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                       The goal of this website is to link any and all 
                        Higgins families within one website. 

You are welcome to submit your family line, Obituary, Biography, Photo or any other information pertaining to anyone with the Higgins surname (in all its various spellings) or their immediate family. 

All information will remain the copyright of the submitter and 
may be removed at any time, at the request of the submitter.

Please Contact me, MICHAEL HIGGINS at Email address 
             with an outline of what you want to 
            submit before you email those items.


THANK YOU for the following submissions:

14 Feb 2009    The Descendants of  Thomas Higgins, Isle of Man
                                  From Bunnie McClure

29 Aug 2008   The Descendants of Samuel Higgins, Connecticut
                         from Angie Baker

12 July 2007
               4 Generations of William S Higgins
1809-1840 TN
                 fromKelly Henderson

29 Jan 2007  
                 Descendants of Christopher Higgins 
from:  Bernie Catley

         CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS was born 1804 in Norwich England, 
       and died 26 December 1857 in Canberry N.S.W. 
       He married ANN DALY,

06 Jan 2007 
                 Descendants of Daniel Higgins
from: Cathy Joynt Labath

26 Feb 2006
                  Descendants of James Higgins Senior
, 1765 Leeds
submission from: John Higgins

31 Jan 2006 
                James H. Higgins
, of the Higgins Family of Mason Co., WV
Submission from: Rose Wallace 

15 Jan 2006 
            James Higgins 1864 to 1941 and his descendents
Submission from: Melanie Monahan Tomaio, Great Granddaughter

11 Jan 2006
Dennis Segelquist, Various Higgins Families, USA 

28 Nov 2005
        A collection of Local Cemeteries with Census Details from the Webmaster
       A Submission from Gwen Bodford

01 August 2005 
     An Irish Drummer's Legacy
       Connecting Ireland, Ohio North Dakota and Illinois Families
       A Submission from Thomas & Rennie Higgins

09 September 2004 
       The Descendants of Michael Higgins
      from Roscommon to New Jersey 
       A Submission from Marie Ippolito

07 August 2004 
Recent Family Tree of the Higgins Family 
       of Summerhill, Co. Meath, Ireland 
       A Submission from James Norman 

04 August 2004 
     Descendants of John Higgins &  Elizabeth Clinton 
      from England to Illinois 
     A Submission from Robert Lyle Young

28 July 2004
Descendants of Ann Heathcote Higgins 
       from England to Canada and the USA
       and connections with the Want Family
        A Submission from Susan Ann Compton Carpenter

26 June 2004 
       John Higgins & Hester Carmicheal
       from Wiltshire to Higginsville Nova Scotia
        A Submission from Ralph Higgins 

31 May 2004   
       Maurice Higgins: from Kulfenane to the Hudson 
         A Submission from Clare H Higgins 

September 2003
      Marion Starr 
Murder, Mayhem & Misdemeanours: 
               Early Settlers at the Cowpasture River NSW 1810 - 1830

Robert Higgins (1762-1843) Sergeant NSW Corps Australia

April 2003
        James C Parker 
        Higgins Parker Bible
Descendants of James Higgins

January 2003 
       Luis A. Bendezu II, MD 
       From Ireland to the Bronx
       Descendants of a Family from County Meath, Ireland

January 2003    UPDATED  July 2003
     Ronie Kendig
Descendants of Benjamin Higgins
      Cheshire County, New Hampshire

September 2002 
     Linda Raiola
     Small book about A Higgins Family
    published 1883 in Illinois
    Written by Daniel F Higgins

August 2002
     Extracts from Transcription of WOODFORD CITY CEMETERY 
     Reprinted with the kind permission of 
     Janet H (Rouse) Derbyshire

March 2002 
    Vannie Higgins: Brooklyn�s Last Irish Boss
    By Allan May 

January 2002
   Descendants of Ralph Sylvester HIGGINS
      Born: 1880 Maine; 
      Died: Abt. 1911 
    + Clara STINEFORD Born: 1885 Maine; Died: Abt. 1970

August 2001
   Yvonne Chard
5 generations of the
   descendants of Thomas Higgins and Mary Shell
from England to South Australia

August 2001
   Brian Forth
   Higgins family of Currency Creek  

August 2001
    Robert Burnham

   Editor-in-Chief The Napoleon Series
http://www.napoleon-series.orgLt Thomas Higgins 

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   This information compiled by Michael James Higgins
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