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Fred Gregory

Reunion Information

October 8-10, 2004 - 60th reunion was held in Bloomington.  Classes of 1943 and 1945 joined us.  Photos, by Jane Adams.
The Class of 1944 met for lunch at Chapman's in Bloomington, at 11:30 am, Monday, April 16th, 2001
Becky Gregory reports that:

"Our group ended up being 24 (including spouses/friends) and was very nice. Later some of us had dinner together at Nick's.  Gay Jellema Peterson has invited the group to her place on Lake Michigan in September. Will keep you advised about that mini reunion."

Long-distance attendees were:  Gay Jellema Peterson from Hudsonville, MI, Jane and Bill Adams from New Orleans, LA, Jo and Zene Gould from Denver, CO

PHOTOS from Becky and Fred Gregory


Photos From the 60th Reunion - October 8-10, 2004
Photos by Jane Adams

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1943, 44, 45 Reunion group
Front  ('44 unless otherwise identified):  Nancy Seward Taylor '43, Ann Woodward Moore, Gay Jellema Peterson, Katie Cookson Compton, Marian "Greg" Gregory Wolf, Claire Hepner Thompson, Patsy Hanson Bartlett, Mary Bradley Miller
Middle:  Joy Hockgeiger Baranko, Virginia Hoadley Tyte '45, Wanda Zeller Clegg, Pam Cagle Walters, Margie Wylie Sibbitt '43, Barbara Rogers Houseworth '43
Back:  Charlie Winters, David Rowland '45, Rob Love, Charlie Staats, Bill Adams, Fred Gregory
Baranko, Gregory, Adams, Reed
John Baranko, Fred Gregory, Bill Adams, Bill Reed
Joe Hensley, Bill Adams   Bill Reed, Fred Gregory
Joe Hensley, Bill Adams                                                                  Bill Reed, Fred Gregory
Mills, Moore, Bryan,Taylor, Baxter
Dick Mills '45 (at table), Ann Woodward Moore & Nancy White Bryan ('48), , Nancy Seward Taylor '43, Mary King Baxter '46 (seated)
Love, Bartlett, Thompson, Bryan, Mills
Rob Love, Richard Bartlett, Cal Thompson.  Nancy White Bryan '48 and Dick Mills '45 in mirror
Joy Hockgeiger Baranko  Becky Bobilya Gregory '63
Joy Hockgeiger Baranko                                                                Becky Bobilya Gregory '63
Love, Adams, Bartlett, Thompson, Staats
Rob Love, Bill Adams, Dick Bartlett, Cal Thompson, Charlie Staats
Rowland, Adams
Dave Rowland '45, Bill Adams
Mills, Love, Hensley
Dick Mills, Rob Love, Wanda Zeller Clegg
Reed, Staats, Baranko, Peterson
Bill Reed, Charlie Staats,Joy Hockgeiger  Baranko, Gay Jellema Peterson
Bartlett, Gregory, Anderson, Bartlett
Patsy Hanson Bartlett, Fred Gregory, Nancy Dobson Grossman Anderson, Dick Bartlett
Baxter, Jennifer
Don Baxter '46, Jennifer
Walters, Taylor, Wolf, Moore, Baranko
Pam Cagle Walters, Nancy Seward Taylor, Marian Gregory Wolf, Ann Woodward Moore, John Baranko
Table 1
Marian Gregory Wolf, Pam Cagle Walters, Tom Wolf, Patsy Hanson Bartlett, Joy Hockgeiger Baranko, John Baranko
Table 2
Charlie Winters, David Rowland, Wanda Zeller Clegg, Virginia Hoadley Tyte '45, Don Tyte, Ann Woodward Moore, Katie Cookson Compton
Table 3
Claire Hepner Thompson, Cal Thompson, Walter Taylor, Margie Wylie Sibbitt, Nancy Seward Taylor, Barbara Rogers Houseworth '43, John Houseworth
Table 4
Mary Bradley Miller, Gay Jellema Peterson, Becky Bobilya Gregory '63, Rob Love, Charlie Staats, Fred Gregory, Bill Adams

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