dec. 31, 1917.
         Married at the house of his son Dr. H. F. Parker, Warrensburg MO

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         View 1920 MO Census James H Parker 83 & Wife, Johnson, Warrensburg

Dr. Harry F(ield) Parker and J_?__ J__?__ Handley 
  were married July 19th 1941 St. Louis Mo. 
   by Judges George Moore (or Moon) and Coskill Collett, two federal judges.
   Senator Bennett C. Clark, Master of ceremonies and best man. 
    Elsie Handley, maid of honor.


(These listings are written in older style writing and 
    in a very cursive style of writing)

James Higgins, born Sept (8th or 18th)1776, 
         grandfather of James Higgins Parker.
Elizabeth Adalaide Cop??(poss.Copsy), 
         wife of James Higgins, born August 8th,1793 

(Birth records of their children below)

  Sarah G?, Higgins,             born March 6th 1801
  John M. Higgins,                born September 10th,1803
  James M. Higgins,             born December 28th,1807
  Martha S.Higgins,              born April 9th,1810
  Bushrod Washington           (Higgins-not written on page) 
                                          born February 14th,1812
  Elizabeth Adalaide Higgins, born August 2nd,1815
  Montgomery Fike Higgins,  born May 27th,1817
  Joseph Copsy Higgins.        born February 27th,1819
    (in a different handwriting it states he died March 29th,1894,aged 75 yrs)


  James Higgins Parker (Read Biography)
           born November 9th,1836 in Hampshire County Virginia.
           He moved to Missouri in 1842.
  Elizabeth Ann Fields
           born November 7th,1842,Cooper County, Missouri
  Sallie Ann Parker,
           born September 30th,1862.Collin County, Texas
  William Walter Parker
           born November 18th,1866. Johnson County, Missouri
  John Jessie Parker,
           born January 24th,1869.
  Frank Cockrell Parker
           born January 8th,1872
  Joseph Higgins Parker
           born February 18th, 1875.
  James Higgins Parker (jr), 
           born July 19th,1877.
  Bettie Adalaide Parker,
           born August 13th,1881.
  Harry Field Parker,
           born January 8th,1884.


(Mixed information -both births and deaths)

Elizabeth A. Parker
     First wife of William P. Parker,
     born 1816,Hampshire County, Virginia and
     Mother of James H. Parker, 
     died August 21st,1843,aged 27 yrs, from tuberculosis and is 
     buried in old cemetery in Lexington Missouri.

Hester M. Parker
     second wife of William P. Parker, 
     born 1824, died May 21st,1847, aged 23 yrs.
     Had a daughter, Harriet Parker.

William P. Parker 
      married sister of his second wife 
      and had three children Mollie and two others
      that are illegible.



Sallie Ann Parker
         Died Jan 10th,1865,Denton County ,Texas

Frank Cockrell Parker
         Died Sept, 22nd,1875

Joseph Higgins Parker
         Died Oct 6th,1875

John Jessie Parker
         Died May 16th ,1878

Elizabeth Ann Parker
         Wife of James Higgins Parker,
          Died Feb 17th,1910

James Higgins Parker
          Died Oct 24th,1923, aged 86 years,11 months,15 days, 
          Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Johnson County Missouri.

James Higgins Sr., 
           Father of Elizabeth Adalaide Parker, 
           Died Sept. 21st.1843,aged 68 yrs. & 5 days.
           buried Old Cemetery at Lexington Missouri.

Elizabeth Adalaide Parker
           Daughter of James Higgins, 
           Died August 21st,1843.Aged 27 yrs,11 months and 24 days. 
           Mother of James H. Parker
           buried at Lexington Missouri

Susie Higgins Parker,
           2nd wife of James Higgins Parker, 
           died and was buried at Houstonia Cemetery, Missouri.

Martha Sousley Parker
           wife of Dr. H. F. Parker, 
           died June 24th 1934 and 
           buried in Sousley lot Belfort ???? Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.

William W. Parker
            died July 21,1948, aged 82 yrs, 
            Buried ??? ??? Cemetery, July 22nd,1948.

James H  Parker

            died October,30th,1956.
            Buried at Julesburg (?sp)


MEMORANDA (Header of this bible page)

Elizabeth Adalaide Parker
   mother of James H. Parker and daughter of James Higgins
   was born July 2,1816 and 
   died in Lexington Missouri in September 1843.

James Higgins 
    was born in Virginia, September 1775 and 
    died at Lexington Missouri .September 1843.


Census # 1-
1880 Household:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace
Mother's Birthplace 

James H. PARKER    Self M Male      W 43 VA Farmer VA VA 
Elizabeth PARKER    Wife M Female  W 36 MO Keeps House VA KY 
William W. PARKER   Son S Male      W 13 MO School VA MO 
James H. PARKER    Son S Male       W  2 MO VA MO 
Caroline STRONG    Other W Female  B 60 KY Servant KY KY 
Aadam STRONG      Other S Male      B 19 MO Farm Hand KY KY 
Eve STRONG          Other S Female   B 19 MO House Servant KY KY 
Source Information:
Census Place Simpson, Johnson, Missouri 
Family History Library Film 1254696 
NA Film Number T9-0696 Page Number 508C

[View 1870 Census ScanAdded 18 January 2004

[View 1900 Census Scan
Added 18 January 2004


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Source: Missouri the center state: 1821-1915
By Walter Barlow Stevens - Published by S.J. Clarke, 1915


James Higgins Parker, who is living retired in Warrensburg, is the owner of valuable property holdings. For many years he was closely identified with agricultural interests in that section of the country and as the years have gone on he has so directed and managed his business affairs as to win substantial success, now enabling him to put aside all business activities. He was born in Hampshire county, Virginia, November 9, 1836, and is, therefore, in the seventy-eighth year of his age. His parents were William W. and Elizabeth A. (Higgins) Parker, the former a son of Solomon Parker, who was of Scotch lineage and was descended from one of three brothers who landed in Jamestown, Virginia, during colonial days. The maternal grandfather and William W. Parker, the father of our subject, made their way westward from Virginia to Missouri by way of the Alleghany mountains, traveling over the National road from Cumberland to Wheeling. It was in 1842 that they arrived in this state, settling in Lafayette county, where they purchased land and also entered tracts from the government. Mr. Higgins died in Lexington, Missouri, in 1843, and his daughter, .Mrs. Elizabeth A. Parker, passed away there in the same year. William W. Parker engaged in farming and stock- raising in Lafayette county to the time of his death, which occurred in 1888, when he was seventy-eight years of age, his birth having occurred in Virginia in 1810. After the death of his first wife he married again, his second union being with a Miss Shepard, a native of Maryland. She did not long survive her marriage and subsequently Mr. Parker wedded her sister, Miss Susan Shepard. By his third marriage there were four children: Harriet, deceased; Mary, the wife of William Davis, of Higginsville, Missouri; Emma, who is the widow of Copsy Higgins, living on the old home farm in Lafayette county; and Stonewall, who also occupies the old homestead in Lafayette county.

Colonel Parker, by which title the subject of this review is usually known, was a lad of but six years when brought by his parents to Missouri and was reared upon his father's farm in Lafayette county. He was an only child and following his father's removals he attended school in different places. He first began his education at Chapel Hill, where he remained for a year, and afterward studied at Sweet Springs, then Brownsville, where he spent three years in school. At a later date he became a student in the Masonic College at Lexington, Missouri, where he remained for two years. About that time, being then eighteen years of age, he inherited some money from his grandfather and purchased a farm of three hundred acres. He lived alone upon that place in Johnson county and operated it from 1856 until 1860. The following year he took his twelve slaves and went to Texas, where he rented a small farm. In the meantime he had married and his wife and her sister remained with the slaves upon the farm, while Mr. Parker joined the Confederate army, under Colonel Bowlden, who had organized a company which was used in guarding the frontier. Mr. Parker was connected with the quartermaster's department and was on detailed service for some time. After the Civil war he gathered together all of his belongings, and with one negro, returned to his farm in Missouri. He operated the place from 1865 until 1893 and brought it to a high state of cultivation. In the meantime he bought, fed and sold stock and that branch of his business became profitable. Upon his farm he erected a large and commodious residence, but in 1893 it was destroyed by fire and he then removed to Warrensburg. In the meantime he had purchased a thousand acres adjoining the old place, which he and his son William cultivated until Mr. Parker turned its management over to his son and retired from active life. He was one of the most prominent agriculturists of this section of the state. He had assisted in organizing the Commercial Bank of Warrensburg and has since been one of its directors.

In the year 1860 Colonel Parker was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth A. Field, a native of Cooper county, Missouri, and a daughter of Jesse and Martha Ann (Oglesby) Field, who were from Kentucky, although the father was a native of Virginia. The Field family was a large one, including Mrs. Parker, who was called to her final rest on the 26 of February, 1910, after a happy married life of about half a century. Eight children were born unto them: William, who has a wife and two children and has charge of the farm near Warrensburg; John, Frank, Joseph and Sallie, all of whom have passed away; James, a ranchman of Colorado, who is married and has seven children; Bettie, also deceased; and Harry, a practicing physician of Warrensburg, who owns and conducts a sanitarium.

Colonel Parker gives his political allegiance to the democratic party and has taken an active interest in its work. He was a representative in the state legislature from Johnson county 'for one term and has had several appointive offices. Fraternally he is a Mason, while in religious faith he is a Cumberland Presbyterian. While living in Lafayette county he erected a church near his home and he has done much to further the interests of his denomination. He now resides at No. 205 Grover street, where he is pleasantly located. His has been a well spent life. The careful direction of his business affairs has brought to him substantial success, while the integrity of his business methods has gained for him the honor and regard of those with whom he has been brought in contact.


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Houstonia Cemetery, Missouri.

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