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Alabama Higgins Inquiry

28 Oct 2001 

My grandmother was Laura Mae Higgins born approx 1900,
location of birth unknown except I think it was
Alabama. Parents names unknown. Lived at 
Clarence, (Blount County) Alabama north of Birmingham.
Laura and my grandfather, John Wesley Alexander
, were divorced about 1921. Laura had
visiting rights but on one visitation, she kidnapped
my mother. 
She was forbidden visitation after that and she left
Alabama, to my knowledge, and never returned. Laura
remarried and had at least two children. I do not know
her married name but I think it was Smith (not much 
help, huh?). Laura sent a picture of herself and the
two children and valentines. My mother grieved over
Laura her whole life, I never knew why they did not
contact each other later in life but I think Laura
died an early death as did my mother. I would like to
contact her half-siblings. 

Thank you for your time. 
Roland Fuentes   Invalid Feb 2004

Added 22 February 2004
Verification is Needed
View 1910 AL Census J C HIGGINS
       with wife Emma & daughters Maggie & Laura Higgins
View 1920 AL Census HERRINGTON JOHN 
       with Wife Laura and daughter Iris

. . . . . . . . . . 

Alabama Higgins 
May 22  2002

I am looking for information on my grandmother and grandfather. Their names were William Hunter Smith and Ethel Leoma Higgins
Her parents were Robert S Higgins and Mollie Leviston. Can't find any other information on my great grandfather or great grandmother or my grandfather. Anyone who can help  please email me at

       Robert S Higgins [View 1900 AL Census Scan]  Added 18 January 2004

--Only Robert Higgins, born in Georgia, in 1868*--
    *Parameters given in the above 1900 census--

1880 USA Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Miles A. HIGGINS Self M  Male    W 54 GA Farmer NC NC 
Emily A. HIGGINS Wife M Female W 38 GA 
                                                    Keeping House AL GA
Mary G. HIGGINS Dau  S Female W 15 GA At Home GA GA 
Robert S. HIGGINS Son S Male   W 12 GA Works On Farm GA GA
Novella E. HIGGINS Dau S Female W 5 GA At Home GA GA 
Thomas A. HIGGINS Son S Male   W 1 GA At Home GA GA 
Source Information:
Census Place District 649, Carroll, Georgia 
Family History Library Film 1254137 
NA Film Number T9-0137 Page Number 31C 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Georgia, South Carolina
18 May 2002      

Henry Higgins
born in SC 9/17/1825 - moved to Georgia
at some point and married Margaret Mahalia Shell born 1/7/1826.
He was my great-great-grandfather. I  found him & his wife in 1850 Georgia census when he was 25 years old with their first 3 children. I don't know his father or mother's names or his wife's father or mother.
I am at a brick wall. 1840 census he would have been 15 years old. 
Jerry Glenn Higgins
View 1850 GA Census Scan   Added 27 July 2004 

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


    Feb 03, 2002 

Lou Ellen Anna Higgins

I need help locating information about my gg-grandmother Lou Ellen Anna Higgins b: abt 1853 possibly GA. She was married to William Matthew "Matt" Wilson
Matt Wilson d: in McCurtain Co., Ok 1924 with a new wife. I know they lived in Arkansas and also Indian Territory Oklahoma.
Their daughter Nancy Jane Wilson was born in Arkansas and also lived in Indian Territory. Nancy Jane married James J. Earnest 1894 & died May 28, 1906 from Child birth at Ada, Indian Territory Oklahoma. 
She was the mother of my grandmother Minnie Lee Earnest Johnson.

Any help on Lou Ellen Anna will be appreciated, she has been my stumbling block for many years
Thank you
Kay Sugg Best

  Added 25 Jan 2004 

. . . . . . . . . 

- 19 November 2001
Searching for half relatives from Dr. Wm S Higgins and
wife Anna Sortore
      Enos Samuel Higgins
        b: 9-30-1851, 
     George Nathanial Higgins  b: 3-31-1853, 
      Milo Henry Higgins
           b: Mar 28, 1855, 
      Lois Irene Higgins
            b: July 7, 1857, 
      Anna Elmyra Higgins
        b: May 2, 1861, 
      Daniel Stout Higgins
         b: May 20, 1866, 
      William Ellis Higgins
          b: Mar 9, 1869 
     and Charles Henry Higgins b: June 27, 1872. 


          Bottom of Page 1 and Top of Page 2 Added 26 Jan 2004

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
William S. HIGGINS Self   M Male   W 53 IL 
                                     Physician & Surgeon CT NY 
Anna HIGGINS        Wife M Female W 48 NY 
                                     Keeping House NY NY
Anna A. HIGGINS     Dau S Female  W 19 IL 
                                    Dress Maker IL NY 
Willie E. HIGGINS     Son S  Male     W 11 IL 
                                     At School IL NY 

Source Information:
Census Place Compromise, Champaign, Illinois 
Family History Library Film 1254179 
NA Film Number T9-0179  Page Number 101D 

WILLIAM SAMUEL HIGGINS was my gggrandfather. He
married Anna Sortore first and when she died he
married my gggrandmother MARY ELIZABETH SYMM0NDS and
they had another 4 children before she died in 1894 of
typhoid. Also searching for 2 of their daughters:
Cozetta Mae Higgins and Mary Jennie Higgins (who took
the name Stoltey when she was farmed out at the death
of her parents.) 
Mary Elizabeth Higgins Symmonds died in Fancher Ill
Shelby co in 1894. All her children (she was Wm S.'s
second wife) were born in Champaign county Illinois. 
The Higgins family I mentioned was first from Rock
Island county Illinois and then they moved to
Millersburg, Mercer County Illinois. The children were
born in Rock Island or Mercer County Illinois. 

If you can help, please contact
Joann Higgins Coleman

West Franz Cemetery 
outside Oakley Ill, Macon county 
Headstone Dr William Samuel & Mary Elizabeth Symmonds 
    Higgins Plot 

. . . . . . 

May 23 2002   
O'Higgins, Higgins, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas, New York

I'm up against a brick wall.... 

Hi! I am looking for anyone who may have connections to my grandmother, Inez Jane Higgins who was born in Indiana in Illinois on Dec. 3, 1875. Her father was Samuel Gates Higgins from Kentucky, and her grandfather was Eastis Higgins. I was told their last name was O'Higgins, but the "O" was dropped at some time. 
My grandmother first married a man with the last name of Higgins and together they had two sons....Everett and Harry. Everett moved to New York and Harry settled in Kansas City where he operated a grocery store, married a lady named "Lena" and had a son, Harry Higgins, Jr. (Bud). They had one daughter, Sharon
My grandmother later married my grandfather, Archibald Cornelius Lamb, and had three sons and two daughters by him. That is all I know about my Higgins side of the family. 
Hopefully, this information will ring bells with someone. 
Thanks so much, Angel Inez Lamb Chesser


[View 1860 IL USA Census]   23 Jan 2004

[View 1870 IL USA Census]   23 Jan 2004

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age  09 January 2003
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Samill HIGGINS Self W Male    W 50 KY
                             Farmer        VA PA
Rachel HIGGINS Dau S Female W 18 IN
                          Keeping House KY IN
Margret HIGGINS Dau S Female W 16 IL 
                                    At Home KY IN
Inez HIGGINS      Dau S Female W   3 IL
                                    At Home KY IN

Source Information: 1880
Census Place Roaring River, Barry, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254672
NA Film Number T9-0672 Page Number 328C

. . . . . . . 

INDIANA Feb 02  2002     

Talbert Higgins d 1840,
(killed in Indiana when tree fell on him) 
m. Matilda Jones d Jan. 1901;
Children: Thomas J. b 31 May 1834 
             m. 16 Aug 1885
                 Christina Meyers
             Aaron b ~1835; 
             Louisa Jane b ~1836,
                               d. 14 Mar. 1863, 
                               m. 24 Aug. 1854 
                                   Isaac Newton Thomas 
                                   b. 10 June 1831, 
                                   d 17 June 1910 
       and Talbert b ~1839. 

Edna Hammontree

    27 Feb 2004

Webmaster believes this to be person listed, 
awaiting verification.

On site link
Higgins, Tolbert
Union Cavalry 
1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry

& / or
Higgins, Tolbert
Union Cavalry 
2nd Regiment, Missouri Cavalry (Merrill's Horse)

  with TOLBERT HIGGINS 30 yr old 
  Wife Pamelia and daughter Carrie

1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Tolbert HIGGINS Self  M Male    W 38 MO Farmer KY KY 
Pamelia HIGGINS Wife M Female W 28 MO Keeping House 
--- --- 
Clarra HIGGINS   Dau S Female  W 12 MO MO MO 
Herbert HIGGINS Son S Male     W  8 MO MO MO 
Narcisa HIGGINS Dau S Female  W  6 MO MO MO 
Lura HIGGINS     Dau S Female  W  3 MO MO MO 

Source Information:
Census Place Salem, Daviess, Missouri 
Family History Library Film 1254684 NA Film Number T9-0684 

       More Census Data  ON SITE  Tolbert Higgins 

. . . . .

  21 January, 2002

I'm searching for information about my g-grandmother and her family. Her name was Rachel Jane Higgins and was thought to be born in Indiana. She married David Foster Moore. They had at least 2 sons, Henry Newton Moore born in 1862 in Iowa and John Moore, birth date unknown. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
  Thank you,
  Christy Protheroe


   View MOORE DAVID F 42 IA DAVIS MARION TWP 1870   24 Jan 2004
    Family in question at bottom of pg 1 and top of page 2

1880 USA Household: 24 Jan 2004

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
David F. MOORE  Self M Male     W 58 IN Carpenter KY KY 
Rachel J. MOORE Wife M Female W 49 IL Keeping House KY KY
Henry N. MOORE Son S  Male     W 18 IA Teamster IN IL 
David E. MOORE  Son S  Male     W 15 IA At Home IN IL 
Jody MOORE       Son S  Male     W 9 IA IN IL 
Alvady S. MOORE Son S  Male     W 5 MO IN IL 

Source Information:
Census Place Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado 
Family History Library Film 1254092 
NA Film Number T9-0092 Page Number 21B 

. . . . . . . 

20 January 2002

My name is Rose Higgins. I am the wife of Jimmie Paul Higgins, Jr. , born in Hartford City Indiana.

I have a small amount of information,( marriage license application, death certificate, 1910 Federal Census, Indiana Eugene Twp, Vermillion County.) of his grandparents, and Ggreatgrandparents.

1910 Federal Census, Indiana, Eugene Twp, Vermillion County Roll 384, part 1, page 121.

James Oliver HIGGINS, age 64. 
 M2 (second wife) 17 years. 
       b. Indiana, father b. unknown ; Mother b. Unknown.

Mary Ann HARVEY shown as mother-in-law of James O. Higgins.

Wife: Margaret (possible) HARVEY age 42, b. Indiana, Father b. North Carolina, Mother b. Indiana.

Gene Pool Records, shows
 Margaret Ann Harvey, b. 18 March 1866 Parke County Indiana. 
 Father Isssac S. Mother, Mary Ann 

Child: Lizell age 14 b. Indiana.

Robert Harvey HIGGINS b. 6 Dec. 1907 Cayuga Indiana.

Married Della Mae CRAIG, 14 Sept. 1928 
           New Castle, Henry County, Indiana.

Parents of Della, Ruben Issac CRAIG and Cretia JONES, Eubanks KY.

Source: Marriage License Application, Henry County Indiana . Henry County Genealogical Society, Ulysses E. Bush, researcher.

Della Mae CRAIG HIGGINS, died 2 July 1949 New Castle Henry County Indiana. (Certificate of Death. Henry County Health Dept.)

I am trying to find more information on the parents of James Oliver HIGGINS, and the date of death of Robert Harvey HIGGINS

Thank you

Rose Higgins

. . . . . . . 

Aug 21, 2002  
James W. Higgins

Does anyone have the parents of James W. Higgins, married to Dorcas Jane Lafferty? They were married 4-9-1843 in Orange Co, Indiana.
Please email me at

  [View 1860 Indiana USA Census Scan]  Added 24 Jan 2004

. . . . . . . . . 

April 22, 2002
Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana

William Higgins - Rockingham Co., Va. to Washington Co., Tenn. to Orange Co., In

I am searching for William Higgins who married Nancy Harrison 19 December 1816 in Rockingham Co., VA

They subsequently moved to Washington County, Tenn. where their children were born before migrating to Orangeville, Orange County, Indiana.

Children were: Robert, Daniel Harrison, Miranda (Margaret) and Alfred - all born between 1819 and 1832. Robert married Mary Ann Shirley, Daniel married Jane Shirley Hudelson and Miranda married Morris Burton.

Anyone know anything regarding above people?

   31 January 2004

[View 1860 Census Scan Orange IN - Robert & Mary Higgins]
    Census image is awaiting verification from submitter

[View 1860 IL Census Scan]
    Morris Burton and Miranda Burton (Nee Higgins)

[View 1870 Census Scan Orangeville, TN]
    Robert Higgins
    Harrison (Daniel Harrison Higgins)

Onsite links
Higgins Cemetery 
Orangeville Township Section 7, T2N R1W. Abandoned
  As well as several other Higgins marriages in Orange Twp 
Alonzo Higgins, Orangeville Twp 
Daniel H Higgins Orangeville Twp 

. . . . . . . . . 

Sep 24, 2001
Higgins of Iowa

I'm researching the background of my great grandmother, Olive Higgins,  who was the daughter of Benjamin Higgins and Elizabeth Alexander. Rumor has it they came from Maine. They lived in Des Moines, IA, from about the 1850s onward.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Steven Krolak  

   View Scan 1870 USA Census  Added August 2003

   1880 Household:  Added 24 Jan 2004 

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Benjamin HIGGINS   Self M Male     W 59 ME Farmer         ME ME 
Elizabeth HIGGINS   Wife M Female W 42 IA Keeps House  VT ME
Benjamin F. HIGGINS Son S Male    W 19 IA Works On Farm ME IA 
Herbert HIGGINS       Son S Male    W 15 IA Works On Farm ME IA 
Elze HIGGINS            Son S Male    W 14 IA Works At Home ME IA 
Riley HIGGINS           Son S Male    W 10 IA ME IA 
Olive HIGGINS           Dau S Female W  8 IA ME IA 
Grace HIGGINS          Dau S Female W  5 IA ME IA 
Isreal HIGGINS           Son S Male    W  3 IA ME IA 
Elmer HIGGINS           Son S Male    W  3 IA ME IA 
Lulu HIGGINS             Dau S Female W 4M IA ME IA 
John BROWN              Other Male     W 60 DENMARK Servant 
                                                      DENMARK DENMARK 

Source Information:
Census Place Washington, Dubuque, Iowa 
Family History Library Film 1254338 
NA Film Number T9-0338 Page Number 482B 


Illinois, Kansas

Mary Guerrant  

My g-grandfather was Alfred Irvin Higgins. He was born in Urbana, Il. in 1852. He married Amanda Sanford in 1875 and he died in Stafford, Ks. June23, 1928. His father was Lewis Calvin Higgins, born in 1830 in Connecticut. Married Sarah Newlan in 1851, in Urbana, Il. She died
Feb. 2, 1899 in Stafford, Ks. 

I think but cannot prove that Calvin Higgins from Homer Courtland, N.Y. was his father and his mother was Amanda Geer (Gere_. I am not at all sure about the Calvin Higgins as I can't seem to find where he was ever in Connecticut. I am positive about Alfred and Lewis. Lewis was a drummer in Company E, 14th regiment of Illinois Vols. infantry in the was of 1861-1865. I have a widow's declaration for pension for that. 
He died Dec. 6,1890 in Stafford, KS.
If what I know helps, great. If what I cannot prove you can help me out. It would be great. Mary G

View 1870 Illinois Census for this family

1880 Household:    Added 24 Jan 2004 

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's
Louis HIGGINS    Self M Male    W 49 VT Farmer NY NY 
Sarah HIGGINS   Wife M Female W 45 IN Keeping House --- ---
Charles HIGGINS Son S  Male    W 21 IL At Home VT IN 
Anna HIGGINS    Dau S Female  W 9 IL At Home VT IN 

Source Information:
Census Place York, Stafford, Kansas 
Family History Library Film 1254398 
NA Film Number T9-0398 Page Number 46A 

. . . . . . . .

Apr 12, 2002 
Looking for father of Benjamin Sherman Higgins

My name is Sandra Higgins Chalmers of Southwest Harbor. My father was Wesley Higgins of Ellsworth, his father was Benjamin Sherman Higgins of Eden. Benjamin had two sisters, Agnes (1879-1956) and Alice (1876-1959); a brother, Hollis (1883-1908). They and their mother, Harriet H (1857-1950) are buried in Ledgelawn Cemetery in Bar Harbor. Great Aunt Alice married Frank Conners of Eden and Great Aunt Agnes married a man with the last name of Goddard. When I was a little girl in 1950+, we visited the Aunts on Albert Meadow in Bar Harbor.

My grandfather Benjamin Sherman Higgins was born in 1884 and died in 1930. He married Maude Ruth Haynes of Bar Harbor.
    Bride's Name: Haynes Maude R 
    Bride's Residence: Bar Harbor, ME 
    Groom's Name: Higgins Benjamin S 
    Groom's Residence: Bar Harbor, ME 
    Marriage Date: November 21 , 1906 
Further information on how to order copies can be acquired at: 

My Great Aunt Agnes had a deed from William Bingham in PA to Nehemiah Higgins, a yeoman, of Eden dated 10/7/1802 (which I now have) for 65 acres in Eden. I wonder if that was her grandfather.
Any information you might have would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Sandra Chalmers
334 Seawall Rd
Southwest Harbor ME 04679

. . . . . . . . . 

Mar 26, 2002  
Subject: Andrew J. Higgins

Looking for the parents/family of Andrew J. Higgins, who married Henrietta Thurber, at Rockland, Maine, in 1853. Henrietta Thurber was born ca. 1834, at Freeport, Digby County, Nova Scotia. They had (at least) two children - George and Charles.
Many Thanks,
John Thurber

. . . . . . . . . . . 

MAINE - 03 January 2002 
Alfred Stephen Wing 
            b: 14 Nov 1872 Leeds Maine 
            d: 7 Nov 1940 Dixfield Maine 
            married 5 Feb 1899 to 
               Carrie M. Higgins
A descendant said was born in 1880 in Oakland Maine. I found on
the internet that she was born 8 Aug 1886 died 25 Dec
1918 Dixfield, Oxford, Maine. Have information on the
Wing family back to England but have had no luck in
finding Carrie. I did find in the 1900 Census on line
in Leeds, Androscoggin, Maine a John M. Higgins born
Nov 1800 age 19 born in Maine listed as son to William
and Emma. I thank you in advance for any information.

. . . . . . . . . 

07 July 2002
Hi! I'm looking for any information on the following couple and their families:

Daniel HIGGINS married Honora CARROLL on 17 April 1818
in Baltimore, Maryland. Known children are: Mary C.,
born abt 1821, John, born abt 1822, and Thomas, born
abt 1833. Daniel died before 1840, since his widow is
listed as head of household in the 1840 census. Honora
died in 1873.

Who were Daniel's parents and were there other children, too?
Beate Hauer 

. . . . . . . . . 

Mar 26, 2002    
Subject: Finding the missing link

I am trying to research my maternal grandfather's side of the family. My grandfather Willard Sears Higgins born in Laconia, NH August 17, 1905 to Edmund Asa Higgins (1875 to May10, 1908) of E. Boston, MA and Ethel L. Belcher of Winthrop, MA. Grampa was the 3rd child born to Edmund and Ethel he had a sister Helen Francis Higgins July 30, 1901 born in E. Boston, Ma and a brother Edmund Asa Higgins Jr. April 23, 1903 born in Newbury, VT. My great grandfather Edmund Asa Higgins, born in 1875, had a sister Ida Higgins Burdick. I don't know if she was older or younger than Edmund.
My Great grandfather was born to Willard Sears Higgins of E. Boston ( sea captain?) and Clara J. Harper of E. Boston (nurse?). We'd like to know where the line comes from. We're under the belief this branch of Higgins is English.
Lori Pinault

 1880 Census Information Massachusetts
 Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
  Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's

William E. HARPER
Self M Male W 52 N. BRUNS [New Brunswick]
   Shoe Maker SCOT SCOT
 Sarah HARPER Wife M Female W 52 N. BRUNS
   Keeping House SCOT SCOT
 George E. HARPER Son S Male W 24 MA
   Laborer N.BRUNS N.BRUNS
 Clara J. HARPER Dau M Female W 22 MA 
 Sam'l C. HARPER Son M Male W 21 MA
   Confectioner N.BRUNS N.BRUNS
 Annie J. HARPER Dau S Female W 18 MA
   Servant N.BRUNS N.BRUNS
 William H. HARPER Son S Male W 16 MA 
   At School N.BRUNS N.BRUNS
 Clara J. HIGGINS Dau M Female W 22 MA
 Willard S. HIGGINS SonL M Male W 35 MA
   Hostler ME ME
 Ida J. HIGGINS GDau S Female W 7 MA 
    At School MA MA
 Edmund A. HIGGINS GSon S Male W 5 MA 
    At School MA MA
  Amelia A. HIGGINS GDau S Female W 3 MA
    MA MA
  Willard S. HIGGINS GSon S Male W 4M MA
    MA MA
  Source Information:
Census Place East Boston, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  Family History Library Film 1254552
  NA Film Number T9-0552   Page Number 286A
     Added 20 December 2002

. . . . . . . . . . . 

November  24, 2002     

Seeking parents of William J. Higgins or other connections/data to the following Boston, MA Higgins Line:
Descendants of William J Higgins

1. William J. Higgins 
    died April 9, 1914 in MA. Born in MA
    Burial: Mt. Calvary Cemetery,
             Roslindale, MA. 

Child of William J. Higgins is:

 2 i. William P. Higgins
          born 1883 in Boston, MA; 
          died January 1955 in MA.
          He married Catherine Murphy
          She was born 1887 in Boston, MA. 
         They lived on Faragut Road in Boston, MA in 1930. 
          Burial: January 22, 1955, Mt. Calvary Cemetery, 
                                            Roslindae, MA. 

of William Higgins and Catherine Murphy are:

 3 i. Karl Adams Higgins
      born 1915 in MA; 
      died April 11, 1941 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA. 
      He married Margaret Frances O'Brien 
           September 5, 1935 in Boston, MA; 
           born March 5, 1912 in Boston, MA. 
           Burial: April 12, 1941, Mt. Calvary Cemetery,
                                              Roslindae, MA

 4 ii. Phyllis Higgins
       born 1916; died March 20, 1995 in MA. 
       She married George Ware.
       Burial: March 20, 1995, Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Roslindae, MA

 5 iii. William P. Higgins Jr., born 1913.

Thanks for any help........
Steve Waters

. . . . . . . . . . . 

Boston, Mass
 28 January 2002  
  Looking for cousins in Boston area, Quincy. 
Names: Robert
           John and 
           Kathy Higgins
Father was Robert Higgins who died in 1950s. 
Robert Higgins was in the U.S. Navy.
  Relatives in Ohio 
      Aunt Lucille Higgins McLaughlin, (deceased) 
      2 children Connie and Jerry (deceased)
      Uncle Charles James Higgins, living.
     3 children Tanya

in late 40 and 50s.

. . . . . . . . 

Apr 30 2002
Brick Wall for Higgins 

My name is Brenda Snyder and I live in Brimfield, IL. My grandfather was born Edward (Bill) Higgins (b. 7-3-24, d.6-10-94.) He was adopted by his maternal aunt and her husband, so we never went by the name Higgins, and don't know very much about ourselves. 

My biological great-grandparents were Inga Larson (b. 11-23-1901, d. 11-4-1924) and Maurice Daniel Higgins (b. 12-16-1898, d. 5-31-1934) Maurice was born in Neillsville, WI and died in Duluth, MN. He was a motorcycle cop. His parents were Edward Higgins and Rose Introwitz, and I have nothing on them but their names. 

Any threads anywhere?

Thanks, Brenda Snyder

. . . . . . . . . . 

Boston MA   
 Jul 29  2002
My grandfather

Looking for my maternal grandfather, 
Thomas E. Higgins
born in 1878 in Boston.
      Died 1930???? in Boston. Teamster. 
      Son of Maurice and Eliza McCarthy Higgins.
Maurice was also a teamster. 

      View 1870 MA Census Scan    Added 27 July 2004  

        Mary dob 1864, 
        John       1866, 
        Lizzie      1868,
        Ella         1871, 
        Richard    1872, 
        Hannah    1874, 
        Morris      1876, 
       Thomas     1878, 
       Katherine   1880.

Thomas has a daughter Charlotte Higgins, 1907-1982, who was my mother. 
Thomas and my grandmother, Gertrude Higgins Norton, were married in 1905 and divorced two years later. Looking for links. 

1880 Household:   Added 27 Jan 2004   

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Morse HIGGINS Self M  Male    W 43 IRE Teamster        IRE IRE
Eliza HIGGINS   Wife M Female W 40 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
Mary HIGGINS  Dau  S Female  W 16 MA Works In Store IRE IRE
John HIGGINS  Son  S Male      W 14 MA At School        IRE IRE
Lizzie HIGGINS Dau  S Female   W 12 MA At School        IRE IRE
Ella HIGGINS    Dau S Female    W  9 MA                      IRE IRE
Richard HIGGINS Son S Male     W  8 MA                      IRE IRE
Hannah HIGGINS Dau S Female  W  6 MA                      IRE IRE
Morris HIGGINS  Son  S Male     W  4 MA                      IRE IRE
Thomas HIGGINS Son S Male     W  2 MA                      IRE IRE
Katharine HIGGINS Dau S Female W 1M MA                   IRE IRE

Source Information:
Census Place South Boston, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts 
Family History Library Film 1254557 
NA Film Number T9-0557 Page Number 33B 

. . . . . . 

29 Sep 2002

Margaret Higgins

Looking for Margaret Higgins of New Jersey 
who married Michael Thomas Shea abt 1875-77, probably in NJ; 
one son, Michael Joseph Shea, b. 4/28/1878. 
Margaret is buried in Conway, Mass., 
Michael Thomas Shea

    b 1852? Kilorglin, Ireland, 
    d. 1928, buried in St Mary's Cemetery, Northampton, Mass.

As with any research these census entries are subject
to verification and should confirmed using other sources. 

Only Michael and Margaret Shea in Worchester Mass in the 1870 Census.

[View 1870 Michael Shea MA Census] Added 27 Jan 2004   

-Best Guess given available information-
Only Michael Shea with Margaret Shea 
with son named Michael in 1880 Census

1880 USA Household:  Added 27 Jan 2004   

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Michael SHEA     Self M Male    W 37 IRE Laborer           IRE IRE
Margurett SHEA Wife M Female W 29 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
John SHEA         Son S Male    W  9  MA At School        IRE IRE
Cornelius SHEA   Son S Male    W  7  MA At School        IRE IRE
Bridget SHEA      Dau S Female W  5 MA At School        IRE IRE
Micheal SHEA     Son S Male     W  2 MA                     IRE IRE 
Daniel SHEA       Son S Male     W 9M MA                    IRE IRE 

Source Information:
Census Place Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts 
Family History Library Film 1254568 
NA Film Number T9-0568 Page Number 272A 

. . . . . .

19 May 2002


               BORN 21 MAR 1885 DIED 22 JUN 1937 

JESSIE KATHRYN CLICKNER 1917-1994 (my Mother) 

Looking for connections to the daughters and parents of Ethel Higgins.
  27 Jan 2004

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NEW JERSEY, West Virginia 
06 January 2002

My sister and I have done a lot of research on the families of:
Joseph Higgins, born ca 1773 NJ, died Jan. 7, 1840 
Married 1) Mary 'Poly' Henderson 1773-1818, and 
Married 2) Elizabeth Martin 1772-after 1850
There were twelve children: Mary, Jacob, William,
Baltis, Isaac, Joseph, David, Daniel, Elizabeth,
Joshua, Levi
and Sarah
I would like to find documented proof of Joseph's parents.

My direct line of Higgins is from:
   b. ca 1775 NJ 
   d. Nov. 11, 1856 Marion Co. (W)VA
   s/o James and Sarah (Stout) Higgins
   married ca 1799 NJ SARAH BRAMAN 1779-1851 
             s/o Jonathan & Anna (Starkey) Braman
There were 10 children:
Judiah m. Catherine Barnhouse
Sarah Ann m. Absolom Postlewait, 
Jonathan m. Barbara Miller, 
Joseph m. Elizabeth Long & Jennetta (Wright) Trotter, 
Elizabeth m. William Gump, 
Rebecca m. Frederick Gump, 
Nathan m. Tasa Right, Mary Edgel & Louisa (Amos) Ogden, 
Mary m. Samuel Price, 
Malinda m. James Gump 
and Joshua m. Agzillia Conaway & Nancy Lowe.

Most of the descendants lived in and around West
Virginia. I would be glad to share information with
any descendant of either line.

Sharon (Weekley) Pawlowski, Cincinnati OH
Researching: Weekley, Higgins, Tennant, Pribble,
Jackson, Hyre, Enoch, Littleton, Barnhouse, Buchanan, Slocum, Ross, Webb, Philip Moore, Wendel Braun/Brown

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  - 05 January, 2002

I am looking for information on my great-great-grandparents.

John Higgins was raised in an orphanage in New York
City. He married my g-g-grandmother, Amelia Zengler,
about 1893 and they eventually had four children. His
parents died shortly after arriving in NYC. He was
born in Co. Cork, Ireland (he claimed) approximately
1872 but I am not certain on date, as it comes from
the 1900 census. The census also says he was born in
New York City.

There is a brother listed living with him. His name
was William and his birth date was listed as 1870.
There may be a sister, Julia, as my grandmother
remembers an "Aunt Julia" Smedley that was older than
her own parents.

I would love to find information on William and his
family and that will give me a connection and maybe
some leads on where to go next.

Thanks in advance.

Angela Camelbeek

 Email Address Bounces [28 November 2002]

Using the 1880 census at
and found: 
John HIGGINS       Son S Male    W 7     IRE IRE IRE 
William HIGGINS Son S Male    W 4     NY IRE IRE 
Mary HIGGINS      Dau S Female W 2     NY IRE IRE 
Francis HIGGINS Dau S Female  W 6M NY IRE IRE 

Source Information:
Census Place Buffalo, Erie, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254828 
NA Film Number T9-0828 
Page Number 311C 

View 1880 NY Census Scan  bottom of page  Added 26 July 2004

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Bartley HIGGINS Self M Male     W 35 IRE Laborer IRE IRE 
Mary HIGGINS    Wife M Female W 28 IRE Keep House IRE IRE 
Census Place Buffalo, Erie, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254828 
NA Film Number T9-0828 Page Number 310A

View 1880 NY Census Scan  Next Page 

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Lawrence Higgins in NYC & Ireland  
Feb 09, 2002

Looking for descendents and ancestors of Lawrence Higgins. He emigrated to NYC from Ireland in 1861 at the age of 16. Subsequently married Mary Cavanagh who came to the US in 1864. They had
5 children, Ellen, Thomas, Peter, Mary, and ?Timothy
Thomas married Mary Moynihan and they had 3 children, Thomas, Grace and Rosalie. All settled in Westchester County, though really the Bronx.

Luis A. Bendezu II, MD  

31 January 2004
1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace 

Lawrence HIGGINS Self M Male    W 33 IRE 
                                                     Farm Laborer IRE IRE
Mary HIGGINS       Wife M Female W 32 IRE 
                                                      Keeping House IRE IRE
Ellen HIGGINS       Dau  S Female  W  7 NY                  IRE IRE
Thomas HIGGINS   Son  S Male     W  4 NY                  IRE IRE
Peter HIGGINS      Son  S Male     W  2 NY                  IRE IRE
Source Information:
Census Place Westchester, Westchester, New York 
Family History Library Film 1254947 
NA Film Number T9-0947 Page Number 368C

[View 1900 Census Lawrence Higgins NY]

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11 June 2002  (updated 


John R. HIGGINS, born 19 April 1875 at Bunratty, County Clare, IRL, immigrated to the USA from Ireland departing on the vessel  S. S. Cymric from Queenstown and arrived at the Port  of New York, New York, USA, in 1900. He settled at Niagara Falls, Niagara, New York, USA and married on 15 June 1904 to Hannah Imelda BE(or I)RMINGHAM from Burrane, County Clare, Ireland, in St. Mary's of the Cataract RC Church  at Niagara Falls, NY. He died 21 October 1933. John's parents names are John HIGGINS and Elizabeth DOLAN. His Immigration List says a Patrick KING, cousin, paid for his passage to here. I am hoping to contact anyone who would like to share information about his ancestors or descendants.  
TIA, Maureen Higgins Seifert   

31 January 2004

[View 1910 Census Scan Niagara Falls NY]  

[View 1920 Census Scan Niagara Falls NY]

S. S. Cymric

 May 21, 2002 

My research is as follows:

Samuel HIGGINS, d. 1838. will dated 14 January 1838; 
                          probated 2 June 1838
            (from Franklin County, Ohio Will Book, Vol. 8, p. 52). 
Buried in Postal Cemetery, Rome, Praire Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

Children of Samuel; (from Will).

 1 Sally HIGGINS, m. James HUNTER -whose property 
           adjoined Shadrach Postel's land where cemetery is located.
 2 Charles HIGGINS, licensed Tavern keeper in 
           Praire Township, Franklin County, Ohio, from 1829 to 1837.
 3  Elizabeth (Betsey) HIGGINS: m. Samuel CHANES.
 4  Samuel HIGGINS Jr.: m. Permilia PATRICK, 12 January 1826, 
                                        by Joseph Boyd, J. P.
 5  Eleanor A. HIGGINS: m. Joseph Shelton HICKMAN,
            b. 28 May 1805,  d. 8 November 1848, 
            buried Postal Cemetery, Rome, 
            Praire Township,Franklin County, Ohio, 
            29 November 1824, Franklin County, Ohio.
 6. Emily HIGGINS: m. (1) HICKMAN, (2) FOSTER.
 7  Richard HIGGINS: m. Mary D. ?. 
     Richard was a tavern keeper in Praire Township, 
     Franklin County Ohio, from 1829 to 1837.
 8: (Nancy) Ann HIGGINS
      m. Joseph FOSTER, 16 January 1823.
Samuel HIGGINS was possibly from Maryland or Delaware.
 Birth, Death and burial of Joseph Shelton HICKMAN taken from "Ohio
Cemeteries". The Postal Cemetery has been desecrated. There are some
Family Members in Ohio trying to get it restored. A more probable
marriage date is 30 November 1826 in Franklin County, Ohio by Wm.
Sterewalt, J.P.. This from "Ohio Marriages", dated 1980.

This is all I have. 

Willis Lamping 

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Apr 20, 2002  
Higgins' of Pennsylvania

I am trying to connect with the ancestors of my gggrandfather Isaiah Higgins b. in 1821 and married to Sarah unnamed b. 1823. They lived in Franklin Co, PA and had children named Helen b. 1845, Cyrus b. 1847, Calvin b. 1849, Lewis C. b. Aug 09, 1850 (my ggrand- father), Sarah b. 1852, Anna b. 1853, Charles b. 1859 and Isaiah b. 1861.
 I cannot find anything further - help!

Robert L Higgins   New Feb 2006

   Found on the 1880 census


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

Isaiah HIGGINS Self M Male    W 59 VA 
                                 Plasterer VA VA 
Sarah HIGGINS Wife M Female W 59 PA 
                          Keeping House PA PA 
Isaiah S. HIGGINS Son S Male W 19 PA 
                          Plasterer VA PA 

Source Information:
Census Place Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania 
Family History Library Film 1255131 
NA Film Number T9-1131 
Page Number 240D 


Lewis HIGGENS Self M Male      W 29 PA 
                                Farm Laborer PA PA 
Susan HIGGENS Wife M Female W 22 PA 
                               Keeping House PA PA 
Ida M. HIGGENS  Dau S Female W   6 PA 
                                                   PA PA 
John HIGGENS    Son S Male W       4 PA
                                                  PA PA 
Sallie HIGGENS   Dau S Female W    2 PA 
                                                  PA PA 
Source Information:
Census Place Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania 
Family History Library Film 1255131 
NA Film Number T9-1131 
Page Number 226C 

Also see Jessica's Inquiry for 1860 PA Census 


Pennsylvania, Ireland
07 July 2002 
I'm looking for any info. on an Anna Higgins born about 1835 in Pa. or Ireland. Married an Edward Horn of Pa. I also have her as Bridget Anne Higgins Horn. I have a tin type photo of her with that name written on the back. My aunt remembers her g-grandmother as Bridget Higgins not Anna. Anna was on a family tree from Ancestry. com. This is all the info. I can find on her.
Can you help? Thanks
Lydia MacLeod 

Added 05 March 2005  
Bridget Anne Higgins Horn


My name is Stephen A. Higgins III born in Philadelphia.
I just started looking into my family tree.
I have my Grandfather's Social Security application.
This is the info I have:
My father, born Stephen Higgins
                      in Philadelphia, PA. Feb. 2, 1925
My Grandfather, born Stephen Higgins,
                        in Philadelphia, PA. March 12, 1899
My Great Grandfather was Thomas Higgins,
                       married to Bridget (Geraghty) Higgins.
That's it! Please help! Any hints?
Stephen Higgins Warrington, Pa. 18976

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George Higgins of PA
   Feb 03, 2002

I'm looking for information about Rev. George Higgins (b 12/16/1798; d. 3/9/1869) and his family. In cemetery records (Montgomery Baptist Church, PA), his widow was Mary Jenkins,
although the gravestone of his daughter, Martha, cite his wife's name as Mary Landreth Higgins.
I'm a bit confused - would Mary's maiden name actually be Mary Landreth Jenkins? 
I would also like to know who George's parents were and where they were from.

Besides his daughter Martha L., Rev. George had a son, George Jr. who was born 5/22/1834.
George Higgins Jr. married Georgia Taylor (of course dad officiated) on 1/14/1862 in Philadelphia.
They had six children: John Lockhart (died in infancy), Henry Allen (my gg grandfather), Adelaide Blanche, Mary Landreth, Harriet Scott, and George Clifton

Any help would be appreciated! 

Thank you,
Heather Vitale-Rashtian
  Anaheim, CA

  31 January 2004
1880 Census Household:

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
George HIGGINS      Self M Male     W 46 PA Watch Case Maker 
Georgeana HIGGINS Wife M Female W 43 PA Keeping House
Allen A.HIGGINS      Son  S Male     W 16 PA Clerk PA PA 
Adlede B.HIGGINS    Dau S  Female  W 14 PA School PA PA 
Mary L.HIGGINS       Dau S Female   W 12 PA School PA PA 
Harriett S.HIGGINS   Dau S Female   W 10 PA School PA PA 
George C. HIGGINS   Son S Male      W   5 NJ PA PA 
Mary H. TAYLOR     Other W Female W 80 PA PA PA 

Source Information:
Census Place Camden, Camden, New Jersey 
Family History Library Film 1254773 
NA Film Number T9-0773 Page Number 127C 
Not yet verified by inquiry submitter
Webmaster assumes connection because of matching names
& the Taylor name in household. (most likely the mother in law)

. . . . . . . . . . 


Feb 14, 2002

I am looking for information on William Higgins born April 22, 1805 near
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Married Mary Ann Trissler in 1827 in
Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 

Would like to know month and day they were married.
 -  William's mother and father's name.
William and Mary Ann had eleven children. They moved to Hardin county,
in 1835. William is my great great grandfather. My grandfather
was also a William Higgins.
Any information will be appreciated. You may not have any connection
for me. I am at lost as where to go. I did have a neighbor lady give me this information but there was not listing of his parents.

   Beverly Gossman

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Oct 05 2001 

Subject: Bridgette Higgins family

I am looking, without much success, for the roots of my family and the name of Higgins is a part of this search. I got as far as 1910 in the Pittsburgh area census and prior to that I am lost. Here is what is known: Bridgette Higgins was my grandmother, my mothers mom and immigrated from County Mayo, Ireland around 1900 maybe right before that. where she departed and ended up entering the states is a mystery. She lived on the 1800 block of Wharton Street on the 1910 census but nothing before that shows up. If you have any info or maybe advice on where to continue please do I would greatly appreciate it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tennessee  20 January 2002

 I wanted to tell you how much I liked the site. It is a wonderful idea. I hope many more Higgins get submitting info we can share. I am looking for information on Higgins in the Tennessee area, specifically my husbands great-grandfather and mother. 

His name was John and he was a farmer. He married Mary
. I don't know if they originated from the area or not. 
Their children were, William Wesley (grandfather), Jim, Ed, Thomas, Laura, Sarah, Emory and Clara
William married Flora Bell Bracey. Laura married Marshal Hewitt, and Clara married Roy Clark.
I only have first names for some of the men's wives: Jim married Alena, Ed m. to Ozena, Thomas m. Beatrice, and Emory m. Eva

I believe most of them stayed in the Tennessee area. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is connected to this branch and could help me get more detailed info that might help my search.
Additional Information
I have found that John Higgins from Tennessee was born in Texas and his father was also born in Texas. I found him on the 1920 census in Tennessee so he was in Texas prior to that.

    Brenda O'Sail

Webmaster believes this to be John Rody Higgins (as a child) and father James in 1870 Cheatham County Tennessee census.
Subject to verification by inquiry Submitter

Webmaster believes this is the census inquirer references. 
Names and birthplace match.

[View JOHN RODY HIGGINS 47 CHEATHAM 1910 TN Census Scan]
     Added 28 Jan 2004


Feb 19, 2002

I am searching for a Thomas HIGGINS who was in McLennan County Texas in 1880 with WILLIAM and MARY JAMES and their children. It states he was 29 years old and from Tennessee. His parents were born in Tennessee Do you have any information on this THOMAS HIGGINS?
If so was he related to MARY WALDEN-JAMES?
I have lost track of Mary and daughter IDA since the 1880 Census in Texas. There were 3 children but 2 boys were with their dad in 1894. 


1880 USA Census Household:  Added 28 Jan 2004

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age
Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Wm. D. JAMES    Self M Male     W 32 TN Farmer TN TN 
Mary JAMES       Wife M Female W 24 TN Keeping House TN TN 
van F. JAMES     Son  S Male     W  6 MS TN TN 
Charley JAMES   Son  S Male      W 4 MS TN TN 
Ida JAMES        Dau S Female    W  1 TX TN TN 
Thos. HIGGINS  Other S Male     W 20 TN Farmer TN TN 

Source Information:
Census Place E.D. 106, McLennan, Texas 
Family History Library Film 1255318 
NA Film Number T9-1318 Page Number 102A 

. . . . . . . 

   06 January 2002

I am looking for information on my g-g-grandfather,
Robert W. Higgins. The "W" may stand for Windham
According to the 1900 Indian Territory census, he was
born in July 1816 in Virginia. 
His son, Robert Tolbert Higgins, was born December 25, July 1846 in
Colbert, OK. He married Lucretia Lynn
He died on February 2, 1921 in Colbert.

Submitted by Frances Bruce 


. . . . . . . . . . 

West Virginia
Sep 28, 2001

Thomas & John Higgins

Looking for info on Thomas Higgins, d 1762, in what is now Hampshire Co., WV.  His son was John Parker Higgins b 1740, d 1806, Hampshire Co. I think their were 4 other children but I do not have the names. His will was recorded and is on file at the courthouse, Romney, Hampshire Co., WV.  

Jim Parker 


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