McAlisterville School

This School participated in all the efforts made to educate public opinion to the wisdom and duty of providing for the needy orphans of those who fell in the armies of the Union. At the first vacation, July 27, 1865, the children were accompanied by Dr. Burrowes to Mifflin, where the first concert was held in the court-house. The large audience was deeply interested in the performance, the explanation of the system by Dr. Burrowes, and the patriotic speeches that followed. It was one of the three schools that visited Harrisburg, March 16, 1866, and influenced the Legislature to abandon the pauper bill and continue appropriations for the support of the schools. *

* excerpt from "Soldiers' Orphan Schools" by James Laughery Paul, 1877
photo from Penna. Annual Report of the Commission of Soldiers Orphan Schools 1897

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