Genealogy of My Arnold & Moellinger Families  

Genealogy of My Arnold & Moellinger Families & Their Allied Connections

Arnold & Dunham Families, Coldwater, Michigan - 1905

My name is Marilyn Lane and I have been researching my ancestry for about 30 years. My main focus is on the following families: Arnold, Beecher, Bostwick, Brown, Burkhart, Dunham, Eberenz, Heberer, Howe, Kromer, Moellinger, Peet, Sage, and Taylor.

My maternal ancestors came from Great Britain and settled in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. Members of the various families moved to New York and then on to Ohio and Michigan. My mother and her siblings, father, and grandmother moved to California where I was born.

My paternal ancestors came from Alsace Lorraine, France; Ireland and Baden and Hessen, Germany. They emigrated to Illinois and Missouri. My father moved from St. Louis, Missouri to California in 1927.

I am very interested in corresponding with anyone researching the families in this genealogy. Please contact me at the email link below if we have mutual ancestors.

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