The Roosa Homepage

The Roosa Homepage

 Aeldert Heymans Roosa, c. 1620-1679

 Roosa Researchers Online

COMING SOON: The Dutch Ancestry of Aeldert Roosa

Some Roosa Graphics:

 The Roosa Coat of Arms- Or, three roses, gules. In plain English a gold background with three red roses upon it.

 The De Jongh Coat of arms, coloring unknown.

Herwijnen, located in the province of Gelderland in The Netherlands was the hometown of the Roosa family. It is marked on the first two maps with a red star. On the third map, the town of Andel is marked with a red star. This is where the father of Aeldert Roosa, Heyman/Heijman is said to have resided. Note that Herwijnen is about three miles to the Northeast, on the other side of the Waal River.


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