Articles of Association


The following document was circulated throughout the province of New York in the spring of 1775, in the aftermath of the battles of Lexington and Concord. At New Paltz, a meeting was held of which Nathaniel DuBois was chairman and Joseph Coddington committe clerk. 218 men signed the document; the list below is not a complete one and, despite appearances, it is NOT in alphabetical order, the names of those descended from the New Paltz Patentees of 1677 being listed first, followed by the names of other signers. Families do seem to be grouped together. The names of my own ancestors are in bold.

"Persuaded that the salvation of the rights and liberties of America depends, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants in a vigorous prosecution of the measures necessary for its safety, and convinced of the necessity of preventing the anarchy and confusion which attend a dissolution of the powers of government, we, the Freemen, Freeholders, and Inhabitants (of the City and County of New York), being greatly alarmed at the avowed design of the ministry to raise a revenue in America, and shocked by the bloody scene now acting in the Massachusetts Bay, do, in the most solemn manner, resolve never to become slaves; and do associate under the ties of religion, honor, and love to our country to adopt and endeavor to carry into execution, whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention, for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary and oppressive acts of the British Parliament, until a reconciliation between Great Britain and America on constitutional principles (which we most ardently desire) can be obtained; and that we will in all things follow the advice of our General Committee, respecting the purpose aforesaid, the preservation of peace and good order, and the safety of individuals and private property."


 Abraham Deyo  Simon Freer
 Abraham Deyo, Jr  Daniel Freer, Jr.
 Simon Deyo  Hugo Freer, Jr.
 Simon Deyo, Jr  Isaac Freer
 Christophel Deyo  Benjamin Freer
 Philip Deyo  Jacob T. Freer
 Jonathan Deyo  Paulus Freer
 Daniel Deyo  Jonas Freer
 Henry Deyo, Jr  Jonas Freer, Jr.
 John B. Deyo  Joseph Freer
 Johannes Deyo, Jr  Johnannes Freer
 Peter Deyo  David Freer
 Christeyan Deyo  Johannes Low
 Benjamin Deyo  Solomon Low
 Nathaniel DuBois  Jehu Low
 Louis T. DuBois  Johannis M. Low
 Jacob DuBois  Isaac Low
 Hendricus DuBois  Simeon Low
 Cornelius DuBois  David Low
 Daniel DuBois  John A. Hardenburgh
 Isaac DuBois  Elias Hardenburgh
 Cornelius DuBois, Jr  Peleg Ransom
 Simon DuBois  John McDaniel
 Hendricus DuBois Jr.  Wm. Hood
 Methuselem DuBois  Abraham Ein
 Benjamin DuBois  John Terwilliger
 Abraham DuBois  Joseph Terwilliger
 Andreus DuBois, Jr.  George Wirtz
 Daniel DuBois, Jr.  Derrick D. Wynkoop
 Andries LeFevre, Jr.  James Done
 Andries LeFevre  Abraham Donaldson
 Jonathan LeFever  James Auchmoutie
 Isaac LeFever  Thomas Tompkins
 Abraham LeFever  Jedediah Deur
 Daniel LeFevre  Zophar Perkins
 Matthew LeFevre  Oliver Grey
 Solomon LeFevre  Leonard Lewis
 Nathaniel LeFevre  John Stevens
 Petrus LeFevre  Daniel Fowler
 John LeFevre, Jr.  Daniel Woolsey
 John LeFevre  Alexander Lane
 Roelif J. Elting  Abm. Vandermarken
 Abraham Elting  Michael Devoe
 Cornelius Elting Richard Tompkins 
 Solomon Elting  William Reeck
 Petrus Bevier  Johannes Walron
 Samuel Bevier  Petrus Van Wagenen
 Solomon Bevier  Ebenezer Perkins
 Jacob Bevier  Johannes Eckert
 Zacharias Hasbrouck  Nathaniel Potter
 Jacob Hasbrouck, Jr.  Daniel Diver
 Petrus Hasbrouck  Samuel Johnson
 Joseph Hasbrouck  Ralph Trowbridge
 Benjamin Hasbrouck, Jr.  
 Josaphat Hasbrouck  
 Jesias Hasbrouck  
 Jacobus Hasbrouck  
 David Hasbrouck  
 Garret Freer, Jr  
 Petrus Freer  


KINGSTON: Joshua DuBois, Jeremiah DuBois, Jacobus DuBois, Samuel DuBois, William DuBois, Hezekiah DuBois, Johannis N. DuBois, David DuBois, Hezekiah DuBois, Jr., Johannes J. DuBois, Johannes DuBois, Elias Hasbrouck, Abm. A. Hasbrouck, Solomon Hasbrouck, Col. A. Hasbrouck, A. Hasbrouck Jr., Samuel Freer, Jan Freer, Solomon Freer, John Freer, Jacob Freer, Gerrit Freer

HURLEY: Johannes DuBois, Jacob DuBois, Jr., Hugo Freer, Jacob Freer, Jr., Benj. H. Feer, Hugo J. Freer, Jonathan Freer, Jecima Freer, Samuel LeFevre, Simon LeFevre, Jacob LeFevre, Coenradt LeFevre

MARBLETOWN: Coenradt DuBois, David Freer, Philip B. Freer, Jacob S. Freer, Severyn Hasbrouck, John Hasbrouck, Isaac Hasbrouck, Jacob J. Hasbrouck, Jacob I. Hasbrouck, Jacob Hasbrouck, Philip B. Bevier, David Bevier

NEW MARLBOUROUGH: Lewis DuBois, Henry Deyo, Sr.

ROCHESTER/WAWARSING: Jonas Hasbrouck, Johannes Bevier, Simon Bevier, Benjamin Bevier, Andrew Bevier, Abraham Bevier, Jacob Bevier, Coenradt Bevier, Solomon Bevier, Jesse Bevier, Josiah Bevier, Isaac Bevier

Source for all, A History of New Paltz New York and its Old Families... by Ralph LeFevre, Fort Orange Press, 1909 ed.